Trump's War on Pedophiles Just Went Hot

"My Administration is focused on ending the horrific practice of human trafficking, and the three bills the House of Representatives passed today are important steps forward. Since taking office, I have met with courageous survivors, non-profit groups, and faith leaders who are devoting tremendous energy to raising awareness about human trafficking. I am hopeful that the Senate will take up and pass these three bills as soon as possible and I look forward to my continued work with the Congress on this important issue." -- Statement from President Donald J. Trump on the Passage of H.R. 2664, H.R. 2480, and H.R. 2200, July 12, 2017

Just before leaving for his trip to France, President Trump sent three Anti-Human-Trafficking bills through the House of Representatives and on their way to the Senate. Curiously - or not - we haven't heard much about this from #FakeNews outlets like CNN.

Here is a quick review of the three bills as commentated by InfoWarrior, J. Owen Shroyer:

Many thanks again to @TheEventChronicle for catching this news and laying out the official text of the bills complete with links to You can jump over to their web page to read the bills in their entirety. The third bill, H.R. 2200, is especially detailed and I have included a shout-out to the particular portion that will assist law enforcement with the international war on human traffickers.

Say what you want about DJT, but it is clear now that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is about to be empowered with all the mega-tools that he needs to take this battle against human slavery and pedophiles to the next level.

Three Bills to Fight Human Trafficking

Click the links to jump to the official web pages at to check the progress of the passage of this legislation.

H.R. 2664 — Enhancing Detection of Human Trafficking Act. To direct the Secretary of Labor to train certain Department of Labor personnel how to effectively detect and assist law enforcement in preventing human trafficking during the course of their primary roles and responsibilities, and for other purposes.

H.R. 2480 — Empowering Law Enforcement to Fight Sex Trafficking Demand Act. To amend the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 to include an additional permissible use of amounts provided as grants under the Byrne JAG program, and for other purposes.

H.R. 2200 — Frederick Douglass Trafficking Victims Prevention and Protection Reauthorization Act of 2017. To reauthorize the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000, and for other purposes.

Title II within HR 2200 looks especially tantalizing as it involves the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury to wage this war on foreign fronts.


Subtitle A—Efforts To Combat Trafficking

Sec. 201. Including the Secretary of the Treasury and the United States Trade Representative as a member of the interagency task force to monitor and combat trafficking.
Sec. 202. Encouraging countries to maintain and share data on human trafficking efforts.
Sec. 203. Appropriate listing of governments involved in human trafficking.
Sec. 204. Requirements for strategies to prevent trafficking.
Sec. 205. Expansion of Department of State rewards program.
Sec. 206. Briefing on countries with primarily migrant workforces.
Sec. 207. Report on recipients of funding from the United States Agency for International Development.

 Of course, the timing of the House passage of this legislation is all the more interesting in light of the recent cascade of scandals that have pummeled the Vatican in less than a month, as I reported yesterday [linked here]. We can't wait to see whose shoe will drop next.


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