You Can Go Out and Play With The Others When You Have Finished Your Chores At Home…!

Most of us have heard the title line, or at least those of us with some seniority have heard the line in the title.  Regardless of the era considered, that message rings true and is typical of effective natural business and social results.  But when it’s the laborer or the “boys & girls” who understand the message at a higher level than the supposed adults in charge, problems normally aren’t far behind.   In fact, I would maintain violating the power hierarchy of this basic tenet is a violation of the natural order of things.  Doing so results in respect lost with important neighbors who might have been involved downstream, but are now nowhere to be found due to your lack of clear headed home based action.  

Home based leaders who understand these basic principles typically benefit from smooth operations.  The benefits for these smooth operators are the result of understanding the importance in sovereignty and or autonomy within their sphere of influence.  The ironic benefit is a reciprocal respect from those that are actually outside their sovereign control, resulting in even greater potential social and business arrangements of a positive nature.  It just ain’t that damned complicated, that is unless your ego is way out of control, and you worship false idols.  Idols that read “Federal Reserve Note” ….. a.k.a “dollars” …..

Per Merriam Webster ….

Definition of sovereignty
    1.    1 obsolete :  supreme excellence or an example of it
    2.    2a :  supreme power especially over a body politicb :  freedom from external control :  autonomyc :  controlling influence
    3.    3 :  one that is sovereign; especially :  an autonomous state

Per my Mac ….

autonomy |ôˈtänəmē|
noun (pl. autonomies)
(of a country or region) the right or condition of self-government, especially in a particular sphere: Tatarstan demanded greater autonomy within the Russian Federation.
• a self-governing country or region.
• freedom from external control or influence; independence: economic autonomy is still a long way off for many women.
• (in Kantian moral philosophy) the capacity of an agent to act in accordance with objective morality rather than under the influence of desires.

When referencing the above definitions I can recall an installment from about 2 years ago regarding one fundamental question, “can a country have sovereignty or autonomy when they have over 50% (per sources I trust, & some estimates are as high as 65%) of their debt outside their physical borders?”  Not really, unless via a perverse violation of business 101, they are temporarily using intimidation to keep the debt collectors pacified.  Folks, that damned message comes with a “use by date,” thus the usage of the term “temporarily.”   Every single person reading this installment has witnessed some one getting bit in the arse, because they couldn’t observe this basic tenet, which can be shortened to “Mind Your Own Damn Business!”   

This arse nipping happens 100% of the time if the offender doesn’t change course as soon as possible.  It’s time to revisit the “Brave Heart” of professor William Wallace, and then apply his wisdom (along with Dr. Stephen Leeb) with a few Wolf Gray rants in the “Final Thoughts” segment concerning the far east and pesky North Korea.   And what a surprise, it turns out most of the common sense answers that emerge are just “business,” nothing more, nothing less, regardless of the msm angles on despot leaders.   Dump the Hegelian Dialectic misinformation news gang both right and left, but first a “Hard Asset Tip,” and a few ‘prelim’ news items……

                                                                 Hard Asset Tip

For those that are into the belief that a “Mad Maxish scenario” lies just around the corner, check out the following link……

Regarding the above link, I have maintained that many areas throughout the US are more sensitive to the ravages of "stagflation,” and as such will be targets for a possible Mad Max environment.  If you live in one, and can’t extricate yourself, then you might need to make more radical preparations.  Moving would be the best solution, but possibly not convenient.  BTW, don’t ask me where these areas are specifically because if you live in one, you already know you are in a “deep weeds” location!  The rest of you, don’t get all bowed up too quickly, I predict there will be plenty of areas near you with less than ideal conditions.  The key question is, are you at least out of the line of fire and the “stupidity & savagery?”   Anything less leaves you out of control, all by being outside of your own sovereign environment.  You probably know the answer to this location question better than anyone else does……

The above link has an interesting Mad Maxish scenario group of tips.  But the tip on dogs is particularly interesting.   Just remember, I wouldn’t get your panties in too big a wad over spending big money on items that would help you survive in a Mad Max situation.  Why do I confidently say that?   Because just like GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) most of the common sense items you will be gathering are “needs” based (the WG DHAP 33 item list comes to mind once again), and therefore is eventually usable one way or the other.  Hence the money is never wasted.  

