Week of Q: Is Obama About to Be Implicated in a Palace Coup?

He invites you to underestimate him. But in the meantime, he is counting your eyelashes.
— Dr. Jerome Corsi on President Donald J. Trump

It's been a hectic week in the Life of Q. With tactical precision, the "drops" that began revving up the rolling snowball two months ago are growing into an avalanche. It helps to find a worthy sherpa to guide us through the maze. One such guide who has been more on top of the QAnon phenomenon than most of us is Jerome Corsi. A Youtube decipher session with him was posted yesterday and is linked below. 

One of the extraneous elements of the interview that stood out to me was how Dr. Corsi was getting interrupted by phone and text message with demands for his attention from various other media outlets. Even Dr. Corsi commented that "it was a very busy day," however he absolutely desired to remain online with the CBTS team ("Crowd Before The Storm") because of the criticality of the material that was being presented.

Here are a few of the gems dropped by #Q this week and ably decoded by Dr. Corsi. We are witnessing the methodical, calculated takedown of the Bush-Clinton dynasty. However the larger dismemberment that continues to escape the view of most people, including that of Mr. Corsi, is what W. The Intelligence Insider has said all along: "this is a battle of supremacy and domination" between the century-old Standard Oil Rockefeller Dynasty and the Old World, Old Money societies currently personified by the Rothschilds. The strategy reminds me of an old joke delivered by Bill Cosby: "I brought you into this world, and I can take you out."

The nouveau riche clans like the Rockefellers built their empire by leveraging the technological advancements and Babylonian Priesthood credit systems of their day. But that has always been the modus operandi of the Priesthood: build up a servant class to do your bidding until the time comes for you to advance to the next level. Then you crush the servant, take what they built, and move on to start the next cycle of predation. We are witnessing the turn of that cycle as mankind is being moved now from the 3rd industrial revolution into the 4th. The best of both gangs is being evaluated. The cream is being skinned off and retained. The dross is being discarded. From within the merger of these power elites, a new phoenix will rise.

Therefore this week, some of the more striking statements made by #Q were these:

1. #Q has implied that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered.

2. The 8-year term of Obama and the upcoming 8-year term of Hillary Clinton were supposed to comprise a "16 Year Plan to Destroy America". HRC was supposed to have won the 2016 election but her team just didn't rig it as well as they should have.

3. A reference to the date March 13, 2013 was made, a date, which among other things, happens to be the day that Cardinal Bergoglio became Pope Francis.

4. Hints were dropped of potential plans to oust, or even assassinate, the president, a plan hatched up within "secret societies" that involve said FBI agents. About a day later, mainstream news confirmed the existence of such a memo.

5. Former President Barack Obama has suddenly retained legal counsel. Corsi: "Obama now understands that the investigation is turning on HIM." The #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag flooded Congressional mailboxes with demands to release the Nunes Memo which would implicate Obama in an abuse of FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act).

6. A famous chess move from the year 1918 has been used to prefigure the game-changing appearance of a Rook, possible foreshadowing a forthcoming effect from Assange or Snowden in support of Trump's counter-coup against the Clintonistas.

7. #Q hints that future drops are going to explode the whole #Pedogate, #Pizzagate, child sacrifice atrocities wide open. "Be Careful What You Ask For" as the public will be shocked beyond belief at who is involved.

Here is the full interview from channel CBTS_Stream.

Anonymous Pamphleteers

Near the end of the interview, Dr. Corsi made a point that has especially struck me as noteworthy considering a blog I wrote several years ago about the original Boston conspiratorium that led up to the American Revolution v.1 [linked here]. He said that this whole #Q Anon sensation should remind us of the anonymous nature of the rebel-inspired pamphlets distributed amongst the Colonists in the 1700's.

Dr. Corsi mentioned that, to this day, the authorship of some of the inspiring, yet anonymous, revolutionary propaganda continues to be debated. #Q appears to keeping that tradition alive. (Photo:  Wikipedia )

Dr. Corsi mentioned that, to this day, the authorship of some of the inspiring, yet anonymous, revolutionary propaganda continues to be debated. #Q appears to keeping that tradition alive. (Photo: Wikipedia)

This is where I veer off the road from Dr. Corsi's well conceived explanations of the #Q messages and return to the mention of the date March 13, 2013. On that date, the first Jesuit cardinal won the papacy. There is a Vatican component via the infamous P2 Lodge in this game, however, that component is well hidden to the public. Here are some points that Mr. W. has shared with the RM team on that dimension:

The Catholics In Action whom Q refers to as Clowns In America maintain very close ties to their hidden hand associates and benefactors in P2 and niceties are frequently exchanged.  It’s also why all parties when possible prefer to do business in Vienna, the spy and sparrow Capital of the world; how romantic.
Q is posting pictures of the pope and many Jesuit players.  Pay attention, you are watching the second oldest Intelligence network being hostile-y taken over by the oldest and largest, who by the way...is backing Trump.  Soon there will no longer be two white popes and two black popes, normality will return with one of each.  As for the Navy....
Trump is surrounding himself with Navy, classically CIA preferred AF [Air Force] histories for the REAL work thanks to Harold Lemay and his buddies.  The outsiders are now enjoying a little kick ass with a really great inter-service bar fight about to go nuclear (let us hope that’s figuratively speaking).

The reason why my ears perked up at the role of the Vatican in this unfolding demolition of the Clinton Crowd is because the Jesuit Order likewise played a role in the first American Revolution. As I explained in that blog posted five years ago at the time of the bizarre Boston Marathon bombing, there was a time early in the history of this nation when Catholics were persona non grata in Boston. And yet, today, Irish Catholicism is practically synonymous with the city. So what happened to turn that tide?

Curiously, the Bostonians of the 18th century adopted the British merry-making custom of Guy Fawkes day: Remember, Remember, the 5th of November. The Guy Fawkes incident, or "Gunpowder Plot," was at one time known as the Jesuit Treason, that plot hatched to assassinate the sitting British monarch and reseat a good Catholic on the throne. 

Historic Green Dragon Tavern of Boston. (Photo:  Wikipedia )

Historic Green Dragon Tavern of Boston. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Following that incident in 1606, the Jesuits were understandably no longer welcome in the British Isles. And wouldn't you know it but the Scottish Rite Freemasons were sympathetic to the ideals of the Jesuits. The Freemasons also owned the Green Dragon Tavern where the future Founding Fathers gathered regularly for beer and rebel talk in the months preceding the original "shot heard round the world." There are numerous other points made in that blog to support the idea that these Jesuit agents were whispering to the rebel colonists from behind the shadows. The creation of the United States of America was very much a socially alchemical operation steered by Kabbalist-leaning Freemasons - and that statement opens an entirely Hermetic can of worms.

Here we sit in January 2018 as another revolution is being launched before our eyes, ostensibly to restore "liberty and freedom" to a people who will continue to exist under the oppressive thumb of Old World, secret society, credit tyranny. If the course of #Q continues to run as expected, the fireworks will be spectacular.

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