Regime Change in Dens of Iniquity

"If we really want to go after the pedophiles, Pope Francis is Enemy #1. Even the Italian police told me we are just waiting for backup from America, from anybody in power, so that we can go into the Vatican and arrest them!" -- Leo Zagami to Alex Jones, July 11, 2017

Vatican treasurers ignoring the rape of children. Monsignors running cocaine. All night gay orgies. Suspicious deaths of healthy cardinals. Masonic Mafia intrigue. You'd think you were watching  a classical Italian opera. But, no, this is just a typical week at St. Peter's. Or is it?

What follows below is a timeline of the recent volcanic scandals that are erupting under Pope Francis' nose. And this is only Act I. It is presented without comment because the narrative speaks for itself. Conversely, Leo Zagami has plenty to say about it. He is Alex Jones' go-to guy for anything Vatican-related. Zagami is a Vatican insider. He is playing a role that might remind us of Ronald Bernard: both men have been intimately connected with The Powers That Be. Both men make no attempt to hide behind pseudonyms and voice scramblers. Both men have witnessed unspeakable acts of wickedness.

Zagami's bio is available at [linked here]. In fact, Zagami makes no attempt to conceal the fact that he is, to this day, the Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis who are "considered by many the good side of the Vatican illuminati and is an official association and Order now based in Florence, Italy." So take that for what you want. I will remind you of statements that Joseph P. Farrell makes regularly in his books. That is, among the powers that be, there are those who promote the "open" version of the Topological Metaphor and those who promote a "closed" version. We may smugly pat ourselves on the back for living in a modernistic Age of Logic. However the old adage "the more things change, the more things stay the same" still holds water. In the 14th century, the West was caught in the middle of a smoldering love-hate relationship betwixt the Roman Catholic Church and the Knights Templar. Nearly a thousand years later, not much has changed.

Recent Events Under the Pope's Nose

Briefly, here is the breathtaking timeline of events from only the last couple of weeks in Rome. Below the timeline is a YouTube portion of Leo Zagami's appearance on the Alex Jones show from July 11th.

Headline: Vatican chief auditor Libero Milone's abrupt departure a worry for Cardinal Pell. "No reason was given for his abrupt resignation last week but one possibility is clashes of opinion with Cardinal Domenico Calcagno, head of the Vatican's central bank, APSA, which administers the Vatican's real estate and financial holdings."

Headline (in Google-translated Italian): Vatican, monsignor: gay celebrities and drugs at the Palazzo dell'ex Sant'Uffizio. All of mainstream media have reported the bust of the cocaine-laced gay orgy taking place in a Vatican apartment normally reserved for VIP guests. Allegedly, the monsignor had used an "untouchable" Vatican license-plated vehicle to transport the drugs to the apartment.

Headline: Jesuit and pedophiles take over the Catholic Faith guided by a secret Masonic Lodge
Zagami: "Monsignor Luigi Capozzi and his boss Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio are in a mountain of trouble.... Cardinal Coccopalmerio, who is a key figure in this network of liberal perverts, is a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine since 2010, and is not only a staunch supporter and elector of Pope Francis, but was also a member of the secret and irregular Masonic Lodge known as 'The Mafia of San Gallo' (the St. Gallen Mafia), that has conspired for years behind the scenes....

Headline: Cardinal George Pell: Sexual Abuse Charges Against Me Are False . Cardinal Pell has been accused of turning a blind eye to priestly pedophilia in Australia. According to this NY Times story, 7% of priests in that land have been accused of molesting children. The cardinal's hometown of Ballarat has been especially hard-hit. Victims have held meetings with church officials for decades trying to get justice. Sadly, many of the victims simply committed suicide long ago.

Now, the other half of Cardinal Pell's story is that he is the man chosen by Pope Francis in 2014 to take over the Vatican Bank finances and bring the bank into compliance with E.U. standards. You might recall the bombshell from 2012 when J.P. Morgan shut down the account that the Vatican Bank held with JPM in Milan [linked here]. Many of us wondered at the time: "How corrupt do you have to be when even J.P. Morgan won't do business with you?" Further down this page, I have embedded an important video blog by Joseph Farrell where he speculates on the larger financial picture that we must acknowledge in the midst of these recent Vatican sex scandals.

