US Business Isolation Is In The House, It’s Only A Matter Of How Much And How Long

The first review of business isolation for the Untied States of America was preached in an installment about 2 years ago. We will call this one “Isolation 2.0,”but with the inclusion of a review of some of the greatest business acumen by the US’s competition that I have witnessed to date. Business MSM, not the lowly msm will be on full display. Acronym explanations will come later.

And even though the background keeps preaching the importance of integrating into a multipolar world with respect to global trade, the eventual fight by the “ego” to be # 1 by one major player will move to the head of the class. For the foreseeable future that is irrelevant at this juncture. Right now the top spot is an interesting “peaceful-partnership-tie” between two major players. It is clear that the march to a near guarantee of business isolation for “Team USA,” is still on the tables. As they continue trying to force feed their own false beliefs that they still occupy the top spot. Which is providing a huge assist in making their own isolation a given, with only the level of degree in question.

The numerically skilled Bankster, of Team RM, fired out a brilliant article on July 5th highlighting the business skills and business deals on display in Moscow between Russia and China in an important pre G20 meeting. And for my money, the timing of that meeting is significant in and of itself (pre G20). Still just a small part of the puzzle in a brilliant sales and marketing display.

Bankster quite rightly caught the fact that the media deals between the two nations were very prominent. Thankfully her analysis didn’t hit on something I also noticed (I tend to notice weird things), thus we will not be bringing light to the same subject matter. The Wolf’s highly tuned sense of smell picked up the scent of a superior high quality sales and marketing machine on full display in this 77 plus minute video (highlighted below & translated via a Wolf’s view) involving two progressive sovereign business titans. WG


In the video I witnessed indirect/direct MSM via the msm (again more clarity on these acronyms after the news), all done so subtly, but so in-your-face if you knew what to look for. In fact, it was very enjoyable and humbling to watch. And oh yes, it was, in my view, very, very significant in the evidentiary trail that makes an end game for the entire global trade structure, especially the US versions, even more visible.

As Bankster noted, major deals were officially put to paper, but make no mistake, they were completed some time in advance of this press briefing, or should I say the “sales and marketing blitz!!!!!”A sales and marketing blitz that the US could take a lesson from, hell, everyone could, as it’s simplicity and brilliance were fodder for the highest level business courses. In the “Final Thoughts” segment I will draw on the wisdom of a real “King,” not the self appointed King Dollar, as I will attempt to effectively detail the isolation evidence, and tie it to what I believe to be one of the most brilliant marketing campaigns I ever saw, more in a second. And yes, in the grand scheme of things, I would wager that this business event will be written up as “a first,” an “historic first.” But first the news….

News That Reaffirms Prior Informed Decisions and Entertains As Well

In the last installment I mentioned that the cliche’ “The Buck Stops Here” might start haunting top US leadership, well some more news is piling up for the chances of that cliche’ making the headlines…….Check this out….

Last go around I mentioned “doubling down on stupidity,” and the lady in the above link keeps proving that that saying isn’t dormant. With this much “Buck Stops Here” smoke, there will soon be fire. As far as I am concerned there already is, as I think as the chain of custody to this buffoonery shows some tacit approval from somebody well up from the boringly repetitive Mrs Haley. If not, then it is a chain of custody to total incompetence.

Time to give some credit to RMer’ “KW” who alerted the Wolf’s sense of smell to key pieces of information, in this case some wisdom from Hugo Salinas Price……

The following quote from the above link says hello to the multiple writings on the pages of RM over the past few years, and does so from an experienced voice…….Hence more credence to my rants….

The end of the world's present monetary system is already taking place. The clearest symptom is the frantic bellicosity of the US, propelled by the perception on the part of those who run the US, that the US is losing influence in the world, and that their deep-seated objective for control of the whole world is slipping out of their hands. The end of the dollar as the basis of the international monetary system means the end of the US as we have known it. HSP

The paragraph that follows this one is equally illustrative of a mantra of, “It can never be too soon to get on with your preparations for a post dollar world, or else risk suffering the consequences of failure within your family environment."

