A Very British Poisoning Blamed on Russia and the Megyn Kelly 'Confronting Putin' Interview

Sergey Skripal, back when he was on trial for treason in Russia before being swapped after several years in prison for Russian agents caught in the U.S.

Sergey Skripal, back when he was on trial for treason in Russia before being swapped after several years in prison for Russian agents caught in the U.S.

Suspicious Timing and Russian Hints of an MI6 False Flag Poisoning Their Own Agent

Russian television hosts have declared that perhaps Great Britain is not the safest place for traitors to the Motherland to go, pointing to the fate of former GRU (Russian military intelligence) agent Skripal and former FSB man Alexander Litvinenko. Such Russian TV presenters musings have been seized upon as admissions of guilt by the Russian State, but Komsomolskaya Pravda the main tabloid in Russia and former FSB agent Andrei Lugovoy have pointed the finger at MI6 in staging a provocation to blame the Russians. The proximity of Salisbury to the UK's notorious Porton Down facility where the British developed chemical weapons and, since WWII, nerve agents has also been widely pointed out online.

Nonetheless, as RogueMoney's good friend Harley Schlanger points out in every column, the British press led by (the Rothschild family owned) The Economist and Her Majesty's Governments have been the fiercest proponents of scuttling any potential thaw in U.S.-Russian relations, dating back to before Litvinenko's Bond movie esque poisoning with radioactive polonium in 2006. A rare element that the British insisted could have only been traced to a Russian research reactor with a unique signature -- but which investigators later proved could be obtained on the dark web or ordered online in sufficient quantities to have left the radioactive traces that followed Litvinenko's path through London.

The timing of the Skripal poisoning, days before Russians go to the polls to likely reelect Putin to a final term, couldn't be more suspect. The RussiaGate story which British intelligence acting through their 'disavowed' man Christopher Steele worked so hard to push is running out of steam, with Mueller desperately clawing at any potential lead no matter how flimsy like a post-election Seychelles meeting between former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince and a Russian executive with Kremlin links. Even if it were shown that this constituted a back channel bit of diplomacy brokered by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) between the incoming Administration and business representatives of President Putin, there is nothing illegal about a president elect's representatives talking to foreign governments or businessmen. Mueller has failed to show any quid pro quo between the Trump Administration, which remains riddled with  Russophobic neocons, and the Kremlin in gratitude for Putin's alleged 'meddling' on behalf of the Trump campaign. Therefore the increasingly desperate and dirtiest parts of the Anglo-American deep state may be digging into their bag of tricks for chemical party favors.

The Megyn Kelly 'Confronting Putin' Interview: VVP Denies Any Kremlin Involvement in 'Russian Trolling' of the 2016 Election, and Asks Washington Why It Won't Present Moscow with Evidence Against Russian Citizens, Hints at Non-Russians Posing as Russian Hackers

The other major Russia related story of the weekend was NBC News correspondent Megyn Kelly's second major interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Sensitive to criticisms that she did not confront Putin enough in their first round in St. Petersburg, Kelly pushed the U.S. 'intelligence community' and MSM Narrative of Russian interference in the American election in favor of Donald Trump and against Hillary Clinton hard. But Putin rebuffed her at almost every opportunity, dismissing claims that he had any dog in the U.S. electoral fight while lamenting that President Trump's rapport with him and promises of improving U.S.-Russia relations had been overwhelmed by a dysfunctional Washington Swamp.

In the most widely publicized remarks from the interview, Putin asked Megyn Kelly why Washington had not provided any of the evidence U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller presented in an indictment of thirteen Russian citizens. Putin also repeated that Russia does not extradite her citizens to the United States [indeed Moscow is constitutionally barred from doing so], anymore than the U.S. would send its citizens to face charges in Russia. Putin also hinted that it was possible non ethnic Russians in Russia, native Russian-speaker Ukrainians or most controversially 'Jews' may have posed as Russian hackers or trolls to engage Americans online.

