Last Week’s Micro vs. Macro Events, Forecast Dark Skies Ahead

The high level news events from last week are truly “mind boggling”…!  Multiple meetings between key fascist pawns, or mouthpieces, followed by one of the most blatant, “cover your arse” maneuvers I ever saw.  Me thinks something is afoot.  The surface explanations are telling, and down right negative for the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be).  Boy that hurts my feelings, but it is the body language, frequency, and pre-positioning that has the Wolf’s sense of smell in an uproar.  It’s just business, being viewed from outside the box in the observation tower.

The Wolf’s sense of smell says, we could now be viewing something that could be compared to the end of a sporting season.  When the actual time lapses between macro & micro events is extremely compressed.  In fact, in a prior installment, I felt it was something that had gone in reverse in some business scenarios, with the micro leading the macro, especially where public traded company’s quarterly reports were concerned.  The comparisons are now even more striking, and much more telling than they were when I detailed the business aspects of these signals several months ago.  

Throughout this installment the terms "Micro" & "Macro" will be referred to with a generic meaning of small & big.  Economically, in a sporting venue, and in a social venue with respect to the guys in charge "big", and the guys being ordered around "small".  The latter seems to be signaling a reversal, based on last week's PPPTB scrambling.  With the fear of "We the People" becoming the "Macro or the Big", more detailed analysis later......

I am firmly convinced the pitch fork & torch crowd, the micro gang, is clearly having an impact on the macro’s decisions.  Heck they may be headed to their proper position “macro status”.  Thus it might be the motivation behind, unusual time compressed multiple meetings.  Meetings with the rats, scurrying to get in front of the mathematically certain, news train wreck.  But first a foray into '' methodology (a bit of a repeat), and then a review of the news ‘tea leaves’……RM methodology is sometimes necessary for reader reassurance..

Team Roguemoney Aside:

Close your eyes, and think outside the box.  People like to think they are in control.  News flash, they ain’t.  With one of your most valuable senses now on shut down, just who would you like to appoint as your wise advisor? The man or woman with “the plan”, on business & world affairs.  A person qualified to help you through trying times.  Might it be someone who was a recognized leader during a time of trouble, possible someone who had already led your team to an extremely important victory?  Someone who wasn’t just the tip of the spear, but someone who threw the damn thing into the heart of the enemy? Someone whose skill set, is stitched together with a measure of courage, that would not be questioned?

Here at ‘’ we are focused on business & economics, so in this case let’s also make it someone with the experience of defeating one of the most dangerous of our “former” economic & business rivals.  Good fortune persists.   Let me re-introduce you to “W”.  By crackee, that’s who I would want on my team.  

That is & was his resume folks, the person that spearheaded the take down of the Russian ruble, and put the finishing touches on what many called WWIII, the cold war.  If you didn’t catch it, he was at the start of last week’s installment, and in the close as well, with a cloaked tribute.  The fall of the Berlin wall.  If your “eye closing” think time is truly in need of an informed rational decision, then it should include someone with the resume I just described.  “W’s”.

When this guy sends emails to the team @ RM, I don’t know about the rest of the team, but the Wolf Gray immediately puts on a muzzle and crash helmet, because the brain strain is about to commence.  Just think about who you would want on your advisory team.  The likes of W, a '' consultant,  should be on your short list.  Additionally, I will once again go over my “on-line” advisory board below (mentioned several months ago).  An additional review with their help will also stitch together the natural macro of upper management, and the micro of the hired help.  A reversal may be in the works, the rats are running scared, folks.  They are running scared.  Why?  More later.

A revisit for those that haven’t heard this:  When “The Economic SilverBack”, and I met over two years ago, it was the recognition of his own skill set, and his contacts (like W) & their extensive resumes, that told me, this was potentially BIG.  It was time to open my eyes a little wider, and if I were you, I would do the same.  We both agreed, as long as he flew with the truth I would remain his wingman, and fire hard with a purpose.  Pay attention, think outside the box, rationally digest the information here, and use your common sense.  You will “get it”….!  It ain’t that hard, after all something brought you here, if you haven’t "got it" already, I have faith you will…!

