Open Eyes Yield Economic Secrets In Cinematic View? Meanwhile The Big Ponzi Participants Turn Inward…!

In this installment I need to relay a covert in your face hint! At least I think it is in your face, and that is the conundrum. Is it really a hint withholding anything of value? At this juncture it is a hint in cinematic big screen view, one that I haven’t sorted out entirely, so I could certainly use the help of the RM readers. Meanwhile the larger players in the King Dollar’s ponzi scheme are starting to turn on one another. Ironically, but not surprisingly, it is their only option left on the table. As a prelude…..

It’s high time we revisit risk, both business and personal, and look at this ridiculous belief that we are just cycling through a “standard” down trend, with the majority of US business owners suffering through a normal loss in profits! Let me just say, if that’s you doing that cycling, then your “fears” precede you!” As the Professor/Ken Schortgen Jr., said in a recent article, the Federal Reserve has run out of immediate paper buyers. And that just means that the crap, as usual, will flow downstream and affect everyone lacking in preparations in the Sixpack business arena, the standard business cycles do not apply.

Which tells ole’ WG that a good number of the Fed’s supposed “immediate buyers,” who are actually in effect complicit “house players” within the casino, have folded their cards and left the tables. Now clearly seeing the dollar-failure-handwriting on the wall. Many of them now have no desire to play any further at the western bankster/US bankster’s rigged tables.  Apparently tired of absorbing their phony raises, with no stacks on hand, left with only the power of a bluff or some form of intimidation. Those who remain do so at their own peril, or maybe it’s because they have no other choice. It matters not to us, as they serve as necessary evidentiary timing indicators.

Meanwhile, the more informed lower end users among the group of US Sixpack ponzi participants are also leaving the casino as well. Most, as we have highlighted here at RM, are being forced via a true desire for “needs” based products. They are wisely trying to avoid the over indebted auto loan world, the over indulged housing world, and the tapped out student loan world, all of which are now overlaid with record credit card debt levels tied to the fickle “wants” based world.

Paper equals wants, and needs equals hard assets. Paper is on the run folks. An economic transition is now even happening on the ground on a worldwide scale and the Fed, just like Ken Schortgen Jr., said, is trapped in their own paper games (paraphrasing). But the really sad part for a majority of the players in this western fiat farce have……….

It now appears that many of the paper end users, and not just those at the Sixpack levels, are victims of a false belief in cycles…like the cycles of business/economic rainbows that always lie at the end of the down turn. Lie is the term all right, but not the sleeping position version. From a timing perspective, the paper logjam just described bodes poorly for the Fed and the dollar as it tells us that time is very very short indeed. Could I be wrong? Sure, but the process of King Dollar failure is still unfolding, and unstoppable, but with new timing signals aplenty (they seem to show up weekly). Especially when the architects of this failure are looking inward more and more for answers, while at the global level they just appear to be the only fools left at the casino’s tables.

Blind boys and gamblers, they invented the blues

Will pay up in blood when this marker comes due

To try to get off now, it's about as insane

As those who wave lanterns at runaway trains

Steel rails and hard lives are always in twos

I have been here before this and now it's with you … Roseanne Cash


Next up, I need some “deep thinking” help……

Movie Mystery Preview....RM Reader Help Needed:

I had a major “wake up” call this past week watching the movie “The Accountant!” A wake up call that left one Wolf Gray confused and dazed between the world of make believe that lies within the real world of politics, and between this “fictitious” movie’s characters. Or is it actually fictitious? Wrapped up in a final credit surprise courtesy of the identity of the movie’s executive producer, leaving this canines jaw agape. A couple of days later I explained this conundrum to a still active Wolfpack financial pro, and he was just as shocked and baffled as I was. He was, as I was, totally amazed at this major players involvement in this sort of movie and the ease of this person’s movement into a government position of high rank with no attached media noise about his new job assignment.

I am thoroughly convinced that a message is hidden therein, and oh btw, the ESF is also stinking the place up, both in the movie and in real life. The dots need connecting as an important message may be hidden, OR NOT! The message deciphering will be attempted later in this installment, but I’m still semi-confounded as to the exact meaning if there is one. RM reader help is wanted. I may beat ya to the answer by the end of this installment (takes me days to write these damned things), as I have a ringer in the world of covert intel., “W”. The darn guy is really slick at giving teaser sorts of email messages. His past email classrooms will help in this instance. He may think I wasn’t paying attention since I don’t always answer back, but my eyes are wide open. Additionally ……..

A supplementary quick look at the ESF will definitely be required in this instance as it’s “official” power structures may also be useful in connecting the dots. As I clumsily try to tackle the entire mystery. If the assumptions I make in the “Mystery Movie……” segment are correct, then Mr. Trump is hardly in control of any of the US economic machinations. But…….

First let me throw out an apology, then an early installment rant, the news and finally the dual subjects in the title, of which I suspect my mystery movie plays a key roll. Finally the Hard Asset Tip segment will include a progress report that will be sadly on a note of personal failure.

Apology to Jay: Unfortunately I had not checked back to the comments section in all my recent installments, and in particular the comments section from the Hegelian Dialectic article posted on June 20th. Sadly, I found an outstanding comment from “Jay” that deserved a timely review by the installment’s author (instead it came about 2 weeks late). My apologies. His comments and his great detailed examples were excellent regarding the failures within the higher education system. I re-read my comment that I posted in response only yesterday and it proved beyond a shadow of a doubt there was a reason I received good grades with the “numbers” classes but not so good with English (average grade “D”).

Early Article Rant: I have to get this one off my chest straight away. On the15th of July I was stuck watching Faux News, due to being at the mercy of another persons television preferences within their domicile. I almost never watch any tv news, but this time I got to see a full 2 hours, and one thing caused me to get up and leave the viewing room in anger. It was the “Tweeter n’ Chief” himself, ego in full bloom proudly tweeting out a positive for Faux News to crow about……. “The economy is doing great! Have you seen the stock market making new all time highs, and how about the record job markets with low unemployment (paraphrasing)!”

I have hit on this subject in recent installments, but the sources have always been the likes of the alternative media and only in print format, and they (typically ZeroHedge etc.) have usually made fun of these kind of ludicrous tweeted statements as well. But it’s an entirely different matter when you get to see it in a combination of both audio and video, that’s when it really sinks in. And what might that be, that’s sinking? This darn guy I voted for. Because he apparently does’t have a clue about the anvil he just tied around his neck. This constant big ego rant of his, via a bunch of false stats, has now allowed him to truly take ownership of the US economic edifice and it’s failures or “victories” to come.

