Syraq SITREP 21: Trump Dumps AlCIAeda, Iraq's VP Calls for More Russian Arms/Presence in Mesopotamia

The U.S. Senate and House are wrangling over the details of a Russia-Iran-North Korea sanctions bill that's expected to easily pass this week -- despite opposition from the German government, the European Commission and American energy companies fearful of lost Eurasian business (if not EU retaliation against them). Despite a lost proxy war in Syria that has been fueled by pipeline rivalries, Washington continues its failing drive to damage or take down Russia's strong position in the European energy market via a multi-front strategy.

Even if President Trump caves to Congressional pressure as his spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders (daughter of the former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee) indicated Sunday, this escalation of Washington's economic warfare against Moscow is likely to fail -- and further alienate the American overlords from their European vassals chafing under the unequal burdens of 'transatlantic solidarity' aka tens of billions in euros trade lost with Russia, while the impact on U.S. corporate profits is lighter than for European companies. In light of the fact that passing more sanctions is about all the worthless Congressional leadership can manage these days, as Obamacare replacement and infrastructure bills flounder, Washington resembles the humiliated Persian emperor Xerxes lashing the seas of geoeconomics, which rise inexorably against a dying petrodollar. 

Likely to be Terminal Illness for McCain Marks Decline of 'AlCIAeda's Champions in Washington

The announcement that Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), a champion if not globalist proconsul for the 'moderate' Syrian rebels, had been diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer 'coincided' with reports last week that the Trump Administration finally abandoning the Central Intelligence Agency's efforts to arm Sunni Arab jihadists in Syria. As Team RogueMoney's Producer CJ wondered on our Youtube channel, the announcement of McCain's potentially fatal illness may have something to do with his desire to avoid prosecution under the USA Patriot Act and other relevant anti-terrorism laws, as the public domain evidence is overwhelming that 'Free Syrian Army' rebels acted as 'moderate' arms fences in Turkey and Jordan for Al-Qaeda's Syrian branch (now renamed from Jabhat al-Nusra to Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham), as well as, in their 2013-14 early days, ISIS so-called Caliphate.

Is the Trump White House Cleverly Baiting 'Riyadh' John Brennan Ahead of Exposure of the Former CIA Director's Direct Knowledge of U.S.-Designated Terrorists Being Armed by the CIA in Syria?

Knowing that Trump has been itching for a counteroffensive against his bipartisan adversaries in the Washington Swamp, we wouldn't put it past The Donald's team to have deliberately leaked the Syria rebels arming cancellation to The Washington Post in order to bait his opponents into a glass jaw breaking punch. Indeed, at the Aspen Security conference in Colorado former CIA Director 'Riyadh' John Brennan blasted the President as 'dishonorable' for meeting with Vladimir Putin, while the Langley/Bezos Post-bashed Trump's decision as a concession to the Kremlin's interests in Syria.

The possibility that Riyadh John's record of repeatedly being warned via electronic mail that the 'Free Syrian Army' and related factions were arming America's nominal enemy in the global war on terror Al-Qaeda will soon be made public fuels the fear behind Brennan's denunciation. The same may also go for former Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) chief James Clapper, who assisted Brennan and since fired FBI Director James Comey in 'cooking up' the four agency assessment that the Russians sought Trump's election.

Both men face a paper trail regarding what they knew and when they knew it about tons of U.S. TOW missiles and mostly former Eastern Bloc type arms from NATO countries Czechia, Bulgaria and Croatia flowing into Syria through Turkey and Jordan, supposedly destined for 'moderate rebels', but (even before the Benghazi gunrunning debacle) reaching Al-Qaeda and its spawn, the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham. As Voltaire Network reports, based off an expose in Bulgaria, Ukrainian arms officially written off as destroyed in Kiev's so-called 'Anti-Terrorism Operation' in Donbass where sold for lucrative kickbacks to UAF commanders to supply the AlCIAeda Syria jihad. Thus the Ukraine conflict which John Brennan allegedly ordered escalated to direct assaults on cities during his visit to Kiev of April 2014 -- after Crimea voted to rejoin Russia and the Donbass revolted -- is also linked to Brennan's other major covert war:

According to a source close to the PKK, in May and June 2014, the Turkish secret services chartered special trains to deliver Ukrainian weapons to Raqqa – which was then called the Islamic Emirate in Iraq and Syria, and is now known as Daesh. The weapons were paid for by Saudi Arabia, as were more than a thousand Hilux vehicles (double cabin pick-ups) specially altered to resist desert conditions [Ron Paul Institute link added by JWS]. According to a Belgian source, the purchase of the vehicles had been negotiated with the Japanese firm Toyota by the Saudi company Abdul Latif Jameel.

