Spread The Word, The Perfect Stagflation Hurricane Has Landed! Because It Can, Because It Was Predestined To!

Per the academic style dudes in the link below we get this version of the definition of "Stagflation" ....


A condition of slow economic growth and relatively high unemployment – economic stagnation – accompanied by rising prices, or inflation, or inflation and a decline in Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Stagflation is an economic problem defined in equal parts by its rarity and by the lack of consensus among academics on how exactly it comes to pass.

Do I detect a bit of western egocentric slant to the lines above?  "Stagflation is an economic problem defined in equal parts by its rarity and by the lack of consensus among academics on how exactly it comes to pass."   Come-on-man!  The first line nailed it pretty close, but the one in bold in the prior sentence is a bunch of excuse making by over-bloated, egocentric, know-nothing westerners.

Since it is obviously a US westerner is writing this definition courtesy of "Investopedia," let's indulge them with what appears to be some accuracy....... check this out ......

Usually, when unemployment is high, spending declines, as do prices of goods. Stagflation occurs when the prices of goods rise while unemployment increases and spending declines.

This is a nice reaffirmation of the first sentence in the prior excerpt, but hold your horses, it's the visual that is about to get very murky, if not down right bazaar........

Theories on the Causes of Stagflation
There are two main theories on what causes stagflation. One theory states that this economic phenomenon is caused when a sudden increase in the cost of oil reduces an economy's productive capacity. Because transportation costs rise, producing products and getting them to shelves gets more expensive and prices rise even as people get laid off.
Another theory is that the confluence of stagnation and inflation are results of poorly made economic policy. Simply allowing inflation to go rampant, and then suddenly snapping the reigns on inflation is one example of poor policy that some have argued can contribute to stagflation, while others cite harsh regulation of markets, goods, and labor combined with allowing central banks to print excessive amounts of money are cited as another possible cause of stagflation.

There is a keen bit of oversight in the above two theories of causation.   First, if you can't come up with anything else just tie it to a historical example, like the 1970's (been there and lived through it as a young adult).  Nothing wrong with that on the surface of the explanation, but it is my view that those sorts of system bound answers are terribly short sighted, and arrogant!!!!!  I will explain that last item in the "Final Thoughts" segment, but I can reassure you it ain't just oil.  What superficial crap.  And the second item in the excerpt describing the above set of theories bows at the alter of the excuse making super thug, "The System."  Yeah, yeah, that's it.  It's the governments fault, we didn't do anything wrong, we're the good guys.  More detail in the "Final Thoughts" segment.

Once again the definition is bound by the system, and some superb levels of passing the buck.  A.K.A "excuse making."  Western excuse making that is!   As pointed out in prior installments we are in stagflation.  Name the industry, and I can almost guarantee you will uncover a case for overcapacity, a hallmark characteristic that runs hand in hand with stagflation.  It is my belief we are headed into a period of stagflation that will, no pun intended, feel like a long drawn out ”Hurricane!"  The events of the 70's will look like a "tune-up" compared to the big event coming to the shores of US residents.  And though "oil/dollar devaluation" might just be one of the most substantial physical components of this event, history will soon show they pale in comparison to the true culprits.   More in the "Final Thoughts"  ..... First let's treat ourselves to some amusement in the news …….

                                                         News For Your Entertainment

Yep, many times it is just pure entertainment, no real substance in sight, so check out this bit of comic relief….

I have no clue who the guy is in the above video, but he made the headline pages of some of the better economic/business/geopolitical news sources.  And thanks to conservative leadership not stepping forward and delivering the truth about the economy, as promised, this guy’s excellent parody is not just a wish of comedy, but it is message bathed in accuracy.

I could have sworn someone stated that this El-Erian guy had deep Cabal connections, but was anti-Cabal.  With that in mind, and just for our amusement, it is hard to buy that one with the following headline in view…….


Next up we have some information from Dr. Paul Craig Roberts formerly a member of “Team Reagan” … Please note the article is good, but I am drawing on only a portion of it to stay in tune with WG’s proposed tenor within the first few news segments, which was aimed at being somewhat light hearted…….


This excerpt is one of the final paragraphs, though all of the closing statements were interesting, this one really caught my imagination.....

An International Court To Preserve Life On Earth needs to be assembled. The US government and the war interests it serves need to be indicted and prosecuted and disarmed before their evil destroys life on earth. PCR

Yeah, that's right!  If we could just get a Navy that could out maneuver a freight carrying vessel.  And shifting rapidly from comedy to hard truth realities, “Dollar defense ain’t what it used to be folks….!”

