Harley Schlanger X22 Report 02/24/18: The Deep State Empire Has Been Challenged and Is In The Process Of Being Destroyed

Empire Spokesmen Launch Insane Warnings of Surprise Attacks from Russia and China

Feb. 22, 2018 (EIRNS)—The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has just issued a new report, “Coping with Surprise in Great Power Conflicts,” which insanely warns Americans to be on the alert for surprise attacks from Russia or China. And why should either of them stage a surprise attack on the United States, you ask? Because this study comes from the insane utopian school of the Rand Corporation, and the Andy Marshall who occupied a top position in the Pentagon from the Nixon years until 2015. This gang has contributed a particularly crack-brained current to neo-conservatism.

“The greatest vulnerability to strategic surprise today comes from the Russians and the Chinese because of the wide variety of tools available to them. Concerns abound that Russia will launch a surprise attack on the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. These NATO members are particularly vulnerable: militarily weak, geographically exposed, and internally divided by ethnic tensions. Russia frequently conducts nearby ‘snap’ exercises, which could be used as cover for attack preparations. Russia’s use of ‘gray zone’ operations could provide pre-invasion softening of the target.

“Concerns about China arise from the ‘Thucydides trap,’ the proposition that there is a high risk of war between a rising China and a status quo United States. Taiwan and the South China Sea are frequently cited as friction points. Although such a war looks irrational, it would not be unprecedented. China entered the Korean War against the United States in 1950 even though it had recently endured years of civil war and millions of casualties. It took on a nuclear power at a time when it had no nuclear weapons of its own and did this only five years after the United States had vanquished Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.”

If that convinces you that Russia or China are about to mount a surprise attack on the U.S., then there may be a job waiting for you among the computer brains of the Rand Corporation. But it’s another day’s work in puffing up the enemy image of China and Russia, combatting the New Silk Road that Americans are never supposed to hear about, and trying to undermine President Donald Trump.

But the biggest current operation to make Russia an “enemy image,” is last week’s joke indictment of Russians by legal assassin, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which is completely demolished in the Feb. 23 EIR articles by author Barbara Boyd (“Mueller Indictments of Russian Social Media Trolls Scam the American People” and “The Mueller Dossier Revisited: How the British and Obama Diddled the United States”).