Merkel and the Atlanticists (Globalists) Declare War on Breitbart, But Stasi Tactics Can't Stop the Trumpening of Europe in 2017

It's a trick as old as Sun Tzu but one constantly being updated since the 1910s, when Satanist secret agent Aleister Crowley was cranking out ridiculous pro-Kaiser propaganda in New York to discredit Imperial Germany in American eyes prior to the outbreak of WWI -- while working for British intelligence. Namely, plant fake stories in the enemy's camp, trick his people into repeating falsehoods, and cherry pick a small lie or error in service to your own big lie.

Since the so-called 'report' of three rather than seventeen intelligence agencies released on Friday regarding alleged Russian hacking and influence operations towards the 2016 U.S. election, we've heard a great deal about active measures and so-called reflexive control, the Soviet doctrines of dividing enemies' and making them subconsciously dance to your own tune. But the notion that nominally democratic, Atlanticist institutions could resort to similar dark arts in order to defend an unpopular open borders Chancellor of Germany from electoral revolt is too far fetched for most to comprehend. Just as we see an attempted CIA-led soft coup against President-elect Trump to block his policy of detente with Russia, in Germany the Atlanticist Deep State is looking to reelect Chancellor Angela Merkel by hook or crook, notwithstanding its own crises of competence and honesty in a country that since WWII has usually expected both in its leadership.

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