Another guru to join the bandwagon of silver bulls is John Embry.  Nothing new in that statement, but in the following link he mentions (probably not the first time though), that prices of silver have held too long at prices unprofitable for the miners, thus a supply shortage is occurring of major proportion.

As Mr. Embry points out that silver, unlike gold, has a multitude of purposes in both industrial/technology sales and in the manufacturing process.  Now no one who frequents the pages of RM is surprised by that statement, but a different bit of inspired thought crossed WG’s brain cells with one of this articles statements.  

Of note, I have mentioned in the past that the pricing of GSBC’s in the USA may go through a dark-out period until the dust settles on a proper pricing structure, or even be on hold for bartering prices.  Alternatively, Mr. Embry makes a point which merges with Wolf Gray’s theory that come hell or high water, honest supply and demand via on the ground businesses will eventually boot out phony paper pricing metrics.  Embry states that due to silver’s industrial demand component this could easily happen, and if so I would surmise it would nullify any dark-out period before it could take effect.  The industrial need for silver may not allow for an extended dark period to find a proper pricing equilibrium.

Therefore it stands to reason that physical demand regardless of the source is very likely to force silver rather quickly to an honest pricing metric.  If not, then it will not just be silver as a form of honest money that stops functioning properly in the world of pricing, it will be the world of physical business that would stop as well, literally!  And this is due to silver’s additional value in industrial usage.  I suspect this wouldn’t last long, as this would make some pretty important business people very angry.  So would anybody be surprised to see a speedy appearance of Economic Mother Nature with a pricing sledge hammer in hand?  You make that call.  Bottom line once again, it’s just business, and it’s an odds on favorite to happen.  Eventually the physical ownership of silver will make almost any other fad item look boring.  On to news……


Folks if the meaning behind the headlines of this next link from ZeroHedge is accurate, then I am an F35 pilot cleared for takeoff with a construction hard hat for a helmet.

The above link reeks of “WTF!”  95 million or more working aged people unemployed, but then a record in new job openings.  Wages stagnant and a new record in job openings in the business and professional arenas.  I think we tend to micro manage all these dang stats, and end up with nothing but magic via a 1980’s ‘bs’ way to make us look like we are bigger than we are …… hello “Business Birth Death Model,” once again.

Maybe I am just out of touch with the economic/business realities.  Because we can always go full circle and get a pill for the problem.  Thus the problem in the next headline isn’t a problem at all, instead it just opens the door to more solutions, like a profit solution in the drug industries……..

Wait a second, didn’t da Prez say we are in recovery mode?  So how can retail, our wanna-be life blood, be in tatters?   Hey, ya got me confused, maybe we can get a call into the BLS to make sense of it all.

                                                         Life Finds A Way, And That Includes Business Life….

                                                         Life Finds A Way, And That Includes Business Life….

In this next link I am at a total loss for proper words, so feel to provide your own analysis if you wish in the comments section….

I don't think I can ever remember a sitting public official making this bold of a statement that enters the world of "legal" private businesses.  I ain't a Bezos fan, but this statement is a bit over the top in the unnecessary category, and actually under-plays the fact that Amazon and the online world ain’t but a reported 8% of total retail sales.  To be fair to Mr. Trump, he didn't say anything should be done about it, he was just pointing out a well known fact, but over-playing the dire consequences.  But for myself, it ain't the statement that is so surprising, it is who said it, which I find to be extremely surreal.  I am beginning to see a pattern here, it appears that this guy seems to think he has to say something about everything.  I ain't sure what it means, other than maybe it's just a version of "Look at Me!, Look at Me!"  Not really dangerous yet, but that could change…and this might be construed as putting fascism in your face.

Wolf Gray Mini Rant:  OK, the government in “telecom & transportation,” though troublesome, it is the norm.   But retail????  This is truly dangerous ground.  In fact the only times I can remember that this ground was being plowed before was by fascists and liberals.  Walmart comes to mind.  But a supposed capitalist???  The Wolf parable above is correct.   If an industry provides "temporary" positive benefits, but at the expense of being a catalyst to something very vital like a loss of jobs, "JOBS TO THE SURROUNDING POTENTIAL BUYERS,” ...... hmmm, I think you see how the world of business life will eventually resolve this issue.  This should be in the courtroom of capitalistic supply and demand, not in what appears to be a fascist playbook move possibly into the retail sector.  And to top it off, it follows his statement from just a week ago of “Jobs are everywhere, and all’s well!”  This is all part of an extremely bazaar move by Mr. Trump……!