Megyn Kelly, the Prighozhin Mueller Indictment, and 'Wagner'

Whether Putin was hinting at a role played by Israeli intelligence in impersonating Russian hackers in false flag cyber-operations, considering Tel Aviv's large first and second generation Soviet emigre population, remains to be seen. But as The Saker blog's editor 'Scott' reported in recent weeks, the 'Wagner' private mercenary firm as opposed to the actual Russian foreign legion 'Northern Wind' volunteers fighting in Donbass and Syria has largely been a creation of Russian speakers in Israeli intelligence. As we've reported here at RogueMoney, Yevgeny Prighozhin the food service oligarch with military and school contracts aka 'Putin's chef' is said to be the link between the St. Petersburg troll farm and 'Wagner'.

The timing of the Mueller indictment naming Prigozhin and the MSM hyping U.S. air strikes as having killed hundreds of Russian and Donbass native mercenaries fighting for 'Wagner' in Syria on February 7 can hardly be considered coincidental, but the result of a well orchestrated Anglo-American psyops campaign. Nor can it be ignored that Ken Dilanian, a CIA-pleasing NBC reporter tied into the Fusion GPS network, is suddenly hyping the 'hundreds of dead Russian mercenaries' story line again the same weekend the British are reportedly preparing to formally accuse Russia's SVR spy agency of having carried out the attempted murder of Skripal and his daughter in Parliament. At a more subliminal level, Washington is also accusing the Russians of either being incompetent or complicit in Damascus alleged use of chemical weapons, so the association between 'Russia' and 'nerve agent' whether in Eastern Ghouta or Salisbury is likely part of the drumbeat directed at the Anglo-American-EU audience.

The Dirty Deep State and Oligarch Networks Connecting L'Affaire Litvinenko and the Steele Dossier

Washington has relied heavily on Tel Aviv's Russian speaking resources since the 2013-14 Maidan coup in Kiev if not before, during the 08/08/08 Russo-Georgian War preceded by Israeli involvement in Tblisi. Several of the oligarch networks in the UK previously linked to the Litvinenko affair and the late FSB agent's incredibly vicious and corrupt boss Boris Berezovsky (found deceased from 'suicide' in a bathtub at one of his palatial estates in 2013) are linked to Steele's Orbis Business Intelligence and the Israelis. As former TV producer and Financial Times journalist David Habakkuk wrote for retired Army Col. and DIA analyst Pat Lang's Turcopolier blog back on February 3, after #ReleasetheMemo:

In the light of the suggestion in the Nunes memo that Steele was ‘a longtime FBI source’ it seems worth sketching out some background, which may also make it easier to see some possible reasons why he ‘was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president.’

There is reason to suspect that some former and very likely current employees of the FBI have been colluding with elements in other American and British intelligence agencies, in particular the CIA and MI6,  in support of an extremely ambitious foreign policy agenda for a very long time.  It also seems clear that influential journalists, such as Glenn Simpson was before founding Fusion GPS, along with his wife Mary Jacoby, have been strongly involved in this. 

This agenda has involved hopes for ‘régime change’ in Russia, whether as the result of an oligarchic coup, a popular revolt, or some combination of both.  Also central have been hopes for a further ‘rollback’ of Russia influence in the post-Soviet space, both in areas now independent, such as Ukraine, and also ones still part of the Russian Federation, notably Chechnya.

And, crucially, it involved exploiting the retreat of Russian power from the Middle East for ‘régime change’ projects which it was hoped would provide a definitive solution to the – inherently intractable – security problems of a Jewish settler state in the area.

Important support for these strategies was provided by the ‘StratCom’ network centred around the late Boris Berezovsky, which clearly collaborated closely with MI6.  As was apparent from the witness list at Sir Robert Owen’s Inquiry into the death of Alexander Litvinenko, which produced a report based essentially on a recycling of claims made by the network’s members, key players were on your side of the Atlantic – notably Alex Goldfarb, Yuri Shvets, and Yuri Felshtinsky. 

The question of what links these had, or did not have, with elements in U.S. intelligence agencies is thus a critical one.

You can watch the full unedited Megyn Kelly-Putin interview below, at least until the NBC copyright bots take it down from the Russia Insight Youtube channel.