Two Paradigms, One Choice

This article originally appeared at on Monday, August 14, 2017 and is republished at courtesy of our friend and frequent RM radio guest Harley Schlanger. Links not included in the original text added by the Russia Analyst.-- JWS

(Photo by: Xinhua/New China News Agency)

So not only did the "extremely close" relationship between the two leaders—forged at their personal meetings at Mar-a-Lago and the G20 summit—come into play to try to cool out the current Korean crisis, and prevent a British-instigated war from exploding; that relationship is also a stated, strategic factor for addressing other "major international and regional issues of common concern" as they come up.

What would happen if President Trump were to develop a similar working relationship with Russia's Vladimir Putin? What if the Big Three—of Trump, Xi and Putin—were to jointly work for global infrastructure projects based on the Belt and Road Initiative, and for combatting the enemies of humanity such as London's terrorism and drug apparatus?

The British Empire and their lackeys in Wall Street and Washington know the answer to those questions. And the very thought of it makes them fear for their very existence, and that of their system of financial looting and genocide.

That is why they will not give up on their house of cards fabrication about non-existent "collusion" by Trump, with non-existent Russian "hacking" of the DNC's computers, to further their non-existent interference in the last U.S. Presidential election. Never mind that there was never a shred of evidence to prove any of those charges; never mind that there is now a growing avalanche of evidence of the British Empire's controlling hand in all of those lies, and of the plot to overthrow the Trump Presidency, either by coup or by assassination.

The LaRouche movement's role in achieving the breakout of coverage of the VIPS memo has been at the center of exposing that British intention, with positive results to date.

To which the British Empire's only answer has been "silver or lead"—the tried and tested technique of Dope, Inc.'s drug capos for bringing about obedience. How else to explain the totally lopsided votes in the House and the Senate on the Russian sanctions bill? Only five individuals voted their conscience: The remainder voted either the "silver" they were offered as Wall Street backing for their election campaigns; or because of the "lead" of FBI blackmail and scandals; or both.

In short, we are living and organizing in the midst of the battle between two paradigms, two systems of what Mankind is and shall become. The old paradigm is going under, and the problems in the world all come from that, and their desperate, doomed drive to survive.

So don't get caught up in the details. Present people with the big picture—which is the only thing worth fighting for, in any event.