Lügenkriegsakademie: The Donald and Corey Lewandowski 1, United States Naval War on Trump College Prof. Tom Nichols and 'Tweeps' 0

"The Russians aren’t going to do a damned thing. The Russians not only will not go to war over Assad, they can’t." - Tom Nichols, United States Naval War College Professor, "The realities of the coming Syria war", August 28, 2013. We would like to see every single academic invited to debate Nichols on the BBC or any other forum henceforth bringing up this quote immediately to remind the audience of Prof. Nichols' track record on Mideast and Russian affairs. - JWS

(Tom Nichols photo taken from Choices.edu, reproduced here without alteration for purposes of comment or criticism under Fair Use provisions of U.S. copyright law)

Rogue Money interview with former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone, 03/28/2016

WARNING: The following post contains brutal sarcasm, psychological nudity, strong language, and the roasting of notorious Twitter blowhards with a 1,000 degree fact-fueled flamethrower. Reader discretion is advised.

Your Tax Dollars at 'Work':

Tom Nichols Knows What's Work, He Likes to Tweet #NeverTrump All Day

TomNichols is a professor at the United States Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, a five time Jeapardy! champion, and an enthusiastic fiftysomething Fallout first person shooter gamer. He's also one of the leading critics on social media, at least among those on the U.S. Department of Defense payroll, of Donald J. Trump and the billionaire real estate mogul's campaign for President of the United States.

Just like other Americans, Department of Defense personnel have the right to vote and to express their opinions -- so long as they're not doing it in uniform or on the government's time. However, Nichols tweets obsessively enough to make one wonder if he's not doing it from his U.S.-taxpayer funded computer and offices at the USNWC campus in Newport. When looking at the stream of insults and abuse Nichols spews almost daily at millions of Trump supporting taxpayers who pay his DoD salary -- including Nichols' enthusiastic endorsement of National Review cuckservative fanatic Kevin D. Williamson's 'arguments' that white working class American communities 'deserve to die' -- an observer could be forgiven for wondering when Nichols finds the time to actually teach. Or how the thin-skinned Tom Nichols handles tough questions from his military students in a real live classroom where unlike Twitter, there's no instant 'block' button to avoid #crimethink and criticism of his ideas.

Share a few thoughts with @RadioFreeTom, and he'll Block you.@20committee@Ricky_Vaughn99@instapunditpic.twitter.com/NPeTPa2wZ0

— I Aver (@i_aver) March 14, 2016

@RadioFreeTom and Zombie-Like Followers on Twitter Are Part of a Troubling Trend:

Big Government is Paying Trolls Including Foreigners to Insult Trump Voters 24/7

When viewed from the perspective of alternative or new media, Nichols' trolling campaign against Trump, like the #TeamNSA Twitter warrior-ing of his ex-colleague John Schindler before him, fits in with the troubling pattern of the federal government directly propagandizing American citizens at taxpayer expense since the 2013 repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act. Even worse, when it comes to the conflict in Ukraine and the new Cold War underway, Americans are increasingly paying with their tax dollars to be insulted and berated online as 'Kremlin trolls' by foreigners who are likely Kiev or NATO employed social media warriors.

When the Russia Analyst for example, leaves a comment below articles in various venues such as YouTube written in clear native English speaker syntax questioning American foreign policy, we find our statement swarmed by trolls whose English is poor but whose timing suggests a an Eastern European time stamp, consistent with places like Kiev or NATO's 'Center for Information Excellence' in Riga. There are also armies of pro-Syrian jihadi trolls who may or may not be on Saudi Arabia or Doha, Qatar time.

Ironically, these trolls accuse us and any other American or European who challenges them, even without any hallmarks of 'Rusglish' or 'Ukro-glish' (like not knowing where to put the article 'the'), of being part of the Kremlin's dreaded St. Petersburg troll army.

The same goes for the #MH17 hash tag on Twitter, which is guarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week by trolls who will furiously attack anyone who suggests the Malaysian Airliner was shot down by the Ukrainian military and this is why the US government will NEVER release any satellite photographs of the alleged Russian BUK that did it (see our post, "Lowdown Dirty Psyops, Part 2: With the Death of Late Empire Expertise, Three Letter Agencies Turn to Social Media Cult Leaders"). As @RadioFreeTom tweeted in recent days, every Trumpkin he encounters on Twitter is either stupid (including US Navy veterans who politely disagree with him) or a Russian troll pretending to be an American supporter of Donald Trump.


All true Trump-troll fighters shift their schedule to St Petersburg time.#NeverTrump

— Richard5832 (@richard5832) March 30, 2016

In the Twitter exchange below, Tom Nichols insults a U.S. Navy veteran. Nichols' bosses at the USNWC must be so proud, because 'academic freedom' = right to be a punk towards vets

If @RadioFreeTom is the best we can get to teach at @NavalWarCollege I fear for our nation.@misscherryjonespic.twitter.com/O4h5F1XFfQ

— Free Speech (@x05_org) April 14, 2016

Attention easily triggered @RadioFreeTom Twitter followers: posting the video above is NOT an endorsement of everything RamzPaul says, but we agree 100% with his point here: if God forbid, there's a real shooting war on Russia's doorstep that National Review and the neocons are so hot to get started, it ain't gonna be THEIR kids dying under fire from T90 tanks and Urugan MLRS cluster bomb rockets on the front lines...

