EIR Book Review of Rogue Spooks: The Intelligence War on Donald Trump

CIA director John Brennan swearing to tell Congress the truth and the whole truth while lying to them as he did prior to and after getting caught ordering the CIA to spy on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) investigation into Agency torture after 9/11

CIA director John Brennan swearing to tell Congress the truth and the whole truth while lying to them as he did prior to and after getting caught ordering the CIA to spy on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) investigation into Agency torture after 9/11

Intro by James the Russia Analyst:

As Gorka accurately wrote, the president's #MAGA agenda upon which he campaigned (that included detente with Russia) appears to be completely stymied by the deep state, yet the Washington Swamp cannot seem to accomplish any positive agenda of its own. Instead American politics seems dominated by fear and loathing of the other and manufactured hysteria over Confederate statues and tiny, irrelevant neo-Nazi or KKK groups riddled with paid FBI informants if not provocateurs, LARPing the street clashes of the late Weimar Republic for the benefit of their globalist string pullers.

The extra-territorial Russia sanctions that German corporations and diplomats have declared a violation of international law were passed by Congress -- yet the mini-troop surge called for in the plan Trump approved against his previous judgement to leave Afghanistan requires logistical support through the landlocked 'Stans. That is overland and overflight shipping of supplies if not materiel which cannot happen without Russia's at least tacit consent, as well as that of Pakistan, which Trump's speech accused of aiding the Taliban.

A triumvirate of generals (Mattis, McMaster and Kelly) who appear to run the Trump Administration can bluster about aggressively arming Kiev or new strategies to extricate the Saudis from their Yemen quagmire, yet there is little sign these proposals will change facts on the ground. They can #BlameRussia allegedly arming the Taliban without providing proof, for U.S. failures after sixteen years of GIs and Marines slogging through the Hindu Kush. But American policy appears deadlocked by design amidst chaos at home and ineffectual, if often underhanded flailing abroad. The proof of growing exasperation if not disdain by Washington's longtime allies is evident in surveys showing pluralities across Europe, Asia and Latin America viewing the U.S. as the greatest threat to world peace; Egypt snubbing the president's son-in- law Jared Kushner; and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu negotiating with Vladimir Putin and not Washington, concerning the future of Syria and the broader Mideast.

This review of former adviser to President Bill Clinton Dick Morris' new book originally appeared at Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) on August 17 and is reposted here courtesy of of our friend frequent RogueMoney guest, Harley Schlanger. We have also posted below this week's Hanging with Harley video an English version of his latest column in Neue Solidarität, the LaRouche movement's German language European magazine. -- JWS

Aug. 17—Dick Morris and his wife Ellen McGann have written a new book, Rogue Spooks, the Intelligence War on Trump. It is to be commended for its dramatic and detailed account of the British government’s wholesale interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton. Other than EIR, no other publication has so thoroughly focused on the British genesis of the coup against Trump.

Where Morris goes astray is in his assignment of the reasons why the British, and Obama’s spooks working with them, are engaging in a coup to assassinate or neuter Trump. With one significant exception, he provides a gripping account of “who done it,” with respect to the coup. He is wrong about their motive. To win the war presently facing the nation, the President and the American public must understand both aspects of the crime.

Morris was, of course, the famous pollster and advisor to Arkansas Governor and then President Bill Clinton. He got caught in a sexual scandal shortly before the Democratic Party convention nominated Clinton for a second term. Since that time he has become a controversial Republican populist with a wide national audience, and now his book is heading to­ward bestseller status. He was an early supporter of Donald Trump.


In the first four chapters, Morris shows how the dodgy British MI6 dossier, compiled by former MI6 agent Christopher Steele and Sir Andrew Wood, one of the highest ranking agents in the Queen’s Service, was used to start the FBI investigation of Trump in the Summer of 2016, conducted by former showboat FBI Director James Comey. According to widespread British reporting, both Steele and Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) surveillance agency, were tasked to produce dirt on Trump, or those associated with him, which could be used to paint Trump as a Putin stooge. Morris demonstrates that the entire dossier was fake, and that the FBI, the Clinton campaign, and the British had to know it was fake. Morris gives all the details showing how Clinton repeatedly used the phony allegations against Trump in her campaign, and how this attack on Trump actually helped Clinton’s candidacy.