WGism, the later item, the “victories,” ain’t got a prayer in hell of happening in the near term. I mean, damn Mr. Trump, it was just 9 or so months ago that you were trashing the same type government numbers as being false. Go ahead buddy-ro, grab those positive freebies via the “Business Birth Death Model,” and then hang yourself.

Folks, when one becomes too repetitive with false messages, many times they are taking part in digging their own grave. This guy is either clueless (I doubt that), delusional, or arrogant (I don’t doubt that) enough to believe he is in the midst of curing the US economic patient. Ironically, all of this may very well line up just before a “majority” of his fans catch on to the fact that the real numbers are a lie. The list that understands that the stats are lies is growing btw. Maybe he is one of the confused in this installment’s intro., who believe in the idea that we are in a cyclical transition to a blissful return to financial superiority! News flash for Mr. T, please tell the truth on the economic frailties in the US, if you actually know what they are, and/or shut up and quit setting yourself up for failure. One Wolf Gray is on your team, but you, sir, are letting your ego dig your own grave. “Why is he doing this,” is the question for the moment! Why?

I know one thing, if the goal is to inspire people to quit watching any form of msm news entirely, then job well done where one Wolf Gray is concerned. And for more confirmation of Mr. Trump’s error in taking ownership of the US economic edifices, I give you the following David Stockman article……

Unfortunately for us little guys, I have to agree entirely with Stockman's excerpt on the "Trump Wall Street Appointees".......

While all of that was bad, the Donald’s fatal error was delegating economic policy to Wall Street errand boys. Trump handed economic power to Steve Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross and Goldman Sachs’ next-in-line gatekeeper to Washington, Gary Cohn.

These characters are a slap-in-the-face to the populations in the rust belts which elected him.

The gist of the article is pretty accurate, "Trump has taken ownership of the economy." This ties in exactly with what was espoused in the July 2nd installment.....

Note this excerpt:

Unfortunately, if Mr. T keeps making stupid statements like the one about the US GDP heading skyward, and the economy being on the mend, then he will have taken ownership of the US’s upcoming financial status (also a recent quote per Bill Holter of ‘’ which I totally agree with).  Perfectly played Mr. T, right into the predictions made by the western bankster leadership from 1988 via a Rothschild based magazine that predicted a gold phoenix rising from the ashes in 2018 to save the day. And why would I say that? WG


The list of those who are decrying Mr.T's taking ownership of the US economic debacle continues to grow.  Wait til the Movie Mystery segment......


The more things change the more things remain the same, just check this link out….

Apparently fascism still rules, regardless of the dude in charge. I am very aware of the “Russia-gate hub-bub” with this guy and the Prez, but in my view this subject is bigger by far. Unless I am missing something, this is just another in the many doorways to serfdom and slavery. I really am at a loss for words on the above article. Maybe I am not understanding the merits in the law, or maybe it is just noise, not reality. But……

Say It Can't Happen Here In The USSA.  It's Civil Asset Forfeiture, Want To Risk That "Non" Legal Tender Stash Dumbass, A Stash Violating AML Rules!!!!

Say It Can't Happen Here In The USSA.  It's Civil Asset Forfeiture, Want To Risk That "Non" Legal Tender Stash Dumbass, A Stash Violating AML Rules!!!!

Speaking of fascist power grabs and overstretched powers, here is Don Bush & Don Clinton……

What a frickin' joke.  For all you non-believers, try telling me it ain't one system housed within a Hegelian Dialectic show (highlighted in the June 20th installment)…..!

In the comedy/wake-up call category for any other non-believers, here is a news headline responding to which ever way the wind blows…..

How many news headlines over the past 3 years have been put up that totally reject stories like reported in the above headline? Wake up, we clearly aren’t in a standard business cycle!  It would appear that not a soul in this field of expertise, or in this case the home building markets, can get their heads around the realities of the real business environment. 

The Wolf smells human fear and confusion, a smell that incites us canines. Fear and confusion that incites those "unneeded wants" based western party revelers to just plain do something, anything, but just do something…it will all get better in the morning.  Heck, we may even have a business guy in the white house who also thinks it will all cycle through, with things magically turning our way once again.  WRONG!

Fear and confusion are the natural bedfellows with ill advised decisions in business.  Hey, maybe you guys and gals with your skivvies in a tizzy should have not spent all your excess profits on unneeded "wants" during the prior years of robust business activity.  Maybe you should have set something aside for a rainy day......... Hey dudes and dudettes, it's raining outside, and it has been for a while.  You ain't going to make it stop, just because you are you, and things always work out for you!   Ego, ego, ego! Arrogance, arrogance, arrogance now blinding business logic. It may not be glamorous but sometimes it’s just the right time to take a knee on the sidelines and wait for a better opening to make your mark!

I believe Mr. CJ of Team RM hit on this next item in a recent show, but it bears repeating if you missed that broadcast……

Once again, it is my belief that we are in the middle of a new and great chapter in the world’s economic history book, a chapter that is rewriting prior business and economic norms.   The party doesn't just keep going on and on forever.  When things slow a bit, it doesn't always mean you have to do something, anything to reestablish your former "norm."  Here we have another example of force feeding reality, force feeding it into failure.   The only good thing to be drawn from the above link, is it is in a field of production that, in my view, will be a thriving industry when compared to the old vanguard of failed business models of the last "wants" based decades. Clearly using a debt based alternative ain’t the option to pull out of the hat right now.

Never Fear Debt Man Is Here

Never Fear Debt Man Is Here

Boy, this next one is a surprise, maybe Trump didn’t get the message before gambling on the GDP and employment numbers…..

Hey, I know what it is, I bet all those retail store closings are to trim costs and unneeded overhead in the form of employment expenses. Just what the equity price boys wanted. “Wants,” regardless of who is being satisfied, always ends badly. Hence, this installment’s title, more later…..Ya got to make it to the mystery movie segment folks……..but first……

Those of you who just feel compelled to ask, how can the divergence in the financial headlines be so blatant with respect to reality? Just check out this next one that treads on the truth a bit…..

Guess those polled didn’t get the GDP news, or the red hot employment numbers. The polls must have been made up of some of those 95 million or so working aged adults who are not in the work force. Spoiled sports!

Oops, just a week or so later, and it appears the spoiled sports are at it again…..

