The Western Addictions Business Class Is Open: (E)go = MC(squared)……

The western world, and in particular the US, has an addiction that is self destructive and nearing the end of it’s destructive cycle.  Several recent significant news items require the Wolf to harp on this subject once again.  Meanwhile, Einstein’s famous math formula is lurking in the background but with a group of different defined integers.  Ones in my view that are far more important than his were/are.  I hit on this formula once before, but it’s time to get creative once again, as the news releases of late show math is not a westerner’s best subject.  

To ignore the substance of this installment’s formulaic message is to proceed in ignoring the truth.  The previous weekend’s conversation with my shaman buddy, a master in the understanding of the human ego, served as the inspiration for me to hit on this subject for another round.  The western world is screaming at the top of her voice that the integer “C” in the above equation is on it’s last legs.  First lets take a look a “SilverBack” making an impassioned plea, one that ties in nicely with the installment title …….

He mentioned in his very timely 12 minute video below, just as I do, look at the man or woman in the mirror for the answers.  Give the "Ape" credit, he kept it positive, but that said I want to add something into the mix, and it ain't so positive.  I know a lot of passionate high quality people, most of good American fiber, but complements aside they still do nothing in the face of an obvious storm.  Nothing truly effective, that is.  For example, many arm themselves to the hilt ready to take on something, anything, just bring it on.   The question becomes, bring WHAT ON?

There seems to be a certain timing point in human nature, at least from my observations, when the outlook is poor and not measuring up to our true moral equivalencies, we want to kick the shit out of something.  Anything!  Especially true of the American male of the species.  What if no living breathing entity shows up for the battle?  At least the battle that truly matters.  But Wolf, even you did a hard asset segment on types of good weaponry for the home, and addressed it in your 33 item DHAP (diversified Hard Asset Portfolio) list.  Indeed.  And I believe those items are very important, but I will let a the uncle of a young William Wallace do the talking.......

The real courage right now may be to force yourself to stand down.  Use your brains, not your brawn, and then wait for any possible confrontations.  Don't waste the energy thumping your chests and battling ghosts.  The battle for now, truly is with the man or woman in the mirror, as they fight over an uncomfortable step outside their darn boxes.  A required step to make decisions that defy the system.  In this case the system that you feel constrained by, the same system that ironically provides your own false sense of security. 

I have told the following story before, but it bears repeating.  One day after church Mrs. WG laid some wisdom on me after I was showing real frustration over the fact that some of our friends just didn't seem to grasp the gravity of continuing to work within a paper system that is about to fail to satisfy your needs.  She said, "How long was it before you took real positive action due to your initial fears of the system eventually imploding?"   Me, "It was about 3 years after I first saw the light."  Mrs. WG, "Exactly.  And you were in the business.  So you can't expect others to jump off a ship that still seems to be floating (something to that effect)!"

Think. Think outside your "false" systemic comfort zones.  Take the time to review this short 12 minute plus video.  It's fairly painless, but ignoring some of the overarching message may not be ......


                                                    News With Comedy Up First

In the next few rapid fire news links, try to connect the dots with logic being your core goal……….

With a US economy that has probably far more than 75% of it’s total economy tied to retail consumerism (soon to be used in the equation in the title), would someone explain to me how retail is crashing and the stock market is doing, what?   If you are fed up with the financial ‘bs’ from the msm, then check out the next chronological news release proof of the financial insanity.   It is illustrative of a twist on the English language within no proximity of the business/economic truth.  Note a dictionary may be required for proper perspective…… You can’t make up the following crap folks…..

Regarding the above link, and the ones to follow, all I can say is ……  Would some damned body please tell the truth???   No, no way, not in the USA........ or is it America, or is it the USA, or is it Confidence, or is it Comfort, or is it Hope, or is it just plain .... BULLSHIT?  Note the following links to explain my frustration……

As a supplement to the above level of confusion recall the cynical news segment from just a few weeks ago in this installment.....

Based on the links that will follow from the above installment, we have confirmation and a refuting of the 16 year highs in consumer comfort.....Confidence/comfort who's counting?  Strap on a dictionary for this one.

The headlines are all that are needed to make the important points.  And based on the above headline it confirms the 16 year highs noted 2 links above.  Or does it?  Check out the next one....

Whoa, in the above headline "Comfort" plunged the most in 6 years (this news release is from 7/13/2017).  Oh, I bet I have an idea what the problem is, the 16 year highs referenced a couple links above are for "US Consumer Comfort" not "American(s) Comfort" like the 7/13 headline just above......Makes sense to me, how about you guys?  It’s US residents vs. American residents.  