After the election, the FBI under Comey wanted to pay Christopher Steele $50,000 to corroborate the phony dossier, and the FBI continued to collaborate with him through the efforts of Senator John McCain, former CIA director John Brennan, and James Comey. Just after President Trump’s inauguration, Comey, and Obama’s intelligence chiefs, went to Trump and presented him with the fake and salacious British dossier, in a fashion guaranteed to ensure its publication by the national news media. Morris correctly describes this episode as the closest thing there can be to a political assassination without a gun.

Excerpt from a John Podesta email published by Wikileaks in which JP says he's for 'making an example of a suspected leaker' days before Seth Rich's murder in what Metro police say was a botched robbery in Washington D.C.

Excerpt from a John Podesta email published by Wikileaks in which JP says he's for 'making an example of a suspected leaker' days before Seth Rich's murder in what Metro police say was a botched robbery in Washington D.C.


Morris acknowledges that the British account of the alleged Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee throws that aspect of the story into the question-mark category. According to that account, the Brits notified the FBI and the Democratic Party that the Russians had hacked the DNC in 2015, but the Democrats did absolutely nothing about it. The Democratic National Committee never allowed the FBI to forensically examine the allegedly hacked computers. The British account states that GCHQ and other elements of British intelligence had become concerned about meetings between Trump associates and the Russians, and Trump’s “soft line” on Russia, as early as 2015.

This aspect of the British account, however, is designed to make it appear credible that the DNC computers were hacked by the Russians in a normal act of cyber-espionage. What happens to this story if there was no Russian hack—as demonstrated by the recent report of the Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity? What happens if, as the VIPS allege, the DNC emails went to Wikileaks, where they were published—as the result of leaks by DNC insiders, not Russian hacks? What happens to this story line if the alleged GCHQ surveillance of “Trump associates” in conversation with the Russians does not exist, but was actually another faked report, to provide the basis for unparalleled intelligence community surveillance and attempts to entrap Presidential candidate Trump even before election day?

Otherwise, Morris presents an interesting account of Obama’s deliberate efforts against Trump:

• Obama sabotaged Trump’s ability to hire permanent staff by exhausting the budget of the National Security Council and other agencies.

• Obama’s encouragement of his own civil service hires to stay in place to wage war against Trump from within the government.

The political assassination of Michael Flynn by Democrats and establishment Republicans.

Morris also cites James Comey’s efforts to set the President up, leading to the appointment of intended Grand Inquisitor Robert Mueller to finish the job.

He accounts for the great number of illegal classified leaks which have damaged the Presidency, by stating that John Brennan and Eric Holder purged the CIA and FBI of conservatives and put liberals firmly in place in these agencies.

He is very clear that the only way that the American people can defeat this coup, is to mobilize to prevent their Congressmen and Senators from entertaining the orchestrated media and “spook” lies intended to destroy President Trump.

To this end, Morris reminds us that the British deployed a candidate directly against Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in the form of Wendell Willkie. He also traces the incredible number of cases of U.S.-staged coups and assassinations in other countries to change undesired election results. He claims that he and Bill Clinton intervened directly to elect Boris Yeltsin to a second term in Russia, by providing polling services and political direction to Yeltsin’s campaign from President Clinton himself.

Where Morris falls short, is in his cramped and very partisan view of why all of this is happening. He claims that the British wanted to get Obama to act against the Russians, because Obama was soft on arming Ukrainians in that ongoing conflict on Russia’s border. He fails to understand that Obama was a British plant from the get-go, who always acted on the basis of ultimate British grand strategy.

He provides some history of the FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies, implying that they act primarily in their bureaucratic self-interest. But he also fails to understand that these agencies have been virtual British satrapies ever since Franklin Roosevelt died.

Ultimately, he fails to figure out that the ultimate British weapon is control of the American mind—control of the axioms by which we think. Free trade, for example, was an economic model against which we fought a revolution. As a result, our Constitution specifies that federal credit for productive purposes and the power to issue money, are under the control of the Federal government, not the monetarists on Wall Street. Unfortunately, this is not the political truth by which Morris, the author of the famous pragmatic Clinton strategy of “triangulation,” lives.