Per The Economic SilverBack….”Know the Game, Know the Truth!”  It's that simple...!


On a personal news note, and from a Wolf Pack field report, it now appears one of the first of the year predictions by the Wolf is taking visible form.  Not the auto industry prediction I keep harping on, that one is well in the bag, it is the high end ‘leisure & hospitality’ businesses starting to “roll over”.  This was & is one of my final warning signs, and business predictions, encompassing “the paper time is up”.   These "high-enders" are the unwitting beneficiaries of unsterilized money printing, these are the “wanna-be’s” as I call them.  The last to become, financially weak.  For money is a whore it will go where the trick is, AS LONG AS IT PAYS!!!!

At the first of the year I predicted one of the last signs of the King Dollar roll over, meaning it is somewhat D.O.A., would be the high end markets would start suffering.   It wasn’t that hard to predict with horrible retail numbers coming from the likes of “Neiman Marcus” late last year.  A very high level & connected Wolf Pack member in the high end ‘leisure & hospitality’ business told me last week, that yacht charters out of the Mediterranean were, to date, extremely poor.  Somalis (refugees) roaming the beaches as sales agents probably didn’t help.  I didn’t have the heart to tell this person that the market would be slow here as well, as it was Wolf Grayette, but it will be so. 

Additionally, it appears the mergers in this space are also picking up.  Regardless of what the CN’BS’ bobbleheads, and the Fox News Business PPPTB lackies say, merger activity is not a guaranteed sign of strength.  I would maintain it is more likely a broader sign of weakness, and in this case, that would be a spot on description.  I will be keeping an eye on this one folks.  But, I can pretty well see it’s outcome.  Next up the news from last week….

In the category titled, “the western business press hasn’t a frickin’ clue what the hell is going on”, “Newsweek” appears to have won a landslide victory.  Check this out……

Here is an excerpt from my on-line conversation with “The Economic SilverBack” regarding the above business challenged link (with minor corrections for my lack of grammar skills).

Wolf Gray:

"This has to be the damnedest piece of shit article I have seen in quite a while.  I had an idea of what I was going to hit on next week for RM, but this has my mind in total confusion.  Truthfully it is more in someone else wheelhouse, but this is a farce....!"

A Newsweek excerpt:

Suddenly, ASEAN nations are being pressed to choose—in ways that threaten the cohesion of the bloc itself. At a commercial level, ASEAN nations confront two rival—albeit overlapping—schemes for trade liberalization: the U.S.-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and the Chinese-favored Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP).

The TPP, which has attracted 12 countries (Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, the United States and ASEAN members Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam), is conceived as a high-standard deal that will address difficult, behind-the-border trade barriers, including regulations related to intellectual property rights and environmental and labor protections.

RCEP, by contrast, is a lower-ambition arrangement being negotiated by 16 countries, including all 10 members of ASEAN plus China, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea

Me: "A high standard deal!!!!!!!  And, RCEP is a lower ambition arrangement!!!!!!!  REALLY!  And additionally this gem from this article, though it is loaded with propaganda filled with neck deep shit, and I do mean shit, this line is also "rich"."

Newsweek: China’s bullying actions in Southeast Asia place these grand plans in jeopardy.


V The Guerrilla Economist:

"LOL again morons who have no idea what is transpiring in the Far East. RECEP is a massive trade zone rivaling that of the Eurasian Trade Zone. It will be fully integrated into the New Silk Belt/Road initiative as well as the New Suez Trade Zone.  A lame article written by a Atlantisist ball washer who just can't accept that the game is up."

Wolf Gray:

"You are giving him too much credit partner, I doubt he even knows the game is up.  Hell he probably doesn't even know where the game is being played."

V The Guerrilla Economist:

"True story,  the man has no clue where the game is even being played."

