Guerrilla Update:!

The Russia Analyst, as a euro-skeptic for over a decade and a half, had hoped for a Brexit. But we are stunned that the #Remain camp and EUrocrats failed to fix the outcome in their favo(u)r. We also find it interesting that presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump happens to be visiting his golf courses in Scotland, the land of his ancestors, on this momentous occasion.

(See "Can't Barrage the Farage" and "Brexit: The Movie" and "Brexit, Bond and SPECTRE")

As of this hour Midnight June 24 Eastern Time/4:00 AM GMT in the United (for now with Scotland) Kingdom, the BBC/ITV/Sky News are calling it for Leave. Below is Nigel Farage's first victory speech...and our simian leader the Guerrilla's thoughts recorded around 1 p.m. Eastern before all the British ballots were in, and the Pound and markets began to slide ahead of London opening this a.m.- JWS

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Brexit: The Movie

Dear RogueMoney readers and especially our friends in the United Kingdom or those with relatives in the UK who live in the Commonwealth of Nations -- due to covering other European events this weekend the Russia Analyst was delayed in posting a Brexit SITREP shortly before the vote. We do plan to post Wednesday evening here in the U.S. around the time polls open in Britain Thursday morning June 23. In the meantime please forward this trailer and film on to anyone you know who is eligible to vote in the upcoming referendum. - JWS

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