We shall not bother to discuss the future of the American dollar as the world's currency. We take it as a fact, that the American monetary unit is nearing the end of its time-line, at least in terms of being the world's money, if not as a money limited in use to the territory of the US. HSP

It is not a matter of whose timeline is right or wrong. It is instead not what will be "defined" as the collapse timeline of the King Dollar, it is instead a matter of how much cognitive dissonance and laziness you allow to control your current/future decisions on your own levels of personal freedom in commerce...WG

And in the “come-on man” category, and though it may be somewhat funny, the subject in this next link is still a precursor to economic failure no matter how ridiculous it is….

I know what you might be thinking, millennials are immature morons; not so fast my friends. Just like I harped on in the last installment, it ain’t entirely the government’s or the greedy corporate executive’s faults for the debt based US failures, it ultimately falls on the shoulders of “we the people.” In this instance, the buck also stops with us. The millennials were just doing a version of “monkey-debt-see-monkey-debt-do,”so don’t pat yourself on the back too hard for your business/geopolitical genius. Hmm, makes one ask, just where does the buck stop?????

As regards to the ponzi-scheme efforts within the higher education system, harped in prior installments with an assist from a key Wolfpack associate, check out this next link…..

The Wolf doesn’t make this crap up, hell, no one could make this crap up, and that includes the information in the link above

You can safely throw another overcapacity/stagflation log onto the fire….Again, I didn’t make up this stuff a year or so ago. If your eyes were open, you could see it coming. It’s called the sales of products to people who haven’t a prayer of paying for them. It always ends poorly, with honest people caught in the middle. This is good time for an old mainstay through the past couple years, via the WG musical messages……

Day by day, night after night

Blinded by the neon lights

Hurry here, hustlin' there

No one's got the time to spare

Money's tight, nothin' free

Won't somebody come and rescue me?

I am stranded, caught in the crossfire

Stranded, caught in the crossfire… Stevie Ray Vaughan


The Triple Headed Hydra of our bubble blowing machinery, alluded to over multiple prior writings, (business/insurance/brokerage) could care less, as it will not affect the highest of the elite among them. For those already in tune to the business landscape, are there any surprises to be found in this next link? In fact let's complete the next several news nuggets in “rapid fire method”……

Next up in our ‘rapid fire’ news headline evidence is some info courtesy of former Team Reagan member David Stockman…….

And finally in the ‘rapid fire’ news or comedy section……Might the little "factory orders" facts in the link below from ZeroHedge, put a dent in the true reality of Trump’s GDP predictions? BTW, wasn’t my man Mr. T beating up on the supposed reality behind the US’s recent economic numbers during his campaign? For reference that was only several months ago, but I guess it proves that the stats. really can change overnight, depending who is in office! Yeah right, my arse…!

Once again, pick and choose your media noise carefully, much of it isn’t even worth being called “noise.”

The headline in this next ZeroHedge link asks a question that feeds right into theories espoused right here in prior installments, theories that point to an approach of stagflation…..”What happened to the gas demand during peak driving season?” (paraphrasing)

RM readers know where it went.  All in a way that made it easy for one to surmise well well in advance that the driving season would eventually be killed by a stingy chauffeur named "Stagflation," and his co-pilot "Over-Indebtednes!,” We are riding down the inventory road of "Overcapacity."Why WG, there ain't no such animal. "The Fed," or "CN'BS," or FAUX News, or "MSLSD" hasn't said so yet.  

Quit Boring Me With Your Need For Instant Gratification, You Self Centered Greedy Pantie Waste

Quit Boring Me With Your Need For Instant Gratification, You Self Centered Greedy Pantie Waste

If you think the above WG parable is wrong, then take the time, as I do, and read the comments below any of the recent quality interviews from the likes of Jim Willie, V, or Rob Kirby, and note the following generic answers from attention span impaired US morons. For example: “We heard this stuff 3 years ago, and I bet we will be hearing about gold’s rise and the dollar’s fall in 3 more years from now.” That sort of comment has been gaining steam and repetitive volume over the last year. Especially since Mr. T came to town. Most of them are looking for their version of an “msm announcement that will initiate the dollar on-off switch.” Or, to put it more accurately, they are just plain greedy wanting to get rich quick via their parlay into hard assets. Some major “mental-US-pantie-wastes” are going to throw a real crying fit one day, and that’s a lock!