According to Andrey Fomin of the Oriental Review, Qatar, which did not want to be left out, bought the most recent version of the Air Missile Defense Complex "Pechora-2D" from the Ukrainian state company UkrOboronProm, for the jihadists. The delivery was made by the Cypriot company Blessway Ltd [5].

According to Jeremy Binnie and Neil Gibson of the professional arms magazine Jane’s, the US Navy Military Sealift Command launched two tenders in 2015 for the transport of arms from the Romanian port of Constanta to the Jordanian port of Aqaba. The contract was won by Transatlantic Lines [6]. It was implemented on 12 February 2016, just after the signature of the cease-fire by Washington, in violation of its engagement.

According to Pierre Balanian of Asia News, this system was extended in March 2017 with the opening of a regular maritime line by the US company Liberty Global Logistics, linking Livorno (Italy) / Aqaba (Jordan) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) [7]. According to geographer Manlio Dinucci, it was mainly used to deliver tanks to Syria and Yemen [8].

According to Turkish journalists Yörük Işık and Alper Beler, the last contracts of the Obama era were implemented by Orbital ATK, who organised, via Chemring and Danish H. Folmer & Co, a regular line between Burgas (Bulgaria) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). For the first time, we are now talking not only about weapons produced by Vazovski Machine Building Factory (VMZ) (Bulgaria), but also by Tatra Defense Industrial Ltd. (Czech Republic) [9].

Can Team Trump Turn the Tables on the Deep State's Most Prominent Front Men?

Seen in this light, Brennan's questioning of the President's loyalties and insinuations regarding Trump campaign team members unwittingly taking the first steps towards treason then, scream PROJECTION to anyone well versed in sociopathic behavior or psychopathy within bureaucracies.

Not for nothing is an unofficial motto of the worst elements in the US IC, 'deny everything, make counter-accusations'. When honest histories of the greatest top down intel community hoax ever pulled on Americans since 9/11 and the falsehood-fueled case for invading Iraq is written, the failed Syria proxy war and blowback against Brennan's beloved House of Saud in Yemen will finally be linked to #Russiagate -- as in the #TrumpRussia construct and attempt to preemptively cripple Trump's presidency. Only when 'made' men like Brennan or Clapper face genuine public opprobrium if not prosecution for their perjury, spying on Congress and arming of terrorists can we say that the Swamp is starting to be drained. But clearly there are more than juridicial methods for dealing with the cabal's most prominent capos, and 'acts of God' as W the Intelligence Insider predicted taking out the Rockefellers, Soroses, McCains and Clintons are safer than a cold civil war turning into a hot mob war.

In the meantime, Trump and his new 'pit bull' communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who himself was falsely accused by three since-resigned employees of #FakeNews outlet CNN regarding financially compromising ties to Moscow, will let the Brennans and Clappers sweat. National security leaks after all, like guns on the battlefield, won't always point in one direction. Whoever put together the notorious 2012 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) memo about the goal of Obama Administration and Saudi/Qatari policy being to create a 'Salafist principality' in the Syraq border region that ended up being ISIS pseudo-Caliphate (and we suspect this person is known to former DIA director turned short tenured National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn), may still be out there -- and have buddies in CIA or NSA able to access Brennan's jihadi armorer correspondence.

As Jim Comey's pal Benjamin Wittes likes to say, 'tick tock', except as RogueMoney guest London Paul likes to say, time is running out for the Anglo-globalist cabal. The cabal's ability to use the decaying soft and hard power of the USA to its ends is sand sinking to the bottom of the hourglass -- hence the desperation for a new Mideast conflict W the Intelligence Insider forecasts this autumn. But before those backing Trump find him suitable to face his defining test as Commander in Chief, many of his Swamp creature adversaries need to be pushed aside or humiliated. Nonetheless, there are trends underway that neither the anti nor pro-Trump factions in the house divided that is the American Deep State can stop.

