21st Century Gladio, NIRP and Sweden's (Now Ex) Turkish Grey Wolves Housing Minister

Back in late January, the Russia Analyst published an article here at RogueMoney, "Somewhere in Valhalla, Vikings Are Despairing Over Their Idiot Descendants: While Sweden Gets Overrun by Migrant Crime and Menaced by Rapefugees, NATO Bought and Paid for Generals and Politicians Fantasize About War with Russia". The lengthy headline summarizes the article's themes: Swedish Major General Anders Brännström told a conference that his country "could be at war" in a few years, without specifying which enemy he meant, while the nominally neutral Scandinavian nation's pro-NATO press pushed the talking point that Russia has rehearsed nuclear strikes on Stockholm and Russian submarines are lurking just off the capital's shallow Baltic Sea islands (something that was also a trope of Ottoman Empire fan Carl Bildt's propaganda on behalf of Sweden joining NATO back in the 1980s as well).

While there are many intertwined issues at work in Sweden -- insane asylum seeker numbers for a country of 9.8 million souls leading to failed integration into progressive socialist Scandinavian society (even for government ministers who retain hardline nationalist or Islamist views brought over from their homelands), NIRP'd banks and a bloated welfare system for unproductive and unassimilated newcomers on the brink of collapse -- there are covert forces at work promoting and feeding on all of these trends. Including perhaps foreign powers and lobbies like those of Saudi Arabia or Turkey, the wannabe neo-Ottoman empire whose Islamist AKP government is currently bullying the supposedly most powerful woman in Europe German Chancellor Angela Merkel into paying billions of euros in danegeld and prosecuting a comedian who mocked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Scandinavian Hysteria About Russia A Smokescreen for the Real Issues:

Insane Multi-Culti Enabled Immivasion, EU/Welfare State Collapse, and NIRP

As we wrote over three months ago, the purpose of drumming up Cold War 2.0 hysteria in Sweden and other European Union member nations was three fold:

1) Sweden has an arms industry that has shrunk considerably since the end of Cold War 1.0, and would like U.S. and EU taxpayers to subsidize its Cold War 2.0 sales to Ukraine and other countries bordering Russia, particularly the nearby Baltic states

2) Swedish politicians like Carl Bildt who've been in the back pocket of Atlanticist organizations if not Anglo-American intelligence agencies for decades are pushing hard for nominally neutral Sweden to officially join NATO, as opposed to the unofficial cooperation that has been the norm for decades. Naturally, Bildt and his cohorts enjoy the support of the Swedish and general European military industrial complex.

3) Globalists like George Soros have pumped millions into NGOs supporting the surging immivasion of Europe by Muslim and Third World migrants fear the rising nationalist resistance and backlash to their plans. They want to distract the Swedish public from the consequences of this profound experiment in social engineering, by pushing the laughable talking point that the influx of humanity is entirely Russia (or its allies Assad and Iran's) fault.

“Swedish support for EU membership has dropped amid the European refugee crisis, with the majority of citizens saying the bloc is heading in the wrong direction, according to a new poll.

The survey, conducted by Swedish polling company TNS Sifo and commissioned by public broadcaster SVT, asked 1,142 people aged 18 to 79: “What do you think in general about Sweden being a member of the EU?”

It found that just 39 percent of Swedes believe that being in the EU is a positive thing, compared with 59 percent last autumn.

Around one-fifth of the respondents said that membership was a bad idea, while just over half said the EU was going in the wrong direction. A mere 8 percent said they believe things are improving.

Experts have linked the results to the ongoing refugee crisis faced by Sweden and other EU countries.”

— https://www.rt.com/news/340038-sweden-eu-refugees-poll/

The fact that the infamously bureaucratic, arrogant and incompetent EU(SSR) might not need even a nudge from the Kremlin or the Russian security services, as the late great USSR received from 'W the Intelligence Insider' and many others to destroy itself is the reality Atlanticists deny, deny, deny. As is the fact that the Syrian refugee influx began months before the Russian Air Force began bombing jihadist targets across the war-torn country.