In this next video link, brought to my attention once again by RMer “KW,” “The USA Watchdog” has an informative interview with Lynnette Zang, who is on point for much of the interview…..


One thing that strikes me about the analysis in this video, is that final solutions revolve around concepts and solutions within the western fascist power structures.  Once again within the system. References to monetary history are used (nothing wrong with that of course), with answers and predictions being made based on that history, then with adjustments to “worse case scenarios.”  Thus, officialdom and regulatory agencies are involved in the solutions processes presented. Doesn't mean it's wrong, it just means one could conclude that a prolonged chaos will be somewhat eliminated due to western system survival and control. Eventually, that is.  In other words, the video analysis is a bit academic in it’s solutions.

It is one Wolf Gray’s view that we are rewriting history, and even though history may provide some clues, the severity of the outcomes can’t rely on any historical precedents. Just my humble opinion.  Otherwise, great interview as usual by “The Watch Dog,” but when I hear regulatory hacks like the IMF mentioned for reference, I get a bit anxious, and look for alternative answers…

In the face of what I just ranted on, let’s refer to some more western agency news stats (I just don’t rely on them exclusively for my preparations). Stats that have a buzz word that I suspect will be dreaded in the very near future, “stagflation!”……It already is entrenched in the “on-the-ground-economic-community” ….

I could go on an all day rant over this next excuse making crap…..

Regarding the above link, and the blame game by the politician from Georgia, it’s STUPIDITY that is the biggest threat to society along with a dose of apathy on the side.  And that all leads to what ?  A damned false truth! And this guy is an example, “front & center!”

The above link is a prime example of the belief that we have a “truth-alternative-outlet” within the media’s information ”Hegelain Dialectic.” We give you FOX vs. CNN, Limbaugh vs. NPR, but there is one big problem…they are all on the same playing field inside the same stadium.  Need proof?  

Reflect back to 2008 and the Repugnican primaries, and Mr. Limbaugh's rants, McCain sucks, McCain sucks, McCain sucks (I agreed at the time and still do), but then Uh-Oh, McCain was the “surprise” nominee! Conveniently, low and behold within a smooth couple week transition, Limbaugh got back on the playing field, as McCain was the man once again by magically violating a Presidential ticket rule that says, "The VP truly doesn't matter!"   Oh shit, it does this time WG, wake up, you hairy rascal. Staunch conservative Sarah "we are doing God's work" Palin became the VP nominee. So forget the VP doesn't matter rule, it does now! What a surprise, the Hegelian Dialectic trapped Limbaugh is back on point, Repugnican good and Dumbocrat bad. I got an idea for all of us…..

Get out of the darn stadium, or better yet, step outside the box for a dose of truth and a clearer view.  From that point forward, yours truly, a former Limbaugh listener, realized he is a puppet and nothing more. I haven’t listened to him since.

WG Mini Rant: Blaming the media for a society's ongoing failures in many ways is no different than blaming a gun for killing someone.  Why waste time watching or listening to the crappy show?  It's a magic act with no real product or message, designed to make you feel like you have "quality" viewing alternatives.  In a minute I am going to illustrate a “real” media magic show done by some slick business pros.

It ain't the media that's the problem, just like it ain’t the gun that’s the problem. Mini rant over!

I won't take all that they hand me down

And make out a smile, though I wear a frown

And I won't take it all lying down

'Cause once I get started I go to town

'Cause I'm not like everybody else

I'm not like everybody else

I'm not like everybody else

I'm not like everybody else….The Kinks

Is that so, prove it to yourself! Step Outside the Box for a better view…. WG

Did You Say You Did Your PhD Thesis On The Effects Of Tweeting In Corporate America.....!

Did You Say You Did Your PhD Thesis On The Effects Of Tweeting In Corporate America.....!

As we all know, many times demand can create the supply chains of the future, it’s just common sense business. Like, “The Real Americans” demanding a more honest message with less teenage style rhetoric. A demand that will eventually create a supply of honest messages. That said, to date on US soil, it has yet to create the brilliant supply of our new acronym the “MSM.” An acronym that I witnessed in the meeting in Moscow between Mr Putin of Russia and Mr. Xi of China. In my view, all brilliantly put into the information supply chain just before the G20 meetings. Unless I am missing something here, these guys are on their game!

