Giza Pyramid Power

If we were to discover that a structure with a certain shape, such as a pyramid, was able to effectively act as a resonator for the vibrations coming from within the Earth, then we would have a reliable and inexpensive source of energy.
— Christopher Dunn, The Giza Power Plant, p. 130

Christopher Dunn's book, The Giza Power Plant, is a lesson in harmonics, frequencies, and coupled oscillators. Mr. Dunn's hypothesis for how an ancient but advanced civilization achieved the harnessing of wireless energy is an important link in our #Celestials series. This information lays the groundwork for the thoughtful discourse that will come later from Joseph P. Farrell who has always maintained that the Great Pyramid was also used as a weapon. It is the fear of many people in high places that an overlording cabal today is still intent on reigniting this technology.

Naturally, readers of this blog would be encouraged to read the book for full details on how the Giza power plant could have worked. At the very least, if the subject of free energy is of interest to you, then do take a half-hour and pay attention to the author's own slideshow presentation noted a little further along in this blog. If I may borrow the words of a book review penned by Rob Lund, here is a one paragraph summary of Dunn's proposal:

The Giza Power Plant book is available  here .

The Giza Power Plant book is available here.

"He shows that the pyramid was a large acoustical device, in which the technology of harmonic resonance was used, to convert the earth's vibrational energies to microwave radiation. He demonstrates the fact that the chambers and passages in the pyramid were positioned with deliberate precision to optimize its acoustical properties. When the pyramid was vibrating in tune with the earth's pulse it became a coupled oscillator that could carry the transfer of power from the earth with little or no feedback. The King's Chamber, built of igneous granite containing silicon quartz crystals, served as the power centre while the Queen's Chamber was used to generate hydrogen, the fuel that ran the plant."

Realizing as I do that many of the readers might not be familiar with what is meant by a "coupled oscillator," below I present a quick and easy high school science experiment that demonstrates this phenomenon. Notice how the movement of one object can actually induce the movement of another object when both objects share the same harmonics. Where is the energy coming from?

Place yourself back in the days of Neolithic man and imagine what might have gone through your mind the first time you felt an earthquake. Once the initial fear had passed, the more curious, inquisitive minds must have asked themselves, "Whoa! What was that and how do we harness it??!!" Once people like the Biblical Jubal began experimenting with musical strings and flutes, it would not have taken long before they began observing the physics of harmonics. 

In his own words, here is what Christopher Dunn has written about the capabilities of extracting energy from the natural vibrations of the Earth:

The Earth itself, as a giant dynamo, produces similar sound waves. (p. 128)
It would follow, therefore, that the energy at work in the Earth would generate sound waves that would be related to the particular vibration of the energy creating it and the material through which it passes. (p. 129)
Any electrical stimulation within the Earth of piezoelectrical materials - such as quartz - would generate sound waves above the range of human hearing. (p. 129)
If we were to discover that a structure with a certain shape, such as a pyramid, was able to effectively act as a resonator for the vibrations coming from within the Earth, then we would have a reliable and inexpensive source of energy. (p. 130)

At this point it might be good to take a look through the engineering eyes of the author at what he sees when you slice the Pyramid in half as a cutaway. Many of you readers may in fact have visited the Giza Pyramid and were informed by your Egyptian guide of the various chambers and hallways that are purported to make up some ridiculously uncomfortable tomb. Three of the sections that you hear so often in these descriptions are: the Queen's Chamber, the Grand Gallery, and the King's Chamber.

Traditional labeling of the two chambers and grand hallway in the interior of the Giza Pyramid. (Image: )

Traditional labeling of the two chambers and grand hallway in the interior of the Giza Pyramid. (Image:

However, when Christopher Dunn saw that diagram, he realized that he was looking at the schematics of a power plant.

Christopher Dunn sees the inner workings of a device that puts acoustic energy to good use. (Image: )

Christopher Dunn sees the inner workings of a device that puts acoustic energy to good use. (Image:

In the video below, Mr. Dunn will lead you through a slideshow presentation of just how those pieces worked together. I have the video set to begin at the 38-minute marker just to make it easy for you to skip ahead to the meat of the discussion. Below, I will copy some of this thoughts from chapter 13 of his book so that you can get the gist of what he is describing.

In my own nutshell, what he is suggesting is that the pyramid's deep subterranean base serves to allow Earth's own natural seismic (or other) vibrations to generate resonance at the base of the pyramid. This is how the power plant was "primed." This is Step 1.

The pyramid engineers built a special cavity just above the base where chemical elements were introduced via air shafts. Once combined, these chemicals created a hydrogen cloud in the "Queen's Chamber [or, reaction chamber]. The gas filled the interior passageways and chambers of the pyramid (p. 220). This is Step 2. What happened next? Mr. Dunn writes:

Induced by priming pulses of vibration - tuned to the resonant frequency of the entire structure - the vibration of the pyramid gradually increased in amplitude and oscillated in harmony with the vibrations of the Earth.
Harmonically coupled with the Earth, vibrational energy then flowed in abundance from the Earth through the pyramid and influenced a series of tuned resonators housed in the "Grand Gallery" [or, resonator hall], where the vibration was converted into airborne sound.

But then how do you extract energy from the "airborne sound"? And what does the hydrogen cloud have to do with all of this? Dunn goes on to explain:

The King's Chamber was the heart of the Giza power plant, an impressive power center comprised of thousands of tons of granite containing 55% silicon-quartz crystal. The chamber was designed to minimize any damping of vibration, and its dimensions created a resonant cavity that was in harmony with the incoming acoustical energy.
As the granite vibrated in sympathy with the sound, it stressed the quartz in the rock and stimulated electrons to flow by what is known as the piezoelectric effect. The energy that filled the King's Chamber at that point became a combination of acoustical energy and electromagnetic energy. Both forms of energy covered a broad spectrum of harmonic frequencies, from the fundamental infrasonic frequencies of the Earth to the ultrasonic and higher electromagnetic microwave frequencies.

