Rep. Rohrabacher Calls Russiagate a Con Job; Looks To Brief Trump on the Truth

The timing of the latest U.S.-Russia tit for tat is most curious, coming after Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) returned from a meeting with Wikileaks' Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, citing Assange's willingness to testify that his source was not the Russians and ability to prove it to the Congress and special counsel Robert Mueller. With cyber researchers Adam Carter and the Forensicator indicating that Mueller and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have received their analyses destroying the Russian hack of the DNC theory, the deep state is growing more desperate to provoke the Russians. Their goal is clearly to make any challenge to the RussiaGate hoax politically suicidal under the weight of an online army of paid and unpaid #TrumpRussia trolls and mainstream media determined to defend their own Langley-sycophant acceptance of a ludicrous, too silly for a Bond villain version of Putin narrative.

This article was originally posted at Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) and is reposted here courtesy of our friend and frequent Rogue Money guest, Harley Schlanger. -- JWS

Aug. 31, 2017 (EIRNS)—Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), speaking last night on the "Hannity" program on Fox News, said that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, with whom he met recently in London, is "doing us a great service," in terms of the truth that the DNC revelations in Summer, 2016, were leaked, not hacked. This exchange took place with host Sean Hannity, who plans to have Rohrabacher back next week:

HANNITY: Do you believe that this Trump-Russia collusion narrative will be proven false? And do you believe he holds the key?

ROHRABACHER: The answer is absolutely yes, and I think that this Russia narrative that you’re talking about, his idea, this unrelenting sinister, you know, story about how Trump colluded with the Russians in order to steal the election is a total con job. It’s a fraud. And it’s masking a power grab because what they’re doing is they’re trying to undermine the ability of the person the voters voted for to—they’re undermining his—his ability to assume the power and authority and appointments that the president of the United States....

[He said later in the interview:]

I think what we have here is really important for the truth to be known, and I think the president of the United States needs to hear what the detail is. And I understand that a meeting with myself and the president is being arranged. So at that point, the purpose is to alert the American people to the truth of what, of this whole situation.

Lavrov: Sanctions Were Attack on Trump by EIR September 1, 2017

Sept. 1, 2017 (EIRNS)—Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said during his speech at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations today that the U.S. Congress is undermining Trump’s intention to improve relations with Russia. [This was hours before the Ministry announced the FBI plan to invade the Consulate in San Francisco Saturday—see accompanying report—ed]

TASS reports that Lavrov said that after the meeting between Trump and Putin,

"it became clearer that President Trump, as he said many times after the meeting—was interested in bringing relations with Russia back to normal.... This is a mutual goal, since we share this position. We are ready to move forward at a speed that would be convenient for the Trump administration. We understand that efforts are being made to corner [the administration] at every opportunity, so we don’t believe it is necessary to take any active steps concerning relations with the U.S.."

He added:

"We understand that there are forces that simply want to undermine the administration. This is our standpoint on the sanctions that Congress has been forcing on Donald Trump."

TASS added that

"Lavrov also said that the sanctions bill passed by the Congress is aimed more at Trump than at Russia, as U.S. legislators seek to prevent him from fully using his constitutional powers as far as foreign policy goes."

"As you know, it takes two to tango, but it seems to me that our partners keep performing individual breakdance," Lavrov said. He added that all of the "exchange of sanction moves" were initiated by the Obama administration to undermine relations and hinder the incoming president from changing the situation for the better.

Lavrov said Russian responses to hostile actions would not damage Russia’s own interests, but,

"At the same time, we will furnish tough responses to moves that inflict damage out of nothing and are based only on someones wish to ruin our relations with the United States."