                                       Hey big brother
                                      As soon as you arrive
                                      You better get in touch with the people, big brother
                                      And get them on your side, big brother
                                      And keep them satisfied
                                      Welcome to the beat of the city street
                                      Walk on now and don't be shy
                                      Take a closer look at the people you meet
                                      And notice the fear in their eyes
                                      Watching the time passing by … Rare Earth

For proof that real business is starting to expose the lies in the reported economic numbers in key industries, check this out…..

Note the first few lines of the above article from Steve St. Angelo, and of note this also mirrors prior installment reports.  Now a recent podcast from London Paul also thought it was note worthy that an oil investing superstar like Andy Hall said adios…..

Even though U.S. shale oil production continues to reach new record highs, investors might be finally losing faith in the industry that just isn’t profitable.  A perfect example of this, legendary oil trader Andy Hall, known as “God” in the industry, is shutting down his main hedge fund. SsA

Note this next excerpt further down in the article.....

As we can see in the chart above, all types of energy stocks sold off even though the price of oil increased.SsA

The reason is simple and it's just business as usual.  Been this way for many years, the debt in the oil fracking industry is unsustainable. Not enough productive barrels of oil come out of the ground after the first year in relationship to the barrels of oil consumed to get the black stuff out of the ground.  Not enough, as in not enough to make a profit without using the “run and gun” to the next drill site m.o., abandoning the last, and leaving that unsolvable problem for another day.  The process repeats itself, and has for many years.  This method of oil extraction seems to be based on an unsound financial business model.  And speaking of abandoning ship, what is it you would do if it wasn't working?  Might you just plain quit, and try something new?   But not so here, I detect a belief in a bail-out somewhere, so all’s well, just keep up the run & gun crap.  After all, there is no risk in doing so, thus there is no need in proper accounting.

But don't despair, there are bigger problems to possibly worry about, which should ease everybody's minds with respect to the profitability issues.  Check out this amazing excerpt......

Oil and natural gas fracking, on average, uses more than 28 times the water it did 15 years ago, gulping up to 9.6 million gallons of water per well and putting farming and drinking sources at risk in arid states, especially during drought. SsA

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.  Mr. St. Angelo continues to stretch the limits of what we should worry about with this statement.....

The race for the U.S. to produce more oil than we have in more than four decades is costing an arm, leg and a foot, as well as consuming one heck of a lot of fresh water.  I believe we are going to look back at this point in history and wonder… WHAT IN THE HELL WERE WE THINKING??? SsA

There's something to ponder.  Circling back to the start of this review on oil's profitability component in the US, it would appear major investors, legends in the oil patch investing space are heading for safer ground.  Might pay to take a clue from that, or just add that item to the plethora of evidence on the table.  Like a note from many installments ago with a supporting news release that the Rockefeller's (the energy king pins of king pins) were drastically lightening their exposure to the energy sector, in particular oil.  Now that is intel....!  Or is it just in your face facts, possibly only for those with common sense and their eyes wide open?

This next headline truly brings the cynic in WG out.  After all, ain’t it easy to see our mighty form of capitalism with honest money via real markets supported by real supply and demand driven markets….?

3 Week lows, are you kidding me?  Boy, that’s significant!   In times when real markets were in vogue, nuclear saber rattling would have included 3 year lows, or at least something along the order of 3 month lows.  Especially after the longest run upward in history without true fundamental growth in the business narrative.  Wolf, I thought it was the second longest in history (spring 2009 to now with no 20% bear market fall)....???!  Nope/yep the era of longest bull run in equities that topped this one had some fundamental productivity drivers that were fairly significant.  And this bullshit one we are currently in has had how many?   Like 3 or so quarters of productivity growth, MAYBE!  YAHOO!  How about zero.  In fact, there probably haven't been any from month to month, unless you are tuned to MS'LSD' or Faux Business or worst of all CN'BS.'  And even in those venues they haven't done any great YoY productivity increase news reels.....