The immediate motive for the coup against President Trump, is the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), in which Russia and China have joined to develop the world. Trump has signaled a willingness to work with both Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin on this great project of physical economic development of the entire planet. Were he to do this—bringing millions of productive jobs to the United States—the British imperial model of control of the world would be consigned to the dustbin of history. That is the reason why the British are out to kill, impeach, or otherwise incapacitate this President.

by Harley Schlanger

August 25 -- As we reported last week, the expanded circulation of the memo by the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), which exposes the fraud behind the Russiagate attacks against President Donald Trump, is effectively demolishing the narrative pushed by those running the attempted regime change coup, which has been underway since the U.S. election.   The assessment of the VIPS, that there was no Russian hacking of the computers of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), but an insider leak, is largely still blacked out of the so-called mainstream media, with the exception of several weak attempts to refute it

However, as reported in the August 21 issue of the Washington Times, under the headline "DNC hack theories considered extreme and fringe now entering mainstream," the VIPS memo cannot be ignored, given the stature of those who prepared it, such as Ray McGovern, who was a CIA analyst for twenty-seven years, and top National Security Agency cyber expert William Binney.  In that article, Dan Boylan writes that the official "authoritative" theory blaming the Russians for "meddling" in the election, and accusing Trump of "collusion" with Putin, is losing ground.  Boylan accurately reports that the VIPS memo not only challenges the official narrative, but accuses U.S. intelligence agencies of inventing "Guccifer 2", to further their story.

Boylan reports, "The FBI, CIA, and NSA never actually performed any cyberforensic analysis of the documents they claimed were hacked by Guccifer"; further, that the VIPS investigation "offered clear evidence that the Russian cyrillic imprint had been superimposed, to pin the 'hack' on the Russians."  

McGovern and Binney amplified these allegations in an extensive two-and-a-half hour briefing presented at LaRouchePAC's weekly Manhattan Project meeting on August 19.  Beyond reviewing the findings of the VIPS, the two emphasized that the false narrative was created on behalf of a "political agenda", that is, to continue the "permanent war" policies of the Bush and Obama regimes, and to destroy President Trump's efforts to reverse those policies, which had brought the U.S. close to war with Russia and China.  They reviewed the history of the VIPS, going back to its founding in January 2003, to expose the lies of Tony Blair, who promoted the fraudulent charge that Saddam Hussein's government possessed "weapons of mass destruction," to justify a regime change war against him. 

LaRouchePAC has been at the forefront of exposing the efforts by the Deep State networks, directed from British intelligence through Obama and his operatives, former CIA director Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence Clapper, and former FBI Director Comey, with full support from leaders of both parties and the "mainstream media", to carry out a "Color Revolution" coup against Trump. 


With the Russiagate narrative collapsing, the coup plotters used the staged gang-countergang events in Charlottesville, Virginia to label Trump as an enabler of race war, claiming he was either an outright supporter of neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), or refused to condemn them, to keep the support of racists --  despite Trump's repeated condemnation of the "right-wing extremists."  Trump's accurate statement that it was "thugs" on both sides that led to the violence was dismissed as a cover for his intention to appeal to racists.  Needless to say, "investigative" journalists failed to point out the long history of FBI infiltration and promotion of both neo-Nazi and KKK extremists, or the role of George Soros and Obama operatives behind the so-called anti-fa club-swinging provocateurs.  

This has opened a new flank for Trump's opponents, to label anyone defending the President as not just a Putin puppet, but a supporter of white supremacy! Politico unveiled this strategy in an August 22 article, citing Democratic strategists who declared triumphantly that the party now has a "rare opportunity" to rally the base -- not for jobs, or rebuilding U.S. infrastructure and the manufacturing base, but to attack Trump's "racism", while campaigning for the removal of Confederate monuments.  Democratic strategist Morgan Jackson stated, "If you don't condemn Trump's behavior (sic)...you give the Nazis the benefit of the doubt.  You're going to get hit -- and get hit hard.  You're going to have to pay for that." 

