US Slavery Is Already In force, Contractual consent Exists, Signatures Await

Time to take a long hard look at the slavery contract negotiations within the USA.  What contract negotiations are you talking about WG?  Exactly, there are none in paper format.   Does anyone think slaves have the right to sign an agreement on their own enslavement?  Yeah right!   The title says it all, but more detail will be provided later.  

Additionally, I will attempt to provide some more “color” to the movie highlighted in the last installment.  Especially after the super spy “W” recommended this past week that I do a more in-depth movie review, because in his opinion, if Mnuchin produced the movie (he did), then there are definitely some messages.  “W” was right, and the depth of the in your face messages even shocked the hell out of me (not sure why I didn’t detect them in viewing #1), and that ain’t easy to do these days!   Some messages were ironically of a musical nature.  Meanwhile, what else is new/old…….?

The dollar continues it’s decline, but against what?  Who cares, it’s smorgasbord of crapolla currency units.  The Russians are being sanctioned, but it hurts what?  The EU not Russia.  The EU, and in particular Germany, are ignoring the pesky sanctions and still doing business with Russia.  What else is new or should I say old?  Trump is quite frankly being defeated by the deep state in establishing any sort of economic agenda that makes sense with key trading partners.  And blah, bla, blah, bla, blah, blah, blah…!  This stuff is redundant to RM regulars, but it is still one of the major back drops to the economic landscape.  

Regarding the headline grabbing Russian sanctions, the business end of it is even more preposterous, since the sanctions are meant to hinder Russian energy companies.  Why do I say preposterous?   Because, per sources I trust, the Russians supply a reported 80-90 percent of the uranium for nuclear plant usage in a final form for us right here in the US.  Can you say, “what a joke?”   As in….what a joke we look like on the world stage.  Check this out …….

Whether Trump is working behind the scenes to retain good trade relations is a bit irrelevant.  After all, just imagine being a native Russian staring at the above headline.  First off, Trump clearly has no control, as per a recent interview with Paul Craig Roberts and the USA Watchdog on 08/02/2017 (put at the end of this installment but for other reasons).  BTW, I agree that it seems plausible that the deep state may be scared of Trump, but they sure ain't letting him accomplish diddly-do, thus victories aren't on the Trump ledger.  And finally, as an outsider to the US media message, just what might a Russian’s view be?  Americans in general are against your personal freedoms.  But for our bottom line, and what is clearly on our US Sixpack horizon?   As highlighted before, ISOLATION...!   In fact, think this next headline will affect us here in Six pack land as China says, “go stick it USA!”

How are those sanctions working out for ya folks?  For the answer look at the final paragraph in the above article from RT (excerpt below)......

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin met the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, Ben van Beurden.  Among other things, they discussed Nord Stream 2. Van Beurden told Interfax the new project "will be realized for the benefit of all parties - both Europeans and the Russian Federation." RT

Those sanctions are really scaring the hell out of some businesses, aren't they?  Any handwriting on the wall?  US dudes & dudettes, apply your own version.

Meanwhile, a lust for honest business with a form of honest weights and measures for the transaction process presses ever forward and eastward.  In fact, per sources I trust, it appears Germany is leading an initial charge to dump the existing debt ridden version of the “Euro.”  Not only are nations in a rush to the platforms of real business, that will soon be a natural offshoot of the biggest business event in world history the OBOR (one belt one road initiative), but they are also in a quest to rid themselves of outgoing debt ridden nuisances. Especially world reserve 'bs' currency units (hello King Dollar), but also the southern Euro debt ridden nations, one of the many possible reasons that, Germany is reported to be printing “D-Mark’s.”  Do we see a trend here?  Eastward-ho!

It’s just an attempt by a more enlightened group of nations attempting to break free of the shackles of the debt ridden nations, like the “PIIGS.”  A picture of the future is being painted.  Where will you fit onto the final canvas?  And don’t forget whose debt to GDP tops 100%, and that is the reported version, the real version is likely well north of, 102%!  The simple explanation for this masterpiece of failure is “QE.”   Quantitative Easing kills capital by raising inflation and thus the business cost structure, and that doesn’t allow for businesses to concurrently raise wages and prices on the final product, thus killing the overall economy. But Wolf, why no true hyper-inflation here in the US, YET?  We are right back to our favorite go-to bad guy, the ESF with their dark pool of monies.  The movie review to come with some cool surprises (just below).

Meanwhile back at the ranch, waiter and bar tender jobs are rising which begs the question, wasn’t it the restaurant industry that was reporting poor numbers in prior weeks?  Maybe they didn’t get the memo.  Use the bankster method, fire employees to reduce expenditures and subsequently raise the stock price metrics for the massive levels of insider selling we are witnessing.  Which reminds me, just wait till you see the "Vampire Squid's" latest in the news segment (just after the Jim Sinclair excerpt from '').  On another part of the back 40, the trade war rhetoric is still working overtime, and not with Russia this time, but with China as well.  

You have to laugh at this stuff.  Laugh, unless you have an entry level or higher level of understanding of it all, and are simultaneously one of the unprepared laughing residents of the United States of America.  Unprepared being the operative word, and then it ain’t too damned funny.  It’s all frustrating, and in that light, just wait till you see the Paul Craig Roberts interview with the ever persistent Greg Hunter at the end of this installment, but first take a seat at the movies, a movie with not so hidden messages….. Not so hidden for those that are deep thinkers not trapped inside the “System’s Box” …….

                                      A Movie That Asks, Do Ya Get The Picture?

As mentioned earlier I took a cue from “W” and watched the movie “The Accountant” another time and took notes looking for hidden messages, or not so hidden ones.   The movie’s video clips below are almost comical, their messages are so obvious, but I didn’t notice them the first time around.  In fact, in the first viewing I was just enjoying the movie as it was a damned good one.  One very relaxed Wolf until I got my big surprise in the credits.  Without getting too redundant I am going to jump right into this, and if you need a refresher go back to the prior installment, and skip down to the subtitle “Mystery Movies With Political Connections and Messages???? Maybe!!!!”