And if you find some numbers that prove me wrong, just remember the repeal of Glass Steagall in 1999 when the western world operators in the control towers realized they couldn't stop a collapse, they could only forestall it.  Until now, with the addition of blatant lies.  When you give away your real goods and services production, and it’s attached to productivity, then you have no choice but to eventually resort to a ponzi-scheme of ideas.  Hey, how about the good ole' Rubin/Clinton days with the transport of those wonderful gold covered tungsten bars to China?  Once it was realized those magic tricks wouldn't work, we had to go into ponzi-scheme mode in order to prolong things in paper land.  Just don’t forget, ”prolong" will always introduce participants to an ending point or unwinding point, like pension plans "rolling over" in important areas across the landscape.  And I ain't talking about Mayberry, NC, how about Dallas, TX?  And they ain't the lone ranger either.

You can run but you can't hide.  The hiding stopped for the very informed after 1999, and the hiding for the semi-informed stopped after 2007/2008.  Hmm, what can we expect next?  How about …… BRUTAL 3 HOUR SUSTAINED LOWS????  Oh No!

Continuing along the cynic trail, this next item just boggles the common sense mind (at least it does mine)?  The next headline falls in nicely behind the last farce.

I have a question to fire back at the premise of the article and the trader who posed his question.  How about, what increment of failure qualifies as official failure?  That must be the question.  After all, whether it’s on the little league field, or in the boardroom, we always win and everybody gets a trophy.  There can’t be any losers, right….?!  Shock of shocks, there will be losers.  No analyst will be needed to pontificate or bluster on about it either.  And I suspect that one day the lows will not be of the 3 week variety.

Time for a return to a business 101 opening lesson.  This next link from ZeroHedge (2nd one below) causes a basic query …… When you give away your manufacturing and become a paper pushing economy, you can't have any productivity gains, can you?  You are blowing air and doing nothing.  And in the near term what you will end up with is massive stagflation, evidenced by the overcapacity in a variety of key industries, like autos, real estate, and most importantly higher education.  And yes, you can have overcapacity in the higher education system.  Especially when you need a 96% occupancy rate to break even and you are throwing up housing facilities left and right....... see the following installment if you need a refresher for verification....skip 2/3 of the way down to the segment titled..... Student Loans and An Ongoing Education Debacle

But all the above reference points aside, here is statistical proof from ZeroHedge regarding a 34 year productivity collapse, which in generic form has been discussed ad-nauseam for the last 3 plus years in a variety of installments.

Hey, want to wager on the great “real” productivity numbers for 2017 and the failure therein?  They best hire the BLS bean counters if they want to spruce things up, because that is the only way it will look better on paper.  And btw, I harken back to one of the most sage statements I ever heard from a super successful Wolfpack business associate, “Without us dudes working with our hands, you guys pushing paper would have absolutely nothing to do but stare at one another!”  A little logic applied might inspire deeper thinkers to ask, without the factor of time entered into the equation, can you even have productivity in a truly paper only business world?

As a nice lead to the coming “ Location Location & Final Thoughts” segments, which hammers hard on the titled subject matter, the following Elijah Johnson interview with Rob Kirby provides some common sense reinforcement…..


@ 1:10 ... First up, the North Korean farce in which Rob notes that the capital/equity markets are reacting incongruently.  An understatement if there ever was one.   But as we all know by now, there aren't any real markets as there isn't any true supply & demand in play with a proper level of risk attached.  Algorithms make the moves with no regard to actual measures of supply/demand/risk.  Note @ 6:50 the references paid to the roles of the US Treasury (ESF) and the Federal Reserve and how they are working to create specific outcomes.  All to fool the sleepy Sixpack masses.  Redundant I know, but it supports the final thoughts segment to come……..

@ 8:40 ... Why aren't people aware of the manipulation of the markets?  And Rob says the same thing I would, it’s the love of their quarterly statements (my words).  It's paper worship by the sleepy Sixpacks.  Plus, as Rob points out, the easy money or cheap cost to money or capital paints a poor picture of the reality to risk.   Once it fails in a noticeable way for Sixpacker(s) it will trap everyone financially who is not diversified into a heavy dose of hard assets (my words).

@ 13:00 ... Next Bitcoin pricing is compared with the volatility index of equities.  At this juncture in time there isn't a future's complex for crypto-currencies, thus no capability to short, and therefore there isn't any control by central authorities.  One thing is for sure, if there was a futures market for “cryptos” it would be many multiples of the tame volatility numbers currently applied to the totally asleep equity markets.   As discussed in the past, the reasons for the popularity(s) of the "cryptos" is the lack of faith in the reserve currency king of the world, who is currently dying…the King Dollar.

