Macro Theory To Macro Reality To Macro/Micro Calamity! It Ain’t Going To Magically Disappear, It’s Coming!

In this installment, it is time to put nature’s business laws in proper perspective, and kick the technical analysis in the crotch a bit, even though I feel technical analysis has it’s proper place.  It has been my observation that when one sees the terms macro or micro in sequence with terms like“finance and/or economics” in tow, the eyes typically glaze over and the mind shuts down. Which is a shame, because the basics just ain’t that complicated, heck even the typical family household operates within the confines of the standards of “macro theories followed by macro realities.”   The parents deal with the larger picture and it’s theories, and keep it to themselves if necessary until the proper times for effective implementation.  In the business world it gets slightly more aggressive yielding confusion and complications, especially with the addition of winners and losers.  The kings of the latter (losers) yields “Macro/Micro-Calamities.”   Unfortunately, the Macro losers tend to eventually shed their pain to the unwitting micro observers.  

As usual, this installment’s messages will be tied primarily to the US, but due to the obvious importance, their competition’s latest moves will be covered in great detail.  The calamity is on going, and is coming into plain sight!   I may change gears a bit in this installment, attempting to merge the recent news items with the titled subject matter.  Why?  The two are becoming inextricably tied to one another thanks to media lies at unprecedented levels and leadership that loves to return serve in real time.  Additionally I want to take advantage of an RM commenter’s wisdom, a person who fired me some interesting tidbits of logic as well as a great video link that provides a different perspective on the misguided US foreign policies.  I am going to once again post my DHAP list in the “Hard Asset” segment, along with the DHAP “priority ratings” system I personally compiled.   Why?   It is just good business, that’s why, and the timing feels right once again.  

In a generic review of the latest news, it appears the big financial item of late is the “proud” achievement of 20 trillion in US government debt.  At least that is the official number.  Finance 101 basics: an official increase in the obligation to service the US government debt has been made, and of note the US was already well in excess of 100% in the equation of “Debt to GDP.”  A very important 3rd World bragging right!   Oh, and BTW that is only the “official!” number.  Does anyone trust these numbers?  One number that can be trusted to be a continuing western disaster, accurate or not (it is probably worse than reported) is the huge US trade deficit, which is approaching 600 billion annually.  The government debt in combination with the “NEEDS” trade deficits (no clue how much of the near 600 billion annually is “needs vs wants”) makes it easy to see why QE in combination with what is essentially ZIRP (zero interest rate policy) will have to remain in force.   To hell with the Fed’s cartoonish statements.

With an incoming flood of US paper from totally pissed foreign debt holders, can you see a devaluation on the horizon?  A US dollar devaluation that is!   If you can’t see it coming that’s because it’s already happening, and it’s difficult to see the storm when you are riding the storm winds……!   Before making your way to the News/Subject material, check out this other “Macro reality with implementation being boldly announced (boldly announced is quite telling feature as well) …. leading to what ….. the unprepared competition’s ““Macro/Micro Calamity” ……

This next one is one hell of an example of “Macro Theory being put to work in Macro Reality.”  For a preliminary, important and quite recent example, Russia just keeps launching economic bombs at the US dollar.  Putin has just asked his government for legislative approval that will make the ruble the primary currency of exchange at, not just a few but all Russian seaports.  Sticking with our title, this is a prime example of macro reality in action and the calamity that will follow is for the holders of dollars, and in particular the US holders of dollars.  Once again it is my common sense opinion that it will be the domestic holders of dollars, domestic being the country of printing origin, that will get ‘slobber-knockered’ in purchasing power failures.  A Macro/Micro calamity that is a 100% certainty, only the degree of the severity is in question.  Moving on ……

News With Macro-Macro-Macro/Micro Calamities With No Sense Of Humor Or Mercy

Since the news will be tied to the titled subject matter this go-round, try keeping the following key points in mind as the evidentiary trail of dollar failure mounts ……

1.  The Ego in the US has lost it’s proper upward containment …..
2.  It appears that the rest of the world doesn’t realize how much the “Ego/Greed” factors are in the driver’s seat within the US and it’s decision making apparatus.  
3.  Phony reasons like the Fed’s mistakes, or the left and the right arguments, or denial of market fraud continue to dominate the false Hegelian Dialectic messages.
4.  Note the continuation of the same signals of de-dollarization, just a different time and date with each and every news release.
5.  The in-your-face exodus of former US partners looking for safer financial harbors continues to mount.
6.  The comical level of what is news in the US, typically late to the party…!
7.  The ultimate on the ground indicator of economic failure, “Stagflation” continues to spit in the totally unaware’s faces.
8.  Former safe havens for US investment taking it on the chin.
9.  US leadership that suffers from the biggest Ego failures, the biggest case of “mine is bigger than yours” in modern western history.
10. Most importantly, ask yourself, do you see anything in the following segment that indicates “The Calamity” can be stopped by human economic widgitry?
***  The go to, 100% of the time characteristic, DEBT IS KING IN DOLLAR-LAND..

In the humorous yet telling segment note the time stamps on the following news headlines…..

The above headline from ZeroHedge is descriptive of the US dollar and was fired out at 10:15 am.  Then on the same day at 1:20 pm the following headline was on the wires ….. Houston, I think we have signs of total confusion, and signs of the “Macro Calamities,” along with a dose of #6 being present …. possible some hidden #4 scares served as reasons for the message confusion …..

