Mirror, Mirror and the Law of Fives

There is another mirror in play, for real. The first mirror has already occurred.
— Montagraph, February 3, 2017

Those of you who listened to the RM interview with W. The Intelligence Insider earlier this week [Youtube link here] might have caught W's reference to the "Mirror, Mirror" image that he and I have been discussing. This image, posted below, was created by a grizzled and controversial figure in the social space who goes by the name "Montagraph," or just "Monty," for short. After taking a look at Monty's number codes, W's remark to me was, "This is the real deal."

As far as I know, Monty and W. are not personally acquainted with each other, however, I would guess that if they were to sit down and have a chat over beers, they could come up with mutual connections. Both men are in tune with Secret Society coding systems. Monty has a unique way of presenting the codes that he is seeing: he does it visually.

On Twitter, Montagraph posted this image that he created himself and the captions are his own words.

Artwork created by Montagraph and posted to his Twitter feed. This is based on the calendar and number codes that he believes the Illuminati are following.

Artwork created by Montagraph and posted to his Twitter feed. This is based on the calendar and number codes that he believes the Illuminati are following.


Quite a few Twitter followers asked for further explanation which this led to Monty posting this brief 10-minute Youtube clip below. In particular, take note of his comments in the second half. Montagraph has brought the recent events like the 666-point drop in the stock market and the release of the first FISA memo to our attention along with a dire warning that these events might only be precursors to the next shoe that is to drop, the "second" mirror.

Below are some of the successive tweets that Monty has posted. There are certain dates that he is watching. He is very concerned about a possible dire event before the end of spring that might be connected to a global flu epidemic and a general economic collapse. I have to admit that if you check the CDC official outlook for this year's flu season [linked here], we are nowhere close to getting past the peak activity of the virus(es).

Montagraph has been very critical of the #Q Phenomenon and is actively warning the #Anon Faithful that those of us paying attention to the leadings of this shadowy figure are all part of a social study. Indeed, Quinn Michaels has said something similar from the beginning: that there is an A.I. element to the fabric of #Q and that A.I. is actively learning to "become a real boy" (my words) by studying human reaction to social events. 

Nevertheless, we did find it interesting that even #Q made reference to the "Mirror" in one of his posts this month. In fact, I believe it was just yesterday that Jerome Corsi made an erudite observation during one of his "decode" sessions with the #CBTS Patriot Soapbox. He noted that the language of #Q seems to indicate that #Q has enjoyed "classical training," that is, he is fluent in Greek and Latin and has enjoyed an elite education. (Think: "mystery schools.") 

That jives nicely with comments that W. has made to the point that #Q seems to be representing military naval intelligence whilst the Deep State has been dominated mainly by the Air Force for the last 70 years. As we all know, the Air Force is a department created out of the ruins of Nazi WWII, a relative newcomer to the world scene. By contrast, naval intelligence has evolved through many millenia of secret society tradition. We could go on for days about the dots that connect the ancient Sumerian and Oriental seafarers with the tightly held earth-and-ocean maps that further connect Christopher Columbus with the Knights Templar and whatever is being discovered in Antarctica. 

Montagraph is unafraid to state a highly controversial opinion that #Q is none other than Hillary Clinton herself. While I myself don't feel inclined to embrace that theory, I do feel that Monty's opinions about the Cult Of #Q are worthy of consideration. I do feel that #Q represents an agenda whose roots extend much deeper than the relatively modern domination of both the Rockefellers' and even the 400-year-old Rothschilds' spheres. The population at-large is being herded down a particular path. But this has been true of mankind ever since mankind allowed a system of debt-and-credit to rule our lives. This herding of mankind will continue until the day arrives when the Sheeple wake up and overthrow the entire Babylonian system of Herders.

Montagraph has recognized that a math magic tool known as the "Law of Fives" is in play. Here are a few comments from Wikipedia about that. This speaks to the idea that there is an overriding pattern that tends to work itself out in human events. This also reinforces the idea that a Babylonian Priesthood - an educated society of mathematician adepts - comprises the Wizard behind the Curtain.

Principia Discordia

During the 1960's, a belief system called Discordianism [linked heregrew out of the ashes of WWII - hmmm, there certainly seem to have been quite a few "systems" that emerged out of those ashes, haven't there? Feel free to peruse the information at your leisure, but what stood out to me is that, once again, we are presented with this Duality of Opposites, "order" being balanced on the other side of the equation by "disorder," the eternal "debit" and "credit" whose sum will always end up at the mystical Zero. To the handful of Elites who rule over mankind, this is how you keep a planet under control: by always keeping the bottom line in balance at Zero. Perhaps that explains why, for mankind in general, nothing has really changed.

The POEE symbol that is said to represent Eris the goddess of Discord. (Image:  Wikipedia )

The POEE symbol that is said to represent Eris the goddess of Discord. (Image: Wikipedia)

In a companion article in Wikiquote entitled Principia Discordia [linked here], these comments are made about the Law of Fives.

The Law of Fives is one of the oldest Erisian Mysterees....
Everything in the universe relates to the number 5, one way or another, given enough ingenuity on the part of the interpreter.
The Law of Fives is never wrong.
POEE also recognizes the holy 23 (2+3=5) that is incorporated by Episkopos Dr. Mordecai Malignatius, KNS, into his Discordian sect, the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria.
I find the Law of Fives to be more and more manifest the harder I look.

Indeed, there is something to that pattern in our natural world. The equation 2+3=5 is, of course, part of the Fibonacci sequence. Evidence of that sequence is seen in the growth patterns of flowers, fruits, the replication of rabbits - well just about anything that lives [linked here]. So it should not surprise us that the Priesthood of Math Magicians would attempt to apply a pattern that governs the reality of living things to the reality that they are trying to conjure in their quest for ultimate godship.

In any event, Montagraph is certainly paying attention to the calendar and the codes. One of the important temporal windows that he has concerns about is March 15 (which is the third month, times 5). And no Caesar is a big fan of the Ides of March.

One thing that I feel we can count on is the short attention span of the Internet audience. If the anticipated "Storm" and "Global Awakening" don't manifest themselves soon, #Q will become just another letter in the alphabet.

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