#Q: Hitler's Alchemical Love Child?

"It is pure evil to put money and power before human life. Maybe you should be thinking about the human demons that are making that possible." - the WoodwardTV, Youtube

On Saturday, March 10, 2018, the cryptic phenomenon known as #Q dropped a slew of messages and images that recalled memories of the Nazi era. One of the more volatile posts was this one numbered #928 in which #QAnon hinted that current German chancellor, Angela Merkel, is the biological daughter of none other than Adolf Hitler. Notice, however, that #Q technically does not state this as a definitive fact; he merely leads the reader into thinking that this might be true.


Naturally this launched a night-long discussion over the meaning of this and several other posts. Eventually the "decodes" by Jerome Corsi along with the #QAnon faithful turned towards chatter about Ms. Merkel's trademark pose, shown below. As usual, the Anons have missed the more salient points. Even Jerome Corsi stated his belief that the circular gesture that she often makes with her hands is just an innocent way of placing your fingers and palms when you don't know what else to do with them. That seemed to satisfy the audience. Besides, they were all embroiled in yet another pointless discussion of artificial insemination and the quagmire of incestuous relationships that seems to have infected so many members of the Hitler family.

After listening to this for an hour, still nobody mentioned the fact that Angela Merkel holds a doctorate in physics and that her first husband was a physics student and her current husband is a quantum chemist and professor. So, if/when Ms. Merkel loses her office, she has quite a substantial career path to fall back on. 

Dr. Angela Merkel is famous for making this sign with her hands. A diamond? A rhombus? A rose? (Photo:  Wikipedia )

Dr. Angela Merkel is famous for making this sign with her hands. A diamond? A rhombus? A rose? (Photo: Wikipedia)

Again I do marvel at the masterful way #Q has of both drawing your attention to, and yet away from, an important pillar that supports the matrix that we are forced to live with - and "he" does it all in the same breath.

Instead of chasing down the family tree of papa Alois Hitler and all the women who seemed to curiously show up dead not long after sleeping with him, perhaps we should all be reminding ourselves that the Rothschild family certainly knows why Ms. Merkel is such an important figure in the New World Order that the Priesthood is engineering. After all, they did call attention to it on the cover of the 2015 "world" issue of their magazine, The Economist (shown further down this page).

The Merkel Rhombus

In Germany, they call it the Merkel-Raute sign, "raute" being their word for "rhombus." According to this Wikipedia page [linked here], Ms. Merkel "chose the gesture without having been assisted by a counsellor because 'it contains a certain symmetry.'"

Ah, yes, it always comes down to symmetry and sacred geometry, doesn't it. In researching the chancellor's interest in physics, I was reminded of Ms. Merkel's numerous visits to the CERN project and the fact that CERN produced a theatrical, weird science ballet entitled "Symmetry". She was also a VIP guest at the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in 2016 and was a passenger on its inaugural train ride. The opening ceremonies for that event incorporated a very similar ballet and type of performance art that raised the eyebrows of more than one of us.

CERN, in fact, was marking their own anniversary of sorts just about the time that #Q was posting his cryptic message about Merkel's questionable ancestry. According to this web page [linked here], March 12th was the 29th anniversary of the birth of the World Wide Web. And who hosted the word's first web site? You guessed it: CERN. Even today, CERN is the single largest user of internet bandwidth, per author Joseph P. Farrell in his book "The Third Way."

The internet was created as a military project through DARPA and its companion, the World Wide Web, was created, not as a beacon of free speech and Black Friday shopping, but as a means by which scientists around the world could collaborate as they moved the agenda forward of the Digital Revolution.

Youtube channel WoodwardTV published a short video not long after the Gotthard Tunnel ceremony when internet rumors were flying about demonic portals being opened, etc. I had to smile with agreement at pretty much everything the narrator says in this six-minute presentation:

There are ancient technologies, formulas, equations - many of which are embedded in Hindu mythology. And much of particle physics is a result of these findings.  

It's no coincidence that the Youtube host made reference to Hindu mythology. Once again, we come face to face with the futuristic technologies that are being developed in the fields of particle physics, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence. And once again, that path leads us right back to the pre-diluvian era of human civilization.

Transmutation Within the Rosy Cross

Ms. Merkel spoke well when she said of her signature hand pose that "it contains a certain symmetry." Hopefully, the #QAnon Faithful will eventually come back to those words and realize that Merkel is working for those same teams of elites who are governed by allegiances to bodies of ancient knowledge like Rosicrucianism. In fact, the idea behind "Make America Great Again," which the Faithful parrot endlessly, is itself a Rosicrucian call for transformation.


In the 17th and 18th centuries, the "enlightened" thinkers of that time saw the newly planted American colonies as the founding of the "New Atlantis," very much a Rosicrucian project [linked here]. The project is still incomplete and therefore the idea of Make Atlantis, oops I mean, America, Great Again is being renewed.

Back when that "Year In 2015" issue of The Economist magazine was published, this blogger [linked here] offered these comments about the Merkel Rhombus (or Diamond, or Heart, or, well, Rose) sign:

It’s one of the grade signs of the Hermetic (Hermes) Order of the Golden Dawn, an inner order of Rosicrucianism.  In Rosicrucianism the sign is called ‘Practicus’.  In their own words, the cross of especial symbolism in the Grade of Practicus is the Swastika, called also the Fylfot Cross.  

Rosicrucianism is a philosophical secret society. It holds a doctrine or theology “built on esoteric truths of the ancient past”, which, “concealed from the average man, provide insight into nature, the physical universe and the spiritual realm.”  Rosicrucianism is symbolized by the Rosy Cross or Rose Cross. In the Mysteries roses were sacred to Isis. It is also the flower of her son Horus, the god of silence.  

The Rose in the Rosy Cross is a symbol of transmutation.

In conclusion, what we have here from #Q is more messaging that both directs, and yet diverts, our attention both towards, and yet away, from the elites within our Matrix that are working tirelessly to further the next revolution in human achievement. I tip my hat at #Q: he is very good at getting his listeners to support the #AI Hermetic, Rosicrucian, alchemical transformation that is progressing rapidly through our reality - all without your realizing it.

I'll leave you with some of the closing words from that Youtube video embedded up above.

The dance is a formula. They want the ability to create and destroy. They want Shiva's power. They want God's power. But instead of thinking about the demons that might come out of one of these [portals], maybe you should be thinking about the human demons that are making it possible. 


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