Facts aren't relevant to the NATO/EU(SSR) talking point that 'Putin is weaponizing refugees to divide Europe' from America. Nor does the NATO/EU talking point take into consideration the fact that the majority of the immi-vaders coming into Europe since German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the floodgates with her catch phrase, "Wir schaffen das" (We can do this) aren't even Syrians, but a hodge podge of Libyans, Iraqis, Afghans, and Africans.

Even if one blames the Kremlin and the Iranians for not abandoning the Assad government to the Turkish, Saudi and Qatari supported jihadi jackals destroying Syria, the propaganda emanating from Brussels to Washington about weaponized refugees makes no sense, unless one wants to claim a god-like Putin forced the U.S. and NATO to engage in a failed occupation of Afghanistan and in the destruction of Libya!

Sweden as Another Keynesian Mad Scientists' Lab for NIRP Experimentation

Adding to these geo-strategic motivations for distracting Swedes from the burning issue of their time -- whether Sweden will continue to exist by mid-century as a nation first and foremost for Swedes -- is the economy.

Along with demographically stagnant and economically sclerotic Japan, Sweden is one of the few ultra-modern nations engaged in the Keynesian fiat currency death cult experiment of NIRP -- Negative Interest Rate Policy. Meaning that individuals pay the banks for the privilege of holding their hard earned money, and the State for the benefit of lending to it. That NIRP taken to its logical conclusion destroys the incentive to save and keep currency in banks is well understood by its desperate Keynesian death spiral promoters, whose final solution to the problem of human agency and thrift is to abolish cash and enslave people to the system. As Zerohedge reported on March 6:

“Consumers not spending? No problem. Just tax their excess account balance. Economy overheating? Again, no problem. Raise the interest paid on account holdings to encourage people to stop spending. So with Citi, Harvard, Denmark and Peter Bofinger, member of the German Council Of Economic Experts, all onboard, we’re surprised to hear that Sweden (already one of the leaders in the cashless society movement) is looking to phase out a series of new bank notes it just introduced last year and moved ever closer to the cashless utopia.

“Last year Sweden introduced a series of new banknotes replacing its old kronor notes. But figures suggest these too could be gone from circulation in half a decade if the development towards a cashless society continues,” The Local reports,” continuing that “cash transactions today represent no more than two percent of the value of all payments made in Sweden, [and that estimate] will drop to below 0.5 percent within the next five years.

Some welcome the trend - credit card providers, for instances - others have reservations. “It is happening at a furious rate. And it’s important to many older people to be able to use cash. I mean, today it is legal tender and you have to be able to use it until parliament decides otherwise,” Christina Tallberg, chairwoman of Swedish pensioners’ organization PRO, told Swedish Radio on Friday.

Well, until parliament or perhaps more appropriately, until The Riksbank and Stefan Ingves decides it. Because at -0.55, it’s a “how much lower can you go type scenario.”

Well, if you go kronor-less, that question ceases to make sense. The “problem” simply goes away.

“Sometimes you have to learn new things. It’s a little awkward for a transitional period, but I think it’s going to be so simple that you pretty soon realize that this is a lot easier and better than having cash,” said working environment ombudsman Krister Colde of the Commercial Employees’ Union (Handels).”

— http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-05/sweden-begins-5-year-countdown-until-it-eliminates-all-cash

Immi-destabilization as a Divide and Conquer Prelude to Engineered Economic Collapse

Team Rogue Money's friend Jim Willie has said that cocaine and hookers might be the only things that keep a cashless society from taking off, yet Sweden's thriving narcotics and sex  trades (particularly in predominantly migrant populated and Muslim gang controlled neighborhoods where the cops fear to patrol) seem quite prepared to function on plastic, or more likely, smartphone apps. Speaking of which, the number of allegedly destitute military age Syrian males with quite expensive Samsung or iPhone toys coming into Europe last year has been widely discussed among the peculiarities of this refugee influx. As has been the number of strapping grown Muslim men claiming to be 'minors' who might be pushing 25 or even 35, in no small part due to Sweden's bleeding heart policy of providing under age migrants with free housing, food/EBT card equivalents, and naturally, Swedish lessons. One of these adult males who claimed to be a minor, a 19-year-old Afghan by the name of Ali Bahmani, reportedly raped a mentally handicapped Swedish girl at a children's home.

