Perception vs. Reality: "What Will Happen?" vs. "What To Do?"

There can not be foreign control and positive “vig” to be made on any US paper if it doesn’t pile up in foreign hands.  De-industrialization wasn’t the most important “globalist-show” on display.  Instead it was a centuries old Rothschild axiom: “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!”  All the banksters needed was a receptive US audience foolish enough to believe that it is a birthright to “shop until they drop in order to keep up with the Jones’s.”  Ironically, it became fashionable.  Problem…….

The problem is, as stated many times before, even though there is an extremely positive side of being the world’s reserve currency it still has a time limit.  A limit we are at the end of.  And once time runs out, all of the positives go with it.  And that introduces the following downside for the resident citizen slaves of the world’s reserve currency, the introduction to a problem with a negative multiplier tied to the currency's inflation/devaluation in some form or fashion.  But there is a head above the crowd winner…..

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