For the record, many may want to know why I drop “W’s” name like a weapon of choice.  The answer is simple, he’s been there and done that.  If it weren’t for him spearheading the cold war effort, things may be far far different, in fact you may not be free to read any of this or watch any of the video clips enclosed. He wasn’t the tip of the spear in Afghanistan providing intel to dudes like Charlie Wilson, he threw the damned spear (Charlie Wilson another movie representation, though W said it was off point at times).  And he has mentioned many times it wasn’t the war in Afghanistan that won the cold war, more directly it was the drain on the Russian Ruble, a drain on many fronts, Afghanistan being just one of those.  It’s all about the currency folks, and regardless of the subject, when he talks I listen.  Also for the record, I don’t agree with everything he says (my future war views are a bit different), but that is fodder for another day.  Due to his resume, respect is required and so is an open mind.  Meanwhile…….

Just remember, the highest ranking financial maestro in the US and the western world was the producer of this movie.  Here is a movie review with 20 questions regarding the meaning of the movie’s content by some media dude……

Some of the following is actual email conversation I had with “W”  last week (it takes me a while to stew on my thoughts I ain't that quick)…. The key to the 20 questions in the above link is that no one in dollar indoctrination land seems to (including the above author) understand the powers of the ESF when it comes to defending dollar hegemony.  Allow me, Ben Affleck was the enforcement branch of the Treasury and the Farmers Ins. guy, J K Simmons was the standard accountant that we traditionally think of.   Just keep this relationship in mind, the ESF/Treasury/super hero .... "The key is defending the dollar’s global hegemony.”   Which is the key to understanding the movie’s messages.   My answers to the 20 questions in the above link are in bold below.

How smart an “economic-message-detective” you are with respect to this movie review depends on what your knowledge level is regarding how corrupt you believe the US financial system to be.  If you understand the powers of the ESF (exchange stabilization fund) and it’s control over it’s puppet agencies like the Federal Reserve, then you may get this.   If you understand the usage of “dark money” to defend the US dollar, then you will get it, and feel a sense of accomplishment……. Here are some questions by the uninformed movie hotshot….

1. What was Affleck’s dad doing in the Army, exactly? Was he Jason Bourne?  Answer is “Yes, he is a special operative doing the bidding of the ESF for dark pools of money to protect dollar hegemony.

2. Why does child-Affleck’s brother never say a word? Is there something wrong with him, or did they just not want to give the kid a SAG card?  Who cares, maybe something there but I don't get it.  And btw, this might be a way to normalize autism as a good thing (Affleck was autistic in the movie), even via vaccines, but my mind was focused elsewhere. 

3. Why is Affleck feeding the Treasury department information, anyway? Just so he can help out J.K. Simmons’s character?  Obvious, when considering dollar hegemony and the expansion of fascist control.  It’s his job, and it was truly hidden in the movie, but some things aren’t (stay tuned, musically that is).

4. If Affleck was an informant the whole time, why did J.K. Simmons make Cynthia Addai-Robinson go through all the trouble of finding him? What did they even learn from that?  It has to be covert, therefore, they have to feign chasing after him but not quite reaching their goal of a capture…..But Wolf, why show this?  To give you real life messages because they get off on it, and if you don’t believe it wait until you see the clips below, especially the music one (can’t believe I missed it the first time around).

5. What was going on at the robotics company? John Lithgow was stealing money and then funneling it back in? Why, so he could inflate the company’s value? And how did he, a robotics company CEO, have the connections necessary to get a small private army to function as his death squad?  Lithgow was the anti-capitalist attempting to destroy honest markets with total disrespect of the supply demand equation, a proverbial, but hypothetical bad guy ..... he had to be stopped, in the twisted view of the fascist Treasury/ESF.  Remember, the Treasury and Affleck are the “good guys” in the movie.  Nothing could be further from the truth for the man on the street and his family.

6. Okay, let’s take the embezzling stuff at face value. Even then, why the hell did Lithgow bring Affleck in in the first place? Because if Jon Bernthal was working for Affleck all along, and it’s Bernthal who makes Lithgow’s CFO kill himself, then couldn’t the two of them have just done that before they started the audit? Sure, maybe it was for cover, but Anna Kendrick has already found the error — Lithgow’s company didn’t need to bring in some mysterious accountant to make it plausible that he’d panic.  Covert Covert, Covert.  Keep it deeper than the story line on face value, get a autistic super killer to do the bidding without at any point in the movie creating a bad guy at the Treasury level.  Thus the ESF's dual functions.  And it has to remain a mystery all the times, even on the movie itself, but not to the author/producer, just the Sixpacks, and apparently this guy writing these 20 questions, a sixpack himself.  Or is the “20 question dude” trying to inspire thought as he already gets it?  Not likely, but plausible.

7. Speaking of Bernthal’s character, is the guy just a mercenary? Does he have a security company? Why was there that scene of him bullying the Swiss banker? What kind of operation is this, anyway?  It ain't a pro-dollar or capitalist operation so his anti-free market character has to be enhanced.  So he and his team will now have to be destroyed by "The Accountant" a.k.a. The ESF/Treasury boys.  All to detour the anti-capitalist operations and help the expansion of fascist control..... Again, a twisted version, but maybe the real Treasury/ESF does actually believe they are good guys.  That is a question more up your alley (talking to W by email here).

8. Did the farmer not think it was weird that Affleck had an anti-tank rifle that he used to shoot cantaloupe?  Irrelevant, though it is symbolic of Joe Sixpack not getting it.  The information is there, but no one is willing to dig deep enough under the layers of covert crap to get it.  Hidden message given, and interpreted for those that get it.

9. Why did J.K Simmons stop protecting Jeffrey Tambor in the first place? His character’s whole rationale was basically, “I’m bad at my job.”  Bad my arse!  It's covert perfection and a diversion, while the real job is being done elsewhere via fascist dollar defense.  To be good at his job from a Sixpack viewing level would kill the entire operation.  There was definitely a covert message in this darn movie, otherwise why leave these movie review dudes so damned confused……..

