War Wizards on a Leash

While Americans were winding down a short work week and battening down the hatches for the annual national gluttony of Thanksgiving Day, The Boss in Russia was busy overseeing a well-engineered smackdown of the western Wizards of War by pulling off what has amounted to a declaration of cessation of hostilities in Syria.

The triumvirate representation of Russia, Iran, and Turkey made its presence known in Sochi earlier this week and effectively collared the necks of the bloodthirsty dogs who have been beaten back one chessboard square at a time and now see their butts hanging over an abyss of self-destruction.

Here is the video of the statements made by Putin, Rouhani, and Erdogan. A transcript is available at the Kremlin's official website [linked here]. Here are a few comments that stood out to me.

Putin: Experts of our countries conducted serious preparations for discussing substantive issues at the current talks, so I am confident that the discussion will be detailed and productive, and the agreements reached will help further restore peace and security in Syria and consolidate its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and in general facilitate stabilisation in the Middle East.
Rouhani: Unfortunately, some countries active in our region are following the examples of the United States and the Zionist regime to sow discord and hatred between the peoples of the region and to shift the responsibility for the outcomes of their hostile policy that seeks to tear the region apart.
The struggle against strife and unrest is one of the manifestations of the practical policy of Iran, which is taking an active part in the Astana format. Our strategy lies in joint actions and competition, coordination and oversight, cooperation with nations, and friendship rather than hostility.
Respect for the national sovereignty of Syria is an inalienable part of this struggle. There is no excuse for the presence of foreign troops on the territory of Syria without the permission of its legitimate Government.

Turkey's President Erdogan made a few remarks to conclude the press event. I'll say that his demeanor was a bit less "glowing" than Rouhani's. He made an interesting reference to the recent deadly earthquake that hit the border of Iraq and Iran. He also expressed his thanks to the republic of Kazakhstan and the city of Astana for the hospitality offered during the Syria peace talks. Astana is a name you should become familiar with as it will come up in future blogs - and has already come up in past ones - with reference to the Russian space program, the development of free energy, and the hunt for dark matter with all its esoteric connection to Artificial Intelligence. Just file that way for now.

Erdogan's comments included this: 

Today’s trilateral council is of great importance for finally stopping the bloodshed and putting an end to the tragedy that has lasted for many years. The whole world has seen the progress Turkey, Russia and Iran have made in their efforts on the Syrian issue.
I would also like to express my gratitude to President Nazarbayev for the event for which he provided the venue in Kazakhstan. Our meetings in Astana were of benefit to the whole region, praise Allah.

As many of you know, the Rogue Money team has been gritting its teeth, so to speak, in anticipation of calamitous events in the Middle East as the month of November approached. We saw the #SaudiPurge unfold, right on the dot, just as "W" predicted, and then we buckled up for the next temporal window of Nov. 22-23. Vladimir Putin was also watching the calendar. This meeting in Sochi threw a massive monkey wrench into the neocon machinery.

Are we out of the woods yet? Not by a long shot, as W. explains in his words here in the next section.

Perspective from "W" The Intelligence Insider

Below are comments from W. posted with his permission.

No one should underestimate President Putin’s level of insight(s) when it comes to anticipating the political AND HIDDEN OCCULTIC mechanisms and games being foisted against Russia and himself personally. Six times the western powers attempted to use false flags in order to justify broader NATO involvement in Syria; each time Putin waited for his opponents to commit and then used their energy against them in well executed Jujitsu counter moves. His tactical responses may appear to be merely good reflexes but they are actually a sign of years of training in ANTICIPATING your opponent's next move and practicing/preparing rapid and precise responses. Putin is an 8th degree black belt in Judo, and that is an earned degree not an honorific title for PR purposes. He is exercising those same types of skills in the world political arena.

President Putin has been immersed in the world of behind-the-scenes politics since his youth.  He is keenly aware that there is a dance done for the public consumption and another that is done by the real power brokers behind the scenes.  He has become very adept at recognizing patterns and preparing responses to neutralize the western sorcerer's next moves.  Besides speaking and understanding several languages fluently (including English) he also understands and communicates in occult numerological and sign languages to his western opponents - as does President Trump as he demonstrated with his Fiji water bottle antics last week.  Both men and their handlers are very proficient at communicating using esoteric languages and numbers.