My anti-US economic rants are clearly in error, just check out the next link …….. As you try to take in the following statistical farce.  Just wait till you see the Joe Rogan interview further below with Peter Schiff highlighting the same views hammered in much of the prior Wolf Gray installments…….


Nothing like adding debt to the plus side of the GDP ledger, I know redundant, but practice within the primary message makes perfect.  Getting little more serious, the following news release, if accurate, is very important for a paper based society……


Hartford Connecticut ain’t noted for being an industrial mecca, it is noted for financial products.   As is the entire state of Connecticut, which per prior installments is in the same boat.  We might be witnessing the first serve on the “state’s collapsing finances..!”

In the next link “the international man,” Doug Casey, seems to indirectly be on the same page as ole’ WG.  Farming with natural products as the primary goal, not GMO crap, will provide great opportunities for “Real Americans” once the rebuilding process is well underway.  Please note, it is my view, that the smoking of this product ain’t the only delivery method to receive possible benefits.  In fact I suspect the surface has yet to be truly scratched..!


Uh oh, the next two headlines may be contesting the GDP headline numbers in the link above.  In truth, who cares.  It is all a telegraphed ruse for anyone with common sense, and with their eyes wide open hunkering down ready to eventually pounce on the next honest business opportunity ……  Just more useful evidence ….



Boy, this next link makes one ask why would a disrespected organization like this one come out with this attempt at the truth at this juncture?


And for the advancement of the WG implied storyline in this installment’s title, check out the next link….. Hmm, I think I heard the importance of this “high inventory to sales ratio” statistic many installments ago, and the evidence in the link below adds further credence to this theory …..


Though the following interview by Chris Martenson with James Howard Kunstler does not add direct evidence of this hurricane, anyone who can connect the economic dots realize it is loaded with intel that leads to proof of this stagflation.  Just recall the definition in the intro, and then you can connect the dots from the interesting interview below:  

A condition of slow economic growth and relatively high unemployment – economic stagnation – accompanied by rising prices, or inflation, or inflation and a decline in Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Stagflation is an economic problem defined in equal parts by its rarity and by the lack of consensus among academics on how exactly it comes to pass. …..

Please note that Kunstler may be a bit more liberal than ole’ WG, but his wisdom is still worthy of paying attention to regardless of the color of the political stripe.  In fact, common sense business with a foundation of honest money, has no political stripes ……

@7:20 ... Kunstler says the system dynamics are running things, and the people in charge aren't changing anything in a positive direction.  In Kunstler's opinion, the energy issues are destroying most of the industrial economic issues cloaked in a culture of lies.  I guess most of us can't argue with that one....

@10:55 ... We are in a version of energy system organ failure, and both Chris and James are in agreement, we aren't creating viable solutions in the energy sectors.  Might I add the key is, with a visionary level of business insight.  Meaning we should be at the cusp of innovation "All the Damned Time."  It is just business, and it is called "R & D" .... "Research & Development" .... Any business that plans on being viable for several generations has to have a "R & D" department that is on the move, giving the ultra important "Sales & Marketing" Teams something to do.  Technical innovation, or “R&D” in the energy and defense sectors is an absolute must if society is to maintain it’s standard of living.  What’s that noise I hear?  Oh it’s tankers & freighters making mincemeat of US destroyers.   Bubble blowing, is the western EGO’s answer to most problems, ain't working.

@ 15:30 ... Thus far answers like Elon Musk's phony financed business have no real merit.  Chris says the US is delusional and looks like a patient in a mid-life crisis, especially in regards to their current and future conditions. I like that explanation.  Discussions of hard drugs like opium vs. cannabis follow, and how one is legal and the other is laughably illegal.  So true, so true.  

@ 19:39 .. They both get a laugh out of the garbage that comes out of the msm, and out of the part-time incorrect alternative media, the garbage being the constant rant that "we in the US are number 1 ...!"   Of note, this is coming from a guy that is somewhat more liberal than WG, yet he is hammering the liberal media outlets.