The emergence of oil-rich Iraq from the ashes of occupation and war, first by the Americans and second by the Saudi-Qatari financed fake Caliphate (whose collapse has been accompanied by an acrimonious divorce between Riyadh and Doha), is directly linked with the rise of a Eurasian axis from Moscow to Tehran to Beijing, first promoted by former Soviet spymaster and Mideast hand turned Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov back in the 1990s. An axis whose significance continues to be downplayed or dismissed, even by those appointed to team Trump, whose loyalties to the President may be questionable:

"CIA Director Mike Pompeo said Thursday Russia has no plans to leave Syria and will continue to try to meddle in U.S. affairs to "stick it to America."

He reiterated his belief that Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential election and described the U.S.-Russia relationship as "complicated."

"I think they find anyplace that they can make our lives more difficult, I think they find that's something that's useful," he said

Pompeo also said he has seen only minimal evidence that Russia has pursued a serious strategy against Islamic State of Iraq and Syrica (ISIS) militants in Syria. He said any suggestion that Russia has been a U.S. ally in Syria is not borne out by what's happening on the ground."   CBS News

" CIA Director Mike Pompeo said Thursday Russia has no plans to leave Syria and will continue to try to meddle in U.S. affairs to "stick it to America."

He reiterated his belief that Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential election and described the U.S.-Russia relationship as "complicated."

"I think they find anyplace that they can make our lives more difficult, I think they find that's something that's useful," he said

Pompeo also said he has seen only minimal evidence that Russia has pursued a serious strategy against Islamic State of Iraq and Syrica (ISIS) militants in Syria. He said any suggestion that Russia has been a U.S. ally in Syria is not borne out by what's happening on the ground."   CBS News

Oh my!  Minimal evidence of Russia fighting IS in Syria?  Even CIA must know better than that.  This utterance at an Aspen Institute "fight rally" indicates to me that this fellow has a completely closed mind on the subject of Russia and undoubtedly Iran as well.  Clapper and Brennan expressed similar sentiments at the same meeting.  The great minds have met!  Clapper cannot keep himself from saying "Soviet" occasionally when what should be said is "Russia."  He was always a blockheaded group think schemer, so one should not be surprised.    As for Brennan it is easy to see Torquemada's spirit lurking behind the ruddy complexion and scowl.

- Col. Patrick Lang, US Army retired, former Defense Intelligence Agency and DoD military attache in multiple Mideast postings

Denial is Not a River in Mesopotamia: Iraqi VP Says Baghdad Must Turn to Moscow for Military Aid

While Washington is consumed with #TrumpRussia and trying to sanction its way back from imperial overreach, the Vice President of the country American GIs sacrificed thousands of their brothers lives in from 2003 to the present was welcoming more investment and military aid from Washington's geostrategic rival.  Nouri Kamil Mohammed Hasan al-Maliki, the former Interior Minister and Prime Minister of Iraq, was in Moscow this past weekend. Not only was he there to confirm Baghdad's purchase of T90MS battle tanks for the Iraqi Army, after the type proved itself survivable against Syrian jihadists equipped with American-made TOW missiles, but also to call for closer cooperation between the Russian and Iraqi militaries: 

Russian military and political presence in Iraq would bring balance to the whole Middle Eastern and North African region, Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi vice-president, said during his visit to Moscow.

"It’s well known that Russia has historically strong relations with Iraq, therefore we would like Russia to have a substantial presence in our country, both politically and militarily,” al-Maliki said during his meeting with the speaker of Russia’s upper house of parliament, Valentina Matviyenko.

“This way, a balance would be established that would benefit the region, its peoples and its countries,” he added.

The vice president said that Baghdad wants to boost relations with Moscow as it believes “in Russia’s role in solving most of the key international issues as well as improving stability and balance in our region and worldwide.”

Matviyenko, in turn, praised the commitment of the current Iraqi authorities to widening their cooperation with Moscow.

“Russia is also determined to expand its interaction with Iraq both politically and economically as well as in the military-technical sphere, and, of course, on the parliamentary level,” she said.

In his talks with Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, earlier Monday, al-Maliki stressed that a Russian presence in Iraq would bring the balance which couldn’t be “undermined in a political sense in favor of any external party.”