Among those pushing this line is original coup plotter James Clapper, who alongwith Brennan and Comey, took the Russiagate narrative, invented by top British intelligence operatives, and gave it official institutional support in the U.S.  Interviewed on CNN's "Tonight" show, where he was egged on by the virulently anti-Trump anchor Don Lemon, who accused the President of "trying to ignite a civil war in this country", Clapper asserted that in all of his years in government service, he had never heard a speech as "scary and disturbing" as the one Trump delivered in Phoenix on August 22.

"I really question his ability to be -- his fitness to be -- in this office," he said, adding "I also am beginning to wonder about his motivation for it -- maybe he is looking for a way out."  He asked, "How much longer does the country have to... endure this nightmare?" Prodded by Lemon, "Do you question his fitness?", Clapper replied that the Phoenix speech was "the real Trump," just like the "unglued, impromptu speech" at the Trump Tower press conference a week ago.

Asked about Trump's ties to Russia, Clapper admitted that he never saw any evidence of collusion, though "Maybe there is some."  Showing he has not given up on Russiagate, he said, "I don't understand [Trump's] fascination with Putin, and Russia ... unless he's a kindred soul." Is Trump "a national security threat?" Lemon suggested. Clapper replied, "He certainly could be." 

Before the Phoenix speech, CNN featured a blast from Rep. Jackie Speier, a California Democrat, who insisted that it's time to speak about Trump's being unfit for office. "We have to quit whispering on Trump," but rather speak up!  She admitted that the House lacks the votes required for impeachment, so she called for invoking the 25th Amendment, to remove Trump on the grounds that he is mentally unfit to serve.


Civil rights leader Andrew Young, who was a top lieutenant of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., and was a Congressman from Georgia, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., and Mayor of Atlanta, offered a powerful rebuttal to those attacking Trump.  Young said he agreed with what Trump said, that economic development and jobs are the only solution to racial problems, not tearing down statues.

This has been "a week of misunderstandings," Young said on NBC's Meet the Press.  Referring to the civil rights movement, he said, "We originally sought to redeem the soul of America from the triple evils of race, war, and poverty.  Most of the issues we are dealing with now are related to poverty.  But we still want to put everything in a racial context."

He continued: "The reason I feel uncomfortable condemning the Klan types is, they are almost the poorest of the poor."  Echoing one of Trump's campaign themes, he added, "They are the forgotten Americans.  And they have been abused and neglected.  Instead of giving them affordable health care, they give them black lung jobs." 

Speaking of his experience in the 1960s, he said "We never tried to take advantage of anybody else.  Our job was not to put down white people.  Our job was to lift everybody up together.  To come -- so that we would learn to live together as brothers and sisters rather than perish together as fools." 

Asked about his view of the President, Young said, "I think he's caught in a trap...the thing the President has to do is think of the American people, all of us, as his family.  And I try to think of him as a potential leader, not only of the United States of America, but a leader of the free world and of the enslaved world."

There are other Democrats who reject the strategy presented by Politico.  Former Mississippi Gov. Ronnie Musgrove seconded Young, saying, "I wish we could be talking about investing in education and healthcare that helps white working-class people who feel like opportunity is slipping through their fingers. Those are the things that make life better for everyone across the spectrum. And, yes, when you end up talking about things like [statues] you're diverting away from those real issues that concern people every day while raising a family."       

The most effective counter-move for President Trump against the regime change mafia was laid out by BÜSO chairman Helga Zepp LaRouche.  Stating her agreement with Andrew Young, she said that the solution to the problem he and Trump have identified -- growing poverty, as a result of the collapse of manufacturing and the physical economy -- is for the U.S. to join China in building the New Silk Road NOW, and to implement the Four Laws drafted by Lyndon LaRouche, to restore jobs and economic development.

The goal of the City of London and Wall Street networks behind the efforts to remove President Trump is to prevent him from breaking away from the paradigm of permanent war and imperial looting.  His cooperation with Russian President Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, is being forged despite the regime change efforts against him, and indicates he intends to keep his campaign promises.  Moving now to implement his economic platform, which in many ways reflects the principles behind LaRouche's Four Laws, is the best way to bring the U.S. into the New Paradigm characterized by the Silk Road policy, and end forever the deadly, unipolar, globalized world promoted by the enemies of humanity.