End of the email trail……Folks, read your western economic media sources with a skeptical eye, and then some!  To heck with that, it is time for a .....

Impromptu Wolf Gray msm Economic Rant:

Ever wonder why those in the west don't understand "sound money", "capital accumulation" (take in more than you send out & save a little), and honest product development & services?  We'll here you go.  The above Newsweek article is not much different than the absurd positive western slants from other media sources, where you will very likely glean similar "bs" information.  Sources like the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, or Barron's or any other western "high IQ" business publication.  

Anybody, who is serious about a review of the "TPP" (Trans-Pacific Partnership) understands it is the "Model Plan Document for Fascism", with a twist.  The twist is, the corporations can actually screw the governments (truthfully in effect "we the people", not the government itself) on the back-end, if they don't get rulings in their professional favor with respect to their own business productivity, as it is translated to their balance sheets.  Note I use the word "productivity" while gritting my teeth in that last sentence, becasue they don't understand what true "productivity" is!  Based on sources I trust, the TTP provides ways, for the business entity to sue, and get this, if their products aren't being used to an extent that would allow for their financial survival.  Hey, nothing like fair & honest competition is there?  It is like a contractual agreement that you can be 'bailed-in" whenever you feel it is necessary. 

For those that didn't understand that last line, "It is a Contractual Right to Succeed or Win, no Losers Allowed!"  As long as you are a member of the TTP's "TFCC", "The Fascists Criminal Club" (had to throw a T in there to avoid the FCC's ire), you're "in like Flynn".  Ain't no losers in this club folks, and there never will be!  Open honest business, ain't it wonderful?!!!!!

And, to think I used to have a Newsweek subscription, but upon further review, it might pay to re-up with them.  After all it is good to know what the insane are up to, when it could affect you & your family's bottom line.  End of Rant.....

This next one will make you feel all warm & fuzzy inside……. this stuff is unbelievable

The BLS is at it again….check this out.......

Regarding the above I can hear it now from “The SixPack household”:

"Honey what time are you going to work today?"

“Sweetie, I got a shift at 'XYZ Fast Foods' from 8-4, and then a shift at Wallyworld from 4:30 to 12:30, what about you?"

"I'll be dancing at the 'Bada Bing' from 5 pm to 2 am!"

BLS Info persons listening in:  “Hmm, well that's 3 jobs from that SixPack household, that we can add to the other double counted jobs on one person.”

Conclusion:  I got an idea, the Sixpack's need to give the Wolf Gray a call, and I can tell them things are looking up (tongue in cheek).  Remember thanks to the magical munchkin, Janet “yes I have a great Beatles hair-do” Yellen & the mighty Zero, the DC cronies are now officially looking out for the little guys.  It is only a matter of tic-tocs before we are all on "easy street", once again.  This is part of the smoke signals given from a meeting, that suggests a major micro movement may be threatening the macro boys.  All to be discussed in a minute, hold on!  Next….

Next up.  Would I beat a dead horse?  In the interest of the truth, YES!  Forget the horse, I would kick a dumb arsed mule if necessary, the truth needs to be extracted.  And in the interest of truth verification, the following news release needs to be mentioned, no brag, just fact…

Clearly it appears “Economic Mother Nature” is continuing to hand out “stupidity” sentencing's in her courtroom.  

This next one is a great article by Michael Snyder, and it touches on a subject that readers of ‘’ are very very aware of…..

The readers @ Rogue Money know why!  “Know the Game Know the Truth”  That’s why…!  Next up….

Is it Newsweeks turn at bat, in the game of moronic propaganda?  Check this out…..

Nothing suspicious about that news headliner, hmm seems I remember this one as well…

That is not from 1913, instead it was 2013!  You be the judge, with respect to propaganda.  Might as well be, fair & balanced heh..?