10. Shouldn’t Affleck have wanted to kill Simmons for that betrayal, since it was Simmons’s fault that Tambor died — not help him get promoted? And shouldn’t part of the deal with that have been, “I’ll help you, and you don’t investigate me”?  Hell no, he was a perfect dollar defense operative, and thus more important than any side issues…..He was a top level producer

11. Why did nobody care that there were a bunch of dead bodies on Anna Kendrick’s floor? There wasn’t anyone who was like, “Hmm, maybe we should talk to this accountant about why there was a massive gun battle in her apartment”?  That's because “the-long-arm-of-the-law” ultimately had their stand down orders at some point or another, from some one well up the ladder, like the top dog who is in charge of the Treasury dudes, and the covert killing operative (Affleck).  Ironically, never exposed throughout the movie.  As it should be ... It's covert all the way through the movie, and still is in real life.  Unless you google the mandate or mission statement and history of the US treasury and the ESF, then it ain’t so covert.  Sixpack land is asleep to these important subjects, like the Federal Reserve being a neutered front operation.  Has been as we all know since 1934.

12. What is she possibly going to do with a genuine Jackson Pollack?  Irrelevant, though it serves as a Robinhood helping hand a side benefit of dollar defense, and fascist expansion.  Kind of like absorbing incoming US paper with dark money to keep inflation at bay as best possible. A perfect way to divert Sixpack attention, and create a lovable John Wayne good guy!.  Proof found in the movie’s final musical messages (huge too) like this lyric …. “I’m not trying to follow you to the end of the world,  I'm just trying to leave something behind”  And there is another verse that is even better but it doesn’t answer question #12 (more in the video clips)

13. So the autistic woman played by The Americans’ Allison Wright is Affleck’s handler slash manager — how did she learn to do literally any of the things she’s doing if she’s been living in that facility her entire life? Just having a powerful computer doesn’t seem like it would be quite enough.  Irrelevant, though just another layer of protection for the real top dog in charge.  Though it may be part of an “autism is normal message,” not the blatant fascist/gold control message I was looking for.  You can be the judge, I have already requested a Wolfpack member to give me his review on the subject.

14. Was Affleck in Leavenworth just because he beat up a bunch of people at his mom’s funeral? If he was some super-secret military killing machine, why did the Army drop him so quickly? Especially considering his dad got shot at that funeral?  No, it was for additional training, and emotional motivation.....though somewhat irrelevant to the overall theme, though I may be wrong here (once again talking to W)….

15. Where was his brother this whole time? In mercenary school?   Irrelevant, except to build on his anti-dollar capitalist bad guy character.  Also there might be a hidden message, in reality.  As in, it is a small, small world, a real small world in the world of competitive currency manipulations, thus we all know each other like brothers.   I will admit that is a bit of a stretch in a possible message. (lot of irrelevant(s) in my answers)

16. If Affleck has such a strict moral code, why is he working with these cartels and terrorists? Just for the money, so he can give it to the neuroscience research facility? Seems like there’s an easier way to make a little cash and lay low than uncooking the books for the Sinaloa cartel.   Red-light! Red-light! it is for maintaining King Dollar hegemony, nothing more, and/or truly for a fascist expansion of control by increasing the dark money balance sheets.  Remember when the ESF was created virtually overnight (in six or so months in 1934) it had nearly 3 billion in seed money (big for those days), and it instantly became the largest best funded economic entity in the western world.   The Fed was instantly relegated to a dog and pony show with broker ties.

17. Bernthal’s got a point — why hasn’t Affleck ever reached out to him? Wasn’t it a big thing that he was Affleck’s only friend growing up?  A perfect operative, has to be that way to remain a super hero, this Mnuchin dude is a pretty darn good movie producer.  Who knows, maybe he will be a good Treasury rep in real life?  Right!

18. What was the government taking credit for at the end? The murder of most of the C-suite executives at a major robotics corporation? Is that really less important than some Treasury investigation?  It’s all about “King Dollar” defense in reality, but that is the covert accomplishment?  Because the Sixpack version is that we are beating the dog crap out of the bad guys in this movie…. without an F…ing clue what is really going on.  Hell, this guy’s movie questions prove that beyond any shadow of a doubt.

19. How was Affleck always able to avoid having his face photographed? That seems like a superpower, not just some spy technique.  The ego of the producer wants it to appear to be a super power, but not the one any Sixpack viewer would likely recognize ....... all in the name of brutal dollar defense

20. Is this really what it’s like to be an accountant?  In the split personality, big ego, here I am, but you don't even know who I am portrayal of the silent hero who is totally unknown to Sixpack viewers like the guy writing these 20 questions, "HELL YES!!!!!!"  Like a 10/16/2016 release date, just a “here I am hello” intro with an “In-Like Flynn" presidential appointment.   Or more likely, a president being told he was to be appointed.

There may be some date stuff or numerology in this movie, but that ain’t my bag…..My gig can be found in things like the first intro to “The Accountant’s” skill set, which involves drug deals, hello dark money, hello ESF!  How about a little visual help below, but I would still watch the full movie, it’s a darn good one……

How about some old timers visiting with the star regarding their tax issues, and dropping a hint of something that is more new wave and yet truly mainstream of today’s debt ridden environment…….

@ :26 … Yep even old guys think you should pay in digital form and via debt…… Hey it’s the in thing to do, it’s cool, after all it’s paper slave indoctrination…..!

Now check out “The Accountant” saving these new friends from evil doers, evil doers who will eventual be exposed as supposed anti-capitalists who need extermination.  BTW, did you notice the super hero’s name is “Christian?”   Strikes me as somewhat, but maybe not, too symbolic.  Some really good arse kicking here, and the average Sixpacks are saved, with another Sixpack to be saved in the big city, but not in this clip.

I have harped on the musical message, and ironically it is musical messages that I use regularly in all my installments, I am embarrassed to say I didn’t catch this stuff the first time around.  The timing of the lyric to be highlighted was right as the hero, the covert Treasury dude is riding off into the distance.  Totally amazing.  And I can hear it now, someone saying, “come on, WG, it’s just coincidence.”  Yeah, and it’s also a coincidence that the movie was released just prior to the appointment, of the frickin’ movie’s producer to the highest financial position in the western world.  And also a coincidence that the rest of the world knows the US’s gold vaults are recognized as empty.  The lyric was placed …….. and timed perfectly ….. 1:46 is the mark and the lyric is ….. "We're running with the case, Oh, but we ain’t got the gold!”  And that ain’t the only lyric that is amazing, full review next, but first …….

