#Malheur Acquittal Jurors' Middle Finger to Feds/BLM, Social Justice Cold Warrior @CJCMichel Hardest Hit

The Russia Analyst is far from an expert on the Malheur Wildlife Refuge civil disobedience and subsquent federal trial resulting in the acquittal of the participants on federal conspiracy charges. But we do note with satisfaction the jury noticed how many of those seeking to instigate further tensions between the Bundys and the federal authorities turned out to be FBI informants, and that the verdict represents a giant raised middle digit to the overreach and bullying of the Bureau of Land Management against ranchers on phoney environmental pretexts. 

For more details on the case from someone who has spoken to those close to the family, tune in to Caravan to Midnight the John B. Wells program where Team RogueMoney's very own W the Intelligence Insider will soon be addressing the verdict and the ongoing case against the Bundys in Nevada.

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