More Throwing Turkey Under the Bus: Video Emerges of Turkish Border Guards Fraternizing with ISIS Jihadis; Neocon Fanatics, Kiev Trolls and Soros Paid Losers Fantasize About a Turkish Blockade of the Bosphorus and Overt Invasion of Syria

This week the mainstream media narrative that the Islamic State super terrorist group simply materialized out of thin air with thousands of Toyota Hilux pick up trucks and massive quantities of arms captured from fleeing Sunni Iraqi soldiers in 2014 took a big hit.  After Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Turkey of trading ISIS oil  was forced to deny it, and Reuters/AP dutifully reported Erdoğan's denials. As we predicted back in August 2015 here at RogueMoney, and the Guerrilla Economist confirmed on his Friday night radio program, Turkey would be and is being thrown under the bus and blamed for the spectacular rise of ISIS.As we reported in our previous post here at RM, no fewer than four respected retired generals -- Wesley Clark, Charles Dunlap Jr., Thomas McInerney and Paul Vallely have either blamed the Turks for the shoot down or accused Ankara of arming and supporting ISIS. In retired Maj. Gen. Vallely's case, he not only called for the Turks to be kicked out of NATO before they drag the U.S. and the whole 28 nation alliance into war with Russia, but he did it on Russia Today (RT) TV. Regardless of the motives for Maj. Gen. Vallely's words to RT's Oksana Boyko, the medium combined with the message represents a double slap in the face to the neoconservatives and the 'Assad must go' combined Turkey/Qatar/Saudi lobbies in D.C.

A small group of Polish nationalists chant anti-Turkish slogans outside Ankara's consulate in Warsaw, with banners saying "Turkey = ISIS"

Despite the best efforts of NATO propagandists, fanatical Ukrainian nationalists and neocons like Sen. Marco Rubio or the hacks at National Review, the vast majority of comments online from Europeans (who remember numerous wars with the Turks over the centuries from Lepanto to the Gates of Vienna) and Americans alike are either indifferent to Turkey's claims that it acted in self defense when it shot down a Russian jet on Tuesday, or blame the neo-Ottoman Muslim Brother in chief in Ankara.

The Turkish War Porn Fantasies of the Empire's Pathetic Social Media Warriors and Hipster Loser Propagandists

Soros funded hipster expat loser Jim Kovpak and some Latvians fantasize about Turkey showing Russia who's boss with an invasion of Syria. A TV channel owned by Ukrainian dual/triple passport holding oligarch gangster Ihor Kholomoisky also released a video praising the Turkish military. 'Former' Army psyops turned adviser to Kiev's SBU thugs Joel Harding also pushed Turkey's laughable 'guard frequency' fakes as authentic. Meanwhile, some of the Azov Battalion's Nazi punks claimed they would go to Syria to fight the Russians -- we won't hold our breath that they'll show up

Really Turkish Army, you want some of this? Make my day -- Russian supplied Smerch MLRS fries some Allah snackbar screamers outside Hama

USAF veteran and Illinois neocon idiot Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger -- the Russians 'aren't as good as us' -- no Congressman, but they're good enough to massacre the Turkish Army and have a Turkey shoot of F-16s should Erdoğan foolishly and overtly invade northern Syria

With images of Erdogan's son Bilal paling around with alleged ISIS clerics at an Istanbul restaurant circulating online as well, Turkey's sponsorship of ISIS is now out in the open. As is the Ankara government and Erdogan's closest associates if not family members profiting from the illegal sale of cut rate ISIS oil looted from Syria. It now remains to be seen if any anchors on Fox News or mainline 'conservative' talk show hosts will have the stones to bring it up with their guests Sen. John McCain or Ms. McCain 'Queenie' Lindsey Graham on their programs.