I know what the problem is, these last two links are based on lies. Hows that you ask? They came from the liberal hack news group Bloomberg! All sarcasm aside, the on-the- ground evidence confirms these sorts of negative economic headlines are on point. Ignore them at your own peril, and don’t waste the time beating yourself up because the president likes feeding his damned ego too much, all the while making you feel bad for being one of the unproductive losers in the 4.4 or .44 or whatever the hell the unemployment number is.

Speaking of statistics that don’t line up with recent history, check this out……..

I am not sure how the above link’s subject matter could be accurate. After all, the job market is robust, and just who has been laying claim to the US’s hiring binge? Why it is the leisure and hospitality gang, the restaurant and bar businesses. Someone has some explaining to do, since we are well below 5% unemployment. Please would someone, anyone tell the truth!!!!! We are kind of circling back to the “early article rant,” and why not…this stuff stinks to high heaven. Once again, the Wolf smells a tinge of human fear hiding behind false bravado and arrogance, again a smell we canines despise.

Which tells us we have to follow up with this headline……

Now we are cooking with “NOTHING!” Talk about a good time rock n’ roll banana republic with no substance to it balance sheets, folks we are there!

Do the Wall Street shuffle

Hear the money rustle

Watch the greenbacks tumble

Feel the Sterling crumble insert....10cc

Go Ahead Keep Sticking Your Fingers Into The Equity Market Power Broker Outlets Mr. & Mrs. Sixpack

Go Ahead Keep Sticking Your Fingers Into The Equity Market Power Broker Outlets Mr. & Mrs. Sixpack


Let’s add a little more fuel to the misguided media fires, with a interview from KWN…..

Apparently Egon von Greyerz is on the same page as ole’ WG regarding the entire public informational misdirection effort. Some coming from the right wing, some from the left wing, or any wing if it is filled with a dose of big ego’d fear.

This one paragraph at the beginning of the article says a mouthful.......

Social media is instant gratification. You post something or you send a message and you get a message back or a number of likes which generates dopamine and makes you momentarily happy. But as I have experienced from our many grandchildren, social media is a perfect source of Fake news. Many young people using social media will be receivers of Fake News or bullying. Social media is perfect for spreading false rumors which are very often difficult to get rid of. Trump’s Twitter account is another example of alleged Fake News. Trump accuses the papers and television of Fake News and they accuse him of the same. This is the world we live in today – a world with Fake markets, Fake assets, Fake values, Fake money, Fake people and Fake news. EvG

Next up we have a mid-paragraph excerpt with some great wisdom.  Note it’s “wisdom,” because you can't say it will come to fruition with 100% certainty, but it is a pretty darn good bet.  A bet one should be prepared for......

People believe that their money is safe in the bank and don’t realize that electronic money is not introduced for convenience, but to stop people from taking money out when the heavily leveraged and insolvent banks run out of cash. What everyone with a bank account must understand is that one day, there will be little or no money left in the bank. ATMs will then be closed and no money will be available. EvG

Might that happen?  May I answer that question with, are we being corralled, corralled with the likes of paper contracts thanks to ‘bs’ like the Dodd Frank Act? Maybe one of the top paper pushers in the US will hold the answers, mystery movie straight ahead…..

Next up is another mid paragraph excerpt......

But the point I am making is that by handing over assets to the banks, and ultimately to the government, which controls the banks, most people will totally have surrendered control of their assets.  EvG

What does his description highlight?  Fascism. The merger of state and corporate powers.   Regardless of the chain of custody in the order of control, it is the same thing:  Fascism.  We have been in that mode for decades, and just like an affair that starts with flirting, it always seems it will inevitably go further.  It's just human nature, and in the fascism control towers, going further means attempts at total control.  Could it end with total control of your ability to transact business with total freedom?  Hell, it's already happening. With things like the AML 'bs' enforcements (Anit-money-laundering). One of those enforcements being, if you attempt a move into cash from your paper accounts it will be red flagged if it’s over 10K, now it's reportedly 5K.  Sounds like a good time for some pragmatic/wise usage of your monetary assets in preparation for “who the hell knows what” may come from the western fascist control towers. Why? Because the Wolf’s sense of smell says they are starting to be engulfed in fear?  Go ahead, be a good little sheeple if ya want, and follow the crowd and the rules, don’t look for me, you can count me out of that 'gig!'

Hard Assets, Anyone?

Time for a nice little quick hitting article by Dave Kranzler on the pension crisis in the USA……

This excerpt speaks volumes, and his reasoning in the excerpt is just one of many in the con-game by the system controllers to keep us enthralled within the equity markets..…..

We are at the point where the last crumbs are being swept off the table.  It looks like Illinois will be the first to fall but there will be several others that follow.  Part of the motivation by the Fed/Government to hold up the stock market, like it has been doing, is to keep the big State pension funds propped up for proper looting – like a prize-fighter being held up under the shoulders after passing out in order to deliver more punches to the face. DK

In this next link we have a piece of cow flop that is all stirred up over the US’s sad state of affairs. I can’t figure out why he is worried,. After all, he is a key plan architect…….

Gridlock in DC, naw no way! I really don't know what he is complaining about, a full briefing is available on "," with details on the most critical national secrets. Oh, and btw, if you don’t recognize it, this is another sign of things coming apart, a rat scurrying to cover his arse. I would crow it might be due to actions from the guy I voted for, but if that were the case the truth on the unemployment numbers and the GDP would also follow suite. Maybe I should insert the musical message from Genesis contained in the song “The Land of Confusion” …. Not now we are on a roll……

This next link is very timely, but I don’t think you should take it literally. Instead, you should take it the same way you might have taken my old stories of personal chaos in the options markets. Check out this version of the other side the story, the down side, in the crypto-currency world…….

I told you about my exploits in the options market before, so I will not bore you to tears again with the 6 figure up in two months and the 6 figure down in a measly few days coupled with an anvil tied to my arse.  But think about that analogy, one I mentioned via my own experiences in those thinly traded options markets, or to put it more succinctly markets subject to wild price swings that would make the NASDAQ "FANGS" look like dividend paying DOW stocks.  I have stated in the past that I don't believe a move into the crypto space is a bad thing, but it might just need to be tempered a bit.  Keep that thought in the back of your mind as you navigate through the thought provoking article above from Wolf Street (no affiliation).

Time to get a little closer to this installment’s story line, but first a few lead-ins to the “mystery” subject that needs some RM think tank effort in connecting the dots. If any need connecting, but first a nice interview by Elijah Johnson with Rob Kirby who will be the ‘double-team-expert’ leading into the mystery movie issue to follow.……..