And finally, the last piece to the conundrum puzzle of "comfort/confidence/American/US"......

What's wrong with me?  It's clear for anyone with an open mind, this time it's "Hope" not confidence or comfort.  I have one question though, as I must be missing one of the stats, or my favorite stat haunt ZeroHedge, missed it.  The above link is regarding "Hope" for Americans, so just where is the contradictory headline stat for "Hope" in US(ers)???  We need that version of "Hope" as well to properly compare people in the USA vs. people in America.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Do Ya Ever See Total Descriptive Confusion In An Environment Laced With Happy Successful Businesses Or Households?  Nope, This Stuff Reminds Me Of One Of My Pups Getting Their Lies Mixed Up….

Do Ya Ever See Total Descriptive Confusion In An Environment Laced With Happy Successful Businesses Or Households?  Nope, This Stuff Reminds Me Of One Of My Pups Getting Their Lies Mixed Up….

Returning to something a bit more logical…note how the EROI (Energy Return On Investment) is continuing to indicate business failures, in particular within the extremely important energy sector itself….. One may ask why did you have to point out it’s the energy sector WG, that seems obvious?  Please note that the metric defined by the EROI is applicable to some degree in almost any business.

No confusion in the failures illustrated in the above link from Steve St. Angelo.  And as a follow up to EROI problems, just what is it that happens when you use the ill advised method of using debt, cheap or not, to finance on-going operations?  It’s called failure in motion …… I hear E=MC(Squared) in the background…… The first 3 illustrations in the following link are very telling……

And though I have periodically brought some of this same work from Mr. St. Angelo’s to the pages of RM, I need to highlight something with an eye towards the future …… Just remember this important business tidbit, isn't this one of the key industries that was slated to help rebuild the ongoing US industrial failure....?  

 News Flash, The Rebuild Can’t Start Until A Foundational Bottom Is Reached Or At The Very Least, Understood!

 News Flash, The Rebuild Can’t Start Until A Foundational Bottom Is Reached Or At The Very Least, Understood!

Mentioned before, but it bears some repetition, the following link is in regards to a key western commercial paper center…… And the rhetoric is getting more negative.

If the headline doesn't tell the tale, then note this single line that is very significant with respect to this very, very key headquarters of western paper product shuffling ....

By some measures, Connecticut has the worst debt problem in the country.

And this comes from an important western paper processing center, and paper promoter.   And what is the key word in the prior excerpt?  In my view it is “DEBT”…., but they left out one key descriptor “PAPER”  Next up an interview with a true “Paper-Debt” expert.

All the general subjects covered in the above interview are quite note worthy.   But starting at the 29 minute mark, some comments from Mr. Kirby bring it home once again.  In this case, bringing it home to the realities of what happens in corrupt markets, which help to connect the dots for those looking for explanations before they take action.

@ 29:00 ... Note what Rob says here, regarding the Federal Reserve raising rates, and the actual decision making capabilities of the Fed.   He says the idea of the Fed trimming their balance sheets is a rouse.  Note who he says the real powers are regarding the defense of the dollar.   You guessed it, the US Treasury and the ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund).  He also mentions that the ESF is basically doing most of the buying and memory holing of US debt to keep the US's paper looking pristine.  “Looking” being the operative word.

@ 32:45 ... As an expert of the bond market, note Rob’s next factual tidbit ..... The US has never had a failed bond auction.  Folks we all know what that means, it means it is rigged.  Period!  Note how Rob mentions even top tier economic countries like Canada and Germany have had failed bond auctions, but the US has never had one, not one...!  Once again he says it's due to the machinations of the ESF, and based on prior installments we/I agree.

@ 36:45 ... Rob mentions the obvious, but worth reiterating.  We are living in interesting times, and we are living through a major paradigm shift, and the evidentiary trail will continue to grow, making it more obvious there is an end game coming to the US (primarily my words in the last sentence).

Quick western news break for some realities that can’t be denied, or ignored if you want to be properly prepared for the near term/on-going western collapse.  First please note, that EAEU Eurasian Economic Union ….. is gaining steam with rumors of Iran ready to throw their hat into the mix (I would bet the legal wrangling already is complete, thus deal done), not to mention other middle eastern nations (tip of the hat to “’) …. Additionally, this growing energy powerhouse is also looking into joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).  Handwriting is already on the wall, the eastern wall that is, meanwhile witness an empty western canvas/wall.  The solutions for those in the west with intel like this is so frickin’ obvious, music legend Stevie Wonder could see it.   