Hard Asset Intermission:

It is up to you to arm yourself, by educating yourself, which feeds into the ‘’ catch phrase coined by “The Guerrilla”, “Know the Game, Know the Truth”.  As I said before that one is awesome, because it is interchangeable, “Know the Truth, Know the Game”.  In it’s purest form, it works both ways.  One of the advantages of the internet, is it allows you to assemble a top grade team of professors, profs. to provide an assist with your own personalized DHAP (Diversified Hard Asset Portfolio), the tools in the shed of “Know the Game, Know the Truth”.  A ‘go-by’ sample with a 32 item list by yours truly, is provided in the archives.   Moving on to my honorary on-line team of professors….

From the January 25th installment, “Know the Opponent, they Know you..!”

The excerpt below is the exact way I printed it, but I probably should have put Bill Holter directly on that list as well.  These are my ‘go to’ guys.  I digest what they say, and use some, not all of it, nobody is perfect.  Additionally be careful in your search, as the information carpet baggers are a-plenty, and they have the ability to rope you in with solid truth slogans, and then spend far too much time on fear porn, lies, and globalist promotions.  Newsweek is an example of something to normally avoid, but bear in mind they are still a useful tool in reading the fascist, disinformation 'tea leafs'.

But WG, "You seem to promote fear porn as well!"  Wrong I promote mathematical economic realities confirmed via on the ground intel. from the Wolf Pack.  Then I attempt to send directional notes on, "Surviving & then Thriving" on the pages of '' ......................moving on to my geopolitical/business/economic advisory board, excerpt from 01/25/16....

My corporate advisory team consists of the likes of Wolf Gray Senior & grandpa Wolf Gray (common sense solutions team), James the Russian Analyst (eastern geopolitics), “The Economic SilverBack” &/or Jim Willie (the overall geopolitical economic trail w/“W” in the background), Rob Kirby (debt & paper corruption trails), James Wesley Rawls (survival techniques), Ken Schortgen Jr. & John Hussman (economic minutia), and last but far from least the WolfPack, which now includes “You” the RM commenters (on the ground business sources).  This is some, not all, of my elite staff, and they report to me regularly.  All I have to do is punch a few keys, WOW….!

I highly recommend their expertise, adjust & use as you see fit.  Back to the news…..

Next up a valued member of the Wolf Gray “keystroke advisory team”, Rob Kirby, and he is on fire once again, and sounding very dire with respect to the near term..….

Any Eyes that were closed at the beginning of this installment……..well it is...

Time to Open those Eyes, WIDE:

Time to interrupt the unnatural marriage or merging of the macro events with the micro events.  The interruption is the choice of one bad ass lady, “Economic Mother Nature”.   The Wolf smells the “pitch fork & torch” folks are starting to scare, and at the very least, they are starting to influence the major players.  She is residing over an event where the specter of an angry “pitch fork & torch” crowd seem to be getting restless.  And, the event keeps drawing more people each day.  News events for proof in a second.

Earlier I referenced the sporting world for an example of the macro & the micro events merging, guess what it happens every year, and on every sporting team.  From ‘junior peewee football to the super bowl champs, it happens.  The macro, in this case the team’s upper management & coaching staffs, work on the direction of the team, prior to the team even reporting for training camp.  Yes indeed that is macro.  

The micro, the players, gradually get up to speed throughout the seasons, and with proper team leaders (say like QB’s) can almost read the macro department’s minds.  By the year’s end, the time it takes to get on the same page, from the macro to the micro, are nearly imperceptible.  Yes indeed the lag time from the top to the bottom as the season progresses becomes nearly impossible to distinguish. It can be a very well oiled machine.  And, if done in an honest pursuit, with great team leaders, guess what, you win!  

We ain’t winning.  Why?  Simple answer poor management, poor team leaders, but let’s get more direct…..