(For a discussion of the symbolism of Trumps "Fiji water bottle" moment, see this video.)

All that said; it is interesting that as a broad push was occurring across NATO and the mid-east over the last several weeks, in a very public way preparing for some type of war or conflict with Hezbollah, Putin very deftly crafted an alternative outcome. Look at the timing of the purported missile launch against Riyadh and the resignation of Hariri. Look at the media reports of multiple Mideast countries moving to a war footing and related preparations in Israel, Lebanon, Syria, etc.  Even Hezbollah was very graphic in announcing that they anticipated a false flag to be done in their honor shortly and they went to extremes to stand down and control ALL of their members.  

Once the final move was committed to in the October 28 to November 6 window, and western alliance began its move/march to war with Hezbollah, the Judo expert Putin began his well choreographed response culminating in private meetings and in-person consultations with various involved parties on the most critical date of all - November 22.

President Putin had correctly observed and anticipated the western clockwork turning in preparation to begin a regional war starting in Lebanon on November 23 as a result of false flags to be blamed on Hezbollah and, by extension, its puppet master Iran, on November 22, 2017. His diplomatic efforts in bringing the critical players together and negotiating agreements overlapping exactly those critical dates may well have bought the world a little more time. I don’t say the danger is passed, only possibly that it is moved down the road a bit. However, we are still on a hair trigger.

His wizardly opponents were a little too coy and possibly over played their hand.  They were also a bit too overt and over confident in telegraphing their next moves; several times.  I expect that will now change; and Putin will anticipate this also.  

The risk for us all is that the ‘western powers’ and the puppeteers behind them are too vested in very specific outcomes in their plan to fundamentally reshape the Mideast borders/empires for them to back down or out now. They have an "all or nothing perspective" at this point. For the West and for their globalista puppeteers, failure is not an option; they’ll ‘be back’!  Most likely sooner than later, in part because they need to exert some leverage using real muscle in order to get a better deal and they have very little leverage at this exact moment.  

It would be very sophomoric to believe that the western puppeteers and wizards are defeated; there are always options.  There is ALMOST ALWAYS a plan ‘B’ or ‘C’ or ‘D’ (with the exception of WW III which must END, NOT START, with a nuclear exchange, on a precise year, month, date, hour). Don’t kid yourselves; the hidden diabolical machinery of the New World Order Globalistas is not prone to single point failure. There are backups to the backups. They aren’t perfect, but they aren’t pushovers either. They’ve just been a bit overconfident lately. That will now change, I’m sure.

An interesting little note I’d like to add here. There is a protected religious sect in modern day Russia that believes that President Putin is the Anti-Anti-Christ and that he is destined to ‘save the world’ from the Biblically prophesied End Times Anti-Christ!!! Now I am not a Putin advocate and I don’t know that I’m going to join in the chorus to convey sainthood to him anytime soon. However, I actually do think Putin does see his role as something akin to this.  I could probably write a book on his psychological profile in this context, as well as how he has been playing these cards to his own population, but I can’t do that now.  

Suffice to say that there are dynamics/energies in play behind the scenes that dwarf by several orders of magnitude ANYTHING we are currently privy to in the mainstream media.  Putin has successfully cast the leaders of the western powers as robber barons, sex fiends, occultists and wizards (in the spirit of Harry Potter) and, worst of all, as Pizzagate style pedophile rapists and murders.  His constituents are growing exponentially and, therefore, his power - and confidence - as he opposes the western based New World Order Globalistas.  

We will still have some type of ‘Dust-up’ engagement shortly, you can bank on it and unfortunately that will absolutely be followed by WW III (four actually by my way of counting because Reagan won III) unless Putin or Trump can come up with a super shifty ‘Jacki Chan’ move, and quick.

North Sinai Mosque Attack

No sooner had W. sent the above perspective to the RM team, but we wake up on Black Friday to hear news of one of the worst acts of terrorism committed by ISIS yet. This one is against a mosque in North Sinai. Egypt has already responded swiftly and we are sure to hear of a reprisal action any hour now. That is where I will conclude this blog as we await the next act in this war of wizards.

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