@ 1:47 ... Watch & Listen

Below are the lyrics to the entire song with bold applied to ones that catch the Wolf’s eye, but note all of it is worthy of note.  And just like the movie when the song is applied to the movie, it is strikingly powerful……. The actual music video (non movie version) is performed in a church, and the timing of the lyrics and the cross in the background is exceptional (lyric highlighted below).  Is there a message there?  I will leave that to you, but the placement of some of the lyrics in the movie, like the one illustrated in the prior video clip, does cause one to say to themselves, “No way did I just see and hear that, no way!”  If you can’t say that as well, and are siding with it’s all a coincidence, then your lobotomy is out of adjustment, but rest assured your continued slavery is well in force.

I cannot say that I know you well
But you can't lie to me with all these books that you sell
I'm not trying to follow you to the end of the world
I'm just trying to leave something behind

Words have come from men and mouse
But I can't help thinking that I've heard the wrong crowd
When all the water is gone my job will be too
And I'm trying to leave something behind

Oh money is free but love costs more than our bread
And the ceiling is hard to reach
Oh the future ahead is broken and red
But I'm trying to leave something behind

This whole world is a foreign land
We swallow the moon but we don't know our own hand
We're running with the case but we ain't got the gold
Yet we're trying to leave something behind

My friends I believe we are at the wrong fight
And I cannot read what I did not write
I've been to His house, but the master is gone
But I'd like to leave something behind

There is a beast who has taken my blame
You can put me to bed but you can't feel my pain
When the machine has taken the soul from the man
It's time to leave something behind

Oh money is free but love costs more than our bread
And the ceiling is hard to reach
Oh the future ahead is already dead
And I'm trying to leave something behind

I got this feeling that I'm still at the shore
And pockets don't know what it means to be poor
I can get through the wall if you give me a door
So I can leave something behind

Oh wisdom is lost in the trees somewhere
You're not going to find it in some mental gray hair
It's locked up from those who hurry ahead
And it's time to leave something behind

Oh money is free but love costs more than our bread
And the ceiling is hard to reach
When my son is a man he will know what I meant
I was just trying to leave something behind
I was just trying to leave something behind…. Sean Rowe

WG Movie Review & Summary:  First a quick rehash cut and pasted from the last installment …

“Key players hide in broad daylight, with the public having little knowledge of their importance. For example, the ESF is arguably the most powerful government entity in the western world, yet it doesn’t hide itself from public view, the media does it for them. All the while, the public is totally oblivious to it’s global financial influences.
Instead, we hear about meaningless puppet agencies that are used by the ESF to do their bidding, like the Federal Reserve. The ESF, the US treasury, and the Secretary of the Treasury are just examples of ordinary money changers, but with super "blow-torch" financial powers on a global scale (the east is putting out those fires).  Or, to put it into simple terms, they hide behind an ordinary label like that of an “ACCOUNTANT.” A money changer tasked with protecting America’s paper king! But reality says the label is underestimated regularly, as it’s actually one bad arsed dude hiding behind an ordinary shingle, “The Accountant!” Therefore, the simple message may just be…….. “I’m here in broad daylight, but you don’t even know I exist!!!!” Hint-Hint, everyone just needs to OPEN THEIR EYES! Answers may be available in cinematic color.”  WG (last installment)

Upon further review, with an assist from “W,” major points seemed to be made.  These opinions do not reflect his final views, just mine.  Once again, this Mnuchin guy makes a damned good movie, but will he make a good non-fascist Secretary of the US Treasury?  Will he defend the dollar without expanding the fascist state, and work in the same direction as Mr. Trump?  I suspect Trump ain’t handing out ultimatums to this guy.   Yes, it is very likely that he is that big a deal.

Normally I would ignore the coincidences defined by the conveniently placed message throughout any movie.  For example, like the star’s name “Christian” (hence connecting to the elites supposed ties to the satanic realm) or the farming couples reference to debt being an acceptable means to pay a debt owed, hell, even one owed to the ultimate debt collector.  But to ignore a key final message in a lyric perfectly placed as the hero rides off.  Naw, no way!   Especially when one of the most powerful men in western finance is the producer.  Guys like that typically make no mistakes, accident and coincidence aren’t subsets on their resume.  “But we ain’t got the gold!” …. make of it what you will.  Oh, and btw, how many times is that lyric repeated?  The answer is singular in nature and in it’s message.  And then it is placed where in the movie?  Comm on man!

The movie review expert who posed the 20 questions had this to say in the opening paragraph regarding the messages in “The Accountant,”

Whether through studio meddling or an overambitious script, somebody forgot to connect a few of the movie’s dangling threads. Either that or, unlike the titular accountant Christian Wolff, I simply do not have the unique cognitive abilities necessary to follow it.

If you are trying to connect the dots in this movie from a standard Sixpack indoctrinated paper knowledge base, then the author is right, and there ain’t no way you are going to get it either.  But if you understand the ever expanding fascist state (merger of state and corporate powers) that has been designed to protect the King Dollar, then you will see the underlying meanings.  Messages that are the result of the Federal Reserve’s actual real life failures.  Witness the 1933 to 1934 power shift in the financial halls of dollar protection, with the birth of the ESF…. I maintain that the rise of the US Treasury with the ESF makes the whole movie one giant message board.  “W” was right, when he sent me an email that said, if that guy is the producer you can bet there are messages throughout.  Watch it…….. But step outside the paper worshiping thought box first!

                                  What Are You Looking At me For? Connect The Dots Yourself…!

                                  What Are You Looking At me For? Connect The Dots Yourself…!

For you "movie-message-doubting-Thomas(s)," just recall Clive Owen in one of the best financial movies I've ever seen, conveying a generic message on financial control and power.  Once again here is "The International" (posted before, but worthy of quick take)...

Folks it's the debt and it has you on a short leash!  Most slaves are.

                                News That Is Truly Redundant But Worthy Of Quick Review

First up we have more proof that US paper worshipers have never been dumber at any point in history, want to join them?