The brilliance of MSM via the msm, or better said, “media sales and marketing promoted via the mainstream media outlets.” Yep, MSM via the msm. Subtly, yet ingeniously, it was praised throughout this business summit in Moscow. An impressive display for us business types who have dealt with the task of making their own productive sales and marketing programs…..

The real communications that matter don’t always happen via strange handshake phenomena or in particular due to outstanding tweeting skills……Indeed, so check out the following marketing wizardry, by some guys that have skills, with some WG commentary on the side…… 

Note the background in the following video .... Outside of the flags it is kind of “goldish” wouldn't you say…?! On purpose or not, who knows, but it is still a smart setting for businesses that want to reside outside the future fiat ashes.


@ 3:38 ... In the minutes leading to this 3:38 segment, key energy notations are made, but note the mention of the mass media at this juncture with a very positive light. It was also tied in nicely with respect to the promotion of business relations between the two nations.  Kind of an in-your-face comment without it being in-your-face.  Brilliant indirect marketing folks, because it inspires the marketing team, which ironically in this case is the media in the audience. True salesmanship to the people with pens in their hands in the audience.  Just good business, especially when specificity regarding time-frames are mentioned., Again, great business salesmanship.   Patting the audience on the back, and thus making the audience/media feel like a key contributor, and as a vital factor in the growing business relations between the two nations.  Great business skills on display in that intro segment. It’s called, making them feel a part of something transitionally important to the future of the world. Simply brilliant. But the host Mr. Putin ain’t the only big wig in the room.

@ 5:30 ... The business partner reciprocates.  Damned impressive stuff folks, and the only way it isn't positive with respect to their business relationships, is if they are dirty dealing each other behind close doors with neither one present.  But, a minute and a half later the audience is reassured of their common desire to continue growth in the business atmosphere between the two nations. These two guys know that the press is a part of their marketing team, even if the msm doesn't know it. They are damned good....!  It's just business, good business at least for the moment.

Quick aside: The western controlled “YouTube” viewing, high IQ types, as of 9:30 am Tuesday the 11th of July, 2017, have only helped the viewing numbers of this brilliant business piece reach a paltry 21,000 views. They must be busy reading high IQ tweets or something. Mark my words, the US hand operated device morons will regret not paying attention to key turning points in history, and this was one, partner!

@ 10:00 ... Note the specifics provided by Xi regarding the key relationships with respect to the energy markets. 

@ 11:20 ... A reference is made by Xi, that the Russia-China business partnership is the best it has ever been in their entire joint history. Hint, hint. USA, get on board the OBOR initiative or isolate yourselves even more. China and Russia aren’t isolating the US on purpose, business is, supplemented with a dash of unimportant tweeting arrogance by the US leadership.

@ 12:40 ... Xi brings in the media, the unannounced marketing and sales team.  Not unannounced to anyone paying close attention. In this segment, heat is being put on the west, in a very subtle way folks.  These guys are taking advantage, for the moment, of an easy going media sitting in the audience.  A far cry from what Trump is dealing with at home, but I think these guys certainly are taking full advantage of that very fact.  Amazing business techniques, and even though it is easy to do when things are positive from a partnership perspective, there is still great skill in taking full advantage of a positive scenario, and producing results while the opening is available.  These damned guys are good. Subtly smooth, while looking somewhat stiff and semi-uncomfortable, which appeals to a humble position of strength and a non threatening demeanor to the media/audience. Absolutely brilliant salesmanship!

@ 16:00- 24:00 ... Here we have a bunch of "glad handing with the podium" by several appointed spokesmen who's speeches were obviously known “in full” in advance by the leaders at the table.   Positive, but nothing to raise a flag over...!  Ending @ 24:00 with an intro to the next business specifics expert.

@ 24:00 ... Next, Putin leads in with an intro to the Aerospace, Aviation & Energy partnerships. LNG comes to the fore as a prime success story with regards to it's level of development. Just wait until a major investment is slyly thrown in further down at the 49:00 mark.  Additionally, it is interesting to hear this business representative mention the difficult business environment due to the political tensions among many nations, and based on the head nods toward the national leaders after 26:00, combined with the looks given back from the table, it was a planned comment. But only after a bit of business specifics highlighting the partnerships successes to date.  Also note the subtle close directed towards XI @ the 27:40 mark. This isn't just a business meeting, it is a bit of a dog & pony show for the key marketing team, "the media" ....!  Also an implied close is offered by this presenter, great stuff folks. Amazing stuff, possibly choreographed to perfection, maybe they should have tweeted for even better results.