@ 18:03 ... Is there a threat of nationalizing the hard asset miners?  Rob feels it is a real possibility, and at the very least some of the world’s governments would be favorable to some form of control.  Of note, if precious metals become popular with an attached price increase it tells on the associated government's finances, therefore don't be surprised if same said governments go after the new growth in monies held by the precious metals complex.  This makes logical sense.

@ 20:25 ... Will the SDR replace the dollar as world reserve currency?  Rob says no way, and also references the Globalist Pecker Head, Jim Rickards.  Note the brilliant explanation of how giving credence to the SDR global currency pricing theory, is like rewarding the fox in the hen house (my words).  I can't imagine the new sheriffs in town, oh yeah, that's the east spearheaded by China & Russia (as if you didn't know), allowing a paper control structure to happen while they spend their excess capital on hard assets.  If they do so, then they need to be put in “mental-time-out” for being totally brain dead.

@ 23:35 ... If the dollar collapses, it's Rob's opinion that commerce will continue to find a way, which makes perfect common business sense.  I agree, life finds a way, it logically means people will not roll over and quit or give up, especially in the US once we have reached a certain breaking point.  It ain't our nature, at least not everybody's nature.  An honest form of weights and measures will find a way to the pockets of business, while the criminals suffer.  About time, and good is all I can say to that one.

  Location Location Location, Which Requires Us To Clean Up Our Own Locations First

First up we have Clif High and the Watchdog, with professor William Wallace, and a Wolf Gray Rant ……

@ 1:00 ... Cliff sees August & September in a slight lull and then 4 -5 years of absolute chaos.

@ 6:30 ... Trade war 'bs' from the US, is just that, 'bs' .... As preached over & over in multiple installments, we in the USA are not in a position of strength, in fact we have to seem like an obnoxious blow hard to our trading partners.  Clif concurs with ole' WG here, with a statement regarding our brain dead attacks on Russia via trade wars/sanctions.  Note that a minute later Clif mentions that he could conduct business with Russia right now via "crypto's" and not a sanction anywhere could stop him from doing that.  A damned interesting observation.   And what have we been hearing about just in the past two weeks?  Russian banks or officialdom setting up crypto exchange facilities.   Right on time, wouldn't ya say, but not for those in the enforcement of sanctions categories.  As pointed out many many times, you don't enforce diddly shit from a position of weakness, a position enforced in the form of a blowhard debtor who can't pay their own bills.

Wolf Gray Rant:  Bring your energies home.  Regroup, and rebuild.  We have the personnel who can take care of the task, and they are the remaining ”Real Americans"....!   And there are still plenty of them!  It's time for rebuilding, not feigning false strength against opponents that will have none of it!  Damned dumbest strategy I have ever seen!  The Wolf Gray said over six months ago the most valuable tool in Trump's tool shed is the American people.  I am picturing the movie Braveheart, and William Wallace imploring Robert the Bruce to lead the Scottish people against the British led by Longshanks.   In the clip below, Wallace finished his statements with Robert the Bruce stating that the Scottish people would follow “the Bruce,” and even he, William Wallace, would also follow him.  Fast forward to present day: This is a war all right, but not against outsiders, it's a war against insiders.  Reach for your best tools, ya firckin' knot head, while you still can.  Quit tweeting and playing on the elite's damned playing field.  Get back on our soil and take the message to the people.  Boots on the ground style… your boots.  This is a war all right, but it is a war for the survival of production in native "needs" based products from some of the richest soil on God's green earth, America.  Bring it home, damn-it.  Quit playing around in pointless battles that will win nothing but the neocon award for best NWO lapdog!  Know when to fold, step away from the pontification table and promote genuine rebuilding.  Gee whiz, how damned hard is this to see?  Very damned hard when the HUMAN EGO is obstructing a good vantage point.  That's how hard!   Might a sign be that you think you have to comment on everything, even when it’s none of your business?

Character roles can be applied to today’s environment as you see fit.  Mine are as follows: Wallace is us the Sixpacks, Robert the Bruce is a leader, might be Trump might not, and Longshanks is the elite power structures.  

@ 8:00 ... Greg brings up the US dollar at this point, and Clif says the same thing we keep saying, it is judged only against a few crap currencies.  Just pay attention to "bitcoin" and it's movements, strength very likely means dollar failure continues. 