Note this excerpt from the above link from Schwab……

While some of this newfound euphoria may be due to Schwab's recent aggressive cost-cutting strategy, it is safe to say that the wholesale influx of new clients, coupled with the euphoria-like allocation of cash into stocks, means that between ETFs and other passive forms of investing, as well as on a discretionary basis, US retail investors have never been more "all-in" stocks than they are now.......Schwab

And the reasons for this level of risk taking are what?  Everything is going up, nothing can stop us now, and PE ratios mean nothing (witness prior installments with supporting evidence from the likes of John Hussman).  After all, we are the USA, and we can't be hurt.  This is clearly the dumbest market participation I have ever witnessed.  All participants without a clue as to why they are going "all-in.”

Next up ZeroHedge (the Drudge of financial news) joins the chorus that is wondering about Trump tweeting so much on the DOW’s unwarranted levitation act……

Quick clue, it’s called ego, and ego satisfaction, nothing more, nothing less.  Take it from a fairly well accomplished business salesman I know the signs. Need more evidence, check out who is posting this next link and doing the cheerleading.   Mr. Jones……..This stuff is laughable, if not sad for anyone wanting a return to honest money……And btw yes I have used Alex’s material in the past, not everything he posts is over amplified, you just have to vet it and boil it down a bit to get to the good info.

I may have to redact one of my older predictions, now that the clown in this next link is on board with me.  One of the dumbest bubble blowers in US history, probably not dumb just a captured ESF former employee.  BTW, have you ever noticed how everyone, including alternative media types always say this numb nutz is so so f… cerebral, and ahead of the curve.  Really?  Then why the hell did he give easy money rocket fuel to the Triple Headed Hydra?  An entity created with the repeal of Glass Steagall in 1999?  The merger of banking insurance and brokerage.  Hint, hint, hint, he was given marching orders from someone well up the ladder from him (see the movie review above for your answer).

Oh and for those that look for deeper answers, why the heck is this supposed wizard coming out with this statement at this point in time.  Hmm maybe the unfolding of the meaning on the cover of the 1988 Rothschild Economist Magazine.

In this next link, the saying “right-on-cue” comes to mind.

As stated many times before, stagflation is here, and it will show itself first in the most amenable locales as it spreads like a disease......Hello Chicago.  Just remember when they report it's arrival to your neighborhood, it has been there many months prior.  The financial media are truly a bunch of incompetent rear view mirror drivers.  Next up, did someone mention pension issues, with some supporting graphs….

As you can see from the list in the link below, major problems are now being officially recognized, but.....

The best part (or worst to be honest), with respect to the above numbers, is there isn't any insurance to protect the pension benefit recipient or their former employer.   The PBGC (Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation) hasn't a prayer in hell of covering these liabilities if they go south in a big way.  And they will, oops, or should I be more time sensitive, they are.  Below is the GAO's version of the shortfalls, but you can bet they ain't accurate either.  The real story is likely far, far worse.......

Redundant moment…..And what is the answer to these problems?  Taking matters into your own hands, and what might that entail?  How about a well thought out DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio).

                                     Go Ahead Punk Make My day!  Call Me And The Truth Redundant.

                                     Go Ahead Punk Make My day!  Call Me And The Truth Redundant.

The next link is spot-on in most of the analysis regarding the potential "suddenness" of major equity market moves.  The first line in the article, and the bold lines in numbers 1 & 2 say enough to cause one's ears to perk up, but only if they regard risk as a part of the investment equation.  Please note that is what the equity market manipulators have succeeded in doing, eliminating risk.  Or at least as would be perceived by western Sixpack investors.  Isn’t that good WG, no risk?  Yep sure it is, but watch out for the lack of purchasing power crater dead ahead, and or market failure that may be bit overzealous after a bunch of no risk “bs.”  Risk is part of supply and demand, and part of an honest market, and real business thrives on it, and so do “real American’s” who own businesses.

If you wonder why I avoid the msm, then note the following 3 headlines from ZeroHedge, separated by only a week or two in their postings.  No need in reading the articles, the headlines and dating are enough to raise some eyebrows!  Do we detect a bit of confusion???????  Which leads me to saying, that Faux News, CN’BS’, MSLSD, or any of their brethren couldn’t find their business/economic butts with both hands.

Next up is a superb post by Mr. Gold, Jim Sinclair posted on July 28th…….

Counting the steps to a cashless/digital currency? Count this one.  Crypto-currencies have been around for a while, and Bitcoin has been one of the most successful. Banking institutions have allowed them to remain so far, only because it reinforces their agenda toward a cashless/digital currency. The more accepted digital (crypto) currencies are, the easier it will be for governments and financial institutions to push their agenda of eliminating physical currency.
Virtual currency has a future, but it may not be what you think. In order for central banks and sovereigns to easily employ digital currency, it must be accepted. Ultimately, central banks and sovereigns must have no digital competition. In the meantime, the crypto-currencies have been left alone so that people will embrace the idea of being cashless. Many people in all segments of the population are already virtually cashless. Payments are made online, by debit/credit cards, bank transfers, etc.  No physical money changes hands, only digits on balance sheets are used as payment. As more and more people subscribe to a cashless transaction basis, the easier it will be for a central bank or sovereign to employ it. The other virtual currencies (so-called “money”) will simply self-destruct. Many will turn out to be new Ponzi schemes or be regulated out of existence. The crypto-currencies presently in place are the beta tests for governments and central banks for the cashless future, in which all “money” is virtual, all reportable, all controllable and all accessible to banks and sovereigns, and best of all – regulated by them.
Federal Reserve Full Faith and Guarantee Treasury bills in low denominations with the ability to make change is the future. They will be known as Federal Full Faith money (F3M). Your wallet will be overseen by the banking system and the government when everything we perceive to be “money” is digital. This will not apply to gold which is outside of that system.
In the USA for example, the $100 bill has to be removed from circulation via a turn in for exchange for smaller bill denominations. Can you imagine El Chapo’s posse showing up with tractor trailers full of $100 bills for the exchange? He would also need three times as many tractor trailers to bring back his smaller bills.
We all need to be mindful of what is actually taking place in our currencies and consider carefully if this is what we want. If we don’t want it, we need to not subscribe, or worse, merely accept by our silence. India accepted the government’s removal from circulation the larger denomination of the nation’s physical currency/money. This is a move toward a digital, cashless future. Be aware, that as nations of people around the world, we deserve what we accept.