Quick Wolf Gray Prediction:  Europe will opt out of going down with the flailing titanic king, King Dollar, that is.  Note the prediction skills here aren’t too prescient as notables like Germany and France have made clear overtures to the eastern powerhouses on a regular basis of late.  And this brings us full circle to what for the US?  ISOLATION …!  

Wolf Gray Rant:  Time for a direct refuting of msm & alternative media noise about China’s debt problems in position to explode their economy.  Just who is one of the primary debtors to the Chinese financial edifice?  Why it is the US paper world….!  If the Chinese are about to implode and the US is not buying diddly do in the retail world (even western media doesn’t hide this fact), then why hasn’t one simple thing happened?  A clarion call from the Chinese of, “We are calling in our debt you dead beat gold covered tungsten bar dealing dead beats!”  Wolf, you just don’t get it.  They can’t do without us, and we will nuke them into oblivion if they did that.   Sure thing, brainiac.  Yep. I recall that knee knocking Chinese fear when they were denied admittance to the IMF in the late summer of 2015, a fear that yielded a quick lump dump of 250 billion in US debt paper.  Giant return to sender.   Boy, we scared them shitless, didn’t we?

I hear this all the time, if they were so serious about kicking us in the groin, they would have dumped all the debt by now, WG.   NO..!  Put your business thinking caps on!  If you sell too much in quantity of anything into the market you will get what?  A smaller overall return on your sale, yielding a drastically reduced price in relation to the current listing price for the product in question (on the paper).  2015 was a temper tantrum that said don’t mess with us or else.  Which yielded, an immediate admittance to the broke IMF, in order for the Chinese to gain even more control over the “points of interest and pace” of the fall of the King Dollar.  Meanwhile, they are just trying to get the best value they can for their external debt holdings, in their version of a controlled demolition.  Dumping en-total doesn’t accomplish that goal.

If the Chinese were in big trouble they would be doing a massive mail dump with, “a return to sender with payment due upon receipt of their total US debt holdings!”   Giving notice of the obvious, and what they already know, that the dead beat western debtor is only going to be able to pay back a select few, if any, of the debt holders.  Thus, it’s a first in, first out scenario.  But the wise move is to attempt to be made whole in the most efficient way possible within a reasonable measure of time, and at a reasonable pricing level.  So, for now it appears the game is to dump, but with restraint…it’s the smart business play.  

China is only staying in the game in the most palatable way possible to achieve their goals with their trading partners, all while holding a crap piece of paper.  BTW, I bet not only China, but many other nations are kicking their own arses (man in the mirror style) on a regular basis over the fact they have to unload this crap US paper debt.  Knowing full well, if their eyes are open, that it is on the decline and actually clogging the futures of their banking systems.  Business hindsight is 20:20, at least it is for those without a major dose of E(go) = MC(squared).  Rant over….

All righty, thanks to the news in the next link, I feel better all ready as US officialdom is putting all my fears to rest, by reassuring me that my native country’s ability to show real money to back some of their debt issues isn’t just a magic act.

Hey, maybe this guy read the August 07 WG installment, and figured he had to make good on whereabouts of the real gold.   He didn’t want the Wolf to be one step ahead of him…… Just kidding, but it is a curious timing issue……that is regarding the lyric highlighted on August 7 …. “We're running with the case but we ain't got the gold.”  Guess the musical lyric is wrong, Fort Knox is loaded to the ceiling with gold bars……

Time for Ace Ventura to express exactly how we should all feel now…….The first 5 seconds below are what I said……

Staying on subject while speaking of Mr. Mnuchin, check out John Embry in the following interview with KWN ……

The first paragraph of this interview with John Embry pretty much says it all......

 US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, paid a visit to Fort Knox.  This was allegedly the first visit by a US Treasury Secretary to Fort Knox since 1948.  He reported the “gold is safe.”  An interesting play on words in that he did not say it was all there.  JE

Well said indeed!  And John follows with this rather key point.

If the US government is telling the truth and all the gold is there, why not do an exhaustive audit and thus shut up all the skeptics on the subject? JE

And coming back home to a different scene that I don’t like trying to be too adamant about since it isn’t my forte, note the political analysis by Paul Craig Roberts in the link below.

