Syraq SITREP 23: SAA Breaking Deir Ez Zor Siege, Bulgarian Journalist Fired for Exposing NATO's Arms Pipeline to AlCIAeda/ISIS


SAA Breaking Through Daesh Lines At Deir Ez Zor

“Small SAA unit from outside the pocket helped knock out major ISIS defenses in Brigade 137 which allowed army inside to retake all positions”

“SAA soldier in Deir Ezzor says that same special unit who attacked Brigade 137 from rear entered Brigade 137 but the siege is not broken yet”

“Unconfirmed reports about aerial landings by helicopters on points around Deir Ezzor: Clear info not available as battle still ongoing.”

“Reports: Clashes started all around Deir Ezzor city in what seems to be an ISIS full attack while news about Panorama Roundabout took by SAA”

“ISIS supply lines (towards city) have been cut by SAA”
Civilians in Deir ez-Zor celebrated, on Sunday night, as news reached them that the self-proclaimed Islamic State's (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) siege of the city was close to breaking. Video ID: 20170904 002 Video on Demand: Contact: Twitter: Facebook:
Certified Daesh killing Druze badass: The greybeard is General Issam Zahreddine, whose soldiers have been fighting an ISIS siege for over three years, may soon be shaking hands with General Suheil "The Tiger" Al-Hassan in a fully liberated city of Deir Ez Zor (Photo published by Al-Masdar News in 2015)

Certified Daesh killing Druze badass: The greybeard is General Issam Zahreddine, whose soldiers have been fighting an ISIS siege for over three years, may soon be shaking hands with General Suheil "The Tiger" Al-Hassan in a fully liberated city of Deir Ez Zor (Photo published by Al-Masdar News in 2015)

Perhaps it's fitting that the news of the Syrian Arab Army's greatest victory since the liberation of Palmyra and Aleppo comes as Washington is preoccupied with the North Korea crisis and filing FBI agents through empty Russian consulate buildings. The mainstream media is unlikely to give the SAA and in particular the years-long defenders of Deirezzor their due, considering how many pundits declared that Assad's troops and the Russians were not fighting ISIS at all.

The Deirezzor breakthrough also comes days after Russian television aired an interview with a defector from the U.S.-backed Maghawir al-Thawra, a 'moderate rebel' group recently based at al-Tanf base in the desert near Syria's intersection with the Jordanian and Iraqi borders alongside American special forces.

Russian TV Interview with Defector to Assad's Army:
U.S. Backed Moderate Rebels Sold American Taxpayer Funded Weapons to ISIS

After the SAA linked up with friendly Iraqi forces at the border, the American and Norwegian special ops soldiers were effectively cut off from engaging ISIS forces on land, and withdrew back to Jordan from al-Tanf. According to the defector,  the Americans knew his rebel commander was selling arms to ISIS but did nothing about it. In the writings of The Daily Beast columnist and CNN alleged ISIS expert Michael D. Weiss (who speaks neither Arabic nor Russian) this same moderate Sunni Arab rebel force was, alongside Kurdish SDF fighters, supposed to take Deir Ez Zor from ISIS rather than the SAA.

It's safe to say events on the ground have once again proven that the hardline neocon Weiss has no clue about what's actually happening in Syria. Weiss was also recently exposed in the leftist publication Alternet for promoting 'Islamophobia' alongside Islam critic Pamela Geller after 9/11, only to shift towards a pro-Salafi Trotskyite posture once overthrowing Assad necessitated arming jihadists and pretending that they were Sunni moderates radicalized only by Damascus or Tehran. Once again, neocons will say or do anything they believe advances their warmongering aims even if their pivots leave the general public in an understandable state of cognitive dissonance from being told terrorists are everywhere after 9/11 to Sen. John McCain's insistence in recent years that America had to support the kind of people in Syria who cheered the September 11th attacks and supported bin Laden. Of course the U.S. government and para-governmental think tank propaganda machine isn't entirely done yet, even if hardly anyone is listening to its messaging about Syria.

In a PR effort to demonstrate that the U.S. is tougher on ISIS than Hezbollah and the SAA which have born the brunt of the fighting Daesh for years, last week CENTCOM criticized an agreement between the Lebanese Shia paramilitaries and ISIS terrorists who were permitted to evacuate on buses with their families. The Daesh terrorists were supposed to take the buses to a town on the Iraqi border, but the U.S. dropped bombs near the convoy which was traveling from the mountainous Arsal region of northeastern Lebanon to the ISIS held town of Al-Bukamal across the border from Iraq's Al-Qa'im. However it is unclear how many Daesh terrorists and their family members were killed in the American air strike.

CENTCOM, MSM Attempt to Do PR Damage to Hezbollah Over Surrendered Daesh Terrorists Evacuation by Bus from Lebanon to Iraqi Border

Orient News, a media outlet of questionable reliability based in Dubai UAE, later accused the Americans of dropping water and food supplies to the same convoy of buses they bombed days earlier. CENTCOM's Twitter feed strongly denied the allegation. Regardless of whether the terrorists and their relatives make it to their destination, the Iraqi military is gearing up to liberate Al-Bukamal in cooperation with the SAA, once Deir Ez Zor is rid of ISIS. Thus there is no comparison between the U.S. tendency to funnel Daesh terrorists towards SAA by offering them unbombed escape routes in battle after battle with the SDF, and the most recent 'evacuate or die' deal the crushed takfiris reached with Hezbollah.

