Syraq SITREP 60: Putin and Trump Plan Syria Talks at Helsinki Summit, Neocons Claim Kremlin and Iran Plotting Attacks on U.S. Troops


John Bolton: An Amusing Choice as Trump's Neocon Messenger to Moscow

Retired Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) analyst and Army Colonel Patrick Lang, a longtime observer of the Syria War, is bemused that National Security Adviser John Bolton served last week as Trump's direct envoy to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Given the history between the Bush 43 Administration's former UN Ambassador Bolton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, however, the White House choice is not as cointer-intuitive as it would seem. With White House chief of staff John Kelly reportedly on his way out and Trump allegedly exasperated with Secretary of Defense James Mattis, Bolton the Putin-bashing Russia hawk -- whose main beef with the Russians is they foiled regime change in Syria and are allied with his chief enemy Iran -- therefore fulfilled the role of Nixon the fierce anti-Communist going to 'Red China' and shaking hands with Mao.

The U.S. as a Petrostate and the Israeli-Russian 'Frenemy' Angle to the Trump-Putin Talks

Of course, it's possible that Bolton is sincerely committed to the Administration's course of talks with Putin about Syria -- if only because the Israelis who have been the lodestar of his foreign policy career are on board. Israeli journalist Anshel Pfeffer's article of June 21 for Haaretz "New U.S.-Russia-Saudi Oil Alliance Could Have Implications for Israel and Iran" suggests the Saudis wooing of the Russians with mutually coordinated actions in the global oil market is coordinated with the Americans and Israelis. If true, then this would create a strategic backdrop for President Trump's America unbound policy to weaken the EU and downgrade NATO. As Trump hinted in his Air Force One conversation with reporters this week, "I'll talk with [Putin] about everything" -- Crimea (which the Kremlin secured from the U.S. backed Kiev coup junta in part to maintain its vital Black Sea Fleet and strategic position in the Med), 'election interference', and above all Syria.

RogueMoney readers who closely follow the Russian Analyst already know that driving a wedge between the Kremlin and Tehran in Syria and elsewhere (Yemen) has been behind Trump's otherwise inexplicable to the foreign policy establishment praise for Putin from the start. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn's widely denounced visit to Moscow for the Russia Today (RT) tenth anniversary gala in 2015 was likely just one piece of the back channel diplomacy that started the discussion. Flynn's phone conversations with Russian Amb. Sergey Ivanovich Kislyak that Flynn had to have known were recorded by the NSA and FBI during the presidential transition were about getting the Russians to abstain from a UN measure condemning Israel -- which elements of the lame duck Obama Administration were pushing as a parting gift to Netanyahu. The other meetings with Russian business people or willingness to at least give some appearance of openness to detente through the former Blackwater/Academi CEO Erik Prince/UAE channel, with more facts coming out, are revealed as Israel/GCCgate, not Russiagate.


Nonetheless, the small country in the southeastern Mediterranean is bound to the former Soviet space by over 1/7th of its population speaking Russian. Israel's status as an enemy to Russia's Syrian and pro-Iranian Shi'a allies but a frenemy to Moscow has been evident since before Netanyahu joined Putin for May 9th's Victory Day march on Red Square. Likely Mossad fronts like WikiStrat whose CEO Joel Zamel spoke with Trump campaign advisers in 2016 have long been interested in what Russia had to offer Israel in terms of Egypt/Israel tourism, Russian Orthodox Church diplomacy to the Greeks (both mainland and Cypriots), and Mediterranean gas. Throw in China's Maritime Silk Road, which the Israelis have very quietly put out feelers to join alongside Egypt's expanded Suez Canal industrial zones, and you have the makings of a very big deal. With the Sinai industrial parks employing Gaza Palestinians as an inducement to Hamas declaring a ten year hudna or truce with Israel. A few of the more savvy Russiagate promoters at Politico have been willing to hint at the truth, when they discuss the Jewish organization Chabad, which has received lucrative parcels of land in Moscow for synagogue construction, and presidential son in law Jared Kushner's known ties to the Lubavitcher sect.