The situation of Sweden as the #rapefugee capital of Europe has gotten so bad, even pro-Muslim Qatari government funded channel Al-Jazeera has had to cover the issue:

A TV crew from Australia, one of the few countries in the Western world to have adopted a more or less sane immigration policy, was attacked by Afro-Muslim migrants on the streets of Sweden recently:

As the Russian expression goes, the fish rots from the head -- meaning in the Biblical sense an entire nation and culture can be under God's judgement, but those in positions of power and authority, especially religious authority are always judged most harshly, because they are educated and supposed to shepherd the flock to safety rather than to the slaughter. While it is easy to blame the migrants themselves for fleeing war zones or those who aren't under threat in their homelands gaming the system, or alternatively, political correctness and self-hatred of their European identity by radical Swedish leftists' in government for the social crisis in Sweden, there are other hidden agendas lurking in the background.

"@Breaking911: Arabic overtakes Finnish as second language of Sweden - https://t.co/tBKHmTQl0Jpic.twitter.com/jLVygTuY5t" #kalergi

— bohemian918 (@bohemian918) April 9, 2016

Whose Agenda is at Work Anyway in the Destruction of Sweden as a European Nation?

One could be a long term plan to socially and economically destabilize Europe if not the whole of Eurasia and South America, in order to leave North America as the last reasonably stable portion of the planet standing. This is the notion of saving King Dollar and the British empire legacy Anglosphere by burning down the rest of the competition -- even if it requires murdering fat, naïve 68er Baby BoomerPrince Euro or skin and bones septuagenarian samurai salaryman Yen-san. Both figures, the ritualistic globalists can rationalize, are already on their last legs and begging to be euthanized anyway. This is what many suspect George Soros and his globalist cohorts are up to, in their not so covert support for the immi-destabilization of Europe and the final implosion of the post-early 1990s collapse Japanese system.

The notorious 1988 cover of The Economist, with the year 2018 and a gold coin around the neck of the New World Order phoenix rising from the ashes of a fiat currency bonfire

The 'screw over everybody -- geopolitical foes AND friends -- to save Uncle Sam and King Dollar' theory has a certain logic to it and plenty of evidence to support it. Consider for example the Panama Papers leaks, which initially were directed at Russia (despite the absence of Vladimir Putin's name in the documents) and China in the Anglo-American press before being turned on U.S. allies like the Prime Minister of Great Britain  David Cameron or the puppet President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko.

When Wikileaks rightly raised the issue of the absence of any prominent American names on the Mossack Fonseca client list published by the UK Guardian and other newspapers, Zerohedge correctly pointed out that one motivation for the leak could have been to drive offshore assets back into what Washington hopes will be the world's largest offshoring center -- the United States, or more specifically, the Rothschild banks being set up along the Sin City strip in Nevada, as well as Wyoming and (Vice President Joe 'my son works for Burisma Holdings' Biden's tax shelter known as a state called) Delaware.

In this zero sum, dog eat dog game, both Panama and the City of London which historically told Wall Street what to do are competitors for the trillions illicitly squirreled away by corrupt Chinese Communist party hacks, Mexican drug lords, and ex-Soviet country oligarchs. Yet if punishing anyone who stores large sums of wealth outside the fiat dollar and propping up the American controlled-banking systems is the sole motive, it seems flooding some of Europe's richest countries with immi-vaders may be overkill. Mere financial and political destabilization of the type George Soros unleashed on Great Britain when the infamous globalist speculator became 'the man who broke the (incompetent) Bank of England' and attacked the currencies of Malaysia and Thailand during the 1990s might prove suffice for the purposes of driving the world's liquidity to the good ole' US of A.