Here comes the hydrogen part....

The hydrogen freely absorbed this energy, for the designers of the Giza power plant had made sure that the frequencies at which the King's Chamber resonated were harmonics of the frequency at which hydrogen resonates. As a result, the hydrogen atom, which consists of one proton and one electron, efficiently absorbed this energy, and its electron was "pumped" to a higher energy state.

Cleverly, the pyramid builders built an air- or light- shaft at a precise angle, a shaft that Dunn says was used to introduce an "input signal" from our planet's magnetically charged medium - the atmosphere. This is Step 3.

The resonant chamber, or King's Chamber. Exterior radiation enters the pyramid at A2, excited atoms collect at the 'sarcophagus' at A3, harmonic vibrations turn the whole thing into packets of useable energy. (Image: )

The resonant chamber, or King's Chamber. Exterior radiation enters the pyramid at A2, excited atoms collect at the 'sarcophagus' at A3, harmonic vibrations turn the whole thing into packets of useable energy. (Image:

The Northern Shaft served as a conduit, or a waveguide, and its original metal lining served to channel a microwave signal into the King's Chamber. The microwave signal that flowed through this waveguide may have been the same signal that we know today is created by the atomic hydrogen that fills the universe and that is constantly bombarding the Earth. This microwave signal probably was reflected off the outside face of the pyramid [a limestone, quartz, calcite surface], then was focused down the Northern Shaft.
Traveling through the King's Chamber and passing through a crystal box amplifier located in its path, the input signal increased in power as it interacted with the highly energized hydrogen atoms inside the resonating box amplifier and chamber [the object that tour guides always tell you was the pharaoh's 'sarcophagus'].
This interaction forced the electrons back to their natural "ground state." In turn, the hydrogen atoms released a packet of energy of the same type and frequency as the input signal. This "stimulated emission" was entrained with the input signal and followed the same path.... The process could occur a trillion times over.

Summarizing it all, Dunn concludes:

What entered the chamber as a low energy signal became a collimated (parallel) beam of immense power as it was collected in a microwave receiver housed in the south wall of the King's Chamber and was then directed through the metal-lined Southern Shaft to the outside of the pyramid. This tightly collimated beam was the reason for all the science, technology, craftsmanship, and untold hours of work that went into designing, testing, and building the Giza power plant. (Above copied from pp. 221-222.)

What we have at Giza is an energy system that is stunningly efficient with its ability to draw from Earth's abundant free energy beneath our feet and simply keep it moving, cycling, and resonanting. Just stand back as the whole process converts itself into useful electromagnetism.

As wonderfully harmonic as the whole thing sounds, it was not without inherent dangers. 

Runaway Vibrations and Fireballs

Mr. Dunn acknowledged what likely happened within the pyramid, possibly on more than one occasion. He reminds us of the reason why marching soldiers "break step" when crossing a bridge. Those of you familiar with the disaster that happened to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in 1940 already know what we're talking about. In the case of the Tacoma bridge [linked here], extreme oscillation of this suspension bridge ultimately led to its collapse. Refer back to the short, high school science video posted near the beginning of this blog when the teacher spoke of a ship that was said to have capsized this way. I saw a documentary film about the Tacoma incident that speculated that the ultimate cause of the collapse may have emanated from the simple drip-drip-dripping of rain drops along the suspension apparatus. Small waves can build into might roars!

Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse from runaway vibrations. (Photo:  Wikipedia )

Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse from runaway vibrations. (Photo: Wikipedia)

On page 137 of his book, Mr. Dunn cites an article from the Encyclopedia Britannica that explains what happens when you let energy run wild without "damping" it. "If the damping becomes effectively zero, momentarily, or even negative [yes, you can get negative damping], as can happen under certain peculiar circumstances, the power withdrawal may become so great as to lead to a runaway vibration that may destroy the vibrator.

In the opening paragraph of chapter 12, Mr. Dunn says there is evidence of meltdowns possibly caused by hydrogen fireballs within the pyramid. Something caused the "King's Chamber" to expand by one whole inch and ceiling beams got cracked. There are numerous other forensic evidence trails within the pyramid that points to such an accident - all of which further substantiates that the pyramid was indeed first used as a power plant not as a tomb in later generations. 

Power Plant ... or Weapon?

In conclusion, Christopher Dunn's speculation on the main purpose for which the Great Giza Pyramid was built is tantalizing, to say the least. He leaves no aspect of the pyramid's interior out of the equation. However, if there's anything we have learned from mankind's post-diluvial history, it's that every technological advancement gets used to create bigger and better weapons.

Another author from whom I repeatedly quote is Dr. Joseph P. Farrell. He has consistently maintained that the pyramid was not only used as a power source but that it was unfortunately used as a weapon capable of planetary destruction. This is the reason why Dr. Farrell's website is named "Giza Death". In the next blog, we'll talk about his conclusions and the fear that there has always been an elite network of people whose overriding agenda for thousands of years has been to return back to that lost technology. 

The above is an excerpt from one of my "Bee In Eden" episodes. This link will take you to this same discussion in the context of how the construction of the Great Pyramid may coincide with the Biblical narrative related to the family line of Cain and the subsequent necessity to launch the flood of Noah's day.


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