Putin-Trump Bringing Progress to Syria, War Party Responds by Escalating Against Trump



July 14 -- In an action which demonstrated true leadership and courage, U.S. President Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin for more than two hours on July 7, during the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.  While the two addressed a broad range of strategic issues facing the two great powers, perhaps the most important immediate result was an agreement to jointly enforce a ceasefire in an area of southwestern Syria, as a step towards ending that horrific civil war, and defeating the Al Qaeda/Al Nusra and ISIS jihadist forces, which have inflicted such suffering on the Syrian people. U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson said this agreement demonstrates that the U.S. and Russia can collaborate. "This is our first indication of the United States and Russia being able to work together in Syria."  Putin and Trump, he said, had a "lengthy discussion of other areas in Syria where we can work together."  
Tillerson commented on the "positive chemistry" which developed between the two, as key to the progress made. This view was seconded by the White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, who said the creation of these "de-escalation zones" is a U.S. priority, "and we're encouraged by the progress made to reach this agreement."  He added, "The U.S. remains committed to defeating ISIS, helping to end the conflict in Syria, reducing suffering, and enabling people to return to their homes.  This agreement is an important step toward these common goals."  
President Trump's initial reaction to this development was to tweet out, "Syrian ceasefire seems to be holding,  Many lives can be saved.  Came out of meeting (with Putin -- HS). Good!" This view was shared by the U.N. Deputy Special envoy for Syria, who described this as "a positive development." Six days later, the ceasefire continues, with Russian military police coordinating efforts with U.S. and Jordanian military forces around the de-escalation zone.  A joint Russian-U.S.-Jordan monitoring station is now operational in Amman, Jordan.  As this is occurring, momentum is building to expel ISIS from its remaining stronghold in Syria, in Raqqa, following their defeat at the hands of Iraqi forces in Mosul.
Since a military victory alone is not enough, given the damage done to the cities and villages, and infrastructure in Syria, a meeting of great significance occurred in Beijing on July 9, during which the Syrian Ambassador to China met with officials to discuss what role China could play in reconstructing Syria.  A delegation of Chinese business leaders will visit Syria in mid-August, to discuss projects in Damascus, Aleppo and Homs. Among those involved will be the state-owned China Energy Engineering Corporation, and several major construction and engineering firms. Among the projects under consideration is building a Chinese-Syrian industrial park for 150 companies, creating 40,000 jobs.




Instead of celebrating this progress, or at least grudgingly acknowledging some benefit from the Trump-Putin summit, the anti-Trump/anti-Putin imperial war party has launched a frenzied escalation to either remove Trump from office, or cripple his efforts to break the U.S. out of the old geopolitical, uni-polar world order which shaped the policies of Presidents Bush and Obama. Trump campaigned against this world order, attacking Hillary Clinton's support for Bush's Iraq war, and regime change wars in Libya and Syria.  He warned that Obama's provocations against Russia and China risked the outbreak of a possible World War, saying that he believed it possible to collaborate with both Russia and China on matters of common interest, such as fighting terrorism, and increasing mutually beneficial trade and investment. Trump was clear on his commitment to reversing U.S. policy: "Cooperation with Russia is a good thing," he said, "not a bad thing; we both have huge nuclear arsenals; we can fight terrorism, we can end the constant wars."


Trump was elected because voters agreed that the endless wars were not successful in preventing terrorism -- in fact, Bush's Iraq war, and Obama's commitment to regime change in Libya and Syria increased the danger of terrorism, while piling up debt, and providing the excuse to expand the powers of the "surveillance state" against the American people. There was a war weariness in the U.S., which Trump recognized.  Since shortly after the attack on the U.S. by British-Saudi terrorists on 9/11/2001, the U.S. has been at war. Every day during the Obama presidency, America was in a war. Had Hillary Clinton been elected, there likely would have already been tragic consequences, as she stated her commitment to challenge the Russians in Syria, and the Chinese in the South China Sea.
Make no mistake about this: those now attacking the Trump-Putin meeting are the ones responsible for the death and destruction in the war zones throughout the world.  As Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp LaRouche has been emphasizing, all the persistent and ugly noise about "Russiagate" has nothing to do with Russian "meddling" in the U.S. election, but is a reaction against the prospect that strategic collaboration between the U.S., Russia and China -- as favored by Trump -- represents the end of the era of imperial wars and looting, based on dividing nations between East and West, and North and South, done on behalf of a collapsing financial system. The New Paradigm which is emerging and becoming unstoppable, of peaceful cooperation and development, will not be allowed, by the merchants of death whose tight control over world affairs for the last decades is slipping from their grasp.