Al-Jazeera Covers the Arms Pipeline to 'Moderate' AlCIAeda Rebels and ISIS

As we wrote above, it isn't all that surprising that the legacy media in the U.S. are doing their best to ignore or downplay the Syrian Arab Army's achievement against ISIS or the fact that it would have been impossible without massive training, arms and hands on fighting assistance from Hezbollah, Iran and Russia. The latter two powers have recently found a repproachment with longtime sponsors of the Syrian jihadists in Turkey and Qatar. Not surprisingly, Doha is seeking to distance itself from complicity in the rise of the so-called Islamic State by pointing the finger at its erstwhile partners in the huge jihadi arms pipeline to Syria.

Al-Jazeera news, which the Saudi government and its Gulf Cooperation Council partners unsuccessfully sought to shut down during their failed attempt at a blockade against Qatar, is magnifying reporting by a Bulgarian journalist who was fired by her country's largest circulation newspaper Trud (Labor). As we warned many months ago there is no honor among thieves and with the Saudi-Qatar/Turkey spat taking center stage these last few months in the Persian Gulf, the Qataris would be keen to demonstrate that Daesh was all Riyadh's fault. However, reading between the lines of the AJ story one also sees the hand of the CIA and the perhaps recently purged by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan pro-Langley Turkish deep state-rs behind 'Silk Way Airlines' which might as well have been called Air America/NATO Jihad:

An investigative report by a Bulgarian journalist says Saudi Arabia and the UAE have supplied Eastern European-made weapons to armed groups in Syria and Iraq using different intermediaries and diplomatic cover to mask their points of origin and final destinations.

The report, authored by Dilyana Gaytandzhiev, claims Saudi Arabia, UAE, the US military and several countries have used Azerbaijani state-owned airlines Silk Way Airlines to transport large quantities of weapons that ended up in the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, known as ISIS) group, Kurdish fighters in the Middle East and armed groups in Africa.

”At least 350 diplomatic Silk Way Airlines flights transported weapons for war conflicts across the world over the last 3 years,” says the report, published in Trud, Bulgaria’s largest circulated newspaper.

”The state aircrafts of Azerbaijan carried on-board tens of tons of heavy weapons and ammunition headed to terrorists under the cover of diplomatic flights.”

According to the report, “Saudi Arabia has purchased huge quantities of Eastern European weapons and exported them using Silk Way Airline’s diplomatic flights.

”In 2016, 2017 there were 23 diplomatic flights carrying weapons from Bulgaria, Serbia and Azerbaijan to Jeddah and Riyadh”.

Newsbud's Extensive Coverage and Southfront Interviews Dilyana Gaytandzhiev

Dilyana Gaytandzhiev has been interrogated by Bulgarian authorities, who demanded to know her anonymous sources. As the Russia Analyst stated several times on the RogueMoney radio program, weapons from Bulgaria, Croatia and other NATO member states formerly in Yugoslavia or the Soviet bloc were found by in Al-Qaeda (Jabhat al-Nusra, since rebranded as Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham) warehouses in Aleppo and would turn up in huge quantities in ISIS-held Raqqa. With the defeat of the AlCIAeda terrorists and Presiden Trump's recent decision to officially end support for 'moderate rebels' trying to overthrow Assad, Bulgarian rocket propelled grenades and grenade launched rounds are also interestingly enough, showing up more often on the battlefields between Ukraine government troops and the pro-Russian Donbass forces, including in the Avdeevka 'prom-zone'.

This enormous arms pipeline through eastern Europe and the former Soviet Caucuses republic of Azerbaijan not only gave the U.S. government quasi-plausible deniability, on the grounds that the weapons weren't coming directly from American manufacturers, it also allowed CIA to boost support for NATO among politicians in Bulgaria and especially Serbia, where the majorities sympathies are with Russia. The latter nexus between payoffs to the 'deep state' of security services and arms manufacturers and maintaining NATO's position in the volatile region -- despite popular disdain for the unpopular 1999 Kosovo War against the Serbs -- cannot be overestimated in the Balkans. Nor should those seeking to stop the ongoing deep state coup against President Donald Trump hesitate to point out that this massive arming of so-called moderate rebels who sold the weapons to or overtly worked with Al-Qaeda and its spinoff ISIS on the watch of CIA director 'Riyadh' John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. When Brennan says that Donald Trump is a danger to America and its possible for someone to take steps towards treason without knowing it, he is pointing fingers back at himself.

Thankfully, despite the best efforts of the legacy media to ignore the latest documented evidence that CIA/MI6 and their regional partners have been arming both sides in the 'war on terror', RT, Southfront and former FBI Turkish/Azeri translator/whistleblower Sibel Edmonds organization Newsbud have given Ms. Gaytandzhiev's story the in-depth coverage it deserves. We can only hope with the bipartisan efforts of U.S. Representatives like Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) Congress will give the CIA's treasonous support for terrorism the attention it deserves, including via questions submitted under oath to John Brennan and James Clapper.