Is this guy good or what?  I agree with what he says, but do I agree 100%?  Not necessarily, but in reality it doesn't matter as what he says just makes damned common business sense.  Informed logic says put Jim's "GOTS" (Get Out of The System) in place.  That is the common sense business solution, and we all know what accomplishes that most efficiently.   A well thought out DHAP heavily sprinkled with honest money in physical form, GSBC's (gold & silver bars & coins)……. redundant again, but I don’t care.  Well sometimes, a somewhat funny story from Mrs. WG regarding a recent weekend event highlighted after the slavery segment below.  She gave me a pre-party lecture about caring ....!

How about the indicators flashing red in this next link, saying get out, get out….!

Yeah that always happens when things look to be heading ever upward, partners dropping their total holdings in their economic baby.  Dropped to a point of less than 5% of the total shares outstanding.  Now that is change you can believe in.   Literally.

Though this next link brings up some great inside info to beware of when investing in the paper world.  In WG’s humble opinion it is flawed in one way…..

Before hitting on this flaw with a different angle, check out this excerpt:

Elimination of kickbacks would elevate the integrity and quality of America’s securities markets, improving executions for real investors and restoring a sense of fairness. Since kickbacks result in worse trade execution, brokers that route client orders for kickbacks violate their duty of best execution.

I have a problem with this statement.  In order for that to make one bit of difference, there has to be honesty from publicly listed corporations in their financials.  This is the foundation for making an informed investment decision.  I have sat in on enough quarterly conference calls, sometimes with far too much personally invested, Global Double Crossing and Gary Winnick come to mind, to not have learned from my mistakes.  Oh and btw they went bankrupt around the same time Enron did, and the fleecing totals actually topped Enron’s.   Yet, no business hoopla from the msm.  Curious wouldn’t you say???  That is until you see the investor listings, including past and current presidential dudes, who conveniently exited stage left or right just before the bankruptcy filing.  Winnick was a slick operator.

Fascism runs deep in the true earnings reports, meaning the true part is scarce as hen’s teeth.  Let the system collapse and reboot, and then the rest will take care of itself.  As long as people see a quarterly 'bs' statement with a picture that creates "financial wet dreams," nothing will change.  Believe me change is coming, EMN (Economic Mother Nature) rides in from the east and she will have her day.  I plan on missing that press conference.

Still it was a great article, but the real point to pound the drums for is a repeal of business fascism, and a return to real supply and demand driven markets.  No one is doing it, because they don't have the courage to fight or even search for answers, answers that contain “RISK,” which only reside outside the system.  Hell as we know, they see movies with hints of truth in them and not a clue to their meanings.  Knowledge of the true values can only be found in a system buttressed by an honest system of weights and measures.  This shit ain't rocket science, the answers are right there for those with courage to see, just step outside your quarterly statements housed within the "Fascist System's Box."  Trust me the view is quite illuminating.

I hate to bring the “Globalist Pecker Head” into any installment, but darn-it he is a smart guy and pretty well connected, so reading the tea leaves supplied from the wisdom of the GPH is still worthwhile.  Just remember he operates within the “Hegelian Dialectic” system for the most part…..

@ 6:42…. Rickards and the narrator lays a bit of worthy intel out there.  If he says the elites are privately warning about cash and it’s associated investment avenues, then I would pay some attention.   BTW, if you want to know why I say he is operating from within the Hegelian Dialectic news room, just note his allocation percentages to hard assets, 10% (7:42 mark).  Give me a frickin' break, if he said publicly that 50+% or more should be allocated in hard assets he would be laughed out of his elite audiences.  Note a key term that is used constantly, one that is a super important financial Hegelian Dialectic buzz word "INVESTORS"  .... Oh yes “INVESTORS” it sounds so so EURUDITE ..... All cynicism aside, his opinions matter in the form of an additional timing signal.  But his devotion to the IMF is truly contained within the Western Hegelian Dialectic, to say the least.  His over the top respect for Christopher Lagarde not withstanding (oops I did it again, I meant Christine)

So one might surmise that the elites seem to crave avoiding slavery, contracted or not, so why not the standard Sixpacks……?

                            Slavery And By It’s Very Nature It Only Needs Implied Consent

slavery |ˈslāvərē|
the state of being a slave: thousands had been sold into slavery.
• the practice or system of owning slaves.
• a condition compared to that of a slave in respect of exhausting labor or restricted freedom: female domestic slavery.
• excessive dependence on or devotion to something: slavery to tradition.

Bullet points 1 and 3 aren’t too far fetched, when you consider all the dudes outside of the elite categories in the USA.  And one thing is for damned sure, the slave has zero say in the contractual arrangements.   Let’s dig in with the help of Egon von Greyerz in an interview with KWN ……..

Debt slavery, as Egon von Greyerz says in the following interview with KWN, started with the creation of the Federal Reserve, and our enslavement went up at an exponential rate since 1971, note this excerpt.......

In 1913 global debt was negligible but grew steadily to 1971 when Nixon abolished the gold backing of the dollar. Since 1971, the debt enslavement has taken off at an exponential rate. Just looking at US total debt, it was $1.7 trillion in 1971 and is now $67 trillion. At the beginning of this century US debt was “only” $30 trillion, so just in the last 16 years it has doubled. EvG

I humbly agree with that statement except for one thing, actual corralling for total entrapment of the modern day debtor begin with the birth of the "Triple Headed Hydra," the advent of the merger of banking insurance and brokerage in 1999, thanks to the repeal of Glass Steagall.  At this point there was no turning back for the western banksters and in particular the US banking system, "it was on like Donkey Kong!"  This is when the corralling of the bank depositors picked up pace.  It was a necessity, as the future would yield (as expected) no further manufacturing and/or productivity gains to hide the lack of any real economy, and the future stagflation on the horizon.  All they had to do is pacify the corralled masses with "wants" magic tricks, when knowing the future loss of “needs” purchasing power would eventually bite everyone in the arse.  Which would serve as an exclamation point to the existing slavery already in place.