And what were the fundamentals caused these divergent ”market" events over a 3 hour time span?  Note, I use the term "market" with no respect whatsoever.   First we have rumors of tax moves by the sacks of shit in the US government.  Then, a little over 3 hours later, we have social media via some FBI dudes that are causing the “market” moves.  Now that is a bullshit economy!  With no, and I do mean no damned fundamentals anywhere in sight.  Forget about any traces of a “market.”  Maybe we need to come up with a “Market Tweeter Indicator for FBI dudes!” Just more fuel to the western “market” failures, fuel that should power you in your level of preparations......

This next headline is really bad news, especially when considering the fact the “back to school” sales couldn’t provide a bump in the retail numbers.

Looks like #7 above is satisfied, and possibly #10, but the Macro/Micro calamities continue.  The big question is, just when will you deem “Macro/Micro Calamities” as having touched your life in a meaningful way?

Ole’ WG has been in agreement with the basic analysis in the following link from Charles Hugh Smith for a long long time now …….. Here we have clear signs of Macro/Micro Calamities with some #1, #3, beginning signals of #7, a major dose of #8, # a light hint of #10

WG Rant:  I am tired of hearing that home ownership is an investment, and it can’t lose?  Come on’ man!   But WG, you are wrong.  I bought mine over 25 years ago at 150,000 dollars and I am closing on it tomorrow at 400,000 dollars!   Let’s do some generic math, Mr. Investment Wizard: 150K plus many multiples of that for the typical total on the interest expenses in the mortgage payments, plus 5 digits for a couple central HVAC’s over those years, almost 5 digits for a roof, 5 digits for some painting and plumbing updates, and finally just to name a few in this abbreviated cost list we those pesky yearly tax payments on the property getting well up into 5 digits over 25 years.   Even with an assist from real estate bubble blowing over the last 18 years, the numbers don’t make a good argument for home ownership in the investment arena in most regions of the USA.   I will give you one positive to home ownership though, it served as shelter and that is a “need” expense that is hard to tally.  But that aside, don’t tell me the numbers make it time for you to become a “real estate flipper!” …… End of rant!

Papa head to the porch and sound the dinner bell.   What’s for dinner, mama?  “Stagflation” with a side order of #7, in this case indicating the slugs in the “Macro Calamity” world are shedding their pain on the “Micro Calamity” world………

I think G’ma and G’pa forgot #10

Uh oh, in the next link we have contradictory news stats.  As G’ma may have been wrong!  Wages aren’t stagnant, they are actually declining but the measuring stick doesn’t matter, we all know the answer is still #7, Stagflation …….

In the next link, one theory comes to ole’ WG, “If I am a bankster do I really care who your debt is maxed out with and at what time it is in your journey through your debt experience?  No, all iI care about is that your debt is continuously maxed out!  ALL THE TIME!!!!!

There are no surprises in the above link, but the funny thing is, if I am a bankster I am busy patting myself on the back.  Why?   Because I have engineered the perfect debtor system, a system that is maxed out for all eligible ages at all time frames.  So, for the person that argues against the above link’s message by saying, “but WG the housing industry is taking a hit since the buying age of college graduates rising dramatically”.  "So what," says the bankster, that's because their debts are already maxed out, as he or she pats themselves on the backs.  A true high sign that the competition has invoked behind the curtain,  “Western Macro failures in need of Micro patsies, as the pain/calamity is dispensed further and further upstream.   

Next we have the USA Watchdog, and Chris Martenson delivering a few truths to digest …….

@ 1:00 ... Chris adds to the chorus, like the rest of the RM crowd, that feel Venezuela declaring they would be willing to dump the dollar in trade settlement for goods and services is one big, big sign that the dollar is being abandoned whenever it’s safe, and whenever it’s possible.  (reference #4, #5, & #10)

@ 3:20 .... The US dollar is going to continue to erode, a constant theme in prior installments, and a macro trend, the world is not increasing their usage of dollars in world trade.  He also feels Trump would encourage a weaker dollar to hopefully stimulate trade.  (#4 again)

@ 5:35 ... Chris gives his opinion of whether the US's new administration will attempt to correct the fraud in the precious metals markets.  Chris says "spoofing" is the term for the early morning monster sell head fakes used to suppress metals.  And it is still on-going even though there have recently been major traders that have been brought to the light of media justice.   Ultimately he says it will not change things dramatically.  (#3)

@ 8:00 ... The western central bank networks, which include places like Japan, are controlling the market directions to the upside only to maintain the perception of "all's well!" 

@ 9:59 ... Chris feels it is an extremely bad time to get involved in equities as they are totally overbought.  And not just overbought but over priced, which would stand to reason by default.   Chris feels the central banks are consumed in the fear of a coming equity slide, a slide in their view that could trigger a major collapse.  The central banks, in his opinion, are worried about a major deflation due to bad debt.  (#3, #4 indirectly, #10, and the ever present though not necessary for fear of being repetitive, the ***)

@ 12:21 ... Chris rightly notes that the only way this type of central planning would work is with continuous economic growth.  A.K.A., in my humble opinion, the ponzi scheme is running on it's last legs since there hasn’t been any real growth in over a decade.  (#3, #7 indirectly, #8 indirectly, #10)

@ 14:18 ... This one is pretty interesting, Chris mentions an indicator he is fond of, "the credit impulse," which is the rate of creation of new credit.  It is now very negative, which means things are just ready to go south at any moment.  Makes sense, as we are an economy run on debt for “wants” based products, especially in light of the fact that if there is no “credit impulse,” then an easy to recognize Micro calamity should be just around the corner.  (#3 & once again though it should be mentioned with each point, *** is very present in this segment of the interview)