As far as I am concerned the first 3 paragraphs in the above link are pretty much on point……

When Trump was elected I wrote that it was unlikely that he would be successful in accomplishing the three objectives for which he was elected—peace with Russia, the return home of off-shored US jobs, and effective limits on non-white immigration—because these objectives conflicted with the interests of those more powerful than the president.
I wrote that Trump was unfamiliar with Washington and would fail to appoint a government that would support his goals.  I wrote that unless the ruling oligarchy could bring Trump under its control, Trump would be assassinated.
Trump has been brought under control by assassinating him with words rather than with a bullet. With Steve Bannon’s dismissal, there is now no one in Trump’s government who supports him. He is surrounded by Russophobic generals and Zionists. PCR

And my point with reference to the above excerpt is?   The blind allegiance to the belief that the act of voting this time around would solve all our conservative real money issues is trapped in E(go) = MC(squared)…!  Note an expansion of the integers in that equation is required shortly.

Getting back to issues the Wolf has his sense of smell tuned to……

Regarding the above link, if real numbers, honest numbers were tied to these publicly traded companies not mystical "ledger shifters,” the PE ratios would not only be higher they would scare the mother boards off the computer algo(s) ...

Buying an equity product today would be comparable to buying a car that has the hood sealed shut  "permanently" with the additional benefit of having a dash full of gauges and in particular an odometer that reads 0000.00 all the time.

Buying an equity product today would be comparable to buying a car that has the hood sealed shut "permanently" with the additional benefit of having a dash full of gauges and in particular an odometer that reads 0000.00 all the time.

The above Wolf parable leads nicely to the next shocker……

In the “I told ya so segment” (sorry for the ego filled brag), check this hard to believe news release out.  More proof that the stagflation indicators are flashing major warning signs courtesy of “overcapacity”….

If the above article is on the "up & up," it appears that auto and truck dealership inventory is suffering from the greatest overcapacity in recent memory.  It is difficult to argue that point, as on the ground observations confirm this economic inventory problem as fact.  New 2016 models, that's right new, which will soon be 2 model years old, are going to be sold for 70% off (as I understand it some dealers even have 2015's with low low new mileage numbers).   All of the previous news was as predicted, though I said it would be “a buy one @ sticker price & get one free deal” not 70% off.   And it will only get worse for these dealers, so I suspect bankruptcies are a comin'.....!  Want to wager on how quickly the new 2017's & 2018's fly off the showroom floors, as in damn near never?  The unwinding of this crap to a state of normalcy will take a decade or better.  "Normalcy,”  just what the hell is that in Debtville USA?  Might as well make that 10 year number an over/under figure to wager on.....

Now would be a good time for a visit with Dr. Jim Willie, and some “Business 101” basics…..

In the following article, Dr. Jim Willie confirms what many of us have already suspected "the death of the Petrodollar is done/on-going, but not totally completed” ... And to keep it simple, consider the picture of small kids avoiding the playground bully's sandbox while diligently setting up shop in a safer sandbox.  If you are like me and can't stand the complicated angles, then just look at it as a symptom of a bully being rejected. In this instance it really is just that simple.  Wait a second Wolf, how can the Petrodollar failure be complete, I haven't seen that declaration on any official news releases?  And you may never ever see one in the west.  EVER!  Note the following for a comparison…….

Remember the old installment example given from yours truly:  In which of the following scenarios did the partnership die and truly dissolve?  When the two partners punched each other out, and both of them said in 2014 "I am finished with you," or when their respective attorneys drew up the final liquidation papers in 2017?   Even well after the employees separated their bosses back in 2014, the business may have continued to function right up until 2017, and possibly even beyond in a different name/ownership. But one thing is for sure, both overall profits and new business contracts were on the decline after the company donnybrook in 2014.  Business 101 graduates know it truly went out of business in 2014 after the final kick to the crotch was delivered.   And using the above example, the time line for the Petrodollar failure appears to be just like the timeline for our fighting partnership, it’s in 2017, figuratively and literally.

The evidence of Petrodollar failure is everywhere, and it has been that way in big screen form for several years as it has been an evolving process.  Yes indeed, a process called "doing-business!"  For example, you can go back to the major energy deal involving Russia and China back in the spring of 2014 ....."DOING BUSINESS & IN PROCESS!"