We had been given a warning in 1999 through 2001, and in 2008 we were punched in the mouth with a "HELLO!"  As long as the "wants" inspired standard of living remained reasonable, the party could go on until the "needs" based problems surfaced.   At this juncture the recognition of slavery will exist for each of the "corralled" due to the the requirement of "needs" that will only be supplied in volume by someone else for survival.  Hello to the slave masters.  And just who might they be?  Go look in the mirror folks, we enslaved ourselves.  The arse kicking will not be averted, and as stated before Trump is just along for the ride, he better be handy when the rebuild starts.  Timing alert, the Wolf Gray’s cigar smoke filled office predicts the initial stages of the rebuild will start while he is still knocking around his office within the beltway.

Back on point, note the following excerpt from Egon von Greyerz.....

Debt slavery is now a “chronic condition” which the world faces. The word debt has the same roots as death and clearly has very dark connotations. Slavery means being owned and controlled by someone. What the bankers started on Jekyll Island has now enslaved the world in a debt/death grip from which there is no escape. EvG

I added the quotes to the above excerpt (chronic condition).  Once again I agree, but disagree with a small note on the timing of completed acceptance.  Most “chronic conditions,” like an illness, and we have one by the way it's called "cognitive dissonance to economic reality," are well known by both the "carrier of the disease or illness" (banksters/money printers) and the "receiver" (US Sixpack).  Thanks to a government controlled group of cowardly media voices, we have no idea that we have been enslaved.  One party to the contract is tucked away within the “2010 Dodd Frank Act” aware of the corralling, while the other party is oblivious. Too busy patting themselves on the back for unopposed self designed brilliance.  Risk the bedrock to true business, welcomed by most hearty, real Americans, now no where in sight.

Your Implied Consent Doesn’t Just Affect You, Wake The Hell Up!  Futures You Help Mold Await You…!

Your Implied Consent Doesn’t Just Affect You, Wake The Hell Up!  Futures You Help Mold Await You…!

So until recognized by the enslaved, the “implied” two party contract of the slave owner with slave isn't totally recognized.  YET!  And as noted earlier signed contracts will never exist!   Recognition is coming, and coming soon for those not prepared with a well thought out freedom enhanced DHAP....!  Once again, wise practitioners of basic common sense in the west recognize the failure ahead, and the enslavement coming for those in NEED of NEEDS based, soon to be hyper-inflated, products.  The ESF will most likely stand aside at this time, the winds of the east will overpower it.  I suspect they would then suit up with some teflon jackets, covered with a dose of a pitch fork, puncture proof resistance coatings.  The east will, from a position of negotiating strength, insist the fascists stand aside, or suffer a loss in volume of “needs’ based shipments.  And if you think they can’t do without us in the business equations, you haven’t been getting your ego out of the way long enough to pay attention to reality.

For those who will settle into the enslaved category due to lack of preparations, note this excerpt.........

The trend is clear.  Governments worldwide know that the banking system is totally bankrupt. The problem is that most governments are also bankrupt. The only solution they have is to print money but as I have discussed above, money printing will solve absolutely nothing. Nobody holding cash or assets in the bank must believe that the government guarantees of $100,000 or €100,000 is worth anything. Firstly, the governments haven’t got any money and secondly, they will renege on their commitments. EvG

Recall the many past installment discussions of monetary corralling via legislation.  Like the 2010 Dodd Frank Act, which makes our money collateral for the banks in the event of their own dire needs, to hell with what we perceive as ownership rights.  Do I detect a hint of “slavery?“  By the way folks I would suspect, the “Dodd Frank” architects definition of “needs” is a moving target which suits them, and them alone.  Hey, they cover their "needs" based items because they want to, might it pay for us to do the same?  So, in reference to the numbers in the above excerpt, just ignore them, because the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation)and the PBGC (Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation) haven't a prayer in hell of covering the depositor and investor/collateral holder’s (YOU) current quarterly bottom lines. 

Thus one party to the enslavement contract has drawn up the papers to their liking, and the other party has, via silent political consent with a dose of cognitive dissonance enhanced with self indulgence, signed on to the contract totally unaware of the consequences.  SLAVERY....!  To be announced for the unaware second party to the contract, when the "needs" based items are few and far between, and that’s if you can afford them.  Truth is, the man in the mirror will announce this event for you, not a high brow government clown.  And if you are uninformed to the point that you don’t finally accept it until after some numb skull like Jim Cramer parrots the info on tv, just consider your chances at necessary corrections long, long gone.

And we wake up in the breakdown
With the things we never thought we could be, yeah
I'm not the one who broke you
I'm not the one you should fear
We got to move you darlin'
I thought I lost you somewhere
But you were never really ever there at all
And I want to get free
Talk to me
I can feel you falling
And I wanted to be
All you need
Somehow here is gone … Goo Goo Dolls

Don’t Lose Yourself In The System Via Blind Obedience..!  Go Home Find Your Braveheart Your Ancestors Are Calling You..!

Don’t Lose Yourself In The System Via Blind Obedience..!  Go Home Find Your Braveheart Your Ancestors Are Calling You..!

In the last segment of the article or interview with Egon von Greyerz, a discussion is completed regarding "time running out."  All I can add to this is, that once time does run out, a run-out defined by a loss of ease in purchasing "needs" based products, an implied binding contract for slavery will be in force for those that are unprepared and need help to survive.  I recommend avoiding that contract date, or you best start throwing your mirrors out.  That noise in the background is glass breakage in places like Detroit and Chicago

Moving further down the evidentiary trail, note the following interview featuring a frustrated Greg Hunter with former “Team Reagan” financial dude Paul Craig Roberts.  The frustration begins around the 31:00 mark, and it tells one Wolf Gray we are getting closer to a dollar failure recognition time (already underway), especially with the alternative media sniping a a bit with one another…..

I am hearing a silent .... "Give me that collapse message I want it now!!!"  You gave it to me for the past several years, but now you seem to be shying away, caught in the “slow boiling frog-king dollar” brew.  Why guys this informed, tend to avoid the ESF’s role is beyond me (not speaking of guys like Rob Kirby of course the debt wizard), and I want to scream at one statement from Dr. Roberts.  “It looks like a fairly long lived ponzi scheme?????”   Really, come the hell on man!!  I will put my favorite silver eagle up against that line of ‘bs’ all day long.   The ponzi-scheme is dying already, witness the greatest business/economic summit of recent memory highlighted in great detail in the installment below…… Events like that do not happen, especially prior to a major G20 summit, when things are flying along unimpeded.   It’s already dying partner.