Headline: Cardinal Müller, What happened with the Pope?
Zagami: "According to this report, Cardinal Müller was called to the Apostolic Palace on 30 June 2017, and he arrived with his work files, assuming that this meeting would be a usual working session. The Pope told him, however, that he only had five questions for him." After receiving unsatisfactory answers from Müller on matters related to further liberalization of Church policies, the Pope removed Müller from his position as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), "what is considered the most powerful institution in the Catholic Church." (Formerly known, generally, as the Holy Office of the Inquisition.)

Further information from Zagami [linked here]: 

In an article published on on the 2nd of July, entitled Pope Francis: YOU ARE FIRED, I explained how the conservative Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), was suddenly forced to leave his prestigious position, after news of the police raid on a cocaine fueled Gay Orgy involving Monsignor Luigi Capozzi, the secretary of Cardinal Coccopalmiero, reached the Pope, who was ignoring the powerful Vatican Gay and pedophile lobby so close to him.

So Bergoglio [Pope Francis] under pressure from what is known as “the San Gallo Mafia” which helped him to get elected in 2013, declined to renew Gerhard Ludwig Müller’s mandate, and conveniently replaced him with his deputy, Archbishop Luis Ladaria, 73, a Jesuit and Spanish theologian, and of course a member of the secret Swiss lodge of San Gallo, completing the liberal takeover of the Faith, what is considered the most powerful institution in the Catholic Church, The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Headline: Cardinal opposing Pope Francis dies under mysterious circumstances. Zagami: "Cardinal Meisner had been staying in Bad Füssing for a period of time for vacation, as his health was not considered at all a problem. So the two influential Vatican figures [Gänswein and Meisner] met in person there, but unfortunately, no details have been revealed about their conversation that eventually led to Joachim Meisner’s death, a mystery that needs further investigation, as it seems Pope Francis is clearing up the scene from any unwanted opposition before his summer vacation, and Meisner was on his hit list for a long time."

Zagami continues:

Müller said he spoke with Cardinal Meisner the night before he died. Meisner had shown himself to be “deeply saddened” by this [Müller's] dismissal. “That moved him personally and wounded him – and he considered it to be a form of damage for the Church,” as the Curial Cardinal [Müller] himself described the reaction of Meisner and well-informed sources within the Vatican say that perhaps Cardinal Meisner “died of a broken heart.” Or was he killed in traditional Vatican fashion with a poison coffee?

In this new interview Cardinal Müller also commented and sharply criticized the conduct of Pope Francis with regard to his dismissal from the CDF, but it was the phone call with Cardinal Meisner, and his sadness for what happened to Müller after the Jesuit take over of the CDF, that seems pretty suspicious to me and other Vatican analysts. Interestingly enough, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, personal secretary of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and Prefect of the Papal Household very close to Pope Francis, and Obama, and a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith since 1996, also happened to meet Cardinal Meisner shortly before his death. Only a coincidence? Of course not, nothing is a coincidence in the Vatican, but a well orchestrated maneuver.

Here is Leo Zagami's slot on Infowars on July 11th when he summarized the timeline presented above:

Strategic Attack by the Bank for International Settlements?

Below is a quick vlog posted by Dr. Farrell with his inference of the larger picture that is being painted by these sudden Vatican scandals. Here I have paraphrased his comments as he recorded them in the Youtube video:

I suspect that Western bankers are trying to get their hands on yet another corrupt bank. What they're really trying to do, under the guise of bringing the Vatican Bank into compliance with European accounting standards, is that they're trying to integrate the Vatican Bank into that centralized system. I think this has been their target all along. They don't just want to bring it into their system; they want to make the Vatican Bank THE central bank of that system for a global currency. As I wrote in my book Babylon's Banksters, there's always a relationship between a closed religious system and a closed financial system.

More and more details are coming out to imply that the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI was forced on him by the Obama administration. They wanted regime change in the Vatican. In my opinion, what we have here is a story that points to gaining ever more control over Vatican policy and doctrine. I think they want to further liberalize the Catholic Church.

Why pedophilia? As I've been arguing for years, pedophilia is a worldwide network of human trafficking. This is used to blackmail people [policy setters] into doing what they want. The arrest of Cardinal Pell is a symbol of something much bigger going on. This is an effort, not just to gain control of Vatican finances, but of Vatican policy.

This is crucial for their agenda. They want a one-world currency. To have a one-world currency, they need a one-world, global, sanctioned currency that has moral suasive force. Of course, the claims of the papacy fit that need rather nicely.

In conclusion, as I noted earlier, this is just Act I. Naturally we are all anxious to see how the global factions of Babylonian priesthoods battle each other for supremacy in the New Word Order that they are infusing with life.

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