@ 15:15 ... Chris notes we are having a steady erosion of the dollar, but he says to stay focused on China and the US and their trade war rhetoric.  He says China could "drop the hammer" on the dollar anytime they want.  Next key point; China would probably start by dumping US debt instruments, which would be reimbursed with US dollars. This would probably come at time when an opposite direction event happens between the dollar and the US Treasury world to make things easier on the US Treasury seller, China in this case.  For example, interest rates starting to rise and the dollar starting to fall, the signs of a trade war.  This type of event could cause the HFT (high frequency traders) to head for the hills.  Wolf Gray redneck summary, don’t overthink this stuff, just stay the hell out of the way of the equity/debt market trade games, bigger fish are in control and you ain't.   (#1, #3, #4, #5, #8, #9 indirectly, #100

@ 22:00 ... Is the fall of 2017 prepping for a major event in the markets?  Chris is worried about the confidence in the system, but he feels the equity markets will be the last thing to fall.  No brainer in that statement as it's the only thing that is settling to the upside.  He does say the big traders are leery of the equity markets, and are busy grabbing up hard assets.  Chris feels, and I humbly agree with him, when it cracks it will do so very quickly....!  Redneck reason, what other option does the market have when it is propped up by debt inspired AIR!??  (#1 indirectly, #8 indirectly & soon to happen, #10)….

Next up is a “we told ya so” repeat category item, but hey, it doesn’t matter after all.  The latest offerings for Christmas in the cell phone world are all the rage in the tv advertising realm (note Apple didn’t do too well in their new retail offerings).  Just give the delusional masses some cool “wants” advertisement, and that should surely stop the following *** debt bomb problem……

In the above link we have #6, #8, #10 indicative of Micro pain and a calamity on display.  For the record, outside Macro competition didn’t cause this problem!  Instead, the culprit is a major level of self induced ego/debt delusion inspired by the Macro boys within the boundaries of the home team, while the Micro guys, us Sixpacks, get a major does of distasteful “Calamity!”

Don’t complain west coast dudes, ya didn’t lose it all.  After all, you just lost 90% of your pensions.  You still have 10% and some pretty cool cell phone apps on the horizon.  Just think about that.

Now for a heavy does of #4, #5, #10.  A dose of de-dollarization, in combination with an exodus of trading partners, and then you can pile on to that with another signal of “no way out!”  Check this out……

The link above is flashing in a big neon common sense/redneck sign: “I may have once been a lap dog, but now I have a new & stronger partner.  Now we no longer ask ourselves, just what have we got in our wallets?”

Next we have one of the best examples of #6 with a does of #1, highlighted by the lack of recognition of the financial truth until well after the fact of the reality.  You can say, “so what?”  When you are in business competition, be it friendly or combative, being late to the message is just that, late.  And in keeping with this installment, it is a “Macro/Micro Calamity” in the making.  Check out the following link while keeping the supportive past RM installment messages that precede their tardiness….. For the record, I don’t have a clue whether these guys are western, eastern, truthful or neutral in their normal messages, but the tardiness is unmistakably western and so is their website…….

For anybody paying attention, this very subject was detailed in the WG July 12th installment covering the Moscow business summit between China & Russia on July 4th prior to the G20 meeting.   Note this excerpt from the guys in the above link…..

And this past week, that story got more complex. With Rosneft striking another big deal — drawing in another heavyweight energy nation. China.  

The date of this article is September 12, 2017, so it is nearly two and a half months late to the official announcements.  And why is that????  I smell a major dose of, "We are the big dogs and no one else matters.  The outsiders are just the little people!”  So if these guys aren't US oriented, please let me know. Otherwise I am assuming them to be just another of the "we're number 1 & heavily bathed in western indoctrination" group of news sources.   Behind the curve as usual. Truth is, they are much farther behind the curve than detailed in this paragraph.  After all, this very business reality came to light over 3 years ago…….

In fact, not to make too much noise on this, but what about the spring of 2014?   Just where were the western news outlets that should have been applying the proper spotlights and western warning signals when one of the biggest energy deals to date was signed between Russia & China?…… Highlighted before, but here we go again for those that did not see it in prior installments.........

Westerners are so behind the curve it is embarrassing, and the reason is clearly arrogance/ego!  Very, very sad because the necessary skill sets are still there, but the arrogant man or woman in the mirror got in the way.   Bathed in an attitude of “we are number one.”  While looking down our noses at extremely important events on the world’s stage, events that we wrongly consider meaningless, not up to the challenge of our much more super important self indulged world.  Here we have a perfect example in both current and historical fashion of the “business/competition” version of Macro Planning and Theory being put into Action and thus into Reality.  Then, ready to hand the losers who aren’t paying attention, a brutal Macro/Micro Calamity….!  

You can describe the coming calamity, make excuses for it, or believe it in any form you want, but it is a reality, the events are compressing dramatically and so is the time to make preparations.  If you can’t see that, then you have my permission to go ahead and camp out early for the new iPhone for Christmas.

Just for the record, don’t tell us we didn’t tell ya so, check out the following link, and the in your face example of #5, in the following link …..

The above link is just more proof that the west is not where the economic future is, and the dollar has clearly lost it's luster rather dramatically.  It's just business folks, nothing more nothing less...... Business that states:  Get on board or get left behind.  And btw, don’t be tricked into thinking this, in our search for business and geopolitical size comparisons, is a Macro example only.  Oh no, it actually is a slap in the face of the western power elite within the USA, and will eventually lead them, the Macro losing competitors, into a reality that is the Macro/Micro calamity.   it is competition, and there has to be a loser, any guesses as to who that is ??????