Raqqa's Rockefellers -- a map/graph published at Zerohedge this weekend


The perception that the country which maintains the largest non-U.S. army in NATO is sponsoring the Islamic State is proving so damaging to Washington's Narrative, that the White House has pushed for Turkey to deploy more troops along its border to Syria, ostensibly to cut off the flow of fighters and arms to ISIS. Of course, The Wall Street Journal in dutifully press-tituting itself to the U.S. government is not going to ask the Captain Obvious question of why, if Turkey was truly committed to the anti-ISIL coalition, the borders weren't closed months if not weeks ago, before Russia got involved in Syria. During this debate on Iranian-state funded Press TV, Washington D.C. based journalist brings up the same point with his Establishment opponent, The Hill columnist Brent Budowsky. Naturally as an Establishment Democrat Party hack with a press pass, Budowsky denies the overwhelming evidence that Turkey has been openly aiding ISIS:

Unfortunately for Budwosky, the morons at National (neocon) Review who want NATO to double down in support of neo-Ottoman ISIS sponsoring Turkey, and anti-Russian trolls masturbating on Twitter about a Turkish blitzkrieg into northern Syria and a Bosporus closure to humiliate Putin, the Turks' economy and respect in the world are plummeting to earth like a Turkish F-16 after getting hit by an S400 missile at Mach 8. As is respect among their audiences for the presstitutes and neocon Congressmen like Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger desperately trying to defend the Turks (no wonder both comments sections and open mike town hall meetings with Congress critters are becoming endangered species -- it's all the Kremlin Trolls fault!).

Turkey's reputation is collapsing so fast that the gangland-style broad daylight murder of a pro-peace, pro-Kurdish lawyer was caught on video and immediately went viral around the world Saturday, magnifying the impression that Erdoğan and his security services are exactly the kind of gangster thugs that Sen. Rubio and the likes of National Review insist Putin and the Russians are!

To top off the evidence that both the neocon Republican Establishment and Obama White House' claims that Turkey is an ally in the struggle against ISIS are a joke, here's a viral video of ISIS scumbags cheerfully chatting away with Turkish border guards.

ISIS jihadist scumbags fraternizing with armed Turkish border guards -- footage released by pro-Kurdish and SAA social media

Meanwhile, the Russian government announced a raft of sanctions against Turkish businesses and assets inside Russia this weekend. Visa free travel between the two countries is being revoked as of January 1, 2016 and numerous Turkish business owners particularly in the construction trades will have to sell their assets at fire sale prices to their Russian partners and leave the country. Moscow's air force continues to pound targets along the Turkish border, demonstrating that although Turkey may've ambushed one of its older Su-24 Fencer strike fighters last week, the Turks are no match for the combination of hypersonic S-400 surface to air missile batteries and Su-30 combat air patrols the Russians have fielded to lock down Syria's air space.

A Turkish 'aid' convoy that was likely carrying weapons burns on the Syrian border after a Russian air strike this past week

Russia and the Syrian Arab Army using Russia's armaments have mercilessly pummeled Ankara's Turkomen and Arab proxies in far northern Latakia province over the last few days. In response, Turkey has moved tanks and thousands of soldiers to its border with Syria. However, for all the Turkish bluster and neocon BS logged above, the Turks noticeably halted their F-16 and other fighter aircraft flights along the Syrian frontier when the Russians deployed their S-400s at the Khmeimim air base near the city of Latakia. Rep. Kinzinger's former colleagues in the US Air Force according to RT seems to want no part of the 225-250 mile combat radius S-400 system, at least temporarily suspending air strikes inside Syrian air space within the last 48 hours.

The strongest response to the stepped up Russian military measures so far has come from the Qatar-backed Ahrar al-Sham jihadist terrorists, who fired a single howitzer at the air base from 17 miles away and then likely fled with their precious footage before Russian counterbattery radars conveyed their coordinates to Hind gunships or Su-25 ground attack jets. There are no reports that the shells accurately hit anything, though we'll have to wait and see over the next 24 to 48 hours.

In the meantime, you can 'enjoy' the latest high quality video production from the Islamic State, boasting that the super terrorist gang still holds a territory larger than Great Britain and unites all races (including some Africans and Chinese-citizen Uighurs/East Turkistanis) and colors (red bearded Caucasians or white Europeans) under the banner of Allah (how multi-culti of them):

One of the super-jihadi warrior members of the invincible Caliphate sobs like a little girl after being captured by Kurdish peshmerga fighters

Speaking only for ourselves, we told the other members of Team Rogue Money we preferred the original Hollywood version of this trailer...

Somebody in the Islamic State's audio visual department forgot to Photoshop out the U.S. labels from ISIS tents:


Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi shouts, "Coooooooooobra!"