WG Disclosure/Rant: The alternative right media should really not be labeled as a source for "conservative alternative right media."  Sources like Rush Limbaugh, or Faux News, and even Infowars to some degree are just media sources of income that play successfully to the masses within the Hegelian Dialectic (see 06/2017 installment).  For the record, that does not mean that the last 3 mentioned media sources don't have some good intel.  But you will not catch me hanging on their every word on a regular basis.  Getting back to Chris and James, and their discussion about bad behavior, as you would expect I think they are avoiding the root cause, E = MCd(squared) (see last installment).  "EGO" supplementation by any means possible.  For the last several decades, and at least in the USA, it's evolved into an EGO on a debt binge. A requirement in order to continue the “PPS,” paper ponzi scheme, thanks to losing sight of the value of offering our trading partners real solutions and real products.   I love the excuse makers caught in the "equivalency rackets" (these two guys didn't make excuses, btw), "well it ain't just us WG, the whole world has gone debt crazy....!"  Yeah, but there is a problem Mr. Wizard, it's a binge primarily supplemented via the reserve currency king of debt, and who is that?  The US is the ring leader, and ring leading abuser.  That is why our global trading partners have sought honest business alternatives for quite some time, and very successfully ... as we all know.  And we aren’t talking about “fly by night” outfits looking elsewhere …Hello EAEU, the Eurasian Economic Union...!  Disclosure/rant over....

@ 20:54 ... Several solutions to the US's problems are discussed prior to this segment, but this one part got my attention with respect to the higher education system.  "Less guys & gals will be going to college."  I couldn't agree more, and James is right, especially back when I went to school, as it was considered an experience, and not a right.  He called it an elite experience, which I would say was not a good choice of words, but I think the message in general is correct.   Kunstler, in my view, is correct. The higher numbers of people into the college system is fueling a fantasy.  Might I add, it’s fantasy that is supplemented with an over bloated "EGO" that says everyone is a winner, and college makes you a winner.   All total 'bs'.... Additionally, I disagree with the next statement regarding the idea that we fell for the false idea that we just need to get into the junior college or community college systems and we can become everything/anything we wanted to be.  The game now is to grab a fist full of debt and go for a full 4 year degree, not the minor leagues of higher education.  The major college/university system is filled with fantasy futures that will not come to fruition. 

@ 27:30 ... Kunstler mentions higher education aged individuals need to look into vocations that provide real value and services to the surrounding community.   And that does not mean a higher education degree is a necessity.  Amen to that one.

@ 29:48 ... Merging with prior installments and the rapidly declining EROI thesis (energy return on investment), we in the US have sold ourselves on the belief that the debt fueled failure in the shale oil business will save the day.  Listen to the cultural explanations offered up has to how the wool has been pulled over the eyes of the US investing world with respect to the falling EROI.   I couldn't help but think, yep, you two are probably right, and it means what?  A beat down is the only thing that will clear the slate and get us that much closer to proper forms of exchange with "honest weights and measures."  And "TIME" once again comes to the fore, with this mantra, "THE SOONER THE BETTER."  Of note in this segment, Kunstler thinks we are nearing a climax, or you could use my line, "the beat down."

@ 34:00 ... Kunstler thinks Trump will be the designated bag holder of the US failing economy.  Both think Trump will not make it through his whole term.  Not so sure about that one.  Wolf Gray prediction: that will only happen, if it officially were to happen, when the total beat down is recognized, and officially announced by the alt media and the 'msm.'  Please note it has "ALREADY" happened for eyes that are open, but the slap in your face announcements via the media outlets have yet to materialize.  Just my theories, btw.

@ 38:00 ... A beat down of our man John McPain ensues.  We at RM have already done that in it’s entirety over and over, so no explanations are necessary.

@ 39:05 ... Kunstler and Martenson feel the US is culturally at a low point along the sine-cosine curve of understanding what the hell is going on, and we are about to get that wake up call.  I agree, let's get on with it though so we can get to the rebuild.  WG Theory:  We were thrown the delicious bread of EGO filling material bobbles, pulling our attention away from the truths that surrounded us.  Also note how these guys beat up on the medical rackets, and how an honest form of food growth in the farming industries will be a "potential" bright spot for the future.  Once again, affirmation of a Wolf Gray's odds on favorite for a profitable form of future business for those new age industrious entrepreneurs.  The rebuild could be good if the clowns would get out of the way and let it happen naturally, which means don’t try and stop the inevitable beat down.  Again, and quite obviously the first step, or the first domino to trigger a rebuild is a return of an honest form of weights and measures for transaction purposes in business. 

@ 46:10 ... Here Chris offers up a really meaningful question....... Can you keep compounding your claims (keep in mind debt is implied here via the mention of claims) on the future forever?  Chris rightly answers, "No!"  Can you do it at twice the rate that the economy is growing?  He answers once again, "No!"   Note I would like to have heard him add, especially when the claimed growth is via questionable forms of government debt, thus the claims/debts as measured against growth are probably at rate far more than double.

