How to Invest In Blockchain with Less Speculations

By Michael Kordvani

When a new technology overtakes the developers’ passion, someone needs to provide the knowledge and somehow needs to provide the funding. App developers do have the necessary skills.Now, hedge funds and angel investors need to step aside or leave generous space for a new competitor: investors in blockchain app development.

There is something inherently unique to blockchain; it changes the way we perceive international money. Although blockchain benefits are not only in the area of finance, it’s not unusual that some of the best ways to invest in blockchain app development are in the fintech industry. Old money bears new money. What’s so specific about the technology is that it provides an exclusive chance to reshape the money world, and from there, the world at large. Blockchain apps provide newfound ways to decentralize and secure bulk financial processes globally. They can help us cut down processing times and fees, which will, in turn, enable anyone with good resonance with the open-source technology to get a fair share of the deal.

Diversity and Patience

Blockchain app development is not only for small startups, individual enthusiasts or crypto-obsessed novices. The technology is in a constant buzz, and this year we are seeing governments starting to adopt its perks. For example, a few Canadian leading investment companies and trust funds have just launched their first exchange-traded funds for investment in the distributed ledger technology. Some blockchain stock deals on the U.S. markets have reached up to 600% rise in profits only in a few months.

There is a wave of opinion-makers that advise caution against reckless investments in blockchain app development stocks. And they are right; nowhere is the fraud and failure option so prominent as in the testing market stage. Few succeed, many miss the right opportunities, ending up in capital losses. Businesses try to capitalize on the growing trends by using tricks as simple as adding the word “blockchain” to their regular business to totally transforming the business model with a full technology overhaul.

If you are new to investments, some due caution is advised. Patience is clever; but if you are interested in taking measured risks, then you should take a look at blockchain apps that are sharing a spot on investment charts along “classic” apps.


AI and Blockchain Apps

As it has proved itself as one of the top three future technology trends, artificial intelligence is a major hit in blockchain app development. Not only do they blend well, but thanks to blockchain’s newness, there is also a huge demand for experts in both areas.

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is almost a trademark name for taking the crypto-plunge. Maybe this is the main reason it became interesting for investors who are happy to speculate with the prices of three famous blockchains - Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. With simple-tracking tools and decent fees, it’s one of the investors’ favorite wallets.

Artificial intelligence is the support tool of another newly launched exchange-traded fund. Created by Innovation Shares LLC's, NextGen Protocol ETF is live on the NYSE Arca stocks and options exchange. This AI mechanism tracks attractive companies that are interested in the blockchain technology.

ICOs and Self-Investment

ICO (initial coin offerings) had a stellar 2017. Top five offerings on ICOStats include the booming Ethereum, Neo, NXT, IOTA and Spectrecoin. Stratis recently dropped to number six from the fifth position, but is still threading nicely. Finance is not the only possibility, Perhaps thought by a past business lesson, Kodak is investing in blockchain app development that helps photographers charge for images with micropayments by tracking them in the digital sphere. As a general rule, blockchain apps investments require a good proportion of market knowledge. To start, education might be the best possible expenditure,