Next is an example of #1 & #9, and causes any person with two brain cells to rub together to ask, is this guy serious or not?  Check out the next link highlighting the “Gossiper n’ Chief”…….

This guy can't keep his mouth shut on any damned subject...... Absolutely embarrassing, and even more so is the fact, that I suspect a lot of Sixpacks think this is cool behavior.  Keep in mind folks, these are tweets, which means what regarding the tenor of the conversation?  They are/were not solicited comments, they are instead comments that most “Commander n’ Chiefs” would normally ignore, unless they were questioned on the subject.   Damn dude, keep your mouth shut, your making us look like fools.

Sticking with a political component, lets continue with some more debt ***, the apparent driving force behind every US decision …… Note the following article from David Stockman former Team Reagan member.  He beat up on Trump fairly well, so I will leave that alone, FOR NOW, at least for the length of the brief explanation on the following link, then I will go on an EGO tirade ……

Note the following powerful excerpt…..

The Federal budget is a Fiscal Doomsday Machine. The depository of American wars and entitlements have run rampant. Under the pile drivers of a global empire and the retiring baby boom, it is rapidly propelling the nation toward fiscal catastrophe. That grim outcome is virtually guaranteed if the only remaining safety brake — the debt ceiling — is summarily abolished. DS

Let me add, when he says “that grim outcome is virtually guaranteed,” I agree, but I would remove the word “virtually.”   The above article adds additional confirmation to my believe that the Macro/Micro calamity is on our doorsteps, and will barge in unannounced.  Yes indeed, “virtually guaranteed” isn’t a part of what I see coming to the western/US shores.  In fact, borrowing from the installment’s title, the guaranteed failure I see, follows this script….

It ain’t going to magically disappear, it’s coming.  It can’t be stopped it can only be survived!  Be a SURVIVOR!

It ain’t going to magically disappear, it’s coming.  It can’t be stopped it can only be survived!  Be a SURVIVOR!

In the next couple links we have a leadership collapse of “Ego Dignity.”   At world record levels, check this out ……

So what is my take on the above epic tweet storm, which started over the prior weekend, and gained media steam throughout the week.  Which aint’ a good thing btw!   It ain't whether any of the frickin' tweets are the truth or not, it’s the unbelievable level of "LOOK AT ME FOLKS, LOOK AT ME" on display.  For me at least he is making US politics sickening, and in truth, just a very bad political version of world wrestling promotional activity.  I seriously have my doubts that Putin or Xi are doing this sort of 'bs' (I know, I know harped on once before)  Correct me if I am wrong in that assessment.  Yep, the US, the home of world class "Bread & Circus" shows, dignity need not apply.....!   

UN speech time:  Check out this email tirade out to the other Team Rm members, and let me provide my own unique take on the entire ‘bs’ on display at the UN last week……..

To be fair I will only provide intel from my comments (not word for word either), but I will say the general tenor of the responses to the email revolved around the feeling that this was not the US’s finest moment…… Just pay attention to less than a minute of ego chest pounding in the following video clip without any substance to back it up, “UNNEEDED-UNNECESSARY-INSECURITY-INSPIRED” ego chest pounding that is without compare in my memory.  

@ :39-1:32 … The broken record of lies continues, and it is in stark contrast to the man on the campaign trail. I can't even believe he took the time to add this line of 'bs' at a venue where it is totally irrelevant.  For the record, the title of my email to the RM Team was “This guy is like a broken record!!!”  Mr. Trump starts off with a subtle bit of suggestive sales skill, “Fortunately the United States has done very well since ELECTION DAY ….. blah blah blah ….Look at me look at me don’t mess with us, as I claim we will be spending 700 billion that we don’t even F…ing have….!” Recall the interview with Peter Schiff by Joe Rogan a couple weeks ago (highlighted in my last last installment) .....

Bottom line, he is starting to look like an insecure fool, and thus so do we.   A man with a need for big ego satisfaction can be steered in corrupt directions, which is very dangerous (this sentence was modified for this RM installment, as the email was much more aggressively stated).  Schiff was polite with his criticism in his interview with Joe Rogan (below), but the truth is quite simple, Trump is lying....  WHY?

I will put the Wolf Gray’s ability to pick up on a “repetitive sales job without substance” up against anybody’s.  It is what I did for a living, and this guy is like a broken record even when it is completely uncalled for in a particular venue.  In fact, it looks damn near manufactured out of fear of a coming truth, fear of embarrassment, or fear of being blamed for a coming calamity.  Additional superb analysis on Trump’s entire UN speech was provided by London Paul in his premium podcast series, and that folks is all I listened to with respect to the UN speech as I couldn’t stomach the real version past 1:32 as I was ashamed of this guy.  The general feeling amongst my emailed friends is he is just getting bad advice, but I ain’t about to “cop” to that excuse. 

Why not WG?   Because of something called due diligence.  We in slavlandia have to comply with due diligence in our business practices, do ya think it might apply to the highest office in the land?  Duh huh!

The bragging on his fellow Americans in the first 38 seconds was perfectly fine (still unnecessary though), but what followed in the next 53 seconds was completely unnecessary and totally embarrassing.   Totally manufactured, and totally a sign of weakness for anyone willing to open their eyes to the truth.   Bad advice “or not,” a case of Alzheimer’s that keeps him from remembering what he said 9 months ago about the economy and it’s numbers “or not,” only an oversized ego, suffering from a lack of self indulged feeding (sort of narcissistic) need to ever say the following, regardless of the venue……..   