@ 1:30... A discussion of 10,000 silver contracts dumped on the market in the post equity market hours, meaning no one from planet earth could absorb that trade.  Since each contract is 5,000 ounces of silver, then we would have a supposed 50 million ounces sold.  Meaning it was total 'bs', but it still drove the paper price down dramatically, and killed a bunch of longs via their "stop loss” orders.  Totally magic, "black magic" that is.  So since the seller sold, in one ridiculous huge "dump,” he got an average price that was well well below market. Meaning, he or she was a moron of the first order.  Again, I smell "black magic.’ Magic to move the price downward, but with no regard to making money on the trade.

@ 7:15... Here Rob discusses "commodities trading law," which should have intervened dramatically in the off hours trade discussed above.  That's enough on that one, but it does bring up the fact that I have prompted before. One that ain’t too popular, btw.

Contrary to popular opinion market forces are actually in action (detailed in an installment 2 years ago).  Meaning the Sixpack public is part of the market force in commodities trading, whether they are involved or not, just like they are in the equity markets. Meaning, they apparently don't give a shit about them, therefore crime is an unfettered part in market pricing. It’s implied acceptance by not screaming FOUL means “we the people,” are in effect blessing it as being totally kosher. Silence is Consent.

“Thus The DUMBED DOWN MARKET SAYS SO."  And they are, via their own ignorance, a market force that could instead rise up with large numbers and say Enough! Which apparently ain't in the cards to say the least.  Btw, I don't believe that means the metals pricing fraud continues uninterrupted.  Economic Mother Nature (EMN) will eventually set things right, even if “we the people” continue to stand down. But as stated long ago, proper pricing may only be after a "dark out period" (no prices at all) for GSBC's (gold & silver bars & coins) in the western world.  And what does that mean?  Just own the dang stuff in physical form, because it mean…… it will soon be priceless! Just like the already highlighted business cycle and it’s false timing, if that pricing “dark out” happens it will be time to take a knee on the sidelines, hold what ya got, and wait for the right time to enter the fray.

@ 9:55... And just what does Rob describe in the next few seconds?  An offshoot of Fascism's total rule over a society's markets.  A minute later he goes on to say it is for dollar defense, a well known fact by RM readers.

@ 12:03... Rob at this point discusses our favorite bad guys, the ESF (and adds wisdom to the mystery subject in a second).  As WG has maintained, along with Mr. Kirby, (note we do not talk directly with one another, we just agree on this point) it is the ESF who has the clout to make these pricing dislocations "fly."  @ 13:22Rob goes on to say the obvious, "no where in the world can you buy 50 million ounces of silver anywhere, and that is anywhere in the world."  But per my belief, not Rob’s, the market is satisfied because no one who should have been monitoring the market seems to give a shit about the fraud.  It should be “we the people” handling the fraud with total rejection!  Thus, “we the people” don't care.

And what helps to make up a market? We-the-people.  I am saying that the fraud wouldn't exist if enough people were doing their jobs, and said no way, or just voted with their feet.  Too busy tweeting, I suspect.  Again, I doubt that level of oversight will happen in the west anytime soon.  So instead, the market participants who will say no-way will most likely come from the east to intervene, or it will be them in tag-team combination with "EMN!"  Folks, it doesn't matter who shows up though…just back up the truck and keep buying the stuff if you have the funds to do so. And have the guts to sit still for while, waiting patiently for just the right opportunity. Being still can be rather enlightening, when you have the right things on hand.

@ 19:05... Here I agree with Rob 100% that what is happening in the crypto currency world should be the same thing happening in the precious metals markets.  The key is, the crypto world isn't bankster regulated.  The day will come though, when the GSBC world goes hyperbolic, be it after a pricing "dark out," or not, it has to eventually comply with the forces of EMN.

@ 21:00... Note here is another discussion of the ESF, and it's creation in 1934.  And in a split second after it's creation, the ESF arguably became the most powerful financial entity in the world at the time. And it still has that title in the western world.  An instantaneous magic act, if you will. It was formerly tolerated by the east in order to survive and do business, but it is now obvious that the east is not tolerating the ESF’s fraud/bullying of late.  Next Rob continues with a great explanation/rant on how the ESF and it's western based fraudsters are losing favor in the eastern world.  Actually, they are being snubbed by the east, and given a polite middles finger salute (my words not Rob's). 5 or so minutes down the road Rob mentions that dishonest commerce is at an all time high per his 57 years of observation, and let me add 5 more years to that, and say "Amen!"

@ 27:00... Elijah asks when is the fraud going to be corrected?  Rob says the correction comes when somebody steps forward and demands an honest GSBC markets, or a case of physical delivery that can't be done by the magicians in the paper markets.  I will add, that it could also happen when the audience called "we the people," the real controllers, too busy texting & tweeting finally say, "ENOUGH!"   Or EMN says the same thing, but it will more likely in combination with the east power brokers.  

Gather Up Your Family Pop Some Pop Corn, And Wait Things Out.  Be Patient Prices Will Come Your Way!

Gather Up Your Family Pop Some Pop Corn, And Wait Things Out.  Be Patient Prices Will Come Your Way!

Time to move into the conspiracy mystery with real life characters, and real life messages…..????

Mystery Movies With Political Connections and Messages???? Maybe!!!!

Woo-woo speculation ain’t my bag, but in this case the woo-woo may lead to some key sticking points in the real “dirty here & now!” After all some pretty smart alternative media hot-shots, ones I respect, have said the elite love to give messages via television and in particular the cinematic venues. The plot……..

Over the prior weekend I was eventually blown out of my seat while watching a movie called “The Accountant” starring Ben Affleck. But the credits at the end proved Ben was hardly the real star. Or was he? Or maybe the the real star was the Farmer’s Insurance guy (from the world of commercials) who played the “treasury agent” busy chasing the covert and dangerous Ben Affleck. Who, btw in a twisted way, even though he was a consummate killer and had dealings with some bad middle eastern dudes, was treated as a good guy by the end of the movie. Might it be with a purpose or message? All that said it was the “FINAL CREDITS” that brought it all to life for one Wolf Gray…….with a heavy dose of confusion.

