Who Gave Iran Enriched Uranium?

"Iran is next.... The hard part is coming to an end." - #Q, April 2018

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with small syllables and big pictures to make sure the lobotomized Blue Pills would "get it." (Image:  Reuters/DailyBeast )

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with small syllables and big pictures to make sure the lobotomized Blue Pills would "get it." (Image: Reuters/DailyBeast)

It looks as if the world is going to emerge from the long darkness of winter after all. How appropriate that the Beltane merriment begins today, April 30th, halfway between Spring and Summer. Below, you can review the Netanyahu "Iran Lied" presentation yourself where the Israeli Prime Minister is careful to speak to us in simple syllables, as if we are all simple-minded children or just too dumbed down by D-wave smartphones to understand anything anymore.

#QAnon has been prepping the Faithful for weeks by stating that, following the successful shutdown of North Korea's nuclear testing program, Iran would be next. Immediately before Bibi's speech, #Q gave us a taste of what is to come by speaking surprisingly plainly, as noted in the Message #1306 posted below. Virtually no "decoding" is necessary on either message. That's a relief because, well, lately, Jerome Corsi and #Q have been engaged in some kind of weird lover's quarrel with Corsi going so far as to accuse #Q this morning of being a socialist.

#Q took us through an easy logic exercise this morning. "What would happen if a foreign state supplied Uranium to Iran/Syria?" (Image:  QAnon.pub )

#Q took us through an easy logic exercise this morning. "What would happen if a foreign state supplied Uranium to Iran/Syria?" (Image: QAnon.pub)

Never mind all that for a moment. Focus, people, focus. #Q is suggesting that we all dust off our copies of the movie "Sum Of All Fears." The plot follows nicely with everything we already know about the post-war Nazi "breakaway civilization," how the CIA came into existence, and Jim Marrs' "Rise of the Fourth Reich." It is starting to become evident to the world that the powers who fulfilled Hitler's dream of a European Union (remember: the EU has everything to do with the creation of CERN) have been steadily working on a plan that would pit Russia and America against each other in a final nuclear standoff so that the old Nazi powers could watch that mutual destruction from the cheap seats, wait until the dust settles, and just chuck them both into the garbage pail and resume power.

Following Bibi's slideshow, #Q returned to the message board and again fairly plainly explained what will happen next.

Knowing what you know now.
re: Israel disclosure moments ago.
Why is Sec of State there?
Think logically.
France & Germany came to the WH for the sole purpose of pressing POTUS to remain in the deal.
5% shared.
POTUS deCLAS Syria/Iran + U1 connection.
Where does EU fit in?


#Q tells us the real reason for Macron's and Merkel's visits last week: to save their EU butts ahead of Netanyahu's big reveal today. (Image:  QAnon.pub )

#Q tells us the real reason for Macron's and Merkel's visits last week: to save their EU butts ahead of Netanyahu's big reveal today. (Image: QAnon.pub)

Ah, yes, let's not forget the newly appointed Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who just spent a year as Trump's ally at the CIA and then was rushed into the State Department so fast that Hillary's people didn't even know what hit them. He has only been Secretary of State for FOUR DAYS. In the space of a single week, Armenia has kicked out their prime minister, North and South Korea have effectively declared an end to the Korean War, and now the long-running showdown between Israel and Iran is about to come to a head. Mike is a busy guy!

In conclusion, I will just say that the somewhat startling hints that #Q posted less than two months ago that suggested we all take another look at Angela Merkel's true parentage might not be that far off the mark after all.

In #Q message #1307 mentioned above, #QAnon is more than suggesting that President Trump is preparing to declassify the information that reveals the connection between Syria/Iran, the Canadian mining company Uranium One that was sold to Russia (Toronto! Again!), and a role played by Germany, France (and others?) in the way that enriched uranium  made its way into Iran's nuclear program.

Stock up on non-GMO popcorn. According to #Q, today we only saw 5% of the story. It looks as if May flowers are indeed about to sprout as the Nazi EU role in the prevention of global peace and security unveils itself. The unanswered question is: Will the New World Order and her Babylonian Priesthood succeed in igniting the fuse that now sits between American and Russian proxies ... or will the two puppets turn on their Puppetmaster?

Don't throw away those "Russian Collusion" handcuffs just yet. (Image:  The SleuthJournal.com )

Don't throw away those "Russian Collusion" handcuffs just yet. (Image: The SleuthJournal.com)


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