 “Fortunately the United States has done very well since ELECTION DAY!” ... The Prez

I ain’t in the camp that says Trump is insane and needs to be impeached (but wait till you see an interview below though), as that would make me look like a fool for having cast a vote for him less than a year ago.  But his ability to separate fantasy from reality in venues that require some serious due diligence is in question.  Additionally, and even a moron could get this right, eagles poking bears unnecessarily is just DUMB!   In fact, this sort of basic level of due diligence happens to be the largest part of most jobs, maybe it ain’t with the oval office.  Maybe I am missing something, but that being said I know one thing I will be missing ….. his next speech, for fear of an on the spot WG stroke.  This guy reminds me of somebody who also gets very “wound up” ...... Infowars, anyone?  Maybe I should relax, it ain’t like he got into a mud slinging contest with a bunch of over paid, big ego’d professional athletes or something….!!!!!!!  

The Easiest person in the room to influence is the one whose version of themselves is far bigger than reality….!  Just feed their EGOS!

The Easiest person in the room to influence is the one whose version of themselves is far bigger than reality….!  Just feed their EGOS!

For the record: I did not break my streak of not ever sitting still, on purpose to watch the msm, when I ‘eyeballed’ the Trump UN speech.  Fact is I only knew of it’s existence due to the help of Mrs. WG who was sitting in front of it “live.”   Live with the tv to my left and just within my peripheral vision, I asked why is the tv on mute (she was playing with her craft stuff on her laptop computer)?  Her quick answer, “I was getting sick to my stomach, you were right, he can’t keep from saying the same thing over and over.”   I turned to the left and saw Mr. Trump in live action.   Then a couple hours later, not in real time or live, my curiosity got the better of me, and I searched for it on youtube.  He is a successful magic act for the moment with the people, but I sense it is starting to wear thin ….

                                            I got a hold on you
                                            I got a hold on you
                                            I got a hold on you tonight
                                            I got a hold on you
                                            I got a hold on you
                                            Yeah, yeah, uh
                                            Oh oh, when I'm with you
                                            Just a little bit of the magic
                                             Pulls me through
                                             I got a hold on you … The Cars

And for just one more exhibit by the prosecution, here is an article with another view of the UN speech from former Team Reagan member Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

This single line excerpt is all that is needed …….

The arrogance conveyed by Trump’s speech is unprecedented.  PCR

Ego folks, EGO, it's been the downfall of man and civilizations throughout history.  It's clearly the US's turn.   The following has been said before, but it bears repeating…….

 The Ego’s appetite left unchecked by the spirit can never be satisfied.  Humble yourself in order to come to the truth!

 The Ego’s appetite left unchecked by the spirit can never be satisfied.  Humble yourself in order to come to the truth!

The next video came to WG’s attention courtesy of the prior installment’s comments section (thanks to “Q”).   I found it to be very instructive, check it out …….

I don't know that much about the guy in this interview, but he has one heck of a resume.  I Googled it.   Hey, WG knows when due diligence is required.  The bulk of his achievements appear to be honorary, but honorary or not, he is apparently no dunce.  As you listen to this interview and/or read any of my segment reviews below, keep the idea of an over-bloated ego in the background for the "Dollar Defense" team.   It makes the wisdom imparted from the video that much more interesting.  Also note the bulk of this guy's analysis is built on a foundation of peace and war, as that is the nexus for most of his explanations.   Greed, ego, and bullying for profit doesn't seem to be as prominent in his analysis.  Hmm, me thinks he don’t know us as well as he thinks?????!!!

@ 1:37 ... Mr. Galtung points out that people of power have decided they are no longer going to fight the wars of the US.  Note the references to the US lapdogs that have been rewarded to date for the fighting of the past wars, but are now not wanting to play lapdog any longer, as the rewards must be failing (I added the last part after the comma).   Additionally, note the interesting mention of the partnerships or alliances created by some nations with the US that have a religious connection.   Might I add, we will surely witness that in the face of a failing economic entity, as those ties will begin to become meaningless.  Rather timely wouldn't you say?

@ 4:46.. The UK, Norway & Denmark will distance themselves from the US as they collapse prior to 2020. Note he says Trump is clinically insane, which I have to say is a bit over the top, but who knows?   I maintain to keep the ego in mind, and not speculative insanity.  Apparently the addition of a super high level of ego in the west may be difficult for a foreigner to comprehend. Note how he does indirectly mention the ego ..... by mentioning narcissism

@ 7:33 ... Now the US empire is collapsing and China is moving in to fill the gaps.  Note how he mentions other countries, thus we have the multi-polar world being referenced without using the term directly.  He says the US will end up in a dictatorship.  He also says many will argue the US is already in that situation.  This is significant because it is a view to be considered from outside the western controlled msm ‘bs’…..  Outside, where the competition stacked up against the western Macro boys are easily winning the battles.  Which tells me the western Macro crew will be forced to let the shit flood gates open on the heads of the Micro Sixpack world.  Easy to see this since the western teams are financially tapped out.   Leaving only this observation, the game has left the “formal” competition stages, and is leading to US/western debt failures via what can now be easily seen as (for those with eyes open) internal not external forces.

@ 10:00 ... Here he addresses the US increasing the military efforts in Afghanistan, and he then asks what does the middle east look like for attempting to live with it's existing borderlines?  I detect a lack of awareness with regards to the ESF and the need for dark pools of money to support the dollar, as many of us @ RM are aware of.  A fact that makes it pretty clear that increasing the US presence within Afghanistan is about money, nothing more..... Once again, Mr. Galtung is stuck within an explanation of military takeovers with apparently no regard to the aspect of "GREED & EGO" in the west.  It would appear to me, that even though “greed & a big ego” aren’t unknown negative characteristics, he hasn’t done his due diligence with respect to just how big our “GREED & EGO’s” are…….  Who could blame him for underestimating it, after all do the home team Sixpacks honestly understand it???????