Col. Lang, an astute observer of the D.C. Swamp and the military/intelligence communities from his place in northern Virginia, summed up team Trump's plan in a June 27 post:

1.  Peace in Syria in the context of abandonment of regime change.  Trump the pragmatist recognizes that the R+6 forces have won the civil war and, therefore he wishes to accept the sunk costs of previous American ineptitude in Syria and to walk away. US Embassy Amman has signaled to the FSA rebels in SW Syria that they should not expect the US to defend them.  This is a traditional American stab in the back for guerrilla allies but the warning indicates to me that some group in the US Government (probably the CIA) has enough conscience to want to give warning.  As soon as that warning was issued the rate of surrenders to the SAA rose.

2.  The US has thus made it clear that the SAA and Russian forces in Syria have a free hand in the SW and it seems that Israeli air and missile attacks are unlikely against the SW offensive.  This has been insured through a Russian mandate that Hezbullah and IRGC dominated Shia militias stay out of the fight in Deraa and Quneitra Provinces.

3. The Egyptians have been talking to Hamas about their willingness to enter into a hudna (religiously sanctioned truce) with Israel. Hamas has frequently offered this before.  Such truces are renewable and are often for 10 years. Kushner's team thinks it has attained Netanyahu's support for this.  The deal would supposedly include; a Gaza-Egyptian industrial zone in the area of Raffa, an airport, a seaport.  In return Hamas would be expected to police the truce from their side of the border. People on SST who have deep access in Israel doubt the sincerity of apparent Israeli assent, but there is little doubt I think that DJT considers this part of the Grand Bargain he is attempting to forge.  


Are We on the Cusp of an Incredible Realignment in Global Politics, With Israel Joining the One Belt One Road Alongside Newly Elected Nationalist European Governments?

Another article by Pfeffer for Haaretz, "Angela Merkel is Losing to the Orban-Trump-Netanyahu Camp" supports the Russian Analyst's thesis that the 'Zionist' faction has split with the 'Anglo' section of what our Swiss White Russian friend The Saker calls the Anglo-Zionist Empire. As Pfeffer makes clear, many of the nationalist or anti-open borders movements in Europe that the legacy media and hysterical neocons and neoliberals insist are under Russian influence are staunchly pro-Israel (PEGIDA in Germany being one of them, where many activists wave Israeli flags to debunk the media and antifas falsehood that they are neo-Nazis).

While we will return to the subject of what's happening in Europe ahead of the NATO summit, we can confidently say the great refugee crisis of 2015 that Merkel's open borders policy exacerbated has contributed to a historic realignment, and undermined the London-centric and Soros globalists Cold War 2 policy. By intervening to clean up the terrorist and failing state mess that the Obama Administration left behind in Syria, Russia created an opening for Syria refugees to begin returning home, Turkey to pivot away from the EU, and for Israel to drop its support for the jihadists without Netanyahu losing face at home.

With the Syrian Arab Army already reaching the Jordanian border where Damascus plans to reopen the long closed highway to Amman for international trade, the last obstacle to cleaning out the terrorists from Syria's southwest is along the Golan Heights. The area where Israeli generals had frankly admitted they would rather see ISIS fighters than Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) or Hezbollah forces. After Netanyahu and Putin reached a deal on Victory Day, Russian military police, many of them Sunni Muslims from Chechnya or Russia's other Caucuses republics Dagestan and Ingushetia, are almost certain to be the ones patroling the Golan demarcation line alongside local pro-Damascus National Defense Forces (NDF). The only thing that can seemingly stop or slow the Trump-Putin summit train, it would seem, is a false flag incident involving either chemical weapons being used, attacks on American troops, or both.

Desperation Time for British-Led Neocons as They Try to Weaponize the OPCW for a Chemical False Flag Attack or Set the Stage for a Clash Between Pro-Damascus and U.S. Forces That Can Be Blamed on Russia Before or Immediately After the Trump-Putin Summit

Not surprisingly, we have seen multiple articles from the neocons who haven't gotten with the program, and believe that support for Israel is synonymous with eternal hostility to the Russian State if not Russians as a people (at least since Boris Yeltsin left the Kremlin and Putin began to tame a collection of oligarchs whose spectacular rise to power during the 1990s skewed towards a certain demographic). Alt-right writers refer to this as the 'Tsar Amalek' or Jackson-Vanik complex. Yet not all of the hostility comes from Jewish neocons like Caroline Glick or the Kagan family run 'think tank' the Institute for the Study of War (ISW). The more respectable Russophobia emanates from the city of London, and the British government, which used the Sergey and Yulia Skripal poisoning as well as the staged Douma chemical attack to try and block a Trump-Putin summit.