@ 9:42 ... It is noted that anybody with any smarts is getting out of the dollar.

@ 10:00 ... Clif says the obvious, silver & gold will head dramatically higher.  Especially silver.  Nothing new here, but WG's crystal ball says, patience will pay off big time by holding silver in physical form. 

@ 11:50 ... Note this excellent and stealth brilliant point, the dollar sadly is our method for measuring our own strengths.  Very true.  And what is it that is dying on the world stages, the King Dollar and it's debt paper brethren.   Happening right now, and has been for several years.  Owing your strengths to money, that isn’t even real money, it is instead a Federal Reserve Note or a.k.a. “legal tender,” borders on idol worship.  Borders my arse, it is spot on!

@ 14:17 ... Here the value of honest money and honest forms of weights and measures is harped on.   The US empire was not built on that during the last century, it was built on a lie, and Clif brings this into real modern day terms at this juncture.  Smart people are getting out of the paper based system, hope that includes you.

@ 15:30 ... Here Clif gets slightly controversial with a discussion on the overabundance of gold.  Which causes him to reiterate his stance for cryptos and especially physical silver ownership.  Next 3 minutes is somewhat controversial, but very interesting.  3 minutes later Gregg is slightly flustered over this gold is not so valuable point, but it is an interesting exchange.  Clif again reiterates grab silver.

@ 20:00 ... Cliff says a bitcoin etf is a money center scam.  This theory has merit in my view since it puts the bankster form of money changers into some control positions, which is clearly not a good thing.

@ 26:08 ... Clif is not a fan of commodity based cryptos as it might be possible to confiscate your holdings in that form.   As per the Wolf Gray's theory many years ago, buy physical product locally, which in most cases it can then help to avoid anything but first name basis business, thus no paper trails to your doors.  Bear in mind, large purchases can require your retail dealer to take additional personal information.

@ 29:48 ... When does the debt bubble start to blow?  Already in the process, and will be significant in August, but the real debt problems for the most part apply only to the dollar.  Clif says if you eliminate the dollar much of the problems go away.  The point here is that the dollar is toxic.  How many toxic assets do you own?  And btw, many counter-party risk assets including the likes of pre-tax retirement accounts, or on-demand accounts are dollar based assets.  So once again, how many toxic dollars do you have?

@ 35:10 ... The speed of crypto currency transactions is addressed.  Brilliantly, Clif mentions the digital credit card based transactions are much quicker, but it is an apple to oranges comparison.  Credit cards are approving the purchaser to a debt payment, thus transaction approval is instant if the buyer hasn't exceeded their credit card limits.  Meanwhile, bitcoin is a real time exchange of actual holdings with no debt allowed.  Over the next couple of minutes Clif goes further into the current and future improvements for bitcoin transaction speeds.

@ 40:50 .. Greg and Clif discusses how the dollar is crashing right now.  Redundant to past installments, but reassuring to your hard asset preparation decisions.

@ 42:15 ... The old pension and the basic paper based pre-tax savings systems in the US are currently getting crushed and will continue on pace for more boot stomping. To agree with Clif's prior point at the 29:48 juncture he also mentions that Russia's pension yields and some other non DOLLAR based pension systems are doing well.   It's the dollar that is the problem.  Bingo!!!!

@ 48:34 ... Can the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) kill the alternative media?  Clif brings it home to the realities of on-line advertising and the Alt news boys abilities at money making, by noting that no one can prove a reliable level of monetizing the advertising world via the internet and the "YouTube" universe.  It's business, not entirely fascism, that is the problem.  Makes sense.  But the fascist angle in the online ad world is still coming into view.  Clif says go crypto in your online business pursuits and get away from the toxic dollar.  Sounds like good advice to me.  Hey folks, it's the in thing to do around the world.  But it just ain't msm approved for the Sixpack local audiences.  They wouldn’t believe it anyway without the beat down I keep talking about.

@ 54:35 ... A discussion heats up regarding the technological weaknesses of the US military.  Reported on by RM regulars for sometime now.

@ 56:20 ... Clif mentions that the dollar will be around, but it's usage will be very restricted (my words).  That's good news, if it works out that way!  It will help to bridge the gap in our needs based product purchases.   But that is about all it will accomplish.  It is my belief that due to our over indebtedness, which is tied to dollar usage for all intents and purposes, we will very likely be in failure mode.  Debt levels will crush the holders of dollars if we have any double digits devaluations.