For the record I enjoyed the heck out of the movie, but at the conclusion Mrs. WG had her ear drums pierced when I let out a blood curdling howl during the credits… ”EXECUTIVE PRODUCER STEVEN MNUCHIN!” Typically, I never watch the credits, but I just happened to stay on past “the ending” long enough before changing the channel to catch the “executive producer” credit. Yes, that is the same Steven Mnuchin that is the new Secretary of the Treasury! So does the plot thicken in the world of reality, and if so how? After an ESF review by yours truly, and a key observation of this president’s appointees from Rob Kirby (which includes the exact guy in question, ironically), I am going to provide some interesting dates and facts that test the definitions of coincidence to the MAX! Then you throw in your opinion if you feel so inclined….! I am almost 90% convinced that a message has been sent, for the moment, I ain’t smart enough to figure it out with respect to a timing component, but I do have a generic theory for your review…..

Of note, everything in the prior two paragraphs has no bearing on whether DHAP preparations/finalizations should be in the works, but it does add to the on-going “King Dollar Collapse” storyline! With “Final Credits” yet to be given! Maybe we should join together and produce a compatible movie about this failure ……. somebody will, and I wager they will eventually make big big “real money” on this fiasco. On to the unsolved mystery, if it deserves solving….

First up in the evidentiary trail is Mr. Kirby once again …. And the first two highlighted items are key in this investigation, which is followed by the WG review of the ESF once again. The review this time amazes me much much more than my first efforts. Additionally I would recommend that readers still pay attention to the other points highlighted in the following excellent interview with Rob Kirby.


@ 1:38… A question is offered to Rob that asks, do the elite see Trump’s presidency with an advantageous, convenient relationship to a possible US financial collapse (paraphrasing)?  A key reference point follows:  Rob corners the question by asking a return question, is Donald Trump in total charge of the US’s key economic programs? Does he have reasonable knowledge (does he get it) of the actual control programs like the ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund)?  This next comment is key to the mystery. For example, was Trump's selection of Steve Mnuchin as “Secretary of the Treasury” his own idea or just a choice of several choreographed candidates? Possibly just two, all in order to make it look like it was Trump's decision.  The truth being, he had no choice in the matter, it was only made to seem as he did. Put simply, Rob has questions as to whether Steven Mnuchin was installed, and not appointed…!!! The Wolf also smells a slight hint, though he didn’t specifically say it, that the ESF is way way bigger than the White House in the western finical markets!

@ 4:12... The ESF is the market rigger of market riggers.  Rob Kirby is, in my view, a true expert on the subject. Again, I can't stress enough, it is the ESF’s very mandate that clearly allows one to connect many, many dots in the amazing stretch of time to our market's propped up levels.  Propped up levels that could only exist within a totally phony market with deep pockets filled with “dark money,” because the pockets of the participating public are empty. 

@ 7:24... In this segment Rob says something yours truly has preached for a long long time, if we could get to an honest money standard it would eliminate the shit hole we find ourselves in at the moment with our global trading partners (paraphrasing obviously those weren't his words).

@ 8:30... An interesting point is made here.  He compares the criminality of the ESF with the claimed child abuse issues within some church groups.  Folks, it may sound strange but I can equate the two as well.  Because my current understanding of the ESF is that it funds evil.  Like profits from illegal drugs.  Some may say how can it be equated with potential child molestation charges, and once again it is my view that the comparison is very simple (put in prior installments as well). The ESF operates under the cover of the mandate that it is defending the "King Dollar" via any means necessary.  Which, to them, means profits from illicit activities are to be included for dollar defense in the name of national security.  How can you, in clear conscious, separate those monetary gains from the elimination of life thanks to the "mass-market-peddling" of toxic products, all in the name of maintaining dollar hegemony?  Forced death has no age limits on criminality in my view.

@ 16:58... A discussion takes place of the lie vs. the on the ground truth.  In this case, "paper precious metals contracts vs. a delivery of real product."  Nothing new here, but worth a listen.

@ 21:10... He hammers on Martin Armstrong and his precious metals market opinions.  Specifically, the divergence behind Mr. Armstrong's original opinions (from years ago) on the precious metals markets being rigged, and in a very short time frame (after some years behind bars) that they are instead very "above board".....!  Note these subjects on Mr. Armstrong's opinions are freely available on the web.  Bottom line, one might want to be careful who one listens to for expert advice, thus the reason for my select group of knowledgeable advisors in the "Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation.”  Mr. Kirby is on my advisory group.

@ 27:20... Here we have a subject that hasn't been mentioned in some time, but it is time for an alarm bell to be sounded.  The velocity of money, as measured on a long term basis, has dropped off a cliff.  As we know the velocity of money is a measure of the "US dollar's/US economy's" circulatory system, and it is now on par with a 90+ year old cardiac patient.  Does anyone suspect the ESF in the background keeping this 90+ year old dude alive….?  Which leads right to....

@ 31:35... Who is it that is buying the new US debt issues?  The international community wants nothing to do with US paper, once again I suspect it’s the ESF.

@ 33:35... Who might be the bankster cabal's enemies, or who are the 'good-guys?'  First answer Rob shows is the "crypto-currency" space, and to that I say we have more reaffirmation of one of our signals that indicate we are correct in the belief that the dollar is being rejected.  Which means we in the US, and/or any holder of fiat dollar dollars need to make moves to hard assets, and in my view specifically GSBC's (gold & silver bars & coins).

@ 37:40... Rob feels crypto-currencies are here to stay, and may be allied with GSBC's and possible even backed or tied to gold in particular. 

@ 40:05... He says jump into silver big time for a variety of reasons (paraphrasing).  I mention this once again for reaffirmation of ideas ole' WG has tried to sell in past installments.   Doesn't hurt to have some cheer-leading from a well informed dude like Mr. Kirby.

@ 43:45 & the next several minutes... To summarize "Buy GSBC's now and ignore the media noise!"  End of summary.

Going forward, keep the above 1:38 & 4:12 segments in memory. Sticking with the mystery storyline, might there be a tie-in with the Secretary of the Treasury and the all powerful ESF? It could easily be argued, that when only the treasury office is considered in the picture, the answer is a big, “Yes!” So does that translate to it’s key officers? To answer that question, it leads right back to the part 1 video on the ESF tackled many installments ago, but this time viewed with a different shade of sunglasses. Some of the frames in the following video, when “freezed,” provide some amazing “mind twisters.”


@ :45... Freeze/pause the frame and note the Treasury connection with respect to the ESF.  And the Secretary of the Treasury is who???? Steven Mnuchin, that's who! Executive producer of the movie, “The Accountant!”

Quick Aside: Throughout this entire 9 minute video, the ESF's ties to the NY Fed and the US Treasury are undeniable.  And note how the Treasury seems to have ownership of the ESF... Just note how it’s always framed ….. Treasury’s!!! Check out the next highlight. Also note how the NY Fed appears to be tied at the hip to the ESF……..