With Trump's victory, the "globalist" neo-cons who ran both the Bush and Obama administrations, moved to prevent this challenge to their control over policy.  With networks in British intelligence taking the lead, the narrative of "Russian meddling" became the weapon they wielded against Trump.  This story, concocted by British GCHQ and MI6 officials, was then spun by Bush-Obama networks in the intelligence community and spearheaded by former FBI Director [James] Comey, former CIA Director [John] Brennan and Director of National Intelligence [James] Clapper, and has dominated Trump's presidency from Day One.  


The Democratic Party, reeling from the defeat of Clinton, has also mindlessly latched onto this, joined by Republicans such as Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham.  As we have documented in this paper, there has been no evidence to prove these claims, only "anonymous" source reports and leaks from intelligence officials, featured by mainstream media outlets determined to bring down Trump.  Yet the story continues to evolve, with the latest chapter being that of what appears to be a sting operation, to entrap Donald Trump, Jr., into meeting with an alleged Russian official, Natalia Veselnitskaya, with dirt on Hillary Clinton -- naturally, initiated by a British tabloid journalist, with Russian "connections"!  While some are proclaiming this to be the illusive "smoking gun," it is unlikely to go anywhere, as, like the "dodgy dossier" of Trump's alleged sexual escapades in Moscow, it is too preposterous to gain traction.



However, as a result of this ubiquitous narrative that the Russians were responsible for Trump's victory, that Putin "owns" Trump, and Trump has been "obstructing justice" to cover for his crimes, the meeting between Putin and Trump, which should have taken place shortly after Trump's inauguration on January 20 of this year, was put on hold. It is to Trump's credit that, in spite of the vicious and dirty operations against him, he proceeded with the meeting with his Russian counterpart in Hamburg.
The breaking by the New York Times of the Trump, Jr. - Veselnitskaya story, which coincided with the Trump-Putin [G20 meeting - JWS], is a transparent effort to derail the results of their meeting.  But it is the volume of hysterical attacks on Trump and Putin which demonstrates the level of "freak out" of the collapsing establishment.  
John Brennan, for example, one of the architects of Obama's support for anti-Assad jihadists in Syria, expressed open contempt for Trump in an interview on "Meet the Press."  Brennan said that Trump "ceded" ground to Putin by meeting with him, and by constantly raising "questions about the integrity and capabilities of the U.S. intelligence community." Brennan, who has stated that the Russians are permanent adversaries, took offense at Trump's statement that it is an honor to meet Putin, who Brennan called "the individual who carried out the assault on our election. To me, it's a dishonorable thing to say." 
Among Republicans, the anti-Trump tag team of Senators McCain and Graham, as usual, led the way.  McCain sneered that Trump's effort to work with Putin on cyber security is absurd, saying "he's sure Putin could be of assistance in Trump's effort to prevent election hacking 'since he's doing the hacking.'" Graham accused Trump of having a "blind spot" when it comes to Russia, and that not punishing Russia for 
interfering in the election "is undercutting his presidency."


The Democrats are even worse!  While Senate Minority leader Schumer characterized the summit as "disgraceful," Hillary's running mate in 2016, Virginia Senator Kaine, was completely unhinged. "We are now beyond obstruction of justice," he said.  "This is moving into perjury, false statements and even potentially treason."  
Many Republicans and Democrats agree with Schumer that there is no doubt that the Russians "deliberately interfered in our elections and sought to undermine and destabilize our democracy."  As Schumer put it, Trump "seemed to acquiesce to Putin's denial" of Russian involvement, "almost certainly paving the way for future Russian interference in our elections." On July 12, Rep. Brad Sherman, a California Democrat, became the first to introduce articles of impeachment against Trump, arguing his alleged "obstruction of justice" in the case of Michael Flynn is enough to lead to his removal.


To combat this dangerous idiocy, which threatens to derail a serious potential for not just peace in the Middle East, but a the emergence of a New Paradigm of peace, based on realizing economic justice, Trump must continue to move in collaboration with Presidents Putin and China's Xi Jinping.  A new era of mankind is on the horizon, as Helga Zepp LaRouche has been emphasizing. The promise of a victory over the terrorists and their British-U.S.-NATO supporters is within reach, as the first step to a global Renaissance. For this to be realized, Trump must join with the LaRouche movement in mobilizing the people of the U.S. into full support of this effort.