I am beginning to think Aldo Nova was right especially where the western world is concerned…….

With the wisdom of William Wallace at our backsides, it is time to look at some far east saber rattling.   Just check out who provided the intel in the link below.
Why it’s a US lapdog, a lapdog in search of a new lap, btw (Japan).   Anybody trust this ‘bs’?   Time for some real business in just a second, courtesy of Dr. Stephen Leeb, and KWN.  Hey, it appears someone can’t keep their ego out of the damned picture.  Silence truly is golden sometimes…..

Nothing like keeping your negotiating cards close to the vest, this stuff is embarrassing.   Especially when we get right back to some of the same items highlighted in the “News” segment, in this case it’s from the “Vampire Squid.”  This is easy, the market doesn’t react because it isn’t a real market.  Gee whiz dumb arse, ya think?!

Just relaxing may be a more useful pursuit, after all, it doesn’t look like this guy from N. Korea could hit Long Beach Ca., if he was tied to the pier.  Hey, but we better raise hell about him.  Him being our own useful idiot.  What 'bs'...!  Let’s keep the map pictured below in mind, and then follow it up with the common sense business wisdom of Dr. Stephen Leeb and some worthwhile “Final Thoughts”…..

        Final Thoughts: Keeping Your Own Turf In Order Before Worrying With Others

           I Don’t Mean To Be Rude, But Do We Really Require A Map To Figure Out This Crap..?

           I Don’t Mean To Be Rude, But Do We Really Require A Map To Figure Out This Crap..?

Note this straight forward idea from Dr. Stephen Leeb (please click on the link above and listen to the 15 minute interview, it's a good one), Gold has put in a true bottom, and it is about to make a run in the greatest gold bull market in history.  I would highly recommend listening to the entire 15 minute interview, as the business wisdom with a simple map in hand is noteworthy.  He also seems to agree with most of the team @ RM that China is becoming the eastern global world leader.  Which, as he notes is significant because the eastern part of the globe has the most people, the largest economies. This next one is key for one Wolf Gray,  the east also controls 75% of the world’s in-ground energy natural resources.   

My theory is, if you control the majority of the ‘in-ground’ energy natural resource world, the “non-made-made-world” which in many cases provides all the energy supplies for the “man-made-world,” then by default you will control most of the economic trade negotiations.   Unless of course you misuse the privilege of being in that position.  Anybody come to mind?

Additionally Dr. Leeb feels the Korean peninsula is a very important strategic land mass to both the east and the west.  He further states in this excellent interview with KWN, that this peninsula is a buffer between countries that are pivotal in global trade.  It serves as an invasion route, and where the US is concerned, it conveniently puts them in the midst of Asia.  Whatever my prior views may have been on North Korea and the Korean peninsula, I now see things in a more “Useful-idiot-view!”  

BTW, the WG sense of smell is picking up the scent of a possibility that the useful idiot may not be such an idiot, he might just be playing both sides against the best middle ground for himself.  Ultimately this doesn’t matter, his eventual eastern course is set.  Time is the only remaining question.  Dr. Leeb says the peninsula has served as a strategic land mass for centuries, so do we need to ask why the useful idiot in N Korea is doing the US’s post Korean war bidding?  That’s right, our bidding…all in order to keep China just one step off beat.  It is still my view that the eastern course is set, so it might be more fruitful for the US to spend it’s economic energies on something home-based!

That’s right, it is both my view and the view of a few key Wolfpack associates, that we all feel the noise in N. Korea is about us gaining a foothold in the east to disrupt China, and possibly disrupt the warp speed progression of the OBOR (One Best One Road) initiative.  Bottom line, eastern nations want the US out of South Korea, and don’t want us in North Korea at all.  What a surprise!  It is called “Dollar Go Home!”

Now back to Dr. Stephen Leeb who is of the opinion that if China gains a foot hold in North Korea it’s game over for the west.  Though dramatic in it’s statement of finality, I don’t think it’s the only “game over” scenario for the US King Dollar hegemony.  After all, we heard that about the Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, and many other key areas, and in truth they are all pivotal, and anyone of which could have a domino effect.  As for one Wolf Gray, the impressive pre G20 business summit in Moscow between China and Russia this past summer between Xi and Putin was one big sign reading, “move over punk we are the bosses now.”  North Korea is just another of many western delay scheme to the inevitable failure of the King Dollar, so say hello Syria, hello Ukraine, hello Iran, and the list goes on.  