@ 28:00 ... Another government business relationship 'big wig/yes man' steps forward.  Mostly a bunch of 'pr' with the OBOR being highlighted, with "specifics.” But notice this impressive stat that still rides along side a global decline in business activity, an announced 21% increase (sounded like 20 or 21%) in trade over the past year between the two countries.  Again parading another expert in front of the two leaders, with an audience of the friendly sales team. Which I am still finding amazing as compared to the US media acrimony.  No external sales team in the US only Hegelian Dialectic crap. We get entertainment, they do business, and I suspect the plan is to wait until they can afford a non-debt based purchase of their entertainment.

@ 31:24 ... Time for the real business close!  This stuff is amazing folks, at least it was to me, after all is said and done, the next presenter is, drum roll.  A mass media big wig or expert of some sort with an RT Media.  Can you picture a media presentation in the US with this level of respect to business growth and cooperation?  Yeah right, not of late, at least not at this dignified level.  First there is the mention of a new Russian channel in China.  This is the “MSM” via msm I spoke of. Note the mention of 18 more mass media agreements between the two nations (also highlighted quite well, bankster).  

These guys have their acts together. They understand what good "sales & marketing" is all about.  The presenter should have tweeted this stuff for even better effect, right?  I have to admit though, this looks so good that you have to ask, is it too orchestrated, which stinks of fascism?  Time will tell, but it beats "Fascism/Tweeting"....!  Some media specifics continue in this presenters message, some of which ironically includes stabs at the west, some sort of indirect with no names.  Oops, "Fake News" is mentioned, along with Hitlery, so a clear stab at the US western line of ’bs' is thrown our way, and not so indirect.  She even gets more direct with the mention of media created terrorists.  This is on purpose, and it is a statement of purpose, “come and safely join us in a non-gun-boat diplomacy business partnership.”

Key Point Of Significance: Did you notice that the "Sales & Marketing" dudette spoke for about 7 minutes, which is about 3-4 more than the other business presenters?  And why the hell not I say? After all, without sales and marketing, business development stops.  There wouldn’t be anything else to discuss. That was the purpose, implied or not

@ 38:35 ... Multiple thank you's to the media from the host.  Not atypical for our cartoonish media's relationship with the US’s leadership. 

@ 39:00 ... Once again a cooperation between the two nation’s medias are highlighted.  No sign of the standard US style international trade techniques, which include the ever stylish, “it’s our way or the highway” crap.  If you think the US is going to be the leader in the near future on the world's business stage, then you are mentally impaired.  Folks, here we just witnessed nearly 3 minutes of media "at-a-boys."  Clearly done on purpose at the direction of the leaders at the heads of the table, I would surmise. One of the cheapest business investments you could ever make, patting your sales teams on the backs, and doing it in a genuine fashion. Like I said, these guys are pros. The meeting was a sales meeting in disguise.

@ 42:00 ... Over the next two and a half minutes the two heads of the table close before the break with a continued message that sends signals that, ”we are playing nice, and glad to be doing so,PLEASE COME AND JOIN OUR TRADE PARTNERSHIPS.” 

Next a 4 & half minute bathroom break!

@ 49:00 & next 8 minutes ... We get to the agreements, the official part.  But not the important part, with respect to business.  Almost a staged show (since these agreements were known well before this meeting) to make the "sales & marketing" team, the media, feel involved in the processes.  And they clearly actually were, btw.  All these deals were important, but one agreement, China's larger stake in Rosneft (20 or 25% or something along those lines) was extremely interesting for one Wolf Gray. Specifically because it shows not just contract ties, but production ties, tied at the hip now, in a major hard asset/natural resource business.  One that will not be broken without something drastic, like a war.  These guys are serious to say the least. And it clearly shows a financial and physical commitment to the business partnerships. An agreement like that did not come lightly, and it shows that the odds of the US strategically splintering their business relationship is pure folly.