@ 47:09 ... Kunstler feels we are going into a major change, and he feels it will go into a world made by hand.  I agree for one reason: the health requirements will lead to western societies getting back to the simple natural methods of supplementation of the primary "NEEDS" of life, with "WANTS" going to the back of the class.  This necessitates a reminder of something my homeopathic wizard friend, Dr. Manfred Mueller said to me, "WG the most important thing in life is your health.  Without it, the other things don't matter very much."   He is right, and via the WG theory that "life finds a way," we will be forced to get it right, be it now or the next century, it will right itself.  Let's get on with it....!

@ 51:00 ... Note the interesting view that we have no "on the ground news" reported from abroad like we had over several decades ago.  Hey, I have a theory on that. If we saw what the "EAEU" was currently up to, then we in the USA would possibly set the hand-held devices aside and start sharpening the pitch forks and torches.  It would invite an inadvertent attack on the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) and their primary form of ponzi schemes, DEBT. for unnecessary “wants” based products…!

As a lead to the “Stagflation Hurricane” subject matter check out the winds behind this reserve currency debt truth bomb…….


Regardless of the lies being told, the US economy is in a backed up toilet, and their ain't any plumbers in sight.  Based on the charts in the above link, I guess the world’s movers and shakers wisely decided they won't accept US paper as a form of payment to unclog the crap in the toilet …… Note this excerpt from Mr. Steve St. Angelo ……

This is exactly what happened today.  Not only do we have a threat of a Nuclear incident with N. Korea, but Houston is dealing with epic flooding from 4-5 feet of rain, while the U.S. Government is about to hit a wall with the debt ceiling issue.  Those three factors would have caused the markets to sell off considerably 5-10 years ago.  Again, according to the chart above, it doesn’t seem to matter how much negative news there is in the economy, the markets have to continue higher or remain elevated, or else the entire house of cards comes down. SsA

Personally the world's reserve currency nonsense is meaningless.  What does the title matter if no one will accept it, or at least accept it at it's current artificial value?  I have the answer, maybe the left can keep arguing about Trump, and Trump supporters can keep complaining about the left.  Say what you will, but the PPPTB with the likes of Soros are pretty good at their craft....... Keeping the majority of the citizenry focused on total 'bs,' while they get rich and the "Titanic" dollar ship keeps taking on water.  I hate to say it but the bad guys are pretty good at what they do, at least in one venue.  USA, USA, USA, Blind EGO, EGO, EGO....

                                             The Stagflation Hurricane Has Landed

Time to get into the stagflation definition provided in the intro to this installment: economic growth and relatively high unemployment – economic stagnation.   Let’s introduce some supporting evidence with the help of a famous guy in the USA.  He will provide the perfect product for feeding a western version of the “Stagflation Hurricane!” 



The meat of this video’s subject has been harped on for months now in prior installments.  That being said, the video clip and interview at the beginning of this link from ‘realclearpolitics.com’ is excellent, thanks to it’s supporting video evidence.  But, but, but ......

@ 6:46 ... Something even more dangerous than the lies in the first 6 plus minutes of the video comes to the fore.  The primary western motivator.   "EGO feeding," a disease in the USA, and it is likely the primary reason for the lies that have to be continued in order to keep the ponzi schem alive for just a few more minutes (recall the interview above from Kunstler & Martenson).  The candidate, while outside the system's matrix, used the truth to his advantage, but once in the employ of the system a different story emerges. 

Of note, a Wolfpack associate said, "WG you are right the lies are very, very obvious, but just like your message not being heard by most in the western world, maybe he figures there is no reason crapping us out when he needs to just be around to help with the rebuild.  No one would listen to that sort of message.  Thus the truth would only muddy the possible positive attitudes needed for the rebuild to come."  My friend is a sharp canine and has a possible valid point.  But…….

That said, I think it would have been a better course of action to stick to the truth right out of the starting gates.  Thus allowing potential increase to the rolls of the "Real Americans" with necessary preparations in hand prior to the "Needs" based beat down.   Truth from that high a podium would have had true impact.  In this case I suspect when using that old saying, "better late than never,” this time around it will just be, "LATE!"

Just maybe ego feeling is an addiction, like a cell phone and it’s cool apps.  In fact, maybe someone besides me will harp on this stuff, my prior 3 plus years of ranting seems to fall on deaf ears.  Wait a second, check out the following link from Charles Hugh Smith, and just note the bold wording in the article…… and while you do that keep these two words in the back of your minds…… “Ego Feeding!”   The ultimate supplement for maintaining a massive ponzi scheme built on lies, and in keeping with this installment’s subject, blindly feeding the “Stagflation Hurricane!” (more in a second)


Next up some help from Steve St. Angelo once again, which is no surprise since the ‘investopedia’ definition harped on oil’s ties to the development of stagflation.  Note the following link…..


