A Deep Dive into the Origins of Russiagate and the Current Attempt to Spark a Color Revolution to Overthrow President Trump

In light of this weekend's events, the Russian Analyst believes now is a good time for RogueMoney readers to listen to this LaRouchePAC video which takes a deep dive into the City of London impetus behind the U.S. deep state and soft coup against Donald Trump. Pay particularly close attention at the start to the speakers describing the relationship between Democrat Party deep stater and deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe with 'ex' MI6 man Christopher Steele, and how McCabe's wife ran against a noted State Senator and critic of U.S. Syria policy, Richard Black of Leesburg, with the help of large campaign donations from the Clintons' campaign money man Terry McAuliffe -- who is now the Governor of Virginia.

Hours ahead of the Sunday morning shows Trump is being accused of not condemning 'white nationalism' after speaking out against any type of hate and violence. This afternoon and evening the usual para-Democratic Party G-NGO suspects exploiting grief over Charlottesville will agitate in cities across the country for the President's impeachment. Remember RM readers -- many colored revolutions start with a martyr or pre-meditated massacre, like the Maidan sniper killings which remain 'unsolved' to this day -- because the Washington installed authorities in Kiev were in on the slayings.

The following video were originally published by LaRouchePAC.com and are reproduced here courtesy of our friend and frequent RogueMoney radio guest, Harley Schlanger. -- JWS