@ 2:00... Amazingly here the host names the ESF as "The Treasury's ESF," and it is the headline topic for each of the following points to be made at this timing juncture.  And if you want to get real serious check out this next point ......

@ 2:04... The ESF helps who carry out their responsibilities?  The Secretary of the Treasury, or does he actually have a dual function and run the ESF directly?  Just how involved is he? Sort of a murky issue with respect to just who are the guys in the control booth.  But clearly The Fed takes orders from who?  Once again the ESF, and the Treasury department, the events of 1933 & 1934 clearly say so!

@ 5:40... Note the graph shown here and the comments regarding the powers of the Secretary of the Treasury.  The Treasury and or the ESF are the biggest of economic power players in the world of western finance.  If you are in doubt of that statement, just do a google search on the ESF, and read up. It doesn’t get any bigger than a primary job description that highlights defending the US dollar’s hegemony on a global scale.

ESF Video Summary:  Note how the ESF is mentioned multiple times in print and verbally with this phrase:  "The Treasury's ESF" .... A fact, that until the movie, “The Accountant,” slipped the watchful eye of WG. Bottom line, guys like Jacob Lew, the outgoing guy in the control booth for the "Secretary of the Treasury,” made some moves in the past that were fairly significant and well beyond the powers of the White House. Like announcing the railroading of some federal employee pensions from equities to the US debt markets by his decree alone.  No questions were asked from any other federal officials elected or appointed, regardless of rank and power. So this time around, just who is Steven Mnuchin the new Secretary of the Treasury?  These points seem to at least pose some questions on some of the actual or perceived powers of the White House.

So let’s review just the facts …… that may aid in a proper dot connecting solution ……

***The movie’s release date was amazingly just weeks before the 2016 presidential election, 10/14/2016. What a frickin’ coincidence…or was it?

***The new Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. Mnuchin, was announced by Mr. Trump shortly after the election in late November 2016. Trump’s victory celebrations were barely over, when it was announced. It appeared his selection was a foregone conclusion!  Note below......

***As was stated in a recent conversation with a rather amazed key Wolfpack associate (who is still active in the paper financial fields of endeavor), “WG, the timing is very curious. But even more interesting to me is the fact that not a soul really put up a battle about a bankster being the Secretary of the Treasury.” He is correct, in fact as ole’ WG remembers it, only the alternative media noted the connections to the proverbial “swamp.” Curiously, officialdom from either side of the political aisles didn’t say diddly-squat about the appointment! Ultimately, even the alt. media folks dropped their complaints rather quickly, soon to be surrounded with phrases like, “Trump is outfoxing the banksters by keeping his enemies closer.” Maybe so, but I doubted that theory from day one. Hell, in this case that phrase may need reversing as it appears this enemy arguably has more power than the White House. If anyone is keeping the other under a watchful eye, it might be the Treasury watching the White house.

***Speaking of “Come on man!” The movie’s agency heroes are “Treasury agents, and a frickin’ accountant!” And yes, the accountant, though a killing machine was eventually defined as a guy who kills people that deserve termination, and the heroes chasing him were the treasury dudes & dudettes. Hey, I see the heroes cast that way all the time. Don’t you? Yeah right! Just where was the standard hero casting in the form of the FBI, the CIA, the Military, Indiana Jones, Jason Bourne or Rambo? No where, instead, we have the heroic, “Treasury dude & An Accountant!” Maybe a power point is being made in full view?

WG’s Mystery Movie…Take One:

Taking a hint from the super spy “W,” I looked on the surface for answers. In other words, key players hide in broad daylight, with the public having little knowledge of their importance. For example, the ESF is arguably the most powerful government entity in the western world, yet it doesn’t hide itself from public view, the media does it for them. All the while, the public is totally oblivious to it’s global financial influences.

Instead, we hear about meaningless puppet agencies that are used by the ESF to do their bidding, like the Federal Reserve. The ESF, the US treasury, and the Secretary of the Treasury are just examples of ordinary money changers, but with super "blow-torch" financial powers on a global scale (the east is putting out those fires).  Or, to put it into simple terms, they hide behind an ordinary label like that of an “ACCOUNTANT.” A money changer tasked with protecting America’s paper king! But reality says the label is underestimated regularly, as it’s actually one bad arsed dude hiding behind an ordinary shingle, “The Accountant!” Therefore, the simple message may just be…….. “I’m here in broad daylight, but you don’t even know I exist!!!!” Hint-Hint, everyone just needs to OPEN THEIR EYES! Answers may be available in cinematic color.

I can guarantee you one thing, I will watch the darn movie again (actually this Mnuchin guy really does make a pretty good flick), just to see if there are some other more detailed hidden, or non-hidden messages of significance with timing clues to the western financial failures.

Opinions welcome on this one folks!

Even I am Big Enough To See What Is Going On.  My Grandpa Told Me,  "You Can't Howl This Crap Up!!!"

Even I am Big Enough To See What Is Going On.  My Grandpa Told Me,  "You Can't Howl This Crap Up!!!"

The Dollar’s Failures Turn On It’s Masters & Most US Sixpacks Still Remain Clueless

Though this fiat paper theme is a subject that is bandied about constantly by yours truly, the evidentiary trail keeps providing supporting evidence that becomes more undeniable when describing a near term financial disaster. Two key article/interviews will be used here to provide additional exhibits to the King Dollar’s ongoing total failure. Hell, maybe even movies with mysterious meanings (if there are any) have become undeniable indicators of the failure….? One thing is now painfully obvious to those with their eyes open, the endless supply of lapdogs to buy up US paper like Japan or the BLICS (Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Cayman, & the Swiss) are heading for cover.

As suggested in the introductory paragraph of this installment, the Federal Reserve has run out of easy buyers to unload any useless “home based” paper (props to the professor). As a quick aside regarding US paper scrutiny, I would never expect the ESF to come under harsh examination. Like a detailed examination of it’s role as the real boss of bosses over failed government entities like the Federal Reserve. Back on point, note that “the professor” wrote a concise article that put The Fed’s troubles into perspective on a macro scale, here is the link to Ken’s article…..

What really started working on the Wolf’s brain is a simple trickle down failure fact, whether macro or micro, each exposure of weakness seems to be interconnected. For example even the Sixpack debt world showing clear signs of having “tapped-out” on their buying sprees becomes a major failure initiative. And yes, the Sixpack’s financial problems matter, and even have an effect on the larger sovereign paper debt world. The retail world’s on-going collapse serves as proof positive of that theory.