@ 15:45 ... Here the US and the escalation of an attempt to goad the east into war is discussed ...... Mr. Galtung doesn't seem to think WWIII is an option, due to the opposition of China & Russia, so noise about N. Korea is just that: noise, for now.  If a move is made, he feels S. Korea would be the first nation to make a move, but not the US.   Not a view point I have heard that often, but very interesting.  The whole interview was interesting as it provides an outside intellectual perspective worthy of paying attention to.

@ 25:55 ... Here he thinks the world as a whole is moving in the right direction due to no wars between actually states.  Instead the antagonists prefer to attack civilians.  Damned interesting wording to say the least, and hardly worthy of disputing either.

As a caveat:  Thanks to RM commenter “Q”, for bringing this excellent viewing opportunity to my attention, an opportunity to see an outside view regarding the US's violence and it's supposed motives for freedom.  I have to say Mr. Galtung doesn't give enough credit to this motive:  Greed and western profits without having to lift a finger for the necessary labor while the dollar prospers, and if that fails then it is time for violence.  These real facts are clearly hidden behind the lies about the US’s motives, a very necessary stance to maintain the Sixpack's support.  And it’s all in an attempt to maintain "Dollar Hegemony" with a high brow view from a perch of false pristine clarity.

I failed to put my 1-10, *** ratings system to the above two videos, but “Ego maintenance supplemented by over indebtedness is the clear overarching theme.”  Let’s bring it home with the following ratings ….. #’s 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, and once again ***

Let’s grab some more evidence of the competition putting the screws to the guys that are well behind on the scoreboard, team USA/bankster, for the implementation of quality Macro business deals, R&D developments, and/or new positive partnerships.  Already mentioned in the intro segment, but here is the link, check this out……

Boy the US dollar is on a negative roll, wouldn’t you say?   And for Wolf Gray, the most interesting aspect of this announcement is that it isn’t coming to us via “RT TV” or some foreign unknown news outlet, it’s coming from the “Drudge of Economic News”…. ZeroHedge.  All points are phrased by Mr. Putin in a very in your face manner, which is very very curious indeed.  As mentioned in the intro, motives or reasons aren’t necessary, all that’s needed is common sense, which says, it’s just a confirmation of a coming “Macro/Micro Calamity” …. A calamity that has no possibility of being turned back for the unprepared…!  In fact when it comes to de-dollarization Russia may inspire it to be a future Olympic event.  Check this out……..

                                                                                         Do we see a trend there folks??????

                                                                                         Do we see a trend there folks??????

WG Trend Summary:  Macro theories followed by substantive Macro moves are fluid and continuous in both nature and in business, yielding good and bad day to day realities, whether they are made by the head of a household, or the heads of state.  The shit will not defy nature, it will flow downhill.   The Macro/Micro Calamities for the teams that pursued the wrong courses of action will be shed by the Macro losers so they can be paid by the Micro losers.  That’s you, if you are in the USA.  Sorry folks, that is just nature.  And it is the nature that prevails for being the losers in such a grand debt based ponzi-scheme, especially when it is coming to an end.  Sometimes an outside-the-box view is required for proper clarity.  Just imagine a dude from Alpha Centauri asking a Martian where would they recommend landing on planet earth.  If the Martians have been paying any attention whatsoever over the last couple decades, then there is one thing you can safely bet on, their answer will not be…. “The USA!”  Quick disclaimer: that’s if they don’t have a bone to pick with the Alpha Centauri dudes.   

Next WG’s take on what he feels are the best solutions for, we Micro dudes facing a calamity that WILL NOT MAGICALLY DISAPPEAR …….   

                                                                Hard Asset Tips

In regards to the negative tenor of the prior segment’s “WG Trend Summary,” all is not lost in my view.  Instead, it is time for us Micro dudes to create our own Macro realities from quality Macro theories that are subsequently put into action in our personal worlds.  The reality is, this ain’t very damned complicated.  It’s the only option for survival and success in order to keep the shit from flowing downhill to our Micro worlds.   An absolute must, as the calamity we face will not be stopped, it can’t be, it’s already ongoing.  It can’t be hidden from those with wide eyes open, with high level lies.   With that in mind, it’s time to revisit the Wolf Gray’s DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) along with some possible tips to the portions of monetary allocations that one might consider in their GSBC (gold & silver bars & coins) inventories.  

I pulled a extensive excerpt from my article for the 2016/2017 Rogue Report including the intro explained how I came up with my DHAP list.  The completed 33 item list along with a ratings system that you may want to tinker with on your own is included.  Following the DHAP list, I will jump into my personal view on the accumulation of, and the possible useful percentages of, your own stash of GSBC’s.  The DHAP excerpt starts with the next line below ……

Below is a constructive excerpt from the 5/17/16 installment:

“The set up for the creation of the DHAP came from the “US Army Survival Manual”, the “US Army Special Forces Medical Book”, & “The Ranger Handbook”.  Clearly I have some pretty cool contacts.  Anyway, I had to apply their mobile version or something akin to a ‘BoB’ (bug out bag), and then put together a working version for the home.  Not that hard to do, since either way you are still trying to live or survive, whether it is from supplies in a bag or from supplies in a big indoor structure.   Truthfully, only minor differences exist in a case designed for survival.

