Key Highlights From Putin’s Address To The Russian Federal Assembly – Part 2

  1. Economic growth in part via strategic state-assisted investments, small businesses and the export of goods with high added value
  2. Record-high agricultural production in 2017 and will seek to capitalise on this by entering new foreign markets and developing their food industry
  3. Reduce the proportion of state-owned businesses in their economy. Privatisation of banks, which had to be nationalized to improve Russia’s banking sector as part of this initiative
  4. Reform of governmental bodies such as tax authorities or communal services, Digitising and streamlining this area, making it more accessible
  5. Addressing ongoing security issues via a huge upgrade of the Russian military
  6. Development of new and improved strategic weapons, with improved counter-measures that make them harder to intercept. Development of a new heavy ICBM known as Sarmat
  7. Development of a nuclear reactor which can be mounted on a sea-launched or air-launched cruise missile and provide it with a limitless range
  8. Development of a underwater drone with great endurance and stealth capabilities, with a nuclear reactor smaller and more powerful than earlier models which can counter enemy aircraft carrier groups and attack shoreline defences
  9. Development of an advanced hypersonic missile weapon system, currently deployed in pilot mode in Southern Russia. The missile is launched from an aircraft and reaches a speed of Mach-10 while manoeuvring to penetrate anti-aircraft systems and can be fitted with a nuclear warhead
  10. Development of a hypersonic gliding warhead and has been working on ways to counter American anti-missile capabilities since 2004. The glider warhead can reach Mach-20 speeds and has high manoeuvring capabilities that make it immune to all anti-missile weapons that exist today
  11. Development of a new generation of laser weapon systems is now underway
  12. Technological achievements implicit in developing these new weapons will eventually find their way into civilian life and demonstrates Russia’s great mastery of science and engineering
  13. Russia’s enhanced strategic deterrence has rendered all US efforts to gain military supremacy a waste of time and money
  14. Now is the time for the US to rethink its stance, retire warmongers and stop endangering the entire planet for the sake of its own ambition. Russia is prepared to use its weapons, including nuclear ones, if attacked and nobody should think otherwise
  15. Russia’s record of cooperation with countries like China and India shows its willingness to have constructive and beneficial relations and that were the US and Europe to seek equal partnership with Russia, Moscow would be responsive
  16. Putin closed his address be saying, “Times now favour those who are prepared to change”

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