The "Not Agreement Capable" Americans and the Great RT/"Russian Facebook Ads" Panic


Hey Rachel Maddow -- no more free parking for U.S. and British diplomats in Russia!

Exceptionalistan is Either Too Stubborn or Stupid to Negotiate:  
The Meaning of "недоговороспособны"

"Not Agreement Capable" (недоговороспособны) is a term Russian diplomats came up with to describe their American counterparts, after each deal in Syria seemingly fell apart during the Obama Administration's lame duck phase, with the Pentagon 'accidentally' bombing Syrian government troops or otherwise sabotaging deconfliction agreements established to fight ISIS. At the rate the media returned to the latest "Russian trolls for Trump" reports, you'd think there were no clean ups going on from two massive hurricanes striking Texas and Florida within the last two weeks, and nothing else of importance going on in the world besides another North Korean missile test.

The problem is that Cold War 2, like the first Cold War which lasted over 40 years, has become an industry that's too lucrative in terms of clicks or potential federal grants to quit. Nevermind if many of its premises like the 'Steele dossier' or 'Russians hacked the DNC' are either saturated with lies or elaborate hoaxes. Poking the Russian bear, or blaming Russia for everything that's deteriorating rapidly with America's global standing, has become an irresistible compulsion. Like an alcoholic or a junkie, Washington and New York's political and media classes cannot stop or they'll go into withdrawals, which they imagine will be fatal.

Former FBI agent and Syria jihadist fanboy turned hunter of Russian trolls Clinton Watts -- would you buy a used car from this man?

Former FBI agent and Syria jihadist fanboy turned hunter of Russian trolls Clinton Watts -- would you buy a used car from this man?

Backfiring: How 'Russia Hacked the Election' Story Reduces Washington's 'Soft Power', by Making the U.S. Government Look Either Inept, Weak or Both

Recently the legacy media seized on an alleged 'confession' made by Vyachislav A. Nikonov (Вячеслав Алексеевич Никонов), the grandson of Stalin's infamous foreign minister Georgy Molotov, on Russia's most watched Sunday night talk show with host Vladimir Solovyov. In sarcastic remarks that did not translate well -- but would've been twisted into an admission of guilt in any case -- Vyachislav Alexeyivich declared that if the U.S. intelligence community's January 2017 assessment regarding Russians 'hacking the election' were true, then the American security services are admitting to be fools who allowed Russia to exert a great influence over the world's most powerful nation. Even the Cold War 2 clickbaiters at The Hill managed to find someone in the ten richest counties per capita in America surrounding Washington D.C. who could fairly translate what Nikonov actually said: 

On a Sunday panel show, a Russian politician said U.S. “intelligence missed it when Russian intelligence stole the president of the United States.”

Vyacheslav Nikonov, a member of the Russian parliamentary body, the Duma, made the remarks on the panel show “Sunday Evening with Vladimir Solovyov.”

The focus of the episode was the decline of U.S. power in the world. In that context, said University of Virginia professor Allen Lynch via email, Nikonov was less stating the extent of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election, and more mocking the resulting chaos as emblematic of U.S. weakness.

“His point in making the remark was that if the U.S. can’t protect the integrity of its own electoral system, then how powerful can it really be?” wrote Lynch.

Mr. Nikonov's point was that either Russia didn't do it, and the FBI/CIA/NSA chiefs have been lying to the world, or alternatively, the Americans are weak and easily bested by Russia's cyber-spies and informational warriors. There is no easy way out position in between these poles of explanation that salvages the CIA/NSA/FBI's reputation for integrity and competency. This is the case despite efforts by journalists' deep state sources and ex-spooks to claim that Russian influence operations this time around exploited the voodoo black magic of social media, unlike back in the good ole days of Radio Moscow and KGB active measures publishing disinfo in obscure newspapers overseas in places like India before it made its way to the U.S.

Even if one questions Mr. Nikonov's honesty and apologetics for his Ribbentrop pact signing Stalinist grandfather, you cannot argue with his logic on #RussiaGate. The U.S. intelligence services cannot proclaim themselves to be the very best in the world at everything but counterintelligence and say in the same breath that Russia 'hacked the election' under their noses. 

