Trumping NATO

It’s rare to see a politician follow through on his campaign rhetoric -- even more rare when said statements have drawn the ire of the entire trans-Atlantic political/security apparat for exposing their game. Nonetheless, despite some verbal hints at retreat since January, Donald J. Trump came into NATO headquarters in Brussels Thursday and called the bluff of the EUrocrat freeloaders proclaiming that we should all be fearful of revanchist Russia, stating that most Euro-NATOists haven’t been placing their taxpayers’ money where their Cold War 2 proclaiming mouths are. In other words, Trump exposed the Atlanticist con that we should all be very very afraid of Vlad the Bad’s resurgent evil empire, even as the suicide bombing blowback from NATO’s 2011 adventure in Libya left 22 dead at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

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