The first two sentences of this interesting article from Steve St. Angelo say a mouthful as regards the US Sixpack mental state of mind:

The four-decade long monopoly of the U.S. Petro-Dollar as the world’s reserve currency is coming to an end.  Unfortunately, most Americans have no clue that when the Dollar loses its reserve currency status, life will get a lot tougher living in the U.S. of A. SsA

Most readers will recognize that nothing is new there, but the first sentence's meaning is "because they, the EAEUthe Eurasian Economic Union now can," and the second is because we let them.  Because it can, right from the installment title. We let it, and it is now predestined.  But let's dig further past these sorts of repeat story lines from the alternative media (myself as well).  The US treasury complex is falling, or the dollar is on it's way down and even possibly out, or hyper-import-inflation with a timely intro from stagflation is on the horizon.  Instead, let's evaluate this article with a look into the time-line business of the “Chicken or the Egg."  A Chicken or. the Egg story that guarantees the accuracy in the deeper meanings in this installment's title, at least for anybody with their eyes open......  and once again folks, it's just business........ Note the following excerpt from the above article from Mr. St. Angelo .....

The pressure on the U.S. Treasury 10-year repo market is likely a reaction to what came out of the annual BRICS summit in China yesterday,  According to the article, Escobar Exposes Real BRICS Bombshell: Putin’s “Fair Multipolar World” Where Oil Trade Bypasses The Dollar:   SsA

First, I slightly disagree with this statement as it would imply a measure of logic to the markets, a baseline if you will, and in particular with respect to the debt markets.  As we all know, there is no logic to the western markets, no supply, no demand.  But that said, the recent BRICS summit in China was an impressive signal that the west is drowning in a debt decline, with no life rafts in sight.  Note the singular nature (in bold) of the previous sentence.  The “all's clear” sign for being overt about steering clear of the US dollar failure and in particular the petrodollar failure were on stage, in what the Wolf calls the most significant business meeting in recent memory.  The Moscow business summit, conveniently (purposefully) scheduled prior to this summer's G20 meeting.  Hold steady, these events will be tied into the “Stagflation Hurricane” in the “Final Thoughts” segment…..

Chicken or Egg, the BRICS summit in China "or" the prior meeting in Moscow.....?  For those paying attention, it doesn't matter.  The argument over the Chicken or the Egg and the chronology is a pointless endeavor.   Make no mistake about it, the meeting in Moscow was a coming out party letting the world know, "You're going down in unilateral/isolation flames, and we ain't hiding it anymore.  And as for the rest of you out there, come join us In the growing multi-polar business community."  If you doubt this logic I encourage you review the following link, if you haven't already, just scroll down to the picture of Xi & Putin and note the plainly obvious.  And if you really want energy specifics, then skip down to the 49:00 mark and note the Rosneft tidbit.  They are setting up shop jointly, and it is as in your face as you can get.  Redundant, WG, redundant.  Yeah, but I smell a change in tactics, and a lack of fear for dumping a bully’s paper handiwork, “Stagflation Hurricane” anyone……?


In fact, damn right it's redundant, and that is because the time is running out, the "in-your-face" deals are just about done, and it's just business.  And if you reside in the west and refuse to see it, don't read any further because I am about to insult your cowardice.   This is as real as it gets.  OK back to business analysis......Note this excerpt from the ever intrepid Steve St. Angelo.......

This announcement by Putin that oil trade should by-pass the Dollar came a few days after China announced that they plan to start trading oil on their Shanghai Exchange in Yuan, which will be backed by gold.  While we have heard for years that China was going to back their currency or trade with gold, we now see actual plans to start implementing it sometime this year. SsA

Chicken or Egg .... China and oil trade in yuan vs the 49:00 minute mark of the "US Business Isolation........" link above.  Once again, it doesn't matter if you reside in the west, and in particular the USA as the outcome is the same, actually on-going, in-your-face, and soon to slap you in the face.......  The importance of which is, why now?  Because they can, and because they can safely now.   Seen any tug boats, freighters, and tankers embarrassing US naval ships on the high seas lately?   And if you don't understand that those events have to do with business, USA style, then you are asleep, distracted by the msm noise and your cell phone apps. 

