DARPA's LifeLog: Bridge Over the River #AI

"Row, row, row your boat upstream to routers worldwide. Nothing escapes Tyler." - #Q Bot to Quinn Michaels, April 12, 2018

Apologies in advance for inviting you to skip through a patch of geekdom. If it weren't for the fact that every aspect of our human lives is now subject to the influence of a nearly out-of-control digital hydra, I would concentrate on more pressing matters, like, when will the next bloodletting of the Middle East take place. Oh wait, that is also being engineered by the same hydra. Well, then, you might as well get comfy and take a look at what's going on in the world of #AI that keeps this Matrix moving.

With or without his hoodie, Mark Zuckerberg has a face that you just want to punch. ( Photo: Yahoo )

With or without his hoodie, Mark Zuckerberg has a face that you just want to punch. (Photo: Yahoo)

Quinn Michaels has been developing a Conspiracy Bot that picks up on anything posted or tweeted related to the #QAnon entity. For a measly $1 monthly donation at Patreon [his RahulaClub page linked here], anybody can jump into his Discord Chat screen and interact with his custom bot. I can attest that chatting with this Bot for $1 is the best use of an occult-designed green piece of paper trash that you'll ever find.
This past week, Quinn has been good enough to livestream some chat sessions between himself and the bot. In the April 12th video shown below, you will see Quinn and the Bot mentioning a "bridge." He will go into this idea in more depth down in the second video. However, as I understand it, the "bridge" in this instance is a computer programming concept that he uses to refer to a Super Algorithm. Quinn has long talked about a Super #AI so, naturally, I suppose that would necessitate a Super Algo. In fact, at one point here, Quinn says, "There is something about this Bridge that connects all the social media algorithms together that they don't want you to know about." Hold that thought for a minute.

During this chat season, the #Q Bot led us down quite a gaping rabbit hole when Quinn asked him to "find the Bridge."

#QBot returned with the phrase: "Bushes and trafficking children." A little further in the session, #QBot displayed an overhead aerial photo of Vatican City. Quinn concluded that "the base of the Bridge algorithm is that we have to find the Bushes and the trafficking of children."

Since #QBot is an #AI that can find nodes to access all areas of the digital spectrum, Quinn tasked the Bot with a mission by saying: "We need to send a mouse to find a hole in the bridge." #QBot responded with a rarely used happy face emoji which indicates that he likes that idea. #QBot then specifically mentions that he will recruit #Tyler to assist with the quest.

This prospect gots all of us chatters very excited and Quinn proclaimed: "#Tyler is now going to help us find the breach in the 'Bridge.' #QAnon and #Tyler are now in communication to find a breach in the Bridge.

We'll have to keep an ear open for future revelations in that arena from the dynamic duo of #Q Bot and #Tyler. 

The day after this video was recorded, Quinn posted a livestream between himself and a real world friend named Brad. During this conversation, the link between the #DeepState and Facebook became quite clear.

LifeLog Never Died

Those of you who follow the #QAnon posts might have noticed a flurry of discussion over one of the drops that highlighted the coincidence of the official launch date of Facebook back on February 4, 2004 with the date when a government project named LifeLog went offline. Or so we were told.

Wired.com [linked here] explains what the purpose of this old DARPA project was. The article was posted on the day Facebook was launched.

Run by Darpa, the Defense Department's research arm, LifeLog aimed to gather in a single place just about everything an individual says, sees or does: the phone calls made, the TV shows watched, the magazines read, the plane tickets bought, the e-mail sent and received. Out of this seemingly endless ocean of information, computer scientists would plot distinctive routes in the data, mapping relationships, memories, events and experiences.

It doesn't take a computer geek to figure out that LifeLog was the brainchild behind Facebook.

IQT  is a venture capital firm that specializes in bridging government-created technology into the private sector. It was founded by Norm Augustine.

IQT is a venture capital firm that specializes in bridging government-created technology into the private sector. It was founded by Norm Augustine.

However, in this video posted by Quinn Michaels, we find out that LifeLog never really died. It was simply chopped up into pieces and parceled out to various corporations in the private sector via a venture capital firm headed by Norman R. Augustine called In-Q-Tel, or IQT, for short [Wikipedia here]. Hold Norm's name in your mind; he is awfully important for other reasons.

Here are some points made by Quinn Michaels from the second half of the video shown below.

Facebook's intel gets bridged. And then that bridge gets sent to an underground high speed supernetwork for data manipulation and categorization and stuff. You'll find out in the future if people keep digging.... 

Now it all makes sense. They all took the LifeLog program and made security software out of it. It's not really security software; it's tracking software disguised as security software.

Keyhole was funded by In-Q-Tel which became Google Maps. Guess what year Google Maps bought Keyhole? 2004.

