Russian MOD Reveals Images Of US Forces Near to Daesh Operations


The result of that battle was a protracted firefight involving SU25s and Hind gunships flying low for close support of the besieged Russian MPs and a RuMoD claim to have killed hundreds of Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) jihadists, showing their stacked corpses on social media as proof of the HTS terrorists' high body count from their failed offensive.

On Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov declared the U.S. would soon need to leave Syria as its forces had no legitimate invitation from the government to stay after ISIS is defeated. On Sunday, a Russian lieutenant general was killed in a separate mortar attack by ISIS terrorists in Deir Ez Zor province (UPDATE on that development from The Saker here with an excerpt at the bottom of this RM post). -- JWS

President Trump will soon have to withdraw U.S. special forces operators from Syria, according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

The top diplomat argued that the U.S. should leave after the impending defeat of the Islamic State in Syria. That would leave Syrian President Bashar Assad, backed by Russian and Iranian forces, in military control of the country. The warning is part of jockeying for long-term control of the strategically significant Syria.

”There is legitimate presence based on an invitation from official authorities, but there is illegitimate one, namely presence of the U.S.-led coalition and special forces’ troops from a wide range of foreign countries who nobody has invited,” Lavrov told reporters Friday. “After terrorism is defeated, the first step should be the pullout of those who stay illegitimately in Syria.”
US Forces Operating Freely in ISIS Areas As Shown In Russian Satellite Images! US Special Operations Forces (SOF) units enable US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) units to smoothly advance through the ISIS formations. Facing no resistance of the ISIS militants, the SDF units are advancing along the left shore of the Euphrates towards Deir ez Zor.

V the Guerrilla Economist sends the following from RogueMoney reader F.S. -- JWS

U.S. Is not Ready for the End of War in Syria

It is not a secret that the American government has been supporting terrorist groups during the entire Syrian conflict. One of these days, another fact proving this statement was recorded.
On September 20, Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) militants with their allies launched an offensive on the Syrian Arab Army positions, north-east of Hama city, The National reported. Most likely, the attack of the militants was orchestrated by the U.S. intelligence agencies, which had provided them with the information on the locations and the military strength in the region.

It is also reported that the militants’ main object was the units of the Russian military police, which had been deployed to control ceasefire regime in the fourth de-escalation zone. It should be reminded that the parameters and borders of this zone were established on September 15, during the sixth round of Syrian talks in Astana.

It’s worth noting that the attack was unsuccessful, as the Syrian army units backed by Mauli tribes managed to react in due time and began a counter offensive. As a result, the terrorists suffered heavy losses and had to retreat.

Apparently, the United States does not want the Syrian army to completely liberate Deir Ezzor, and makes every effort to prevent it from achieving its goal. There are two possible reasons for that.

First, after the liberation of Deir Ezzor, which is located not far from the Iraqi border, the Syrian troops will be able to unite with the Iraqi forces and establish control on the border. At the same time, Washington cannot permit full-fledged cooperation between the armies of Syria and Iraq, otherwise the remaining ISIS units in this region will be destroyed much faster than the U.S. plans.

Second, Deir Ezzor is a strategic region rich in gas and oil, and Washington has its own interests in it.

For the past several days, the United States has been involved in the attacks on the Syrian army positions. According to Fars News, the Syrian troops were twice shelled by mortars and artillery units from the eastern bank of the Euphrates River. There the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the U.S. Special Forces are deployed.

There are reports that the international coalition and SDF have temporarily suspended the liberation of Raqqa and regrouped its troops to the northern part of Deir Ezzor province.

So, the world community has once again ensured that the White House doesn’t want peace and stability in Syria. In addition, Washington tries to change the tide of the game, which often is not in their favor.
— - F.S.

The following is the article by regular RM Radio guest and contributor The Sirius Report's London Paul posted Sunday, September 24, 2017. -- JWS

The Russian Ministry of Defence (MOD) have published a series of images which appear to indicate that US Special Forces have enabled the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to advance unopposed through Daesh operational areas.

The following aerial photographs, courtesy of the Russian MOD, were taken in the period 8th to the 12th September which appear to show a significant number of American Hummer vehicles which are used by US Special Forces.