Or just move forward to this past summer's titanic business summit in Moscow between Russia and China just prior to the G20 meeting.  The bully embarrassed and somewhat ignored, and that even includes at the G20 meeting.  A quiet business movement with a purpose, just like kids wanting a more efficient safer environment to conduct play time.  How damned hard is this shit to see?  Apparently "very hard” for western indoctrinated individuals. 

Note the following excerpt from this excellent business minded summary by Dr. Willie:

A void has been created in the energy sector, a most important sector. Enter Russia & China to fill the void. Both the crude oil market and the natural gas market have new alliances which feature nations acting in a cooperative manner. The common element is Russia on the production side, complete with pipeline arrays. The common other element is China on the demand side with large customer needs and financial influence. This article describes the two emerging organizations, which the Jackass calls the Oil Consortium and the NatGas Cartel. It will serve the Eurasian Trade Zone. It will function outside the USD payment system.  JW

It will function outside the bully's sandbox (my paraphrasing).  Would these new powerful business partners be taking action if the current managing partner, the US and it's system the Petro-dollar" were not operating from the stance of a bully in a constant state of a temper-tantrum?  Possibly, but more than likely the status quo would continue.  Continue until the strong arm methods became too insulting to take, or the "pick-pocketing" became to greedy to ignore.   Or both!

Here is another excellent observation from a Jim Willie associate, incorporated in the above article…..

“Removing the control the King Dollar has wielded over all matters economic was a primary focus of the new energy cartel strategy emerging from the East. The goal is both to regain control of fair trade and to wrest control of mankind’s destiny from the cabal's USD contraption and their globalist dystopian plans. The elaborate preparations toward this end are coming into view. The new cartel seems to be advancing without much real resistance except in the media because the USD is already defrocked, the Petro-Dollar dismantling has momentum, and everybody knows it but the US population. JW

Spot on!  And I would submit that it's called being shunned and isolated.  In this case an impossible incorrigible bully with no one of consequence holding any economic or business market share still willing to be bullied.  It's just business evolving in the least resistant venue.  Folks, if you live in the US you may be stuck in the bully's sandbox with isolation on the move, but you can still insure yourself, and that is just business as well. 

The Signs Are Everywhere, Just Open Your Eyes & Make Some Moves, Getting Off Your Arse May Help You See The Light!

The Signs Are Everywhere, Just Open Your Eyes & Make Some Moves, Getting Off Your Arse May Help You See The Light!


                                            But I kept on looking for a sign
                                            In the middle of the night
                                            But I couldn't see the light
                                            No, I couldn't see the light
                                            I kept on looking for a way
                                            To take me through the night
                                            I couldn't get it right
                                            I couldn't get it right … Climax Blues Band


                                            E = MC(squared) Now E = MCd(squared)

This ain’t the Einstein version, in fact it’s a version that is much more important with regards to what makes the world go round…!   Ego = Money (x) consumption(squared).  And in truth, the US version of the equation has evolved into E=MCd(squared) a deadly cocktail where consumption “C” gradually turned into “Cd,” requiring debt “d” to allow the integer “E” (Ego) to continue unabated just a bit longer.   And the debt sources for all those in “EGO nirvana” are doing what?  Running out!  Stagflation anyone?

Unfortunately I am old enough to recall that the word success wasn’t always tied to money, and the material possessions that were inspiring the “Ego’s” voracious appetite.  An appetite that eventually had to have debt to truly achieve “Ego Nirvana.”   Long ago the word “successful” could be properly tied to a “successful” scout leader, a “successful” little league coach, or a “successful” teacher.   Those days are gone in the west, and in particular the debt ridden USA. Instead “successful” only defines a person with a treasure trove of paper debt inspired possessions.   Thus E(go) = (Money/fiat) x Cd(consumption via debt)(squared).  

Unfortunately recent history shows that the EGO in the west wasn’t satisfied, and in order to continue the paper bubble blowing a hefty dose of debt was mandatory.  No problem, the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) knew all the angles, at least for a while, until Economic Mother Nature said the phony game is over and your “paper ponz-scheme” is about to die.  This is a world wide event, but your specific location may require different levels of DHAP preparations.  The more intensive version will reside with the more paper and debt bound EGO’s…!  Hello USA!  WG

Einstein needn’t worry, his version of E = MC(squared) is about to return to it’s proper marque position.  E(go) = (Money) x Cd(consumption via debt)(squared) is on it’s last legs.  To further review this new E=MCd(squared) equation let’s look at a little evidence with an honest reporter of the statistical realm, at least based on the data he is fed……..