@ 59:45 ... The Bankster Slayer & the Russian Analyst had an email conversation that I was quietly watching, that described the significance of this award to Xi from Putin (plus bankster’s article highlighted this as well).  Bottom line, it's a big deal.  Everything from here on is a progress report.  And the progress report says, the US is behind the infrastructure curve to say the least, possibly decades behind.  Something those of us who have our eyes open already know. And hopefully knew in a way that inspired action. Action in the form of creating a quality DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio).

Most of the progress report is all about the OBOR initiative, and the promotions of the OBOR.  It's PR with a purpose, and the purpose includes skillfully making the media feel warm & fuzzy, or to put it bluntly, "involved."  Note how the media is addressed several times by both leaders, … as "friends!”  More in a second on this, as I find it extremely interesting.  XI's statement specifically once again emphasizes the fact that Russian and Chinese relations are the best in their history.  US isolation drum roll please. And that wasn't tweeted either.  To say these two nations are the new world leaders is an understatement.  BTW, the Wolfpack and I all agree that this relationship will remain strong, at least for the remainder of our lifetimes.  But WG and his shaman contact say, as history has shown, eventually "ego's" will probably intervene negatively.  But that is well down the road I suspect. 

The WG Take On This Historic Business Summit:  The thing I find most interesting, is the very, very skillful way they have integrated the media into the sales and marketing operations.  Now this should be of no surprise because it is a necessary step to have them on your team when things of a global trade nature are involved.  If you don't think it matters, again just look at the tension and acrimony within the US leadership and with the media.  How is that working out for us? Though it might be entertaining to the home-gamers, it is self-defeating with regards to garnering respect in the global business community. Especially when all you have to boast about in your recent history is paper expansion with a false foundation of debt to be farmed out to others via “force.” 

I maintain that we just witnessed a multi layered business marketing plan. First to give a simple at-a-boy to the media in attendance from both leaders, but one of the other big big marketing goals was to clearly put it on display to the world. In other words, “please everyone come join us in the OBOR efforts as the world needs you, and we need and welcome you!” Subtle yet brilliant! The actual deals on display in the event were cut well in advance, but the level of media congratulations from the nations leaders was very, very unusual.  Folks, it's just business, and smart business to say the least, ON VISUAL DISPLAY.  And you can quote me or even tweet me on that line. More on why I think the media promotions are actually bigger than the actual business deals signed, in the “Final Thoughts” segment, with the help of a King.

Final Thoughts

The US business isolation handwriting is on the wall. And the news broadcast of the above trade deals with a primary emphasis on media sales & marketing from the msm, in a high level form of promoting MSM (media sales and marketing) is more proof of US self isolation. How can you call it “self,” WG? It’s “self” because if we are right on top of our business/economic global trade game, especially with the vast natural resources we have at our disposal, then this news conference would have had three figureheads at the table, not two! A high price will have to be paid to get back to our normal game, with quality levels of business output, and then a possible reintroduction to the heads of table in key global trade deals.

Apparently I am not off point here as to the isolation theory for the US. A point that was thrown out by WG many moons ago, reiterated by the likes of Jim Willie, and most of Team RM. Without giving away the entire store of his quality paid information service, London Paul wrote some interesting things in his Saturday premium series report on the G20 meetings. Note the following which chimes in with near total agreement:

The rift between 19 of the G20 nations and the US, has left Washington, for now at least, seemingly isolated on a world stage. Some have been more savage in their rebuke, suggesting that Washington is suffering from cognitive dissonance with regards to trade. Such hyperbole is meaningless but the reality is that the US is facing a real chance that it will be left behind as the multipolar world unfolds. LP

In my view, I feel he is being a little too polite. Allow me to be rude. I will guarantee that we will see varying degrees of isolation here in the US, it is happening right now, bad poetry in motion, especially when compared to the easy trade pathways we have had several decades ago.  Advantages taken for granted, and bullied away!