It is alleged that by moving unopposed through Daesh held areas the SDF were able to advance along the left shore of the Euphrates River towards Deir_ez_Zor. The images would appear to show clear evidence that US Special forces are located in Daesh strongholds with no evidence of any US coalition offensives to drive out the Daesh operatives. This would also suggest that the US coalition forces are able to move freely in and out of these Daesh controlled areas with no fear of attack.

Subscribe to Vesti News Today Russia warned the US, that all attempts to shoot Russian units by the Syrian opposition will be severely suppressed. This was told recently in the Ministry of Defence. On the eve, because of the provocation of US intelligence services near Hama, 29 Russian MP officers were surrounded by militants.

The release of these images is a clear indication that as far as Moscow is concerned the gloves are now off. Whilst there is no doubt there has been extensive cooperation and back channels created, between Moscow and Washington, during ongoing operational activities inside Syria, they have grown tired of elements inside the US intelligence services who appear to be, at the very least, permitting Daesh operations to go unchecked.

What we can also say is that there is no doubt that these images are but a warning shot across the bows of Washington because Moscow will, in all likelihood, possess further and potentially more incriminating and highly damaging material. Whilst Washington will deny such claims and suggested these images are unreliable, the fallout at governmental and international levels will be significant. It is therefore imperative that the Trump administration privately addresses these and other operational issues inside Syria. otherwise the risk is yet further isolation of the US on the world stage.

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UPDATE 3 a.m. EDT/8 a.m. BST 09/25/2017 from The Vineyard of the Saker blog (click on this link for high resolution downloads of the RuMoD satellite imagery):

What this all seems to point to is that the Pentagon has now apparently decided to attack Russian forces directly, albeit unofficially. From the Pentagon’s point of view, this (almost) makes sense.

First, by now it is pretty darn clear that the “good terrorists” and the “bad terrorists” have lost the civil war in Syria. Simply put, the USA has been defeated, Syria, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah have won and the Israelis are now freaking out.

Second, the American plan to use the Kurds as foot-soldiers/canon-fodder has failed. The Kurds are clearly too smart to be pulled in such a losing proposition.

Third, the American plan-B option, the partition of Syria, is now itself directly threatened by the Syrian military successes.

Last and not least, the Americans by now are deeply humiliated and enraged at the Russian success in Syria.

Hence they have now apparently taken the decision to directly target Russian military personnel and they are using their considerable reconnaissance capabilities combined with US Special Forces on the ground, working side by side with “good” and “bad” terrorists, to target and attack Russian military personnel.

This is not the first time, by the way. There is pretty good evidence that a Russian hospital near Aleppo was targeted using means not available to the local Daesh franchise. This time, however, the Americans are not even trying to hide. The message seems to be this all-time American favorite “watcha gonna do about it?“.

There is a lot the Russians could do about it, in fact. I wrote about this in my article “Using plausible deniability against a systematically lying adversary“. If the folks at CENTCOM really believe that their generals are all safe and out of reach they are deeply mistaken. Unlike the Russians and, even more so, the Iranians, US Generals are mostly risk averse and hard to get to in Syria. But who said that Russia would have to retaliate in Syria? Or, for that matter, that Russia would have to use Russian forces to retaliate. Yes, Russia does have special units trained in the assassination of high-value targets in hostile countries, but that does not at all mean that they would decide to use them. Accidents can happen anywhere and the roads are notoriously dangerous in the Middle-East. Why do I mention that? To illustrate that Russia does have options short of overtly going to war.

Of course, the Russians could simply fire a volley of Kalibr cruise missile at any of the ISIS positions shown in the photos above and then go “oops, you had personnel embedded with these al-Qaeda types? Really? We had no idea, no idea at all“. Syria also have a pretty solid arsenal of tactical ballistic missiles. The Syrians could mistakenly hit any such ISIS+US positions and express consternation at the presence of US military personnel in the midst of terrorists. There is also Hezbollah who, in the past, has even seized Israelis soldiers in raids across the border and who could decide to capture themselves some US SOF types. And let’s not forget the Iranians who have not had such an golden opportunity to finally get their hands on US military personnel since many years.

The three key weakness of the US force posture in Syria are: first, their own force in Syria is too small to make a difference, but big enough to represent a lucrative target and, second, all the boots on the ground which matter are against them (Syrians, Iran, Turkey, Hezbollah and the Russians). Finally, the only two real US allies in the region are too afraid to put boots on the ground: Israel and the Saudis.