If you haven't already take the time to review the point by point analysis of the the major summit in Moscow in the following link from yours truly.....

But WG, what does that have to do with a King Dollar ponzi scheme extension by the banksters?  Real business, and real goods and services, and the guys that have cornered those markets will set the rules, not some damned ponzi-scheme clowns.  The ponzu-scheme architects have no live rounds left in the chamber.  1999 marked the beginning of the final act with the ill advised merger of commercial banking, insurance and brokerage.  With the two former allowed to dip their feet into risks that were not part of their typical prospectuses.  Yielding the biggest bubble blowing machine in history, requiring a 2008 TARP magic act followed by unavoidable money printing.   By the 32 minute mark the host, Greg Hunter, is getting really frustrated, and if you have seen his prior interviews with Dr. Roberts, I understand his frustration.  Listen to this narrow focus of western control, all centered around US lap dogs like Japan.  It gets worse towards the end and the frustration grows in the interview, but thanks to professional skills it’s without getting too confrontational.  Hunter is a real pesky pro at his craft.

So what the hell is the point, WG?  For a possible answer go back to the recent installment regarding the “bullshit msm, and the part time bullshit alternative media,” the frustration is clearly mounting, but it is only mounting in a meaningful way in the west.  Which takes us to the final thoughts……

                    Final Thought And A Weekend Reunion For WG That Had Many Lessons

Over the weekend the Wolf Gray had a chance to visit some old friends from a prior educational era.  An era that had not been violated by the government’s misguided attempt to move us into corners of the educational indoctrination system, YET!   And for the record, no one (except for one unlucky soul) at this event really knew who the Wolf Gray is, or the cool contacts he has.  And that’s just as well as wolves get pretty boring after too many beers.  The beat down cometh and these folks, for the most part aren’t completely aware of what’s ahead.  But as I have said in the past, it ain’t Trump or some government piss-ants that will get us back on track.  It is the hearts, minds and courage of honest people who believe they will also be treated honestly.  Honesty, which is currently hidden with a mask of slavery.  The crossroads of that failure is about to arrive.  

I had the privilege to talk to several strong willed people at this event about their businesses and listened to their positive views of the future.  Sadly they are wrong on the global/local changes that will affect them, as stagflation and overcapacity abound but remain unknown, msm, honesty no where to be found, BUT……..

Truth is these people I am proud to say are real Americans.  It was an honor to see them again.  It served as a reminder that it is America, and its intangible ideals set in Constitutional form that make us great.  It is the USA and the government that made slavery and fascism the controlling yet covert unknown enemy.  Tip of the hat to Doug Casey in that last sentence.  The welfare whores that are killing America aren’t the poor, it’s the ultra high end welfare whores that are sucking the paper teat dry via the hard working tax paying real Americans.  You think clowns like Warren Buffet, or the guys pictured in the link below aren’t privy to the next wave of advantageous tax collection devises well in advance?   Ya think!

WG Rant:  Isn't it curious that Christopher Lagarde (oops I did it again) and the IMF, or some such agency announced China number one in the world of trade and business in the summer of 2014 (I think it was 14' truthfully it don't matter).  Then magically the USA rose again, behind the 'bs' tail winds of the tax on ZeroCare (the unaffordable care act UCA or is it ACA) to levitate the fascists back to the top with it's addition to the black side of ledger (should have been red for team USA).  The same team that in a prior installment by yours truly proved to be a 3rd world nation by their own frickin' definitions.  Yeah you know the guys who count government spending on the plus or black side of the GDP ledgers.  Economic Mother Nature is waiting in the wings booking passage for a trip west.

Hmmm, maybe an I-phone bid with taxable profits for the affected share holders courtesy of the populous for additional phone sales to those that can’t afford one.   Ya think these guys pictured are on a standard sealed bid experience here with the mighty Zero?  And don’t tell me they just enjoy partying with one another.  My ass!   I know, I know I have hit on this several times over the last 3 years, but the truth is, they ain’t even discussing sealed bids. They are discussing the future contracts necessary for covert slave/slave owner relationships.   Vote with your feet and protect yourself, Trump can’t do it by himself.   He is floundering all over himself in a tweet-shit-storm.  WG Rant Over!

Special tip of the hat to Mrs. WG, who lectured me about not getting in too deep with my rants at this reunion.  Her lectures worked, she said I never went too far adrift, except for some tawdry tales that could have been left out in a few instances.  

                                      Thank God you listened to me for once…..!  About time…!

                                      Thank God you listened to me for once…..!  About time…!


                                              Hard Asset Field Update

I had a chance last week to visit with a representative of one of the highest volume coin dealers in the southeastern US.   I asked him what is going on?  He said he is busy as hell, and it's been that way since Mr. T took office.  A bit surprised, not that much though, I said how is that?   He informed me that 70% of the traffic is comprised of sellers coming in the door, but the volume of actual product going out the door is much greater and up big time.  Houston, we have a math problem here.  He said the “dumb money” was leaving the slave’s hands in order to feed the big players (my paraphrasing here).  Now this was not something I had been hearing “consistently” at the retail store level of late.  Instead, it was noise about how the bigger sovereigns were driving the hard asset buying efforts.  This falls right in line with the Wolf Gray business thesis, which says the various differentials in the micro and macro business worlds will start tightening up as the dollar’s purchasing power comes under extreme pressure.  Especially as it seems it draws closer to a recognition point for Joe & Jane Sixpack.

And what control do you have?  None if you stay within the system’s corrals, your contract of slavery will remain in tact.   

I’m Having A Hard Asset Party, But Counter-Party Risks Will Be Checked At The Door Only Physical Specimens Allowed

I’m Having A Hard Asset Party, But Counter-Party Risks Will Be Checked At The Door Only Physical Specimens Allowed


God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
                       Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Mrs. WG, W, “The Accountant”, ‘’, Paul Craig Roberts & Greg Hunter, Egon von Greyerz & KWN, ZeroHedge,  ‘’, bloomberg, ‘’, ‘’, Financials Radio, Jim Sinclair, Chris Martenson, ‘’, ‘’, Goo Goo Dolls & Sean Rowe