The business conference in Moscow, highlighted above with a point by point review, (my points of interest of course) wasn’t just a dog and pony business gala. Clearly not a western version of a business “look at me look at me” gala. Instead, it was a golden opportunity for an attractive advertisement to other potential trade partners. Done by some real business pros. Saying, “Come join us, come join us in honest trade, come join us with honest money. Come join us in trade without the fear of gunboat diplomacy, when you don’t bow to the trade partner’s medium of paper exchange. That’s what impressed ole’ WG, and was in my view put on in a very effective, non obnoxious/tweeted display for all to see. And I would bet real money that it will pick up some more potential trade “fence-sitters” who are still undecided about initiating a dollar dumping program.

What better way could one think of than a well oiled, cross-boarders MSM, media sales & marketing team, run by a joint task force of trading partners in a variety of major msm outlets? Just more proof that the east is the leader this time around, and the smart play is in a wise form of flattery …. “Imitation!” ….

Imitating their most important moves! Like all US msm outlets doing the same thing we just witnessed at the Moscow business summit. Putting our best collective message forward. BTW folks, I am old enough to remember a time when that line was a reality, as regards all of the US media’s messages being unified when necessary (at least that is what I perceived anyway).

Imitation heh, how about..... It's the accumulation of real money that is truly a key preliminary component for building trust before any of the initial introductions to trade summits like the one we just witnessed in Moscow. Real money (like GSBC’s of course/ gold& silver bars & coins) that guarantees an honest medium of exchange in future trade. That’s right, guarantees, guarantees due to a lack of debt based unabashed printing press operations that might later devalue the very trading instrument. Though it does matters if the trading partner is an arsehole, if he or she is still offering real money in the form of something akin to GSBC’s as the medium of exchange, then the ponzi-scheme component is greatly reduced, if not darn near eliminated. Seamless operations that are out of a multitude of trading danger zones thanks to trade balance sheets that can be trusted. That was what was the key advertisement in the above meeting. All thanks to a well thought out MSM.

If you don’t think I am right about the importance of a well oiled MSM, “media sales and marketing” machine, check out this link from a member of “Team Reagan,” Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. A link that gives support to the theories highlighted from the above Moscow business meetings …..

As I have said on the pages of RM for years, engineering departments, service departments, and manufacturing departments will wilt and die eventually, regardless of the product for sale, if the "sales & marketing" teams can't do their jobs efficiently.

Dr. Roberts isn't saying that specifically in the above article, but that is what lies behind the article’s meaning. Meanwhile as ole' WG may have just illustrated in a point by point analysis, the boys from the east "currently" have a well oiled "MSM"...!  No tweeting necessary. 

Team Trump Needs To Extricate Themselves From The Tweetle Dee & Tweetle Dumber World Before They Find Themselves Knee Deep In Crap

Team Trump Needs To Extricate Themselves From The Tweetle Dee & Tweetle Dumber World Before They Find Themselves Knee Deep In Crap

So how important do I really think this clear attempt at promoting a product via a subtle infomercial is, in this case any product, promoting with a ‘carrot’ of honest money and honest business trade? Many will think those signed business deals were the real “meat & potatoes” of these meetings, and the sales and marketing head games were secondary. If that’s you, then then you don’t have a handle on business.  Time for a real life example.......

“The Real King,” not the dollar, Richard Petty was asked when did he decide it was time to start getting out of the business side of racing, and his answer sticks with me to this day. “For most of my career I never had a paper contract with my business associates, a handshake was all that was needed. But when pointless paper contracts became a requirement to continue business, I decided it was time for me to go. Ain’t nobody held by the words in a paper contract. A handshake is all that is needed with an honest partner.” (paraphrasing) So think about this….

For a reality check, who the hell will hold China or Russia accountable if they violate their own paper trade deals? Who will enforce any supposed violations, NATO? The IMF, the international court of justice in the Hague, some piss-ant court in Brussels, some piss-ant court in London? And just who the hell is going to enforce it? After all, it’s paper trying to bind the largest of sovereign entities.

The ultimate enforcement will be via the handshakes offered between men of honor and the idea of an honest medium of exchange that will hold the courtroom settings. And in the meantime, the real enticing/enforcement game in town is the MSM, the sales and marketing teams. The teams that will bring the handshakes to the table. It is my opinion that you just watched a significant moment in history, marked by brilliance in subtle ways. Ways apparently lost to the western business practitioner. Ways that used to be a part of our home court advantage, with hard work our calling card.