Sweden already had a housing bubble back in the late 1980s and early 1990s that popped, as did Japan's vast property bubble, driving carry trades if not wealth from those countries to the then 'Clintonomics miracle/dot com boom' in the USA. And that was occurring at a time when the Swedes were mostly taking in Bosniak Muslims and other migrants from the imploded former Communist bloc nations, and not nearly in the numbers of today's influx of semi-literate, angry youths from the Third World (ironically, one of the young men making an angry video about how insane Sweden's political correctness and Third World/Islamophilia has become is the son of Nineties era Bosnian migrants who assimilated into Swedish society).

In other words, the Russia Analyst is not convinced that merely pouring gasoline on the rest of the planet's previously stable economies in order to leave the rotting House of the Rising Dollar Sun standing after a fiat conflagration is all that's going on here. Nor do we find the Alternative Right's explanation, as presented on Sweden's Red Ice Radio and other Internet talk show formats, that there is a century-old plan initiated by the early 20th century globalist Count Coudenhove-Kalergi to abolish the white race of European nations (including Slavic Russians) in favor of some reborn, Osiris-worshipping ancient Egyptian hybrid race convincing. Whether the famous half-Japanese Hapsburg Count was a model for Ian Fleming's half-Chinese, half-German villian Dr. No in the eponymous James Bond novel and film is an interesting question, one perhaps Ian Fleming expert Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.com can answer

What Gladio? Swedish Neo-Nazis Fight in Donbass, Jihadis Fight Against Assad in Syria

What we are certain of is that the globalist practice of using Deep State links to radical Islamists and Gladio pools of illicit cash and operatives for black ops did not die out with the end of the first Cold War in 1989, but remains an integral part of Cold War 2.0. One of the pieces of evidence for the theory of a 'Deep State' operating in Sweden that serves Washington and London globalists, not the Swedish people, is the presence of mercenaries from the Scandinavian country in Kiev's neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

Apparently individuals like the former Swedish Army sniper Mikael Skillt believed the best way to 'defend the white race' and protect their homeland from Russian aggression was to kill teenagers, coal miners and truck drivers in the Donbass. Meanwhile, back in Skillt's heimat, #rapefugees admitted by the very pro-NATO Swedish politicians that Skillt as a nationalist claims to despise are letting migrant criminals run wild.

However, Skillt slipped up and revealed some of his puppeteers strings. Last autumn, he unwisely bragged about withdrawing thousands of euros from his Ukrainian bank account on his public Twitter feed. This was a 'tell', that this former unemployed construction worker and activist in Sweden's neo-Nazi scene had access to cash that he couldn't have earned legitimately back home or from the Azov Battalion's $120 a month equivalent in Ukrainian hyrvnia salaries. The strange death of another Swede in Azov, a friend of Skillt's, officially in a car crash in the Azov Battalion-occupied Donbass port city of Mariupol, may have been a cover for the killing of Skillt's friend by the pro-Novorossiya/Russian underground in the city.

The Russia Analyst does not know this for a fact, but we strongly suspect any Swedish investigative journalist who would be able to get a copy of Skillt's tax returns for the last several years would discover unexplained payments from murky organizations while Skillt was agitating for the destruction of mosques and 'working construction' as recently as 2011.  We also hope some brave Swedish journalists will be able to dig into slush funds linked to the Swedish Ministry of Defense and arms manufacturers supportive of NATO membership for the country.

If the 1930s Globalist Dialectic was Commies vs. Nazis...

the 2020s One Will Be Neo-Nazis vs. Euro-Islamists

At the end of the day, the Swedish delegation among the Ukro-Nazi paramilitaries of Azov and other 'volunteer battalions' participating in the Ukraine conflict was quite small, far smaller than the number of mercenaries and 'volunteers' hailing from neo-Nazi or ultra-nationalist organizations in Georgia, Croatia, and other countries where CIA and MI6 influence is strong.

