Ukrainian Rockets' (North Korean) Red Glare

North Korean missile test image courtesy of: Sputnik International

The credibility problems with Kiev's denials are of course, many fold. Apologists on social media have insisted the NYT must have fallen for clever 'Russian disinformation', or that SS-18 designs could've been easily purchased by the North Koreans from unemployed Russian engineers during the 1990s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. But the leap forward for the North Korean missile program of the last eighteen months coincides with Yuzhmash facing potential bankruptcy and liquidation from the loss of Russian space industry business.

Ukraine has also lost Donbass coal production, and thanks to a crackdown on smuggling through the lines since 2015, may have resorted to purchasing black market North Korean coal (though this is yet to be confirmed). What is known is that arms smuggling out of Ukraine was rampant prior to the Maidan revolution, and the so-called 'anti-terror operation' (ATO) has created a great cover for enterprising Ukrainian colonels and generals to sell tanks, artillery and rocket launchers written off as 'destroyed' in Donbass to African warlords or (alongside NATO member Bulgarian and Croatian arms dealers) the jihadists in Syria (including Al-Qaeda affiliate HTS and previously, the ISIS pseudo-Caliphate).

It should be recalled that the same Ukrainian government denying getting caught red handed supplying Kim Jong Un, has also denied that:

1) The Maidan snipers had anything to do with the incoming U.S. installed post-Yanukovych junta, despite overwhelming physical evidence that the killers operated out of buildings controlled by then 'Maidan self defense' chief and longtime Ukro-Nazi politician Andrey Parubiy. A phone call between the Estonian Foreign Minister and EU envoy Catherine Ashton leaked by Yanukovych loyalists in the immediate aftermath of the killings also confirmed pro-Maidan activists suspicions that it had been a false flag operation with doctors who treated the wounded stating that they pulled the same type of bullets out of Berkut riot policemen and Maidan participants. The most damning evidence of what really went down is what didn't happen -- the false flag snipers escaped without a single one of their number being killed or wounded by anyone shooting back, despite Parubiy's men being armed with hunting rifles, pistols and Molotov cocktails. (Below is a photo of Sen. McInsane warmly greeting Parubiy in Washington earlier this year):

6) billions of dollars in International Monetary Fund (IMF) and EU/US taxpayer aid grants have been siphoned off by oligarchs such as Ihor Kholomoisky (whose 'turf' includes the city of Dnepro where Yuzhmash is based) and stolen since 2014. Among the oligarchs looting Ukrainian and Western taxpayer provided funds to keep their tottering, heavily indebted industrial empires afloat -- steel pipe magnate Viktor Pinchuk, who has donated millions to the Clinton Foundation and Washington think tanks

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of the lies, war crimes and corruption Washington and to a lesser extent Brussels have either directed or been complicit with since the February 2014 coup in Ukraine. Russian media have reported that the CIA occupies an entire wing of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) headquarters in Kiev, which has hoisted the American flag on numerous occasions.

For Langley to now claim that its agents all the way up to the station chief in Kiev had no idea Yuzhmash rocket technology could possibly be of interest to or shipped to North Korea either indicates staggering incompetence or lying. Neither is a very good look for the 'Cocaine Import Agency', but the latter scenario would indicate once again that the North Korea standoff is not what it seems. In light of the Ukraine-NK connection, reports of arms trafficking involving North Koreans in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) almost under the noses of CENTCOM and NSA/GCHQ listening posts in nearby Qatar and Bahrain, the picture that emerges is globalists secretly been aiding Pyongyang's reckless sabre rattling, fueling the very threat they claim to be defending against...aka 'the best enemy money (to purchase Soviet derived Ukrainian rocket technology) can buy'. On the positive side, getting a report like this deeply embarrassing to Kiev and its neocon backers into the Establishment-controlled NYT may be an indication not everyone in Washington wants to escalate the conflict in Ukraine against Russia.