Some very significant points were made by John Williams in the above interview.  He is a man who has a lock on the government reported numbers as well as the numbers not reported, at least the ones that he has access to.  Please note, at some points during the interview, comments are made about the Federal Reserve and it's role in the demise of the US dollar via stupid currency manipulations.   Though accurate on the surface, for the record it is clearly the ESF that has to be added to the equation to make sense of it all, at least that's my story.  First up…….

@ 4:45 ... The John Williams alert that people should pay attention to is discussed.  John feels we are at the cusp of an extreme market failure.  He also notes that we are headed into the squirrelly season.... The fall of the year which is typical for problems in the markets, and that's even when the markets weren’t so obtuse, like they are now.  He feels we are in store for one of the greatest financial panics of all time.  This is unique for John Williams, and will be discussed in a minute

@ 8:38 ... John lays it on the line regarding what his clients are telling him.   And he says they are saying things ain't so good.  Like in the "San-Fran" area where the economy has been strong, but now the signs of problems are showing up via examples like falling rents in the formerly hot "San-Fran" market.

@ 10:20 ... Note the excellent point that the banking system has never collapsed before in modern times, at least since we went off the gold standard.  Next he describes how the banking system was failing in 1933, and they violated the gold standard then as well.   I find it interesting that we, once again, have no mention of the solution that the banksters came up with in that time frame ...... The ESF.  Not mentioned, once again.  Curious, to say the least. In fact note the segment 12:15 to 12:27… the Fed hasn't done anything to correct what led to the financial crisis.  Which would cause one to ask then, how the heck is it still staying afloat, though sinking as I enter these words onto these pages, with the Fed making all the wrong moves?   Teacher, teacher, I have my hand up, "Maybe it's some form of off-the-record dark money that defends the dollar?”  For the record, please don't take this as my version of making fun of John Williams, nothing could be further from the truth.  But I find it curious that cerebral dudes like this never jump into descriptions of the dark money pools.  He ain’t the lone ranger.  For example, another academic type, John Hussman who I refer to regularly, avoids the subject of dark forms of money to defend the well...!

@ 12:43 ... The US is long term insolvent, and hasn't a prayer of covering the expenses.  And that is the reported items, let's not forget the debts owed that are off the books that international trading partners are trying to collect via cheap gold and cheap silver sales.  At least they are for now.....

@ 14:19 ... Once again the Fed. is mentioned, and once again it is my view that it is a paper puppet and nothing more.  A broker, and nothing more.  An order taker, and nothing more.  At least that's my story.  John also follows up with news that the foreign investors are starting to get out of the US stock market.  Now it’s time for…..

WG Rant: I have my doubts about this, at least from a timing perspective. I think the foreign investors, for the most part, already have exited, and the western dark money pools are all that are propping up the equity markets.  Evil money that is.  He also compares the coming crash with the magnitude of 1987.  Again, I humbly have a slight difference of opinion here, in that the US had real productivity for most publicly listed companies in the pre 1999 (repeal of Glass Steagall era).  We are now in "Puff the Magic Paper Dragon" land, and the productivity to underpin the equity world for the west is all but non-existent.  Thus all markets that the western paper worshipers have tied their belief systems to will rigorously collapse.  1987 will eventually pale in comparison, history is being re-written, with the past being almost meaningless.  And why is that?  Everyone is in denial of the real cause and effect ... "E = MCd(squared)" .. We in the west are suffering from a massive ego that is addicted to consumption and a "look at me" virus.  I am not accusing John Williams of that disease, btw.  I don't mean to brag, but I hardly hear anyone talking or writing about this ego issue.  Maybe I am just plain wrong.  The real problem is very few people, ironically due to totally unrecognized ego constraints, want to admit to the real problem because if they did, it would involve themselves as well.  This crap is frickin' amazing.   Complete denial on a grand scale, because it would involve the distasteful admission of most of the US population as being wrong.  That includes EVERYBODY at some levels, as well as yours truly as I can't puff my chest out for putting my foot to the throats of the corrupt.  End of rant.....

@ 16:50 ... Here it is mentioned that the Fed is in a bind, which is accurate.  But I would submit they ain't going to lose any sleep over it because no one knows who the real culprits are, and they can't change what their bosses tell them to do anyway.  Rob Kirby said it best, no one wants to talk about this sort of thing (the ESF and dark money), because it creates too big of a mirror problem.  A problem where we have to admit that ”we are really really dishonest dudes here in our own country aren't we?!  Which means what?  It means that the truth ain't going to get lifted to it's proper station in the financial system until a beat down is completed on the US Sixpack egos.... with the repel of the phony E(go) = (Money) x Cd(consumption via debt)(squared)!

