Sunday of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia (January 25 Old Calendar)

Troparion (Tone 1)

Most noble and sublime was your life and death, O Sovereigns;

Wise Nicholas and blest Alexandra, we praise you,

Acclaiming your piety, meekness, faith, and humility,

Whereby ye attained to crowns of glory in Christ our God,

With your five renowned and godly children of blessed fame.

O passion–bearers decked in purple, intercede for us.

Kontakion (Tone 2)

Royalty and martyrdom were joined together, O blessed ones,

In your death for righteousness and right belief, O wise Sovereigns,

Nicholas and Alexandra, with your five children.

Hence, Christ our God counted you worthy of thrones in Heaven;

And with twofold crowns of glory,

You reign forever, adorned with grace divine.


Tone 4: O ye holy hierarchs, royal passion-bearers and pastors, /

monks and laymen, men, women and children, /

ye countless new-martyrs, confessors, /

blossoms of the spiritual meadow of Russia, /

who blossomed forth wondrously in time of grievous persecutions /

bearing good fruit for Christ in your endurance: /

Entreat Him, as the One that planted you, /

that He deliver His people from godless and evil men, /

and that the Church of Russia /

be made steadfast through your blood and suffering, //

unto the salvation of our souls.


Tone 2: O ye new passion-bearers of Russia, /

who have with your confession finished the course of this earth, /

receiving boldness through your sufferings: /

Beseech Christ Who strengthened you, /

that we also, whenever the hour of trial find us /

may receive the gift of courage from God. /

For ye are a witness to us who venerate your struggle, /

that neither tribulation, prison, nor death //

can separate us from the love of God.