Talking Turkey, NATO and Cuckservative 'Russia is Pure Evil' Foreign Policy

This is what the Russia Analyst referred to late last year as the 'trans-nationalization' of politics, whereby if Donald J. Trump questions the relevancy or future of NATO, the Alliance's employees increasingly meddle directly in American politics, previously a no-no for diplomats. and international bureaucrats who get paid by U.S. or EU taxpayers.

I mean, since when did budding neo-Ottoman Islamist ruled Turkey's air space start getting described as 'NATO airspace' Americans are sworn to defend, even if Erdogan is an ISIS and Al-Nusra sponsoring thug who shot down a Russian jet well inside Syrian airspace? When did NATO morph from an alliance of nominally sovereign nations focused on territorial defense of Western Europe to a transnational military empire, a Pax Americana commanded from Washington?

This is another example of the gulf between ordinary people on both sides of the Atlantic and their elites when it comes to foreign policy 'experts' like Tom Nichols would rather ignore or chalk up to the stupidity of the masses. In fact, during his advocacy for the U.S. bombing Syria following the Turkish-Saudi arranged false flag chemical attack near Damascus in August 2013, Tom Nichols wrote that President Obama should have basically ignored Congress and public opinion calling for the U.S. to stay out of yet another Mideast war.

"Give em' hell, Pat...."

2016: The Year Atlanticists Unmasked and Went Full Globalist in their #StopTrump Zeal

Attacks in taxpayer-funded media like RFE/RL on #Brexit campaigners or op-ed 'advice' that Brussels to ignore the will of Dutch voters who rejected an EU association agreement with Ukraine last week is another example of this pattern. Washington claims the EU brings with it democracy, accountability, and the rule of law in former parts of the Soviet Union like Ukraine and Moldova that need these things, but the EU itself remains a bureaucratic superstate whose 'European Parliament' is little more than a sideshow debating society while unelected, appointed commissioners make all the actual decisions.

It's for this reason, among many others, tha the EU is detested by millions of Europeans including British patriots like UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage. Nonetheless, we're hectored by the Anne Applebaums and Ben Nimmos of NATO and its affiliated think tank the Atlantic Council that the supposed alternative to the failing EU is 'a Europe dominated by Putin's Russia'.  Now that this creeping globalism and imperialization of trans-Atlantic elites is so 'in your face' and supportive of population replacement levels of mass immigration in both Europe and North America, is it any wonder that 'a nationalist international' with heroes like Farage, Marie Le Pen, Viktor Orban, and Donald Trump has arisen to counter it?

"Get em' while they're hot."

LePen, Trump, Putin

Not the flagbearers you were expecting pic.twitter.com/s0FFU5kHuH

— ian bremmer (@ianbremmer) December 7, 2015

If the media falsely characterizes Trump and Putin at the hip simply because they exchanged some personal pleasantries (not all that different from those between Reagan and Gorbachev, or Nixon and Brezhnev) or because 'getting along with Putin' to avoid nuclear war with Russia is (gasp!) popular outside the Beltway bubble, is it any wonder that both the Donald and Putin will become anti-heroes to those who detest their governments and globalism across the former 'West'? To the point that EU and NATO paid trolls like those at the @EUvsDisinfo project spend a huge amount of time not attacking the Kremlin or Russian media, but Westerners who watch RT or read Sputnik International?

Did the U.S. government even bother attacking Americans who read Pravda or tuned in via shortwave to Radio Moscow during the Evil Empire days? Didn't we insist that as a free society we were the ones who had no need, unlike the Soviets, to jam signals or block media bureaucrats didn't control? But now you tell us RT and Sputnik are so heinous, compared to Radio Moscow, we've got to shut em' down, expel Russian or even British journalists from the Baltics, and censor speech critical of the U.S. government or NATO/EU online because freedumb?

@KevinNR@JPaulOsborne Yeah, but kevin that doesn't explain the race hatred. You said the deserve to die. That isn't analysis. That's fight.

— Owen Peacock (@owenlpeacock) March 17, 2016

Looks like @KevinNR blames Leftism for Detroit but blames Whitey for East Kentucky. So why the double standard? https://t.co/TcZ2NFHQeM

— College Boy (@EricJohnson1375) March 13, 2016

"Behold, the maturity and erudition of Tom Nichols' hero Kevin D. Williamson. The late WFB would be so proud, right Buckley avatar guy at @DemsRRealRacist?


— Kevin D. Williamson (@KevinNR) March 13, 2016

If millions of Americans have started to hear the message of Kevin Williamsons loud and clear that their communities (but not Detroit) 'deserve to die' because they're too old, too white and too de-industrialized, is it any wonder the response is 'screw you cucks, I'm voting for Trump -- let the GOP burn if you cheat him out of the nomination' or 'if ya'll say Putin is the Antichrist, he must not be that bad of a guy -- since you lie about everything else".