@ 17:12 .. John mentions the dollar being the trigger to the failures to come, and why the Fed will shift monetary policies.  Very “academic,” and I would suspect correct on the surface, but it avoids the dark money and the bigger problems.  Namely that the ego of US citizen's are not keeping themselves and their employees, the government stooges, under control.  They are all too busy, busy tied to "E = MCd(squared)"

@ 21:05 ... John & Greg are on point, at least in my view, that the US system will collapse at warp speed this time around. In my opinion, once again due to an over stuffed western ego, it will be worse, as the formula "E = MCd(Squared)" will collapse as the most powerful component in the equation, “THE EGO,” which will fall into shame as the "consumption (C)" component goes into free fall with no more debt at hand.  This will happen regardless of the number of fiat paper units printed.  Print as they might the recipients will not be able to purchase what is NEEDED!  Thus the “M” part of the equation is no match for the Cd(squared) in satisfying a properly upward trending “E” - Ego.  The most powerful portion of that equation is the “d” - debt, and it’s usage is drying up at the consumer level.  John also mentions that only stop gap measures were used by the Fed, which in my humble opinion is correct.   But post 1999, and the creation of the Triple Headed Hydra (merger of banking insurance & brokerage) thanks to the repeal of Glass Steagall, that is all they had left, because there was no substantive economy left. It was nothing but bubble blowing machinery with productivity no where to be found. 

It was easy to get away with this, all they had to do is bloat the egos of the US Sixpacks.  The carrot was in place and the sale was easy, as no one wants to believe something so corrupt happened on their watch.  So post 1999 the equation got lit on fire with the addition of debt the little “d”…!

@ 23:10 ... Here it is mentioned that the GPH (Golbalist Pecker Head/Rickards) is suggesting a possible bank holiday is in the future, at least per his key inside connections.  Note how difficult it is for the idea of the system going under to be discussed, instead it is avoided by Mr. Williams.  In fact, the system has to function, otherwise where would academic analysis be?  Interesting, but like Mr. Williams, I also believe commerce will go forward, as life finds a way, but the system as it exists doesn't have to survive at all for that to happen.  In order for the US to dig out of fascist control and failure, the system has to die a horrible death.  From this point forward the discussion is all about the system being resolved within it's own constructs.  As far as I am concerned it avoids the real problem, the system needs to blow up completely in order to cure the patient...!  Academic answers have no meaning when the truth has been on vacation for many decades.  BTW, if they said that in the interview, no one would listen (Rob Kirby& Doug Casey are some of the few that allude to something on that order), as it is too extreme, which is the very reason why the damned thing needs to blow up.   Too many frickin’ “Big Egos” are clogging a proper vantage point.

Significant point:  Of note at the end of the interview John Williams gets far more specific than I have ever heard him in prior interviews.   He says, with emotion, by this fall I would want to be an owner of physical precious metals and I would also get out of the equity markets.  For me that is very significant, as he is a numbers guy, and he relies on a more academic form of solutions, not speculation into the future with an emotional component.  Very significant, and once again I do not mean to be critical of Mr. Williams in the comments above, as he is one of the “Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation."  Again, of note I have never heard him this adamant about taking precautions.  

Can I get an “Amen” for our equation? Yes I can, check this out…….

                                                          Final Thoughts

Egon von Greyerz follows up on the WG points in this KWN interview….

This interview is on point, and as mentioned many installments ago this was what I feared, but for slightly different potential outcomes than predicted by Egon von Greyerz …… Note this excerpt…..

As I said in a recent interview, after Trump had been elected in late November, with Trump being a dominant individual and an entrepreneur, I expected him to change his mind constantly.  Most entrepreneurs have no strong principles, but the ability to change their mind frequently. It is this flexibility that makes them successful in business. But this doesn’t work in politics.  I also predicted that Trump, being a very strong individual, would not be able to retain individuals with strong personalities. Hiring a number of very top people, including billionaires, was a high-risk strategy for Trump. The 28 people who have left, so far, proves that point. EvG

We are witnessing on stage via the political reality shows the same thing in real life, it’s a reflection….!   Thus the reason for look at me's via selfie's, via tweeting, via Facebook with details about your every personal adventure, adventures that none of your viewers care about.  Why?   Because their own personal adventures are more exciting to put on display, EGO on display and typically with the bobbles of “MCd(squared)” in tow.  And at the very least you can always talk incessantly about your super important life all the time on your E= MCd(squared) communications device while causing wrecks on the interstate. 

