Interview with The Daily Coin regarding my new book, "A Journey Distilled: The Narrow Road to Enlightenment"

Can you see it? Can you smell it? Can you feel it? It is all around and nowhere. Unseen, without warning there seems to be a frequency shift taking place across the land. How far or how deep is anyone’s guess, no one would be able to define or explain. What we can say is after more than 40 years of corruption, crimes against humanity and a population lulled to the very edge of the abyss something is happening; something is changing.

What has happened just in the past few weeks shows, with little question, the people are beginning to seek answers, while at the same time some, if not most, aren’t even sure of the question. People all around the world are beginning to realize the criminals running their country, their state or their neighborhood is as corrupt as the day is long. We are awakening and we see you for who you are and what you are.

I sat down with Ken Schortgen, Jr, The Daily Economist, to discuss his new book, A Journey Distilled: The Narrow Road to Enlightenment – click here to review and purchase – to find out if what I am experiencing is happening in a vacuum or if it pervasive across the country and around the world. Ken’s first book, The Israel Deception – can be reviewed and purchased here.

We have seen and heard from people that are no longer willing to be part of the “silent majority” – they want their voices heard. We are seeing more and more of the silent majority becoming more vocal with each passing day. The giant tech companies like Google, FaKeBook, Twitter and YouTube can not longer hold back the tide of rising voices as these voices will no longer be denied.

The two examples below are just that, two examples. We could provide a great many more but at this point it seems more and more people are simply walking away, seeking alternatives and finding the courage to stand up and say – I want and expect something better. Life is much bigger than the picture we are presented with and the more people seek a wider view the more people understand that a narrower view is actually what they seek.

Two years ago you may not have seen anything like the above tweet or video, but today people are no longer afraid to speak up and tell the truth.

Once a person learns something it becomes almost impossible to un-learn the same goes for seeing something it is almost impossible to un-see.