WG Chronological Rant: Dollar defense, it's our only business option as we lost our sovereignty (see prior installments) when we went further down the path of promoting debt even more routinely as a solution, a solution that was growing rapidly off our shores, no real business in sight.   Next up came .... The real power of the US, the ESF came out of the closet, at least for those that are awake.   Cue the "Triple Headed Hydra" which cranked up the US’s home based bubble blowing machinery in 1999 (to avoid redundancy see prior installments for clarity), "wants" pushed "needs" aside.  Cue the EGO, which started pushing common sense aside.  So ya think I am full of crap, heh?  Think it ain't about dollar defense, heh?  Think it ain’t about trying to hide from the incoming paper storms, heh?  Think it ain’t about keeping that dark money alive,  heh?  What's that you say, Mr. President?  We need to stop the opioid epidemic?  Yeah right, then why not burn down the 90+% supplier Afghanistan?  Curious isn't it?  It goes from a 20-30% world supplier prior to US action 16 years ago, to a 90+% today.  And what did the Tweeter-n'-chief do?   He doubled down on stupidity ... The Russian Analyst said it best in the article below…….  End of Rant


The Wolf’s sense of smell detects something even more sinister in hiding, a “Stagflation Hurricane,” as it would appear King Dollar defense techniques are in deep deep trouble.  BTW, the RM team lit up the email airways on the subject In James’s article, but some of the conversation wasn't so polite.  Example: "He got his marching orders and executed them like a good boy."  You can guess who said that.

Stagflation by devaluation of the world’s reserve currency:  Getting back to the business described by Mr. St. Angelo, hmm, Saudi Arabia is heading east.  Indeed, already factored in many installments ago, along with the US fracking business not being worthy of long term money, as it is just another "Up-front debt funded, run and gun bull shit business model, in failure mode with no long term pricing power."  And btw, I am tired of hearing people tell me, "No way WG, the price of oil will just have to go up in order to survive."  Wrong, not this time.  This time it will more likely be described by another basic business phenomena, "pricing yourself out of the market." 

Market price impediments are as follows: the kingdom of Saudi Arabia's option for profit are now dying.  They are forced to keep pumping liquid energy as it is their only "legit" income, and as we all know “pumping like mad” is hardly a rising price friendly feature.  Or the fact that Iran is on line and firing on all cylinders, or even more importantly the former biggest buyer, the USA, can't afford the bill.  Is it any surprise that Saudi Arabia is heading east?  It's just business, it's just survival.  Note a bigger picture item will be hit on in a second, along with a hard hitting redundancy business review.  Steve St. Angelo .......

Furthermore, additional evidence suggests that the U.S. Shale oil industry will NEVER be able to pay back its debt or let’s say, the overwhelming majority of its debt.  Thus, the U.S. shale oil industry was never a commercially viable enterprise from day one.  The insane business model of funding the drilling of shale oil wells by taking investor money that will never be paid back is another version of the famous PONZI SCHEME.
The announcement by China that it will start trading oil in Yuan backed by gold is the death-knell of the U.S. Petro-Dollar system.  As Saudi Arabia and the U.S. shale oil industry continues to disintegrate under the strain of lower oil prices, this will be the icing on the cake that pushes the Petro-Dollar system over the cliff. SsA

It is a part of business history, and it can't be rewritten.  It can only be corrected via proper pre-planning for a rebuild in the future.  It has been a long standing Wolf Gray business thesis that the time lapse between the macro and micro business events will disintegrate as the on the ground pain for dollar bound Sixpacks comes a knockin'.  That time is here, as very few reputable business wizards deny the fact that the characteristics of stagflation are evident in the USA.  Stagflation in this case caused primarily by a hurricane of incoming paper piled onto an Ego debt binge.  Rising oil prices, if they ever materialize, will just be a late party participant in the US’s “Stagflation Hurricane Party!”

BTW: My guess is not even the force of multiple hurricanes will sustain raised oil/gas prices.  The reason is simple, we are running on empty, and it ain't our gas tanks, it's our debt tanks........ Debt tanks being exposed along with an overindulged ego, the recipes for the causes of a super “Stagflation Hurricane” …. Our dollar support solution tanks are running on empty …..

