LaRouchePAC Manhattan Town Hall event with Ray McGovern and William Binney

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, whose Agency career spanned decades and who used to deliver President Ronald Reagan his daily presidential brief during the 1980s

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, whose Agency career spanned decades and who used to deliver President Ronald Reagan his daily presidential brief during the 1980s

After Congressman Dana Rohrbacher (R-CA) met for nearly three hours with Julian Assange last week at the Wikileaks' founder's asylum sanctuary inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Washington is in full damage control mode to protect the Russian election meddling narrative the US intelligence community and legacy media have foolishly staked their declining credibility on. Rep. Rohrabacher came out of the meeting convinced that Assange is telling the truth that Wikileaks source for the DNC data dump was and is not the Russian government. Rep. Rohrabacher also said that if Assange is telling him the truth, then a full pardon in return for his cooperation with the U.S. government in closing the investigation into the DNC leaks would be merited.


As we've reported here at RogueMoney via reposting articles from and the LaRouche movement's German language magazine Neue Solidarität, after The Nation and Bloomberg's by (no means pro-Putin!) Russian journalist Leonid Bershidsky broke the legacy media blockade against taking on the Russian hacking narrative, others have joined in. Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson hosted VIPS William Binney on his show last week, who pointed to the complete absence of evidence from NSA/GCHQ regarding data packets moving over trans-Atlantic trunk lines from the DNC servers to overseas, allegedly Russian hacker controlled domains.

Then over the weekend, former Clinton White House strategist Dick Morris has added his voice to those influential figures in Washington stating that the centerpiece of the deep state and Democrats argument accusing President Trump of collusion with the Russians is collapsing. To make matters worse for the trans-Atlantic, British influenced deep state and its most prominent spokesmen in Congress like Senator John McCain, the 'ex' MI6 agent Christopher Steele who assembled the fake intelligence dossier against Trump may be deposed in a libel lawsuit against Buzzfeed news:

A U.S. District court judge has put a former British spy one step closer to facing questions under oath about the controversial dossier he authored alleging President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign team plotted with Russian agents.

A ruling by Judge Ursula Ungaro allows lawyers for a Russian technology executive named in the dossier to seek British approval to question onetime MI6 agent Christopher Steele about the funding and sourcing of the dossier under oath. The request was made as part of a libel suit brought by Webzilla CEO Aleksej Gubarev against the website Buzzfeed, which was first to publish the dossier Steele prepared.

“I suspect that I’ll be the first to speak to him,” Gubarev’s attorney, Valentin Gurvits, told ABC News this week. “I know that he is trying very hard to prevent that from happening.”

The potential interview with Steele is part of a widening effort to pierce the secrecy surrounding the now infamous dossier that raised the first questions about then-candidate Trump’s ties to Russia. The 35-page document contains a range of unverified allegations – some of which have been discredited – laying out a history of ties between several Trump associates and Russia operatives. It also levels salacious claims about Trump’s own behavior during a visit to Moscow in 2013 – claims Trump later refuted and denounced during a Jan. 11 news conference.

Federal investigators are also closing in on the Awan brothers, who worked for then DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, one of the ringleaders of the #BlameRussia for the DNC email dump plot, who may have had plenty of her own motivation to push #RussiaGate to distract from a possible foreign intelligence operation by her employees. All that's left, as the Russia Analyst has said, is for brave whistleblowers to step forward from inside the CIA/NSA/FBI to confirm the massive political pressure from the top prior to Inauguration Day for a politicized, partisan assessment smearing Trump as the beneficiary of Russian hacking efforts on Trump's behalf. -- JWS


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Civil War and the Threat of Assassination Must be Stopped, Now, with the New Silk Road, Development and Job Creation

The Russiagate effort to depose President Trump is close to dead. Two leaders of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), Ray McGovern and William Binney, spoke at a LaRouchePAC forum in Manhattan, Saturday, reviewing their forensic proof that there was no hack of the DNC computers, and that corrupt Obama intelligence officials had fabricated evidence to point at Russia, to stop Trump's effort to bring the US and Russia and China together for peace.

But the coup-plotters have not given up — they have moved on to race-bait the President, using provocateurs, on both sides, and using the media, to stir up racial hatred, also on both sides, creating the potential for civil war and an environment conducive to a "lone assassin" hit on the President.

The fact that President Trump was absolutely right in his declaration that there were violent provocateurs on both sides of the Charlottesville disaster, is becoming more and more clear by the day. The attempt to reproduce the Charlottesville chaos in Boston, on Saturday, resulted only in a handful of conservatives marching for free speech, being met by about 10,000 "anti-nazi" and "anti-fascist" counter demonstrators. The police did their job, keeping the two sides separated (not as in Charlottesville), but there were 33 arrests of violent "antifa" and "Black Lives Matter" militants who challenged the police. Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said there were three categories on the street: "Those who came out for the rally, those who came to protest it, and those who wanted to start some trouble."

Former UN Ambassador and civil rights leader Andrew Young cut through the maze of lies in an NBC interview Sunday:"Most of the issues that we're dealing with now are related to poverty. But we still want to put everything in a racial context," Amb. Young said.

The reason I feel uncomfortable condemning the Klan types is, they are almost the poorest of the poor. They are the forgotten Americans. And, they have been used and abused and neglected. Instead of giving them affordable health care, they give them black lung jobs.... Our job [in the Civil Rights Movement] was not to put down white people. Our job was to lift everybody up together, so that we would learn to live together as brothers and sisters rather than perish together as fools.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche agreed that Amb. Young had identified the problem, but insisted that he, and all well-meaning people, must also identify the solution, to bring about the development and the job creation he calls for in the only way possible — to join with the LaRouche movement effort to get President Trump to proceed with his intention to join in the Belt and Road Initiative created by China, now, and implement LaRouche's Four Laws — Glass Steagall, National Banking, Hamiltonian federal credit creation, and a science policy centered on crash programs for space exploration and fusion power. There are increasing numbers of Democrats who reject Russia-gate, who reject the controlled "gang-counter gang" push for civil war, and who will join with Trump supporters to demand such real development as the only solution. This is the time for action.