Six Antarctica Pulses, Six Monster Hurricanes

As of September 30, the month had generated more ACE (Accumulated Cyclone Energy) than any other calendar month on record, surpassing September 2004.
— Meteorologist Dr. Phil Klotzbach quoted by

Last month I posted a blog about the confluence of unusual atmospheric events observed in August just ahead of the destructive Caribbean hurricane season. One of those events was the broad "sonar pulse" seen emanating from Antarctica and northward across South America on August 11th, on the same day as the tide "disappeared" in Brazil and Uruguay.

On closer inspection, there have been no less than six of these "pulses" that seem to have preceded major hurricane events (and/or earthquakes) by precisely ten days. In the interest of keeping all of this on record in case certain archives -ahem!- should "disappear," I will lay out those six animated MIMIC map sets and the six events that followed in their wake only a few days after the recorded "pulse."

Also, I want to let you know that I have reached out to the internet contact address that maintains these University of Wisconsin-Madison MIMIC servers [homepage here]. I have asked them to explain these "broadcast" patterns. If it's something harmless, we need to know. But if this is some resonating signal being played with as part of a Weather Weapon tutorial, then by all means, we need to raise a public alarm. As of today, October 25th, I have not heard back from the good folks at UWM. I will post their response here if they ever do reply to my question.

1. August 11, 2017

This is the event that I already described in my original post which you can re-read here. One interesting coincidence that I had failed to mention at that time was that this pulse of August 11th did precede that singular, nationally arresting event observed through America's mid-section: the Great Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017. I'm not saying that the "pulse" had anything to do with that. However, we don't know if "they" were counting on that alignment as part of their weather exercise. I will just document that here, for the record. This pulse, which coincided with the odd Uruguay "disappearing tide" might have played a role in "stirring the pot" of the natural Atlantic Basin weather systems. We've seen theories about how HAARP facilities seem to be doing this with atmospheric plasmas.

2. August 15, 2017

Hurricane Harvey officially formed on August 17 and grew to become a monster Category 4 storm exactly 10 days after this pulse was recorded. Per its Wikipedia page [linked here]:

"The system began to slowly consolidate amid an increasingly favorable environment, attaining tropical storm intensity by 06:00 UTC on August 24. Around 03:00 UTC on August 26, the hurricane made landfall at peak intensity at Rockport with winds of 130 mph (215 km/h) and an atmospheric pressure of 938 mbar (27.7 inHg). The system continued north and then north-northeast, weakening to a tropical depression over central Louisiana around 00:00 UTC on August 30."

3. September 01, 2017

Then came Hurricane Irma. She was a monster Cat5 that made landfall in the Florida Keys on September 10th, again just about ten days after a pulse was recorded on the MIMIC maps. This time, we are treated to a pulse off the west coast of Chile and then another pulse off the west African coast. On either side of that date we also saw two massive earthquakes in Mexico.

And then came Maria ... another Cat5 storm that the people of Puerto Rico will never forget.

4. September 28-29, 2017

More pulses are seen emanating from, or pointing towards, West Africa. The "signal" line seems to connect with points between the coasts between Liberia and Nigeria, then extending southward out of our view towards, or from, Antarctica. reports that September 2017 has been the "most active month ever" for hurricanes, with eight storms having formed in the Atlantic Basin. This has not been observed since the 1800's. Hurricane Jose achieved the status of "longest lived" hurricane since Nadine of 2012. Jose whipped into a Cat4. Hurricane Nate left a trail of death and destruction across Central America about ten days after this pulse was recorded. Nate also now holds the record for "fastest moving hurricane ever recorded in the Gulf of Mexico," per Wikipedia

5. October 05, 2017

Ireland and Great Britain were surprised by the arrival of Hurricane Ophelia precisely ten days after the above smaller and different-looking pulse seen east of Argentina. It is not unheard of for the British Isles to get hit by hurricanes. Nevertheless, Ophelia marks another stepping stone in an unusually destructive season.

6. October 10, 11-13, 15, 2017

Original map link is here . October 10th.
Original map link is here . October 11-13.
Original map link is here . October 15. Shows pulse west of Chile and pulse south of Nigeria.

Original map link is here. October 15. Shows pulse west of Chile and pulse south of Nigeria.

A massive, contiguous series of MIMIC maps now appears whose combined pulses seem to have culminated with Typhoon Lan striking Japan on October 21. And just for good measure, yet another earthquake has hit Chiapas, Mexico. Also, a "train of rain" is on the way to the Pacific Northwest.

What Does It Mean?

I would like nothing better than for the UWM folks to send me an email with a concrete explanation of these "pulse signals" that can allay our fears. Then we could chalk this whole story up to a good education about weather maps.

Indeed, if you, dear reader, have any expertise in this area, do feel free to post your comments and explanations below. Believe me, we really do not want to consider the implications suggested by these pulses. Those implications might include the idea that "somebody" on this earth has repeated mankind's prehistory by rediscovering powerful energy tools that he does not have the wisdom to use benevolently.

That is why I have filed this post away amongst the others in this #Celestials series because my inner fear is that the powerful overlords of this planet are indeed playing in a garden where they have no business, playing with that "grid of the gods" as they pursue a course of interplanetary destruction. Pray it isn't so.

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