That said, Dr. Leeb feels that if China gains control of the Korean peninsula they become the king of the eastern world, already are in my view.  Dr. Leeb also feels that if actual control of the peninsula comes to fruition, then China will officially make a dollar dumping statement.  Truthfully, a lot of stages are being prepared for that statement.  For example, Saudi Arabia comes to mind right away.  It will not make a hill of beans to US Sixpacks unless it is broadcast with attached meanings via msm outlets all across the western world.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for that news message, I suspect they will just let your devalued pocket book do the messaging as the news messenger may not be safe if they deliver it improperly.  The stage is already being set for anger at the msm, wouldn’t you say?

And Dr. Leeb also mentions the obvious, if you have the brains to look at a map, who is likely to suffer some real fallout if North Korea is nuked?  It’s neighbors, like CHINA!  Nukes may be launched at the US from North Korea, my arse.   Dr. Leeb doesn’t state it this way, but once again it is my view the North Koreans are the US’s useful idiot.  Which makes one wonder who the heck is advising Trump, and why is he seemingly following their lead?   

Which begs the question, “America-first,” but in which venue?  At home or abroad, or both by attempting to obstruct things on the other side of the globe which we can’t do efficiently.  At least in a timely manner.  It’s a stalling/losing gambit by the US, but it is certainly not defined by the Sixpack’s versions of "America first."  But Wolf, they are going to nuke us?  Yeah right, if one does actually hit us, it might just be possible that it is friendly fire with a North Korean name plate on it.  No way Wolf, and to that I say “9/11 and building 7 of the world trade center building complex, and King Dollar defense.”  The last one is the ultimate of ultimates.  King Dollar Defense!!!!

It’s just business, bad business in the case of the US.

At the end of this short interview with KWN, Dr. Leeb mentions some market indicators that prove that a shift of massive proportion is on the table to the east, and to gold and silver as well (he promotes the ownership of silver very strongly).   This next currency factoid is amazing: In the face of all this war and ‘nuking’ noise what has the yuan done agains the dollar (even though it is not part of the dollar index)?  Even with the noise of nukes on China’s geographical neighbor, it is up, up and away baby for the yuan.  

So Economic Mother Nature gets it and so does the overall market as it tunes up to reality!  I hear a few other indicators like a little “bitcoin” in the background.  The music of business is playing a clear, loud song, and the notes say that the US needs to quit wasting time with the North Korean useful idiot.  And one of the biggest reasons is they may not just be a useful idiot for the west, they might be an even more effective useful idiot or trading partner for the east, and the OBOR.  Ya think China might have some agreeable neighbors, and not just North and South Korea with respect to that concept?  This whole conflict revolves around increasing someone’s bottom line by making it easier to promote profitable business, or throwing up roadblocks.  The western angle in the Korean peninsula reeks of NWO globalist garbage!   Nukes threats and/or threats to religious freedoms, the hallmarks of globalist motivational ’bs’.   Time for a William Wallace/Wolf Gray business note …….

I Don’t Need Wallace, Bruce Or Longshanks To Tell Me, “If You Don’t Have Any Real Money, Your Sovereignty & Autonomy Are In Question!  It Don’t Even Matter Who The Lead Dog Is!    

I Don’t Need Wallace, Bruce Or Longshanks To Tell Me, “If You Don’t Have Any Real Money, Your Sovereignty & Autonomy Are In Question!  It Don’t Even Matter Who The Lead Dog Is!


Meanwhile, what should you do?  That’s easy, as none of the aforementioned theories should change your proper planning for the inevitable King Dollar demise.  Do what Dr. Leeb says at the end of this interview, and this is another WG installment redundancy moment, own GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) in physical form.  I added GSBC’s and the physical form verbiage, because I think it is critical to the overall plan.

                 God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!
                                   Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, The Wolfpack, Dr. Stephen Leeb & KNW, ZeroHedge, William Wallace, Greg Hunter & Clif High, Elijah Johnson & Rob Kirby, John Embry, Steve St. Angelo, ‘’, Aldo Nova & Rare Earth