The real smoking guns in terms of the existence of a NATO-Gulf Cooperation Council underground within Sweden are two recently publicized stories:

1) The report by newspaper Expressen of the government offering generous welfare benefits to Swedish asylum-granted or native convert to Islam fighters with the Islamic State in Syria

“When the Islamic State terrorists are ready to retire from beheading, crucifying and burning innocent human beings, they will now enjoy a nice benefits package in Stockholm, Sweden, that includes free housing, health care and financial support.

In fact, Sweden’s own soldiers don’t even get the same benefits.

And some officials are suggesting the law-abiding population pay for the services so ISIS fighters can reintegrate into society.

A program to help ISIS fighters rejoin society is already in place in Sweden’s Örebro Municipality, where jihadists can obtain “psychological help to overcome traumatic experiences they may have suffered while fighting in Iraq and Syria,” according to Business Insider Australia.

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The Swedish newspaper Expressen reported that councilor Rasmus Persson advocates offering terrorists jobs so they don’t feel alienated. Stockholm has released a document outlining its “strategy against violent extremism.”

Persson told the news program Tvärsnytt, “We have discussed how we should work for these guys who have come back, and to prevent them from returning to the fighting, and that they should be helped to process the traumatic experiences they have been through.””

— http://www.wnd.com/2015/05/swedens-welfare-bonanza-for-returning-isis-jihadists/#1GFSmHw0VUTi8HIu.99

As Team RogueMoney's friend John B. Wells of the Caravan to Midnight program might say, why bother going through the trouble of using Saudi or Turkish cutouts to fund ISIS=USUS if you can just do it openly through the Swedish, German or French welfare states instead? Especially if Daesh members can, like welfare recipients in the U.S., barter their food benefits on the street into cash and use the currency to go wage jihad back in Syria or Iraq? We'd all like to think that the financing for the Paris or Brussels terror attacks came through elaborate, Jason Bourne movie-esque cutouts and offshore accounts, when the more mundane and depressing truth is that the European taxpayers are made to finance their killers.

2) The scandal widely ignored outside of Sweden over the Minister of Housing and Information Technology Mehmet Kaplan resigning after his caught on camera, personal meetings with the Turkish pan-Turanian terrorist organization the Grey Wolves were revealed.

This is of course, a huge deal in little Sweden, but outside of the country the Anglo-American press has basically ignored the story. If RT, Southfront, Breitbart London and Israel's Haaretz hadn't covered it, the Russia Analyst probably would've missed the story, and it would've stayed buried in the back pages of The New York Times

“Sweden’s Housing Minister Mehmet Kaplan has resigned following comments comparing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to what happened to Jews in Nazi Germany, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said on Monday.

Kaplan, a 44-year-old Green Party member and former spokesman of Sweden’s Muslim Council, said Monday he has done nothing wrong but was resigning because the criticism against him was interfering with his ability to perform his job.

The comments that daily Svenska Dagbladet first reported last week were made in 2009, before Kaplan entered the newly formed center-left government to represent the minor coalition partner the Green Party in 2014.

In 2010, Kaplan participated in the Turkish-flagged humanitarian aid flotilla to the Gaza Strip. When he attempted to land in Israel a few months later, he was denied entry to the country over the incident. 

Kaplan, who was born in Turkey, has also been criticized for appearing on pictures from a dinner attended by representatives from an ultra-nationalist Turkish organization.”

— http://www.haaretz.com/world-news/europe/1.715020

It is not Kaplan's quite common among European Islamists sentiment that Israel's treatment of the Palestinians being comparable to how the Nazis treated the Jews that is my subject today, but his ties to the Grey Wolves.

Over at Southfront, translator and contributor J. Hawk has raised many troubling questions. Such as: did Kaplan use his position in Sweden's Housing Ministry to knowingly, as opposed to unwittingly providing taxpayer-subsidized housing for ISIS or Al-Nusra terrorists fresh back from Syria? Were Kaplan's superiors, non-Muslim native Swedes, aware of his history of comparing Swedish Arab fighters going to Syria to the Swedes who fought alongside the Third Reich-allied Finns against the Soviets in the 1939 Winter War? Or his friendships with radical Turkish nationalists, one of whom recently declared to a Turkish immigrant crowd in the country that it was time for Turks to slaughter "those Armenian dogs" over the renewed fighting and Azerbaijan army losses in Ngorno-Karabkh?