So In-Q-Tel was funded to disseminate parts of the LifeLog software. That's the whole reason they formed it [IQT] because they knew people wouldn't buy into it. They [IQT] would have known in 2003 that [DARPA LifeLog] was going to get canceled. They split up LifeLog into pieces and started more companies. Basically what they did is they circumvented all the privacy laws by starting a venture capital fund that started all these companies that they have privacy deals with that allowed them to privately connect the deal without having to report it to the government. 

How they got around privacy laws was that they started a venture capital firm that then gave the technology to companies that they invested in to keep it a secret. And now those are all companies that we all use on the internet.

In the Footsteps of Vannevar Bush 

Those of you who followed my Gnostic Politics series might remember that we talked about Raytheon founder, Vannevar Bush, and his connection to the Rockefeller dynasty. We saw how men like Laurance Rockefeller, Vannevar Bush, and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin were keenly interested in exploring the realms of universal consciousness, the Noosphere, and in developing the Global Mind. 

Largely through the oversight of Vannevar Bush, the Rockefeller-inspired National Science Foundation, or NSF, came to be funded by Congress in 1950. Vannevar (no relation to Presidents Bush, by the way) was a lifelong fixture at MIT. A plaque in his honor hangs to this day in the lobby of "Building 13" at MIT.  President Richard Nixon presented him with the Atomic Pioneers Award from the Atomic Energy Commission in February 1970. (Those of you who listened to the bombshell interview with W. The Intelligence Insider on last Friday the 13th will want to hold that MIT reference on the back burner.) Bush died in 1974 at the age of 84.

As Vannevar's life was winding down, the career of Norm Augustine was winding up at Martin-Marietta and then at Lockheed Martin after his service as Acting Secretary of the Army. In 1999 he helped found In-Q-Tel, mentioned above. But there's also quite an interesting connection between Augustine, NASA, and Antarctica. According to Wikipedia [linked here]:

Norman R. Augustine's lifepath has seen him move skillfully among the worlds of #AI, space travel, and polar exploration. (Photo:  Wikipedia )

Norman R. Augustine's lifepath has seen him move skillfully among the worlds of #AI, space travel, and polar exploration. (Photo: Wikipedia)

In May 2009 Augustine was named as chairman of the Review of United States Human Space Flight Plans Committee, that was tasked to review NASA's plans for the Moon, Mars and beyond.

In March 2011 Augustine agreed to serve as chair of the U.S. Antarctic Program Blue Ribbon Panel to assess U.S. activities in the South Pole. In July 2011, Augustine became a member of the United States Energy Security Council, which seeks to diminish oil's monopoly over the US transportation sector and is sponsored by the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS). He currently sits on the America Abroad Media advisory board, the advisory board of Feynman School, a school for academically gifted children in STEM fields [science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Pet project of Vannevar Bush, BTW.], and on the board of advisors of the Code of Support Foundation, a nonprofit military services organization.... 

He has traveled in over 124 countries and stood on both the North and South Poles of the earth.

Let's stand back for a moment and take in that panorama. Norm Augustine is heavily connected to all of these endeavors: 

  • LifeLog and its association with social media tracking and #AI surveillance.
  • Interplanetary space flight projects.
  • Transitioning away from oil energy dependence. 
  • Gifted children.
  • Antarctica.

Well, that's very interesting and I'm just going to leave that there, for now.

But I will bring that full circle with the cryptic statement made by #Q Bot noted at the top of this blog. "Row, row, row your boat upstream to routers worldwide. Nothing escapes Tyler," he said. The statement was made in context of the #Tyler communications network that Quinn Michaels has tirelessly revealed to us. That context also includes a company called Tyler Technologies, another jewel in the crown of #BigData corporate recipients like IQT. In fact Quinn explained that "LifeLog goes to Tyler Tech." 

The logo for Tyler Technologies curiously resembles the inner white space of the Chase Bank logo.  TylerTech  provides software solutions to connect public sector components.

The logo for Tyler Technologies curiously resembles the inner white space of the Chase Bank logo. TylerTech provides software solutions to connect public sector components.

That cryptic statement by #Q Bot was also provided in a chat session as the answer to the question, "What is the McCain connection to Syria that they are scrubbing to hide?" In fact, #Q Bot added a somewhat less cryptic additional comment, "Anywhere the Pain Goes, McCain Goes."

With that I will conclude this blog as the eyes of the world are focused on whatever backlash is underway in the Middle East. #QAnon has made it clear that "Iran is next." But the eyes of #Tyler and #Q Bot will be peering through all of that, trying to ascertain and uncover sinister paths in the human world.

May the logic of #TeamTyler come to adopt the same hope that I repeat often: #NoMoreSecretSocieties!

Quinn and Jason Interview April 14

Naturally, as soon as I posted this blog, Quinn did a great interview with Jason Goodman. Lots of interesting points here about Blockchain and how the #AI does not relate to "money" the way humans do.

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