Syraq SITREP 43: U.S./UK Casualties, Turkey Rejects French Intervention to Save Manbij Kurds from Turkish Occupation

The U.S./UK Deep State Mobilizes to Overturn Trump's Vow to Leave Syria

With that introduction, there is no timetable for President Trump's called for withdrawal, nor is the Anglo-American deep state likely to allow the Commander in Chief to 'cut and run' without a fight. The Bezos/Langley Washington Post, which the President has been attacking on Twitter as a monopolist hurting competitors, panned the President's announcement. Columnist Josh Rogin wrote about Trump's advisers making him understand if the U.S. did not 'take the oil' east of the Euphrates, the Syrians would give it to Iran. The fact that the oil never belonged to the U.S. in the first place but to the Syrian people didn't factor in Rogin's analysis, only that as CNN said the big winners of an American pullout would be the Iranians, and -- who else? -- the Russians. This video posted below from the military industrial complex/multinational funded Brookings Institute is typical of the Washington Swamp response to Trump's call for American soldiers to leave Syria:

But the facts on the ground remain stubborn things: with Russia's help, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Assad have won in eastern Ghouta, finally eliminating a pocket that had stubbornly held out, dug in with huge tunnel complexes, and shelled Damascus for years. The defeated jihadists are being bused on the green buses to Idlib or to the Turkish-occupied town of Jarablus in the north. According to the Russian Defense Ministry 40,000 'militants' and their families have been evacuated from the formerly jihadi held enclave east-southeast of Damascus. There are also rumors being reported by longtime Russian Mideast analyst Evgeny Satanovsky that a handful of British special operations personnel were caught in the encirclement of Ghouta. Supposedly U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis is flying to Oman to negotiate with the Russians regarding the captured UK SOFs quiet release from Syrian captivity. Such a huge blow to British prestige and military morale, even if Moscow held back the details, could help account for some of the hysteria whipped up by the British government over the Skripal case in recent days.

French Farce: Turks Tell Macron to Get Out of the Way in Manbij

It has been left to the French to present some sort of feeble resistance to the Turkish advance, now that the U.S. Army appears to be offering no opposition to the combined TAF/'Free Syrian Army' slow-rolling expansion following the latter's seizure of Afrin [UPDATE: Turkish media report an additional 300 American troops may have been transferred to Manbij but this isn't confirmed as of Monday night April 2 EST]. NBC correspondents like Richard Engel warn that much of the successes the U.S. achieved in its anti-ISIS campaign could be squandered if American forces leave the area, but what he leaves unsaid is that the same 'FSA' now on the Turkish payroll were the so-called CIA armed 'moderate rebels' that his media colleagues portrayed sympathetically from 2012-2016. It was also a group of Islamist fighters now under the 'FSA' umbrella who threatened American troops as infidel dogs not very many months ago, prior to the recent U.S./UK combat deaths.

While the neocon dominated legacy media may naturally seek to blame 'Assadist' sympathizers in Manbij for last week's IED blast, a qui bono objective look at the situation points in the direction of Turkish proxies having killed an American soldier and his British colleague. If the Turks are willing to greenlight attacks by their proxies on the leading power in NATO, they are unlikely to restrain the use of similar Iraq insurgency style tactics against the French. The same tactics that experienced Mideast analysts like Elijah J. Magnier warned several weeks ago were coming should the U.S. and its NATO partners seek to extend their occupation of northern and eastern Syria.