Was Kaplan more than just a Turkish-born naturalized Swede in government with radical views? Was a he a conduit or point of contact between the pro-NATO Gladio network operating inside Sweden's Deep State, and the notorious, Grey Wolves, ISIS and Al-Nusra-sponsoring original Deep State of Turkey? And how 'Turkish' of a name is Kaplan anyway?

“Several media outlets reported the resignation by Sweden’s Minister of Housing and Information Technology Mehmet Kaplan (pictured above), a member of Sweden’s Green Party (!) which is currently part of the ruling coalition with the Social Democrats. The resignation was requested by Sweden’s Prime Minister after Kaplan was reported to have lunch last year with members and senior leaders of Turkey’s Grey Wolves organization, such as Barbaros Leylani and Ilhan Senturk. Moreover, Leylani was recently seen exhorting Turks in downtown Stockholm to “wake up” and “slaughter those Armenian dogs.”

According to Dagens Nyheter newspaper, Leylani also said “Let us show Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe what Turkey stands for. We do not like blood, but we can let the blood flow when it is needed.”

This is not the first such incident involving Kaplan. In 2014 Kaplan caused a minor controversy when he compared Swedish jihadists fighting in Syria to the Swedish volunteers who fought in Finland during World War II on the side of the Axis. Not that the comparison is inaccurate: in both cases, we are dealing with radical extremists whose existence is tolerated as long as they vent their rage against Russia. Though it is is comment comparing Israeli treatment of Palestinians to the German treatment of the Jews that was decisive in having him fired.

It would appear that Kaplan’s main transgression is actually his lack of discretion. As far as politically correct Sweden is concerned, it is perfectly fine to dispatch jihadis to Syria, it is just not acceptable to discuss these facts in public or, worse criticize Israel. In his capacity as the Minister of Public Housing, Kaplan’s responsibilities included public housing projects which, as in many other European countries, feature heavy concentrations of radicalized Muslim youths.

It is highly likely that Kaplan was not merely engaging in glorifying jihad but was in fact a recruiter for jihadists groups in Syria–his meetings with Grey Wolves were probably not mere socializing.

From the Swedish perspective, the export of jihadis to Syria serves two purposes: it rids the countries of very real troublemakers and potential terrorists, and furthers the interests of NATO, which is consistent with Sweden’s long tradition of feigned neutrality, including in World War 2.

Kaplan’s forced resignation also allows the government to move on without having to open an investigation into these recruitment activities which are probably continuing under the new, less conspicuous and scandal-prone, leadership.”

— https://southfront.org/sweden-govt-minister-with-jihadi-ties-quits/

One may shake one's head at the thought of descendants of the Viking warrior descended Swedes or the once famously war-like Germans meekly accepting the Islamist dictates of a punk like Erdoğan whose entire weakening, Russian-trade deprived economy represents a fraction of Europe's collective wealth, and who remains too cowardly despite his neo-Ottoman bluster to overtly engage the Syrians, Iranians and Russians in battle mano y mano. Instead, the Turkish military and intelligence service the MIT continues to send ex-Army and Grey Wolves 'Turkomen' into Syria to fight the Russian-backed Syrian Arab Army, Hezbollah and their Iranian allies, heedless to the blowback for the engineered destabilization of Turkey when the PKK Kurds get their hands on Russian and Iranian anti-tank weaponry.

The real questions we ought to be asking is: who else is standing behind the curtain pushing Mutti Merkel and the suicidally PC Swedes into submission to these Muslim potentates, such that the demographic transformation of Europe approaches a critical point? And when will the Swedes and other Europeans finally wake up to the fact that their governments aren't their government at all, but work and govern on behalf of globalists?