The complete list of why's, is too long (reference prior installments in the archives), but for now we are concerned with another of Mr. Why’s relatives, “Why now”?  The rapid fire timing of multiple current news events (last week) taking place in the macro environment is absolutely amazing, laughable, or down right scary!”  The ESF’s (exchange stabilization fund) neutered lap dog “The Federal Reserve” represented by the magical munchkin Janet Yellen, had several meetings last week with the “constitutionally impaired one,” the mighty Zero.  Before jumping into this, let’s briefly revisit the Wolf Gray’s prior example of how the business world has recently seen the micro precede the macro.  An upside down affair.  An affair of failure. whether in the sporting world or the business world, the lines are transparent.  For a shameful real life example…….

It's now an honored, and happy equity market moment, when corporate layoffs are announced in anticipation of weak quarterly earnings news.  CN’BS’ bobbleheads go into orgasmic mode, and the stock will run up.  In more honest times (over a couple decades ago, pre Glass Seagall repeal) I would hear these layoff announcements during the earnings conference call, and not before, which would “THEN” be followed with listener guesswork like, “hmm, wonder what is troubling XYZ Corp?”  The macro events that cause the macro management teams, to reluctantly deal bad news to the micro world, of the coming “layoffs” with some measure of honor, is dead.  Dead and buried….!  In a sporting comparison, we probably would witness a disorganized upper management, the macro boys, commence to stir up the micro boys, the players, just before season’s end.  A lock to be a true failure in progress, typically carried through to the season’s end.  In the grand scheme of things, also a very short event.

When the frequency of events between the macro & micro world’s become out of sync, and or inverted, with zero lag times, you are in the very last moments of a failed season, and the pain is being dispensed, and or going to be dispensed immediately (already happening depending on where you live in the USA).  The end is near folks, it is ongoing, and it has been since 2008.  And you have been warned.  Warned once again!   Wolf Gray

I stated my predicted time-line for failure (definition to follow) on the Guerrilla Radio Show in the spring of 2015.  Failure that is defined by a majority of the sheeple waking up, and saying, “uh-oh we’re screwed!”  It happens before the spring of 2017, and my bet is the majority will wake up before then, while the biggest “failure patsy” in world history is still in office.  He is the perfect scape goat.

Back to the prior week’s events, and the undeniable signs of macro failure……..The heat truly seems to be on!

The magical munchkin with the cool "Beatle's hair cut" is coming to our aid. Oh boy!  We now know the gist of the meetings between her & Zero, and it's now official, “we are saved.!”  The Fed, a bankrupt puppet operation of the ESF a.k.a., the Treasury, is going to concentrate on saving the common working class Sixpack's.  Boy, that should fix all the past misdeeds, of a half century of real business debasement.  Praise the lord, we can breathe easy now.  I bet they had a real deep conversation on how to correct the mistakes of the bubble blowing machine, created by the repeal of Glass Steagall (1999).   Yielding the merging of the evil triple headed paper hydra “Brokerage, Banking, & Insurance”.  Yeah right!  I suspect something else, but hold on…..

I can hear it now, with a communique between the control towers from the "City of London" & the ESF (Exchange Stabilization Fund....see prior installment if you don't understand the importance):

"Yes our puppet arrived at 14:30 hours"

"Copy that, ours should be there in approximately 5 minutes!"

"Copy, ours has no written instructions.  Just the ingrained moronic tripe we discussed."

"The cat is still in the bag with our stool pigeon, as well.  Tell me, have the proper press outlets been pre-informed on the phony content?”

“They key personnel are sitting with me right now."

"We both need to make sure the right amount of moronic guess work is also applied by CN'BS' & Fox Business.  Giving it that fair & balanced look!  Oh well, got to go 'Gilligan's Island' is coming on."

"Let’s hope the “pitch forks & torch” crowd is happy with this.  It is heating up out there dude, especially with this anti-establishment guy running his mouth.  Say hello to Ginger & Mary Ann, for me.”

“Copy that, but wow Ginger looks hot as usual dude, gotta go!”