The Theresa May government, though obsequious to Israeli and hence Saudi interests like the U.S. government, conspicuously did not move the British Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Many of the viciously Russophobic propagandists based in the UK like Bellingcat's Eliot Higgins are not particularly friendly to Israel either, forming a network of globalism loving, pro-jihadist leftists who loudly condemn Netanyahu on social media -- in between tweets bemoaning the U.S. refusal to directly attack Assad.

The arms industry and foreign government funded Atlantic Council think tank behind the Bellingcat (#Bellingcrap) cult of fake open source sleuthing has maintained a steady drumbeat of propaganda, not only bolstering the myth that Assad needs to use chemical weapons to finish off 'moderate' Syrian rebels, but attacking skeptics of CW use like Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh as well as activists on Twitter like Syrian Girl (a former guest on the RogueMoneyRadio program) and British pensioner @Ian56789. Frederic C. Hof who heads the AC's Rafik Hariri Center (named for an assassinated Lebanese politician whose son Saad Hariri was recently held against his will by the Hariri family's longtime Saudi patrons) warns Trump not to 'sell out' Syria to Putin and the Iranians, with the question of how eastern Syria became Uncle Sam's property to sell assumed.

Even if we can ignore as 'stage setting' the warnings from McLaughlin Group/Washington Examiner Anglo-maniac Tom R. Rogan, that Putin and the Iranians are plotting to attack American troops with plausible deniability, the prospect of another chemical attack as a pretext for US bombing is serious. So serious that the Russians are warning that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OCPW) is risking its entire credibility through the rule changes demanded by the British and Americans, who provide a considerable portion of the international body's funding alongside other NATO member states.

In an interview this week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov again criticized the OPCW conclusion that Assad was behind a chemical attack used to justify U.S. missile strikes in April 2017, stating the fact that OPCW inspectors never actually visited the Al-Qaeda controlled town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province, but relied on highly suspect samples collected by men with no hazmat gear and delivered through the Syria rebels backer Turkey. In other words, as UK journalist Peter Hitchens has pointed out since April 2017, the OPCW's chain of custody was tainted and could have easily been manipulated with sarin samples provided by the jihadists not so hidden supporters. Lavrov added in his interview with the British Channel 4 that the UK government had suspiciously destroyed evidence in the Skripal case.

According to the Russian military spokesman in Syria, members of the White Helmets were recently spotted in another Idlib province town with chemical protection gear and trucks transporting rockets with unknown warheads:

...residents of the Syrian northwestern province of Idlib have warned that the so-called civil defense group White Helmets, which has been blamed for staging suspected chemical attacks in the Arab country, are apparently preparing for yet another false flag attack in the province.

Citing the residents, head of the Russian Center for Syrian reconciliation Major General Alexei Tsygankov said Wednesday that a convoy of six vehicles, bearing the emblems of the White Helmets, had arrived in the provincial capital city of Idlib over the weekend.

One of the trucks was loaded with rockets and canisters containing unknown substances, as well as protective gear and filming equipment, residents said.

Upon arrival in Idlib, four persons, wearing hazmat protection gear, had been loading rockets’ warheads with liquid and some unknown powder. The truck took the missiles in the direction of the town of Maarat al-Numan, south of the city of Idlib, and was later followed by the White Helmets convoy, the Russian general said.

The group, which operates exclusively in militant-held areas of Syria, has on several occasions become the first to provide footage of alleged chemical attack sites in Syria and the aftermath scenes, including the incidents in Khan Shaykhun in Idlib Province and the town of Douma near the capital Damascus.

White Helmets’ photos and videos served as solid-enough proof for the US and its allies to immediately conduct ‘retaliatory’ strikes against the Syrian government forces in April 2017 and in April 2018.

While Washington briefly stopped financing the group, it has recently released $6.6 million in funding to the White Helmets. US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert recently said Washington “strongly supports” the White Helmets.

Syria has strongly denounced the US decision, saying that that the additional financial support was a clear piece of evidence that Washington has been playing a leading role in supporting anti-Syria militants since 2011.


London Paul discussed these reported preparations for a chemical false flag reports on the Thursday, June 28, 2018 RMR program. For now, the SAA keeps rolling up victories around Daraa and the Trump-Putin summit is a go. It will take an extreme provocation to try and halt it...