The major business summits highlighted above, once again, screamed that the paper floods are coming.  Need more proof?  In the next link provides evidence of more fuel to the “Stagflation Hurricane”


The closing paragraph from the above link, is not from some 3rd world piss-ants, so please review it for a reality check if you will……

In early July, Russian President Vladimir Putin and China’s leader Xi Jinping agreed to continue consultations on a wider use of national currencies in mutual payments and investments. Negotiations on the use of national currencies in bilateral trade have also been discussed with India, Iran, Turkey. SN

Interesting isn’t it, an early July date highlighted in the above link from ‘sputniknews.com.’   And just what was it that happened in early July?  How about one hell of a major business summit conveniently positioned just prior to the G20 meeting.   As noted in a prior installment: “US Business Isolation ……”   Ignoring the “Stagflation Hurricane” in progress, will be at your own peril…..!   Are you waiting for an engraved invitation?  If so check this out ……


Who needs Dick Tracy or Sherlock Holmes, or WG to connect these dots, a blind fool could do it.   Unless his or her ego got in the way…..!

Who needs Dick Tracy or Sherlock Holmes, or WG to connect these dots, a blind fool could do it.   Unless his or her ego got in the way…..!


                                               Stagflation Hurricane Final Thoughts

There almost appears to be a planned effort to accelerate the King Dollar’s collapse.  And it is obviously inspiring key members of the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union) to pick up their feet on separating themselves from the toxic currency of the world, “The US Dollar.”  The question remains, “why accelerate things now, why create a hurricane of incoming paper for the US Sixpacks to absorb?”  Additionally, why would the PPPTB (Paper Pushing Powers that Be) do specific overt things (overt for those with eyes wide open) that would cause this outcome?  Are they stuck within the same playbook, using ill advised illegal operations like threats and intimidations to accomplish their goals?  Are they too arrogant and rigid to change their play-books, or did they realize they were too deep into the game to effect a useful change, thus deciding to stick with the dumb arsed game plan?  They appear to be pushing the accelerator to failure, but why now?  The easy answer within the US is that they hate Trump and want to bury him under the failure.  I guess the “why” gets back to the subject implied in the title, because “It/they” can, and Trump is just a convenient side show.

Real Life Hypothetical:  Just imagine many of your (you/your being a Russian or Chinese mover & shaker) more important natural resource clients coming to your office and stating that the “vig” on the transactions via the current form of accepted payments is just too costly, since it also comes with the high price of death.  Additionally they ask, can you provide us an effective alternative while giving us cover from the aggressive nature of the current “transactional bully?”  Which politely means, will you have the cajones to move to another form of payment system?  This stuff is pretty damned simple, isn’t it?  First you need a fairly healthy enforcer coupled with a partner that has the deep pockets needed to effect an alternative form of insurance or banking reserves.  This ain’t just hypothetical, recall the prior installment’s review of the excellent public article from Dr. Jim Willie with references to a new payment system coming into view for a key natural resource, “oil!”  

Once again, if you are looking for a seminal moment that almost anyone with an eye for business could understand, then the Moscow business summit prior to this past summer’s G20 meeting should have caught your eye.  Sorry WG, they can’t pull this off against the USA…!   Hmm, I hear crashing US battle ship hulls on the open seas in the background, in an attempt to defend the dollar.  And that is what is afoot on the high seas.  Any questions????????  Gun boat diplomacy is standing down, taking a back seat to a new energy support system.  Enter Russia with their quality energy delivery systems, creating cost effective business solutions with no weapons in sight, yet!  This is business, good business.  The old king and it’s dilapidated methods are gone.  The only sound of violence is the crunching of gunboat diplomacy thugs as they are sent packing.  But another sound of violence can be heard and it is in the form of hurricane force paper deliveries, with stagflation in tow……….

The pre-G20 meeting in Moscow was the ultimate, “nonviolent,” in-your-face statement that said, we are going forward with the replacement your overrated business systems …. “Because now we Can, your failure was predestined by over inflated egos!”   I hate to keep harping on this, but if you have any doubts of this concept, please take the time to review the 7/12 installment that highlights in detail this momentous business meeting.  A meeting that highlights everything you need to know about the formation of a new business structure that will affect everyone on a worldwide basis.  Why now?  Because they can, and because it is being made easy for them to do so due to our own cognitive dissonance inspired by giant egos…..!

Folks, this stuff, at least if your eyes are open, is as in-your-face as it could possibly be.  Amazingly, the US’s overcapacity stagflation news isn’t even hidden by the msm in a variety of key industrial sectors like autos.  I suspect the western definitions of stagflation and it’s theoretical causes, will soon be totally rewritten. ………..