It would appear that each class of end users who could buy and or prop up the western fiat paper debt parties have lost confidence, and are finally leaving the party in droves. Quietly or as a thundering herd, all solutions lead away from continued dollar usage. Let’s review some game changing ideas from a smart dude, in this case a guy who has no mysterious movie origins, yet……

This excellent public article by Jim Willie brings to mind all the evidence of late, evidence that is truly indicative of the construction of a new system of business transaction.  Which, by default, causes the Federal Reserve and it’s partners-in-crime to feel trapped within their own bag of tricks as pointed out above by “the professor.”

I have maintained that some key forms of timing information, like the prior installment's review of the historical summit in Moscow (pre G20) between Xi and Putin, are fodder for an entire semester in a higher education business course. And the above article from Dr. Willie has pearls of wisdom worthy of review in that business curriculum as well......

Please take the time to review the first segment of Dr. Willies's article with the spot-on description of "what is entailed in being the world's reserve currency."  Which segues nicely into something stated in many other installments, there isn't a case to be made anywhere over the past few years that the dollar’s usage is growing in global trade settlement.  As we all know, the opposite is the case, at least per sources that I trust, which means what?  That it would pay to follow the leaders from the Eurasian trade zones, the leaders in the manufacturing and natural resource usage categories along with their proclaimed advancements in the attached industries.  And then do what? Do what they are doing, dump the outgoing fiat piece of crap.  Oh, and btw, that is the DOLLAR & ANY OF HER SISTER DEBT INSTRUMENTS...!  I mean this stuff just ain't that damned complicated is it?

Dr. Willie's next few paragraphs give an excellent historical perspective on the dollar's reign of terror.  Which is followed by the segment titled “LAUNCH OF NEW SCHEISS DOLLAR.”  Most Rmer's are fully aware that this is a logical step to keep the import supply chain going to US residents, but at a substantial loss in purchasing power.  Btw, it is also just as logical for it to be viewed as a clear cut progression in the dollar dumping process, which makes common business sense, if equitable trade is to evolve and include the western world as well.  It is my view that a form of 'scheiss dollar,’ or domestic dollar, is an absolute must if we are to survive a rough transition period, where "needs" based supplies will be hard to procure. 

Additionally, WG is of the humble opinion that a devalued domestic dollar will allow survival for the US Sixpacks who were wise enough to make preparations for this transition in advance. But if the aforementioned mode of international import transaction via a devalued dollar doesn't take form for US residents, then I anticipate a possible prolonged Mad Max scenario.  In which case I am reminded of this song from long ago……


Which gets us right back to the same redundant timing issue. It's my view from an end user perspective king dollar failure is already unfolding. It's just a case of where you reside as to it's total "cause and effect." Again, take note of the scenes reported from places like Detroit. I will take a deeper look at the timing situation of the dollar demise, in a first and second person view by reviewing the Doc’s first sentence following the segment LAUNCH OF NEW SCHEISS DOLLAR. 

The excerpt is:

The impact felt across the entire financial structural systems will be enormous when the King Dollar loses its prestige and elite privilege, upon loss of the global currency reserve status. JW

I am in agreement, as he is speaking of a non-human entity the King Dollar via a trade settlement option.  Once again, from an end user perspective or a human timing perspective, I am also of the belief that history will tell the tale of this "date and time" issue by highlighting that the dollar is already in a deep phase of unwinding in trade globally.  Pinpointing a date when it was officially dead will be irrelevant to a majority of the human end users. While somewhat academic and meaningless to the entity itself. If we were speaking of human usages in Jim’s excerpt above, I would have inserted as the king dollar continues to lose vs "when the King Dollar loses it’s”…!

From the human or end-user (US Sixpacks) perspective, the big, big question behind the meaning of the dollar collapse timing will be irrelevant once it is finally recognized by the US Sixpacks. Why? Because by that point it will be well, well after the fact for any proper accumulation of meaningful solutions. The esteemed Doc also provides an excellent thought from a timing perspective regarding the penultimate timing aspects involved with the gold trade note, see the following superb excerpt ......

With the arrival of the Gold Trade Note, the gold element will enter into the financial system via the trade payment arenas. Expect China to make the introduction, which will kick the King Dollar in the nuts. JW

Again, the King Dollar mentioned above is a non-human entity waiting to be read it’s rights. I feel the timing issue is a process where the dollar's demise in many arenas of “business/end user transactions” has already been recognized, but in most cases, recognized only by the informed end users/humanoids.  The informed that want to survive in business and trade, and are also actively reading the King Dollar economic collapse tea leaves. 

Witness the prior installment's detailed analysis of the pre-G20 meeting in Moscow between Russia and China.  A meeting that I said will eventually be recognized as historic in it's meaning regarding the outlines of the new fundamental battle lines and foundations to the new multi-polar world of global trade.  Astute end user/humans recognized it for what it was, a very “fundamental” yet significant business coming out party. The not so astute tweeted themselves to sleep.

Why do I say fundamental?  Because it was a true follow the leader message without the former leader’s typical in your face hubris or arrogance, a true fundamental of great leadership.  Once again, I have to say it was pure sales and marketing genius, and my guess is that history will view the business summit as very significant.  And if you didn't get a chance to read the point by point review of that meeting in the prior installment, please take the time to do so.  The meeting was a PhD class in business skill sets.

It is only the uninformed that are now on the outside looking elsewhere without recognition that a king dollar collapse time clock is even operational.  The informed get it, and from their perspective it is already happening. Time is almost irrelevant, except from a preparations standpoint.  It is easy to see with eyes wide open, that the bigger ponzi scheme players are now overtly turning on one another. And unless I miss my guess, it will be (and it's just business logic) the home based users of the dollar that get the final, most powerful knee to the groin, or as the Doc says, a kick to the nuts.  Hello Sixpacks who have their eyes shut to reality! If you are a Sixpack with your eyes shut waiting to make your move when the entity (the King) receives it’s official kick to the nuts with the arrival of the “Gold trade Note,” you will be one of the humanoids experiencing the pain. An entity can’t feel pain, but your lack of access to “needs” based products can!

You can open your eyes now……. The warning label reads “Federal Reserve Note!”

Hard Asset Tip

The Wolf’s potato trash can idea is now going to be shelved on the “we ain’t got a damned clue what we are doing” shelf. Bunch of little rascals with only a couple of really robust high quality “Yukon gold” tasty goodies. No need in wasting the energy on failed efforts, when most of the other vegetables and herbs we have been growing are first rate. No pictures of “the failure” are provided..Anger and a sore back moved the couple hundred pounds of wet sawdust from each trash can to a few of the mulch areas around the yard.