Folks, they will soon want anything that isn’t nailed down or defended.  Witness The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  Must I remind you, it was bankster drafted, and gives them the right to your funds, as you are now officially, an unsecured creditor to the banks.  What's that I hear from the halls of the bankster brain-trusts?  Gimme dat ding……

I think I saw some past high level FED meetings in that clip, especially at the 1:18 mark.  Sorry folks ya have to laugh at this crap sometime, otherwise it will drive ya crazy.

Names withheld to protect the GUILTY…….Next up, more from the evidentiary news trail from last week…

Come on man???  After high speed, no lag times, multiple emergency meetings in one week's time, we get this?!!!!!  This could have been done in 2008, so WHY NOW?  Appears to me the rats are consuming each other by covering their arses, with a ‘pr’ paper trail for reference in their defense in a future courtroom.  Folks, take it from the Wolf, hell I bet you already see it, “The heat is on!”  The surface meanings of the items described in the above article are significant, but not nearly as significant as the reasons behind the release of the news.  The surface items existed in 2008. So “Why Now?” I hear a past Wolf Gray musical message by David Bowie & Queen, someone is “Under Pressure”.  

The judge “Economic Mother Nature” (EMN) is breathing fire, the case of the macro abuses of the micro world is about to be heard, and the masses are piling into courtroom for good seats.  The macro & the micro worlds appear to be merging, and the residing judge Economic Mother Nature is having none of it, for it is a crime, not a marriage or merger.  The arguments will be framed as such!  Wolf Gray

The Wolf Gray rejects the notion that these constitutionally impaired, self indulgent, gutless pieces of shit are pointing out banking weaknesses, due to a case of real honest business evaluation. All in the name of protection for the SixPacks out there, NO WAY.  The heat is on from the top down, but that is due to heat being observed from the bottom up. You read that right.  The Wolf smells fear, the rats are covering their arses, cya in full bloom.  The only news in that last article, is the news they ain’t reporting on.  FEAR!  The fear of heat, but this time from the bottom up.  One of the key indicators: the anti-establishment guy movement is stirring up a ruckus.  Again, I ain’t entirely on board with this guy, YET..!  But it is getting damned interesting.

It would appear they are starting to hand out the fascist macro pre-announced quarterly reports, and or 10K’s, handed out to those who may suffer the wrath of the “pitch fork & torch” crowd.  Witness their multiple meetings, with the accompanied throwing of their own under the busses, to receive the potential future wrath, and protect them from the same.  Every word in that article means nothing to the Wolf, it’s old news, the sequencing & it's actual announcing means everything.  Multiple meetings between fascist figureheads, followed by appearing to throw their own to the feet of one bad ass judge, Mrs. Economic Mother Nature. What’s on the menu?  FEAR!

Stay vigilant, once again you have been warned, and not just by me, but by the on the ground signs of the ’scat’ from a bunch of scared rats.  It appears someone is about to be “Thunderstruck”…I will let Angus & the boys from “down under,” do the talking…If the paper lies are not sold & presented well, the crowd in this video will be tame by comparisons to the “pitch fork & torch crowd……..very tame!  The Wolf smells “FEAR” that is the reason for last week’s multiple skunk meetings

Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder
I was caught
In the middle of a railroad track
I looked round
And I knew there was no turning back
My mind raced
And I thought what could I do
And I knew
There was no help, no help from you
Sound of the drums
Beating in my heart
The thunder of guns
Tore me apart
You've been
Thunderstruck    AC/DC

Might as well gear down a bit with a musical message.  A message that is difficult to argue with, kind of like “Know the Game, Know the Truth,” at least in a pure sense, titled “No Freedom”…….

No love without freedom
No love without freedom
No love without freedom
No freedom without love    Dido

God Bless & Be well..!  Thrive & Survive..!  You have been warned once again..!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, W, Team RM, V, The Wolf Pack, Michael Snyder, Greg Hunter, Rob Kirby, ZeroHedge, Newsweek, New York Post, The Pipkins & AC/DC & Dido