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I've heard that birth certificates are traded on the stock market in America. - Ronald Bernard, May 2018

According to his own bio page, Sacha Stone is a former rock musician who is now what we might call a social advocate. He has founded various websites, like, ,, and International Tribunal for Natural Justice ( His motives in doing so are pretty easy to understand. He wants what we all want: the restoration of true humanity in freedom from the entrenched system of Babylonian tyranny that continues to run the planet.

Sacha Stone is a musician-turned-advocate who sees the need for mankind to rid itself of Babylonian tyranny. (Photo: )

Sacha Stone is a musician-turned-advocate who sees the need for mankind to rid itself of Babylonian tyranny. (Photo:

I wish him well in his endeavors though I have my own reservations over whether such a thing can be accomplished with monetary donations and a band of well-intentioned lawyers. Personally, I've never understood the logic of using an evil system to bring goodness to birth. My choice would be to erase the evil system from the planet altogether. But it sounds like he is accomplishing some good for many people, he would like to see the Cabalists choose to turn around and come back to the light, and, in that vein, he travelled to Amsterdam and sat down with Ronald Bernard and recorded a dialog in English.

For those of you who haven't heard of Ronald Bernard, he is the Dutch ex-bankster who made quite a splash last year when he came out publicly to declare that there are about 8,500 elitists who run the world, and yes, they engage in ritual child sacrifice. He knows this because he used to run with that crowd and had achieved such a high status in his particular faction of cabalists that he was once invited to participate in that degradation. Thankfully, he declined their offer and then realized that, at the height of power, he had actually hit a personal rock bottom. He got out of that world but only after enduring a tortuous mental and physical entrainment which would prevent him from revealing specific names and places of the evildoers. Those videos are still available and I wrote about them, linked here.

The new interview linked above is a fast-paced, 30-minute, excellent and intelligent conversation between Sacha and Ronald. Kudos to Mr. Stone for being fully aware of my favorite phrase, the "Babylonian Priesthood". Maybe he heard it from me; I don't know. There are a couple of strong points in the conversation that stood out and which you might want to take away yourself:

  1. The Cabal uses Birth Records as the basis of their initial mountain of wealth and collateralized debt that they trade back and forth with each other. This is what is meant by Soul Contracts. (5th and 25th minute markers). Each one of us can choose to remove ourselves from this game created by bankster illusion. 
  2. Cryptocurrencies were being designed as early as 1995 by the Cabal. While you might be able to use cryptos for good purposes, just as you can use a dollar to accomplish some good, cryptocurrency was created by the Cabal just like any other transactional system that is meant to control you. (23 minute marker)

On that second item, let us not forget the story commented on by ZeroHedge and our own Ken Schortgen Jr. yesterday about the statement made by Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin, cited below in his tweet. And he should know; Vitalik is Peter Thiel's towel boy who invented Ethereum $ETH.

As Ken concluded in his article, "With hedge funds, investment banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, the Rothschilds themselves, and validation that 99% of all Bitcoins are owned by 1% of the registered wallets, the fact is that no matter what asset or market you refer to, if you own the lion's share of that asset you can control that market no matter how decentralized it is."

Monetized Human Beings

The discussion about the "soul contracts" resonated because it reminded me of the postulated "revenue bond" that Rob Kirby and Jim Willie used to talk about. Jim mentioned this in connection with the likely collateral that China demanded to back the mountain of derivatives that they purchased several years ago.

Babylonian Banksters base the entire global system of debt on the monetization of YOU, the human soul, who is expected to produce tax revenue for them. (Image:  Evil.Wikia )

Babylonian Banksters base the entire global system of debt on the monetization of YOU, the human soul, who is expected to produce tax revenue for them. (Image: Evil.Wikia)

Either directly or indirectly, an IRS "revenue bond" is essentially a "soul contract." It is a security instrument that is backed by the expected future tax revenue to be collected from a human population. And how would you calculate future tax revenue except by basing it on the nation's record of live births? When a central bank penetrates a nation to subject it to tyranny, this is how they do it: through the tax system. For all we know, our monetized "soul contracts" might already be part of the Blockchain.

That is why the Federal Reserve Bank and the "constitutional" legalization of income taxes in the United States both came into existence in 1913! The Central Bank can then project future tax revenue and issue promissory notes, or dollars, against it. YOU and your productive value as a citizen are treated as nothing but a bunch of zeros and ones to perpetuate their anti-human enslavement tool known as "debt."

Currently we are all watching the shift of wealth now proceeding from West to East. How did this happen? By central bank monetization of YOU through the trading of false "soul contracts." In this interview with back in December 2013 [linked here], I will quote and slightly paraphrase what Jim Willie meant by an IRS revenue bond:

America's biggest committed source of income is IRS tax revenue. A commitment was made of the IRS funds. And the commitment was made to China. The commitment backed up a very big set of derivatives that China bought.

This sounds like the back-end of the 1999 gold lease of the Mao-Tsung-era gold in exchange for the most favored trade status. I've been scratching my head for years trying to figure out why did the U.S. promise to give its industry to China?

You don't hand all your industry to another country unless they give you something huge. 

And they gave Wall Street a lot of gold. And by 2007 Wall Street reneged on it . We are beginning to think that, by 2010, when the U.S. economy did not recover, there was a default, NOT on the return of the gold to China ... well of course that also did happen ... But there was a different kind of default. 

It was a default on the basis of this IRS derivative to China. Think of the IRS fund and the derivative to China as being a macro kind of mortgage bond.

[The host chimes in: "yes, like a Revenue Bond."]

And this bond promises to deliver income against it. Well, with the Recession, this IRS Fund was defaulted-on to China. And then suddenly we have a Mickey-Mouse government shutdown? [re: October 2013.]

Hey, the shutdown was real. The shutdown was really a default. And the shutdown was probably staged and ordered -- BY CHINA because we reneged on their IRS Fund payments.

Today's Babylonian Priesthood reduces the life of all human beings to nothing but a digital contract with an assigned arbitrary monetary value attached for the purposes of trade with other priesthoods. (Image: )

Today's Babylonian Priesthood reduces the life of all human beings to nothing but a digital contract with an assigned arbitrary monetary value attached for the purposes of trade with other priesthoods. (Image:

Now take that explanation and combine it with the following statement made by Ronald Bernard in that Youtube clip linked above. Stone and Bernard said this near the beginning of the interview:

SS: The wealth of a country is collateralized by its human beings, correct? 

RB: Yes, it's based on your birth right.

SS: So the human being is born and a "birth bond" or "treasury certificate," a number, is issued against that birth, with a value. 

RB: Yes. In Holland, the moment someone is born, the father and mother are very happy to sign "the contract." Because our country is a corporation. Then you get a number, a BSN number. In Dutch it's called a "Birth Services Number." It's a slavery number. For you, it's a service number. But for THEM, the powers [elites], it's a slavery number. The moment your birth certificate is created in Holland, your value is 500,000 euros. They calculate your whole productive life and what you will bring to the State, what you will bring to the financial system in taxes, etc. That's how you pay back the 500,000 euros. You are their value from the moment you are born. 

In conclusion, I'll let you consider whether or not you ever gave your approval for your right to live as a human being as a natural son or daughter of planet Earth, with full and equal access to all of Earth's resources, to be sold to 8,500 Babylonian Banksters who daily trade your right to debt-free life back and forth among themselves.

Yeah, I didn't think so.


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