Chinese Red Dawn & War is going on against....US?


War is going on against 


NOW, but you won’t hear anything about it on mainstream media, all you’ll hear is the constant attacks against

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I was watching an Israeli News Live video and he mentioned in this video of a coming major conspiratorial plot by the tyrannical Zionists and China of a major Chinese Red Dawn style invasion on US, Canadian and Mexican homelands by already infiltrated Chinese spies. We've already seen Netanyahu and  Xi Jinping  shaking hands, making secretive agreements. Look at the recent home attack by Antifa protesters on Tucker Carlson's house as a template, this will be the coming silent trigger for more such staged and or false flag black out events to get Americans to use up their munitions and set the stage for a major homeland genocidal massacre! Put all the pieces together...God help us all...

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Scene from the movie...Red Dawn TRAILER (2012) Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson Movie HD

Start watching from 18:00 onward and listen carefully...

The Brink of War 

Israeli News Live

Streamed live on Nov 4, 2018

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