The above sources position the list’s items based on two separate conditions hot or cold weather, which for them makes sense, but for us, I tried to make it more civilian, or ‘in home’ oriented.   One thing they emphasis is that footwear is super important in the military.  Though important, it may not be as important to our needs, but it still made the list.”  (end of excerpt)

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.43.41 AM.png

* Gold & silver Bars & coins
** Numbers 1 & 9 are very important, but from a short term perspective they may not be practical, as focusing on preps where you are currently located may be more useful at this juncture.  But if you can make a move to get out of the city without long interruptions to your DHAP accumulations, then go for it, as #1 ranks way higher than a (50) if a move can be made without disrupting your ongoing plans.
Ratings Methodology for the DHAP

Ratable criteria using 0-10 scale (10 very useful & 0 equaling useless for that item)………

-(SGH) Supplement to Good Health (for DHAP #’s 2 & 3 I doubled their scores in this category): Very important!
-(UB) Use in barter: Obvious usages to obtain needs based items without sacrificing too much in the exchange.
-(MSL) Maintaining Standard of Living: Things that contribute to maintaining a reasonable living standard.
-(P) Protection: No-Brainer
-(CB) Confidence Boosting:  Items that keep your self confidence up, a big deal in my view.
-(LC) Low Cost:  Practicality stand point.
-(RV) Retained Value:  Holding value will pay off post the hunker down period.
-(SS) Skills Sourcing:  Items like communications devices or “how to’s on paper” to assist in your goals.

The next 3 are worthy of only 0-5 in points (5 being best)……..
-(ES) Ease of Storage:  Too big but valuable will get stolen.
-(EP) Ease of Portability:  If bugging out is required is it small enough to carry?
-(LW) Legacy Worthy:  If you die, can it be transferred and be usable to someone you care about?

Personal Note:  The above rating system will most certainly vary based on your own comfort zones and skill sets.  But with the time to prepare coming to a close, a look at the Wolf & the Wolfpack’s “Top Ten” may be worth examining….and the winners are…

WG’s DHAP Top 10

1. “How to Sources.” including encyclopedias & boy scout manuals (78).  Folks, I was stunned this finished in first and I did my best to find a way to recount the ratings numbers with a different score.  Didn’t matter, it was high every time, and proved to me that (at least for my purposes) knowledge in a written format is very valuable.  

1(tie). In a tie with “How to Sources” was “GSBC’s” (78).  And in truth I was surprised this one finished so high, but I had to give it a score of 10, in (UB), (MSL), (CB), & (VR) which guaranteed a high score.

2. Water & Water Purification (73).  This came in at came in at #2, no matter how I recounted, or re-rated.  Probably a reasonable rating.

3. Short & Long term food (B.o.B./at home) was another surprise at (71), as I expected it to be #1 above the items sitting in #1 for the moment, and actually #2 as well.  Finding water is bit easier than finding food in a crisis scenario.  The short & long food term differences vary with each person’s skills sets.  Folks who have decent gardening skills can take heirloom seeds (non GMO), and use seeds gathered from the first harvest to be applied to next season’s planting.  Those without those skills best have a good load of “mre’s” on hand (meals ready to eat, military term), which tend to have a 25+ year shelf life (very compact storage as well).  As mentioned in other ‘’ installments, preserving and canning can also be very valuable skills, something common to my parents and grand parents, but lost on today’s “just-in-time” delivery crowd.  I put food (this ratings ranking aside) as a top priority due to the over dependence on the just-in-time delivery system, which is 2 days for most items.  Folks, if things get bad, and the money flow has a few hiccups, don’t expect the deliveries and the shelves to be loaded with food every trip to your grocery mart.

4. First Aid Kit (70), finally a top 10 item that finished about where I expected it to be.

5. Communications (67).  This might have finished higher, but it’s (UB) value was poor, It’s (LC) was terrible, and so was the (EP) rating.  Briefly, the low barter rating is the fact you ain’t likely to be sitting on a huge inventory of these things, and due to their importance, letting them go in barter is not a good option.  In fact, if you have enough units to barter with, you might as well become a communications dealer.

6. Hygiene & Rugged Belt Knife (65).  Both of these makes perfect sense being around the middle of the top 10, as it scores easy 10’s in (SGH), (UB), (MSL), and (LC).  At least that is the way I scored them.  The knife didn’t get a full 10 in (UB) as it is something you probably would not trade.

7. Guns (64), this one is curious, as I expected it to be in the “Top 10”, but with a bit higher rank.  It either scored real high or real low in my ratings categories, not much middle ground.  Regardless of the ranking, personally I would recommend purchase or ownership in this vital area no matter the rating.  By the way, if you ain’t a hunter already, I would recommend chasing number 3 (food), and sticking with protection strategies only in the firearms category.  Guns are expensive, and if things get tough, edible game will be used up by the experienced hunters in very short order.  Late learning curves in hunting will be an effort in futility.

8. Ammo (63), this one being next to guns makes perfect sense.  And in the protection calibers it becomes a very wise purchase.  Once again in my view this item is a must.

9. Power or Alternative Power Sources (59) came in tied with a decent supply of wood for heating (59).  Numbers 31 & 11 in the chart above.

10. Binoculars (58).  Seeing is believing, and comforting.  Even for non-hunting, I would have some “sight-assistance” on hand.