New York Times Admits its Sources Lied About Russian Doping, But Trust Em on #TrumpRussia and Russians Posing as Americans on Social Media to Trick YOU

The American deep or we should say derp state of course, wants to explain away its failures with 'but Russians are so danged clever' or 'it was the bots' -- referring to automated trolling and spreading of 'fake news' regarding Hillary Clinton carried out by the dreaded St. Petersburg Internet Research Center aka Kremlinbots HQ. In a long rambling article intended to support the Justice Department's demand that RT America register as a foreign agent under the previously not enforced versus news orgs Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), The New York Times attempted to link RT with the Gerasimov Doctrine, the supposedly new Russian way of hybrid warfare against the minds of gullible westerners. Except there are numerous problems with the article, ranging from the NYT's admission that no one seems to really know how many Americans watch RT much less had their votes influenced by it, to highly professional as well as amateur Russia watchers disputing whether any Gerasimov Doctrine actually exists

The same NYT incidentally, also admitted this week that a great deal of the doping allegations levied against Russian athletes to block them from competing after Russia swept many medals categories in the 2014 Winter Olympiad could not be substantiated. Translation: the Russian competitors were falsely accused (including by some American athletes) of cheating and given the 'out' of competing individually rather than under their national flag for political reasons. In other words, the NYT asks us to 'trust them' and the quality of reporter Scott Shane's sources, who swear those dastardly Russians bought $100,000 worth of Facebook ads during the 2016 election season that The Daily Beast says could've reached as many as 70 million Americans! 

Facebook = Fakebook and Millions Upon Millions of Americans Served with Russian Ads

Of course, The Daily Beast, which has Chelsea Clinton on its board, is citing Facebook marketing specialists who are pulling those numerical estimates out of their rectums. And Facebook itself has a very powerful motivation to suddenly discover this past week, after denying for months that Russians used the platform to interfere in the U.S. election, that lo and behold maybe there were some Rooskies up to no good on FB.

The social media giant was recently caught claiming that its amazing analytics driven advertising could reach more Americans in a certain demographic cohort than actually exist, according to the U.S. Census figures. In other words, it's fraud in, fraud out, and fraud all the way down. Add another potential motive for Facebook suddenly deciding now would be a good time to admit 'the Russians' bought $100k worth of ads, which might as well be pissing in the seas of cash both campaigns spent by the tens to hundreds of millions on their online efforts: rumors that the Zuck himself, Mark Zuckerberg, is plotting a run for the White House in 2020. To this end, Zuck has engaged in suspiciously politician-like photo ops with regular folks in places like South Dakota, the kind of people whom he previously called 'dumb f---ers' for giving his company their personal data to be mined.

As for the horrific, allegedly Russian authored ads designed to make Americans hate Muslim immigrants and love Donald Trump, Facebook refuses to release them, speaking only in general terms about shutting many accounts down for violating its terms of use. The Daily Beast was able to obtain a few examples from the Internet trash heap cache, and the question of whether these ads were actually produced by Russians in Russia or were created somewhere else to justify the 'Russians!' Narrative is on our mind. Certainly in a world where Russian-speaking Ukrainians can be paid good money by local standards to pose as pro-Putin trolls or where non-Americans can pose as members of #TheResistance on Twitter, no one should take the neocon Democrat rag The Beast or any its super secret US IC sources words for it that they've finally found smoking gun evidence of #TrumpRussia collusion.

Nonetheless, the point of these exercises isn't to actually to produce real indictments, at least not of anyone close to President Trump. Nor can anybody show proof of collusion, and thanks to the murky anonymity the Internet affords, any deliberate online links between American Trump supporters and private Russian citizens backing his campaign from abroad. When it comes to the actual number of clicks generated a small group of people in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia may have spread more 'fake news' against Hillary and in support of Trump than anyone in Russia did. 

As our friends Harley Schlanger and LaRouchePAC have documented, what the deep state is trying to do with enthusiastic support from the dying legacy media is cripple Trump's presidency and overturn the 2016 election. Being able to 'link' Russia to the alt-right or even the 'alt-lite' supporters of Trump online like Mike Cernovich or Jack Posobiec would be a bonus, but repeating the allegation of such links over and over is for now, sufficient. For everything else, there's always SJW  hipsters like CJ Michel to claim one Texas secessionist page on Facebook was secretly run by the Russians and is proof of their vast efforts to propagandize Americans...