Trump is a mirror image of the ego maniacs in the US nation.  Thus he is in an impossible situation, especially when he figures his ego is more important than ours.   Tit for tat, heh? 

Bottom line:  The Frickin' truth has to be sugar coated in order for any semblance of it to be heard.  Therefore, I maintain that the system has to blow up, so that the corrupt version of Einstein's equation, the one WG created for this installment, E = MCd(squared) is sent to it's grave.   Preparations for a transition to a form of honest weights and measures is a requirement for any person of courage, and for any person wanting to be a survivor. But for those that reside in the USA, a reboot is required to cure the situation.  Therefore, a beat down is necessary....!   It’s just business, and it’s just inevitable!

                                                   Hard Asset Answers and Tidbits

Are there any sure fire bets, any sure fire winners, and any sure fire ways to keep my family safe?  In the category of sure fire, the answer is a resounding yes, with a backdrop that says find ways to extricate yourself from the system.  And the system itself can be defined as the fiat paper monetary system, the US dollar reserve system with special importance assigned to the debt that is supporting the US dollar based system.  The “Cd” in our equation.   Redundant, but this stuff ain’t that darn complicated.  Let’s look at two excellent pieces of intel in the following links…….

The key takeaway for WG in this interview with Stephen Leeb is that China is pissed, big time pissed.  He didn’t say that, but they are showing all the signs of ditching the dollar with some pace.  The references to China’s moves to help crypto-currencies maintain operations and become more seamless is brought into view by Dr. Leeb.  It is a signal light flashing that says get out of the system one way or the other.  Note this final paragraph…….

We don’t expect China to do anything until after its fall party conference is over. Maybe it will wait until after the start of 2018. But change is coming. I don’t expect gold to break out just yet; it will probably await some of the above unfolding more clearly. But if gold does not decisively penetrate $1,300 here, don’t feel bad. Just buy more.”  SL

If like me, you figure China to be a huge part of the new paradigm, then common sense says try the old saying, “monkey see monkey do” and get out of the system that's well well on it's way out.  And one of the safest and sure fire methods is what?   Owning physical precious metals.  WG

And based on the fundamentals, the discount pricing at this time may very well be the cheapest in history.  Check out this ranting version of the true inventory of precious metals…..

First this excerpt comes to the fore……

You see, conspiracies, especially LOUSY CONSPIRACIES, are a great way to make a buck selling a newsletter or book.  Because people don’t take the time to do the research and fact check, it’s much easier and a great deal more fun to believe in the hype of a conspiracy.  This is quite a shame because lousy conspiracies give the few sound conspiracies a bad reputation.  SsA

Follow that up with this excerpt …….

So, we can plainly see, it was physically impossible for the world to produce more than 200,000 metric tons (6.4 billion oz) of gold in the history of mankind.   Thus, the notion that the world holds 1-2 million tons of gold in the world, is completely ludicrous.  SsA

And what does on Wolf Gray figure to be the odds on favorite for success?  

                                                   Gold & Silver Bars & Coins, Just Back The Truck Up, NOW!

                                                   Gold & Silver Bars & Coins, Just Back The Truck Up, NOW!


A musical message from what the Wolf considers to be one of the greatest talents in music history, Yes…….

                                        I'm moving through some changes
                                        I'll never be the same
                                        Something you did touched me
                                        There's no one else to blame

                                        The love we had has fallen
                                        The love we used to share
                                        We've given up pretending
                                        As if you didn't care

                                        Change changing places
                                        Root yourself to the ground
                                        Capitalize on this good fortune
                                        One word can bring you round

                                        I look into the mirror
                                        I see no happiness
                                        All the warmth I gave you
                                        Has turned to emptiness
                                        The love we had has fallen
                                        The love we used to share
                                        You've left me here believing
                                        In love that wasn't there

                                        Change changing places
                                        Root yourself to the ground
                                        Word to the wise - Well you get what's coming
                                        One word can bring you round

 From a Former WG Installment: “The Winds Of Change Are Howling,” And One Word Can Bring You Round, .... “ACT!”  God Bless!

 From a Former WG Installment: “The Winds Of Change Are Howling,” And One Word Can Bring You Round, .... “ACT!”  God Bless!


          God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
                               Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray

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