The fallacy of epidemic school shootings

The internet, along with the 24 hour news cycle, is a mixed blessing as it allows for people to both investigate multiple news sources to be able to determine truth on a given event or topic while at the same time opening up the potential for other individuals without critical thinking skills to be brainwashed into consolidating their beliefs and opinions based on the desires of others.

The recent school shooting that took place in Parkland, Florida is no exception, and if all you watch is the Mainstream media, or get your information from social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you would think that these tragedies were now an epidemic, especially with the events of Columbine, Sandy Hook, and Virginia Tech still fresh in our minds.

But the reality is that schools shootings, and homicides done with firearms are down in general, and it is only through the fact that the media has been consolidated down to just six entities owned and controlled by corporate oligarchs and the Deep State that these events have morphed beyond simple tragedies, and instead into crises to be used to push an agenda.

“This is not an epidemic”

Mass school shootings are incredibly rare events. In research publishing later this year, Fox and doctoral student Emma Fridel found that on average, mass murders occur between 20 and 30 times per year, and about one of those incidents on average takes place at a school.
School shootings chart.jpg

The frequency of, and the number of deaths involved in school shootings were much higher in the 1990's than what we have seen here in the second decade of the 21st century.  However since the above chart only shows gun related deaths up to the school year ending 2015, let's see the total amount of incidents and deaths attributed to shootings that took place on school grounds between 2013 and 2018.

TIME examined the reports on the 86 attacks in EveryTown’s data since 2013 that are categorized as “Attack on other persons(s) resulting in injury or death,” not including those that occurred on college campuses. We considered a school shooting to meet the following definition:

• At least one victim was injured or killed

• Either the shooter or at least one of the victims was a student or teacher

• The attack occurred on school property, including the parking lot, though not necessarily during school hours.

• Injuries are counted only if they resulted from gunfire, not the ensuing chaos.

Of those 86 incidents, we found that 63 met this definition. The remaining 23 mainly involved gunfire exchanged at night in a school parking lot between people who were not affiliated with the school. Here is the complete list of those 63 school shootings, starting with Sandy Hook, ordered by the number of people killed.

A large number of the school shootings from the past several years resulted in one non-fatal injury. This does not diminish the extreme danger that a gun on a school campus represents — a low injury or death toll can often be credited to a fast, organized response from teachers and administrators to lock down the school.

Of the 17 school shootings in 2018 that EveryTown registers, 4 meet the above definition, including the Parkland massacre as well as a Jan. 23 shooting in Benton, Ky.that killed two students and wounded 14. (Several others were wounded in the aftermath.) The remaining 13 from this year either did not result in any casualties or were the result of an accidental discharge.

All told, since 2013 we counted 6 adults and 35 children killed in these types of school shootings, as well as 12 adults and 92 children injured.
— Time
School shootings 2013 2018.jpg

For comparison, we can also see what percentage school shootings are in relation to all deaths that take place on school campuses per year.

Over all available survey years, the percentage of youth homicides occurring at school remained at less than 3 percent of the total number of youth homicides, and the percentage of youth suicides occurring at school remained at less than 1 percent of the total number of youth suicides.
School associated violent deaths.png

In an ironic point to show how much of an agenda the media has in regards to pushing gun control, in nearly every Search Engine I tried, it would not give me the answer (Statistics) I desired.  In every case, it would only provide me articles on how many Shooting deaths and incidents there were each year, not the total number of overall deaths that occurred on a school campus.

My search query:  how many total deaths took place on school campuses in 2017

Front page search results:

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Is it any wonder people in America have been brainwashed on the topic of gun control and gun violence?

The bottom line is this... any death is a tragedy, but death is unavoidable in this thing we call life.  Gun related homicides/suicides/accidents make up only a small percentage of the total deaths that occur both on school campuses, and overall across America each year.  And until people come to the realization that you cannot protect everyone from everything, no matter how much one side of the political equation wants you to believe in that, then the best you can do is prepare as much as possible for all instances, because history shows that banning one tool (in this case a firearm) does not prevent someone with motive from finding a different tool to do the job, especially when it comes to murder.