The fact that the German Marshall Fund (GMF), a foreign government funded think tank, is now paying Americans to accuse fellow Americans of being dupes for Russian misinformation is one of the ironies of globalism. So too, is the deep state demanding RT America register under FARA while curiously omitting CCTV, Al-Jazeera, France24, DeutscheWelle, or for that matter Her Majesty's BBC from the same requirement, as all receive taxpayer funds to put out messages supportive of their respective governments agendas in the United States. And why the FARA exemption (at least thus far) for the Brookings Doha center and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) funded think tanks in Washington D.C. that testified to (read: lobbied) Congress in support of the 'moderate' Syria jihadist cause? One of those think tanks taking Gulf money may very well have been Clint Watts employer, the Philadelphia-based Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI). But the tables have yet to be turned on many members of the #TrumpRussia crowd, over their own ties to foreign governments or 'moderate' Syria jihad frontmen that need explaining to the American public if not the FBI and Congress.

Where Do U.S.-Russia Relations Go From Here?

Unfortunately for the foreseeable future, what all of this means is that the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Kremlin and most of the Russians political class have written Washington off as an asylum dominated by lunatic Russophobia. The hopes of November through April 2017's Tomahawk cruise missile strike on Al-Shayrat (based on falsified intelligence) are gone. Constructive agreements, such as a they are, are only possible out of the limelight, thus far mostly between the U.S. and Russian militaries in Syria.

Diplomacy will continue to rely on the good faith between Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his counterpart Sergey Lavrov, even as Tillerson finds himself under constant pressure from Russia hawks and neocons within Foggy Bottom and their allies on Capitol Hill like Sens. John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC). The deep state, with its constant leaks of flimsy or perhaps fraudulent intel on the Russians designed to stoke tensions and keep the clickbait headlines going are also pressuring the Administration from without against any detente with Russia. From within, however, there are numerous deep staters and leakers sabotaging the White House which Trump accepted as part of compromises his former adviser Steve Bannon admitted to, in a recent interview with Charlie Rose about 'draining the swamp'.

In addition to the strong likelihood Tillerson won't last to the end of Trump's four year term before resigning, there's also the United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, who as a staunch neocon seems to undercut Tillerson or her nominal boss in the Oval Office's positions on Russia with impunity. As Russia Insider says sarcastically, Ms. Haley should  be running a hotel front desk or a Waffle House somewhere in South Carolina, not American foreign policy at the UN. Yet the trend of the U.S. being represented by warmongering valkyries at Turtle Bay (like Haley's predecessor Samantha Power) continues, rendering the often useless (from Moscow's perspective) for upholding international law.

However, despite Exceptionalistan's Russia psychosis, triggered by growing awareness of onrushing mortality for Anglo-American globalism, Moscow is moving on. The Russians are pushing a UN peacekeepers plan, with Germany's support, to neutralize the Donbass as an instrument of escalation via Ukraine's NATO-trained military. Moscow is drawing the Turks away from the NATO alliance, via arms sales and trade concessions -- though Ankara didn't need much encouragement with Washington (in)directly arming its Kurdish PKK enemies. Those supposedly 'isolated for their aggression against Ukraine' Russians are hosting the Prime Minister of Japan for trade discussions in Vladivostok, brokering talks between the two Koreas while Washington talks war, inviting the Saudi King to visit Moscow in October, and urging the Eurasian Economic Union and EAEU partners, the BRICS and 'BRICS plus' (which includes regional manufacturers Mexico and Thailand) to dump the dollar faster.

What's so dangerous about this course is that it creates a feedback loop. The faster the dollar gets dumped in trade, the more desperate to provoke Russia the U.S. deep state will become. Could such desperation lead to a step beyond proxy warfare, of the type we've already seen in Syria and Ukraine, where U.S. proxies have been respectively defeated and stalemated by Moscow's allies? Would it lead to open hostilities or at least some desperate gambit that pushes the two sides of Cold War 2 to the brink of a hot war?

Mercifully, the Russian leadership is aware of this dynamic, and is striving to keep diplomatic back channels -- which the Obama Administration and deep state sought to criminalize or at least scandalize -- open. It is upon those back channels, as well as sanity prevailing among U.S. allies like Germany and Japan steaming away from the Anglo-American deep state's sinking ship -- that the hopes of peace loving people around the world rest. As for the imperial homeland, it is just going to have to experience what other nations have, good and hard, before enough Americans wake up to the costs and sorrows of empire to finally end it.