Honorable mention:  Fishing Gear (57), Foot wear (54), & Clothing (54).  I am very surprised foot wear & clothing were not in the “Top 10”, but the fact most people already have a closet filled beyond a 2 day ‘just-in-time’ supply, kept them both out of the top rankings

                                                          Final DHAP Thoughts

Over two years ago, I coined the acronym “WGCIM”, the “Wolf Gray Collapse Importance Meter”..!  The above exercise would seem to fall into that line of thought.  Additionally, nothing described above is cast in stone.  In truth, it should be bent to suit your needs.  It is easy enough to see what is trying to be accomplished with the above rating system.  The above numbers are just a formulation of a simple framework to help you “Survive then Thrive”.  I just took the survival guidelines from some of America’s toughest customers, and put a more civilian theme to it.  Then combined it with the precepts to initiate, and motivate the establishment of a successful thriving family incorporated business entity.

GSBC’s (Gold & Silver Bars & Coins):  For hypothetical simplicity, let’s assume you have all your supply of basic needs well in hand.  Several months worth of food, a good supply of clean water, a reasonable back log of medical supplies, and a long term plan for being able to protect them all, and that’s just to name a few.  So just what would be a good target for accumulating some GSBC’s?  Here are some Wolf Gray theories from the past, and literally ones I have put into practice…..

Some general ratio/balancing ideas:  I would lean towards a larger portion of the total precious metals outlay in silver.  It is very undervalued in relationship to it’s higher valued brother, gold.  In percentage terms I would try to have 75% or more in silver (with a high of say 90%), and the remainder in gold.  I would also accumulate some smaller denominations of gold, like single gram units.  Don’t confine your gold stacking to one ounce coins or larger bar weights.   If silver gathers steam to move into historical equilibrium with the “mined-out-of-ground” numbers, then an ounce of silver could be worth as much or even more than a gram of gold.  Thus owning some smaller units of gold could could be the equal of silver in providing some excellent day to day utility.

Next I want to give an answer with specifics, but not necessarily an answer to the perfect stacking guide.  In 2013 “The Economic Great Ape” mentioned that owning a 1,000 ounces of silver would be a good goal to provide your future needs in a difficult financial environment.  That’s not a bad goal, and it’s a goal that literally, believe it or not, would translate the same way for a rich man or a poor man.   After all, “needs” are not “look at me” items, that’s “wants” you may be thinking of.  “Needs” after all can only be consumed at a humanoid rate.   Theoretically, what I am saying is that whether you are a multi-millionaire with a huge cash stash, or a family man with only 20K to spend, you could still protect a good portion of your future “needs” in an ongoing fiat rejection scenario with two monster boxes of silver (one box equals-500 single ounce coins).  If gold reaches a point that it can back and provide a fair balance sheet for major global trading, then it will have to rise dramatically.  And if silver follows the natural “pull from the ground gold to silver ratios” then 1,000 ounces of silver could accomplish a lot…!!!  


Any shortfalls with your total GSBC accumulations may truly haunt you.  Imagine some point in the near future, where you are forced to admit to yourself that you still have too much of your total asset percentages piled up in useless fiat/debt-based-counter party risk vehicles.  If we exclude the very wealthy, the primary “accumulation” criterion is not how much physical GSBC’s you have in your possession, it is how little you have left over in fiat/debt based notes after completing your exchanges.  Note I have tried my best to not use the words “BUY or COST or PRICE” thus far in this summary….!  WG

In the prior paragraph’s first two sentences I mentioned there was what I perceived to be the proper answer to the accumulation of GSBC’s.  Staying within the confines of a goal of 75% or a little more of total “stacked” assets in silver and 25% or less in gold.  The following are my firm beliefs: ... Accumulate as much of it as you can stand, while keeping a minimal stash of legal tender available to pay your expenses for several months (the several months is your own personal comfort number).  In other words your GSBC accumulation numbers should only be constrained by the limits of your banking stash for the paying of bills with legal tender units.  

I would consider your best go-to source for GSBC accumulation to be the most reputable local retailer you can locate to conduct face to face business.  One that, when you are within certain “exchange” limits, they don’t need your name address and/or first born’s social security number.   It is also my gut feeling that the ability to “exchange” legal tender for these valuable products is drawing nigh, therefore to meet your accumulation goals you might need to do some larger “exchanges” with some other major reputable dealers.  Which is a situation that would necessitate having some of your “exchanges” for real money shipped to you in order to achieve your own personal goals.

There is a reason I am so aggressive with my answer for the accumulation goals for your GSBC stacks.  It’s because you don’t really lose anything to speak of in the “exchange.”   Just remember this analogy: “If you ask for 5 twenty dollar bills to put in your pocket in exchange for a “Benjamin” currently in your pocket, did it cost you any money?”  The obvious answer is “No, you still have $100.00 in your pocket!”  Extrapolating that a bit further, “if you give a “Benjamin” from your pocket to your local coin retailer, and get a gram of gold and 2 or 3 silver eagles in exchange to put in your pocket, did it cost you anything?”  Not really, because you can turn around and give those items back and then very possibly get back your “Benjamin” just like you could if you handed back the 5 twenty(s) for a “Benjamin.”  Note for the sake of accuracy, the actual cost in this $100.00 exchange for the gold and silver in the above example would be something on the order of 6 dollars.  Therefore, the bottom line is ………..

Back up the truck & load up.  Load to a level that will not affect your own preferred safety net for future monthly expenses.  Ground yourself & may I suggest listening to the next music message…!

Back up the truck & load up.  Load to a level that will not affect your own preferred safety net for future monthly expenses.  Ground yourself & may I suggest listening to the next music message…!


              God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
                                  Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, “Q”, ZeroHedge, Dr. Galtung, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, ‘’, Rob Kirby & Chris Martenson & The USA Watchdog, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, David Stockman, The Cars & Big n Rich