“Today we need Russia's greater involvement in Iraqi affairs, especially in the energy field. Now when we are done with Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), Iraq needs investments in energy and trade,” he said.

Earlier in July, the Iraqi authorities announced that the last IS stronghold in the country, Mosul, had been fully liberated from the terrorists, following an eight-months-long campaign backed by the US-led coalition.

Al-Maliki told Lavrov that Moscow and Baghdad “should enhance… cooperation in countering terrorism in the region.”

“We believe that both our countries are targets for terrorists and those who stand behind them," al-Maliki said.

Once Deadly Enemies, Iran and Iraq Draw Closer Together After Baghdad's Victory Over Daesh

While Maliki was in Moscow, Iraq's Defense Minister was in Tehran to affirm Iraqi counter-terrorism cooperation with its largest and most influential neighbor Iran. Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan vowed to continue cooperation in the fight against terrorism, and praised the bravery of Iraqis demonstrated in the liberation of Mosul from Daesh. In practice, Iraqi-Iranian cooperation is likely to continue the recruitment of Afghan Shi'a living in Iran to fight alongside the growing number of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces attacking Daesh in eastern Syria. We may also see more Iranian guided missiles passing through Iraqi air space to strike ISIS targets before the terrorists are crushed near the Syrian government-held city of Deir Ez Zor.

These strengthening ties between Baghdad and Tehran have the blessing of Beijing, which is a major customer and investor for both nations oil exports, and Moscow, which would like Iraqi manpower to bolster a Syrian Arab Army that has lost over 100,000 dead and probably double that number seriously wounded in six grinding years of war. Iraq's PMU is likely to assist the SAA's elite Tiger Forces. While Russian arms exports like T90 armor or SU25 flying tanks are bolstering the Iraqi armed forces, China has exported missile firing, Predator knock-off drones to the Iraqis used in the victorious battle for Mosul.  For its part, Iran has shown off missile armed drones of its own at the recent MAKS 2017 air show at Zhukovsky outside Moscow.

Hezbollah/SAA Clearing Al-Qaeda Out of Mountainous Lebanese-Syrian Border Region of Arsal

Last but not least in terms of geostrategic updates in this SITREP covering the Syria conflict and the wider Middle East, Iranian-backed hybrid army Hezbollah is successfully clearing HTS jihadists out of the rugged borderland region of Arsal. Attacks launched from this territory on the Lebanese-Syrian border have been a thorn in the side of Damascus and its Lebanese Shi'a allies for years. Saudi Arabia has of course, been quietly supporting HTS and its previous iteration Al-Nusra to bleed Hezbollah, funded and armed by its arch rival Iran. However it looks like the HTS/Nusra terrorists are demoralized and taking heavy losses as their strongholds get cleared out from hilltop to mountain top. In this offensive Hezbollah has demonstrated more regular type-army as opposed to guerrilla tactics, including the use of tactical missiles to destroy enemy strongpoints. Such rockets may save casualties from jihadi snipers and rocket propelled grenades, but the main recipient of such video messages isn't the collapsing takfiris, but Tel Aviv.

Hezbollah's victory in the borderland is likely to clear out more space for it to store tactical and longer range rockets using the rugged terrain and caves in the area for concealment from Israeli airpower. This bolsters the Russia Analyst's contention shared by W the Intelligence Insider that Israel fears Hezbollah has emerged from a costly conflict in Syria stronger than ever, its combat prestige proven by victories over fanatically sectarian and often suicide-bomber deploying foes.

The question of what happens next, and whether Israeli politicians will reject the advice of their generals and intelligence chiefs to maintain a massive deterrence rather than attacking posture towards an armed to the teeth enemy in Hezbollah, will determine if the Mideast calms down with the defeat of Daesh or enters a new bloody phase. Russia is doing its part, as we've documented here, to act as mediator between its Israeli trade partner and its Shi'a allies in Iran and Hezbollah by placing its military police in southwestern Syria, not far from the IDF held Golan Heights. 

It remains to be seen however, if the quietly successful Russian and American efforts to 'deconflict' their proxies in eastern Syria's battles to vanquish ISIS can be replicated in the far more tense buffer zone between the Israelis and Hezbollah. This, and not the tensions between U.S.-backed Kurds and the Turks in the north, is what leaves a powderkeg leftover in Syria, even with the combatants worn down by years of brutal warfare.