Sticking with the prior installment’s theme of providing evidence that should inspire a move into a well thought out DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) for the family, here’s some more evidence for hopefull inspiration……. BTW, as might have guessed everything in this entire installment is evidence as well, quite obviously …….


Instead of a point by point analysis of the above link, a summary will follow along with a graph, a graph that hits you over the head with the common sense revelation “we in the US are in trouble!” 

Jim Rogers feels, as do most of us here at RM, that the US is getting ready to have the worst economic crisis any one living will be able to remember (paraphrasing).   Throughout his interview he highlights the fact that the US is the largest debtor nation on the planet (graph below for illustration will be analyzed in depth), which can lead nowhere but to a financial calamity.  History will have it no other way, and neither will our favorite mother, "Economic Mother Nature."  I am somewhat more pessimistic because we have inflicted far more economic damage to our trading partners by defending the dollar than any prior nation in the historical record (just my humble opinion). 

Therefore I suspect human nature will eventually have a bit of a economic temper tantrum from the new world’s leadership, be it overt or covert, and totally directed at the USA.  The debt will guarantee us a financial calamity, which, as reported in the past for those with their eyes open, is already well along in the historical process of "collapse!" Heck, “we the people” need to open our eyes to the truths that we don’t want to see ………. unfortunately, most continue with eyes “Wide Shut”

The big difference in defining the collapse this go-round is that there is no historical precedent for the degree of the collapse for a world's reserve currency, a currency that was defended via force by government mandate. In this case, via sources like the ESF.  I maintain history doesn't provide a blue-print for this sort of problem, and history never provides a blue print for other nations having a "case of the butt" towards the said "debtor/reserve currency" nation.  This will be bad to a level not seen in the history books, but the degree will not be defined in advance. Instead it will be defined via an on-going moving target.  Once again, just my opinion, based in a foundation of business and human ego logic.

Additionally, for those "Financial Doubting Thomas's" who believe that the mighty King Dollar will never inflict any pain on them, try logically convincing yourself that idea, after honestly reviewing the graph below highlighting the debt to GDP ratio.   If you really can convince yourself that all's well, stop reading from here forward, as I can assure you that you are in need of a full lobotomy and your theory will end with a "FIAT BANG & A KNEE TO THE GROIN!”


The only time our debt to GDP ratio (highlighted above) was worse than it is right now, was when the USA was exiting a major war, which logically ran the numbers up the scale.  If the real numbers were reported properly on today's debt ledgers, not bull shit government spending on the (+) side of the GDP ledger like "ZeroCare,” we would easily pass the 106% debt to GDP figure. In fact, I would speculate that we would blow right past the 120% due to a major war illustrated in the graph above. Ya think we have chased too many “want’s with over indebtedness? Hey, if you want to be at the top of the graph it’s no problem. After all, no world war, no big deal, just an application of the true numbers to the above graph would prove we are capable of putting ourselves in a 3rd world time out, even without the application of a world war. Now that is change you can believe in!

For example, forget “Zerocare,” let’s erroneously keep it on the (=) side of the GFP ledger. What if the unreported forms of "debt-parabolic-growth-builders" via foreign US paper dumping didn’t have the advantage of being extinguished via the illicit gains of the ESF?  In this case we are talking about those illegal gains used to keep additional debt from properly or honestly hitting the red side of the "Dollar/Treasury Debt complex" warp speed style. Without that hidden helping hand, (not hidden from RM readers) we would surpass the graph’s 106% ratio roller coaster high-marks, and probably blow right past 120%. 

The true numbers will be what matters for everyone. EMN will make sure of that, and so will the east in a very covert manner, but not to those with their eyes open! For reference to the world of upside down finance without an explanation that resonates with the truth, just recall the summer of 2015 and a 250 billion treasury dump by China over a couple months, that did what?  BUT OF COURSE, it caused the 10 year yield to fall and the price to rise, so I would provide a theory that the 106% figure is probably fictitious to the low side by a huge margin.  Speaking of margins, reality is about to throw a western paper “margin call!”

All of this matters not one little bit or those who have had their eyes open! But the end result for the unprepared home team membership of the world’s reserve currency will be an irreversible negative. This is just business 101, and to put it very simply it is due to the past bad behavior of the reigning world reserve currency’s leadership. And when it is put in combination with the human ego’s nature to hold people accountable when they are finally on top of their former abusers, I expect the unprepared guys on the bottom with “eyes wide shut” like many of the US Sixpacks, to get pummeled worse than history has ever defined.....Time will tell, short time that is.....

Time is never on the side of the abuser who refuses to admit their own guilt, followed by humbly asking to be involved in the changing business landscape. And if that is actually happening, then it is truly behind the scenes, which will ultimately be proven to be useless. Eventually the ego of the dudes on top will not be impressed, and it’s happening right now, but only for those with their eyes wide open. It’s just business.

Jump on those DHAP items while they are still available…The day is coming when they will not be for sale at all! Or you can just jump on the equity train …… speaking of which, just check out this indicator of “the soon to come King Dollar fiat failure” …….

Ignore the headlines in the above link, nothing can stop us now, just beg borrow and steal in order to jump into those equity markets. Heck, grab a tiger by the tail, like the “LOW PE” FANG’s” that’s the ticket. This crap is amazing. Folks, you may be OK in the short run after all, it’ no problem that that the equity markets totally ignore a key supply and demand metric like "very little money on the sidelines available for investment purposes."  But I will once agin throw my favorite “silver eagle” on the gambling table and wager that “once the phony equity markets do backslide, or your liquidations from it’s dizzying heights buy nearly nothing in the real world, it will be then that DHAP items will be gone off the shelves. Procrastinate at your own peril……literally, and there’s no mystery to that wisdom! It’s just business, the business of reality and the business of supply and demand.

It's All Right There As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide Open!

It's All Right There As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide Open!

God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

                            Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, The Wolfpack, “W” & Team RM, David Stockman, Dave Kranzler, Dr. Jim Willie & “The Hat Trick Letter”, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ & Jim Rogers, Rob Kirby & Elijah Johnson & Reluctant Preppers,, KWN, London Paul & ‘’, Wolf Street (no affiliation), Egon von Greyerz, ‘’, ZeroHedge, 10c & Thunderclap Newman & Roseanne Cash.