Show a little passion, baby, show a little style

And show the knack for knowing when and the gift for knowing how

And have a little trust in us when fear obscures the path

You know we got this far, darling, not by luck, but by never turning back

Some will call on destiny, but I just call on faith

That the world won't stop, and actions speak louder

Listen to your heart, to what your heart might say

Everything we got, we got the hard way … Mary Chapin Carpenter

Nothing Worthwhile Comes Easy, It's Time To Get Down And Dirty.......

Nothing Worthwhile Comes Easy, It's Time To Get Down And Dirty.......

You have been warned once again, the signs are now absolutely everywhere....WG

Hard Asset Tip

Silver’s uses seem to be growing dramatically, and I have a sneaking suspicion we are only privy to a tip of the iceberg of it’s uses. Note the following link from ‘’

Based on the above article, not only is it silver's potential usage in the energy fields that have significant value, "the poor man's" gold seems to be showing up in the necessary ingredients category in some other interesting new technologies. The second one highlighted in the above link really caught my attention, though each of the five were interesting.....

University of Tokyo researchers have developed a mixture of silver powder, fluorine-containing rubber, fluorosurfactants (organic compounds that contain the carbon–fluorine atomic bond), and organic solvents that allow wire to stretch to five times its normal length. Scientists say the wire could increase the versatility and usability of wearables, and help robots move more like people.

The above point illustrates the ability to literally stretch the usability of the metal, but what captured my undivided imagination was what was not said.......Did the stretching actually go to 5 times it's normal molecular make-up..??? I guess it had to!  Or did the combo of silver and other compounds allow this "freak of nature" result?"  But an even bigger question kept bouncing around in my cigar filled brain cells. How was the overall tensile strength, or any other directional strength affected after this "Stretch Armstrong" routine? Let’s put some country boy common sense logic to work here…….

Just what would your “cash or money” in hand be worth, if it was also a key component "in physical form" for the medical fields, energy fields, and a multitude of other technological advancements?  It’s very supply is not infinite, and ”it's not just serving as real money, it is also a key component in IT’S PHYSICAL FORM FOR THE FUTURE OF THE HEALTH COMFORT & SAFETY FOR THE LIFE FORMS INHABITING THIS PLANET....!"  Note the previous statement fits in well with Clif High's predictive linguistics for silver's future value.

Ya think owning some silver in physical form might be wise?  DU-HUH!  Been howling that from the Wolf's den for over 3 years now, in fact make that 5 years with the addition of the 2 before crossing "Mr. VGuerrilla's" path.!

Hard Asset Tip/Final Thoughts:  As a supplement to that last round of red neck logic for protecting yourself, hell forget protecting (the standard alt. media mantra) how about advancing yourself, check out this superb analogy from Steve St. Angelo……

Note this excerpt describing the out of wack assessment of real market risk........

Now, when I say “under-pricing risk,” all that means is that the market has no idea of the dangers ahead.  It is similar to someone driving a car that doesn’t realize the engine is burning up and the brakes don’t work because the WARNING LIGHTS aren’t functioning.  So, the poor slob continues to speed down the road, without a care in the world… until the car blows up or he heads over a cliff. SSA

In other words, we are mentally at a point where there doesn’t appear to be effective warning signs anymore.  And for lack of better wording, when the blow-up news is Sixpack worthy, it will mark the end of the effective warning signals to draw upon for the wisdom of a necessary early exit.  The exits will be closed….. BINGO! And with that comes a side dish of Six pack reality, “there ain’t a damned thing the “Tweeter n’ Chief” can do no matter how good he is, nothing can correct this paper failure!”

And how close might we be? The current business landscape is highlighting the fact that the losing side is arguing with each other via hand held devices, while at the same time the other side is making deals with handshakes. So just what might that possible timing signal be forecasting? Insert your answer here “…………………” Be sure to base it on past times in financial history when the timing yen indicator meets the timing yang indicator....WG

Your Window To Proper Solutions Is About To Shut You Out ......!!!

Your Window To Proper Solutions Is About To Shut You Out ......!!!

       God, then Your Family, then the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!                             

                               Survive then Thrive and We’ll Howl on the Other Side!

Wolf Gray

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