The Ego’s voracious appetite for “Wants” required rising levels of debt to be satisfied, and current consumption levels when frozen in time could never be large enough for the future.  Now the debt holder is calling the debtor for some of their money.  The numbers are staggering, and they are staggering enough to create a “Stagflation Hurricane” for the resident debtors.   Why will it happen?  It is already, but to further the explanation, it is because it is now time.  It is because they can very easily, with a acceptable level of safety, and in the eyes of the eastern leadership it was predestined.

This reminds me of some advice from mama Wolf Gray, lending a helping hand to young WG as he was trying to deal with his first true heartbreaking “supposed teenage love loss.”   …………  Mama WG, “WG, until you find someone who you can marry, someone who truly loves you, you have to avoid the game.  In this game girls are way ahead of guys, and they are in control.  Some of them actually enjoy stringing your along, and then dropping you, just to see how much control they have over you.  Don’t be mean, just don’t act like you can’t live without them.  Your only option is to take care of yourself and not play their games.”  WG, “Why is it that way?”   Mama WG, “Because they can, because that is the way it is.  For now, you need them more than they need you.  They are in control, and they can call the shots!   Additional connection to be made below……..

The “Stagflation Hurricane” now appears to be predestined, why?  We the people went to sleep, and the ponzi scheme pros went to work, “Because they could!”  What goes around comes around though, and the powerhouses from the east are calling the shots, why?  Because in order to survive they had to, but the timing is such that they can now do so, and do so with great ease.  Why?   Because, the USA is the absolute unchallenged historical champion of farming out huge portions of their debt outside their supposed sovereign borders.   And this very fact will come into play in the next two paragraphs.

Mrs. WG got angry with me when I said the coming manmade paper hurricane with attached stagflation will be far more devastating than the individual natural hurricanes coming to the US shores.  She said how can I make that statement (Wolf Grayette living in south Fla caused her anger at me)?  

Simple.  Most people can say with some degree of confidence that a natural hurricane event wasn’t their faults, and that the sun will shine eventually.  Portions of that same reality will not exist when the world’s reserve currency and it’s debt trappings fail to deliver instant affordable “Needs” based remedies.   In the manmade “Stagflation Hurricane,” the heart/soul will suffer in shame and the over bloated EGO with no where to hide will crash, plus the time frame for the pain will seemingly go on and on, with no personal control in immediate sight.  

The theories on the causes of stagflation in the intro-segment were only two in number.  That’s about to change to three, as a “Category 5 Stagflation Hurricane” will make the other causes look like tropical storms at best.  The explanations will be inspired by the rise of debt to satisfy the over indulged EGO for “wants” based purchases, without any realistic hope of totally making good on the debt.  Once the debt holders become inpatient and wise to this never ending debt based consumption binge, they call on the debtor to make good on their borrowings.  Enter a “Cat. 5 Stagflation Hurricane,” where future “needs” based purchases are concerned….!”  A hurricane of printed paper and a hurricane of incoming US paper is about to give new meaning to stagflation.  A subtle foot note might read: the debt holders are also the majority suppliers of the debtor’s “needs” based products: say hello to the “Perfect Cat 5 Stagflation Storm…!”  WG

So You Think This Is Only A Matter For Your Pocketbooks, You are Wrong.  The “Stagflation Hurricane” Will Also Blow Your Unprepared Ego Away!

So You Think This Is Only A Matter For Your Pocketbooks, You are Wrong.  The “Stagflation Hurricane” Will Also Blow Your Unprepared Ego Away!

Original Installment inspiration:  Once again for the record, the Wolf Gray mind works in numbers and in music.  Recently I was playing music while Mrs. WG & grandson WG took their turns at the pool table.  Grandson WG said I should try Luke Comb’s song “Hurricane” and pointed me to his preferred video for the song on youtube.  Ole’ WG got stuck on the video, and it’s visual message.  Not sure why at first, but I kept hearing mama WG deliver her message above.  The poor dude in the video reminded me, of myself in the early years.  A young man way way out of his emotional league.  And in the video the true intentions of the female lead, were exposed on the boat dock at the end of the video.  The hurricane force weather was nothing compared to the hurricane caused by a crafty heart manipulator.  The male lead’s best choice was to not play her game, and properly protect himself.  You know where this is headed, and stagflation just hitched a mental ride on a hurricane of western debt soaked paper…….

Wolf Gray Don’t Play!  Neither Should You!  Surround Yourself and Your Family With a Well Thought Out DHAP. Take Shelter from the “Stagflation Hurricane!”

Wolf Gray Don’t Play!  Neither Should You!  Surround Yourself and Your Family With a Well Thought Out DHAP. Take Shelter from the “Stagflation Hurricane!”

               God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
                                    Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray

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