When you get right down to it, lying is what we're talking about here. Which brings us to the heart of this post: Tom Nichols and his 'tweeps' lies to themselves and their supporters about Donald J. Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, now painfully exposed by this week's events.

Everyone's Entitled to Their Own Opinions, But Not to Their Own (Made Up) Facts:

The #NeverTrump Crowd Lied About Michelle Fields and Supported Her Lies

Tom Nichols' brief Twitter-clash Wednesday with a Harvard Law school grad Trump supporter, A.J. Delgado, prompted by Russia's Top Gun-style 'circus stunt flyby' of a U.S. warship drew our attention...just hours before news broke that would appear to invalidate one of the central planks of Prof. Nichols, and his #NeverTrump 'tweeps' claims made over the last several weeks. That is, Politico reported Thursday evening that Donald Trump's campaign manager, 42-year-old Corey Lewandowski, will NOT face charges over an incident that allegedly took place on March 10.

Old and busted: Lewandowski assaulted Fields.

The new hotness: Lewandowski DEFAMED Fields by dismissing her absurd accusations in public.

— Conservative Pundit (@DemsRRealRacist) April 14, 2016

On that day Lewandowski is alleged to have brutally grabbed then Breitbart reporter Michele Fields by her arm, throwing her to the ground to make way for Trumpand his Secret Service detail.

Politico of course, does its best to put a positive spin on this humiliation for the legion of #NeverTrump tweeters, neocons and Establishment hacks who insisted anyone who questioned Fields' story or her history of unsubstantiated allegations involving the NYPD during Occupy protests or Congressman Allen West was a misogynist or in the tank for Trump. But the facts are the facts, not only does Fields have no criminal case against Lewandwoski for battery, but multiple plaintiffs lawyers who know the Florida code have said any defamation lawsuit by Fields against Lewandowski for tweet-dismissing her sob story will get laughed out of court:

No charges! We exposed this hoax and saved an innocent man. Be proud. https://t.co/ybl0FeR4nupic.twitter.com/rqcejmD6Zm

— Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) April 13, 2016

Wow, Corey Lewandowski, my campaign manager and a very decent man, was just charged with assaulting a reporter. Look at tapes-nothing there!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 29, 2016

If Prof. Nichols Jumped on the Fields Sob Story Bandwagon Out of Spite and Ideological Animus Toward Trump, What Else Is He Lying To Himself and YOU About?

@20committee@Ricky_Vaughn99@RadioFreeTom Hey Tom-Where is the video evidence from the many cameras in that room? pic.twitter.com/Cyc1RhpBl1

— Monticello Blair (@MonticelloBlair) March 10, 2016

That the footage in question shows Lewandowski reaching for someone NEAR where Fields was moving is not in dispute, but just about everything else in that throwaway line from Politico covering Establishment D.C.'s fat rear end is. The (Hillary Clinton-camp linked) Palm Beach County State Attorney David Aronberg's announcement Thursday that he had no case against Lewandowski vindicates the 42-year-old and his defenders, who claim Fields just made the alleged battering up. Even if there was some sort of incidental contact in a scrum of people, Fields' critics argued the bruise on her arm was not consistent with where Lewandowski may have touched her.

The important thing to remember is that somehow, some way Michelle Fields is still the victim in all this. pic.twitter.com/GJk35KSBFl

— Conservative Pundit (@DemsRRealRacist) April 14, 2016

Mike Cernovich, a blogger and author, noted that the single white knight witness who came forward to substantiate Fields' allegation, Washington Post reporter Ben Terris, would've been questioned by defense attorneys as to why he ordered a WaPost photographer to destroy visual evidence of what happened immediately after the incident. The possibility of Ferris or Fields herself having to take the stand and having their story (including the staged 'Oh my God, he [Lewandowski] threw me down' audio recorded by Fields after the incident) torn to shreds under cross examination would deter any competent prosecutor from pursuing the case. Yes, even for a Democrat Party hack linked to the Clintons like Aronberg!

NEW VIDEO of incident between Trump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and reporter Michelle Fields. pic.twitter.com/M1zbtJzTDC

— Fox News (@FoxNews) April 14, 2016

Nonetheless, we aren't going to hold our breath that Tom Nichols or his 'tweep' the Rubio campaign-paid RINO operative Rick Wilson are going to tweet or speak the words, "I was wrong/jumped the gun about Lewandowski".

Why should they, when nobody in the respectable mainstream media challenges them on far more serious matters? Like Tom Nichols being spectacularly wrong in his prediction that Russia would not intervene to support Assad in Syria? When has @TheRickWilson been razzed on cable TV about his predictions that the Marco Rubio campaign was gonna win it all or about 'the thing' (aka #CruzSexScandal) involving Texas Sen. Lyin' Ted Cruz's alleged mistresses?

@exjon@TheRickWilson Sleazebag Rick Wilson on the cover of The American Cuckservative pic.twitter.com/ycSMxyQpJi

— Gerry Dolan (@dolan712) September 3, 2015

"You stay classy, Tom Nichols and tweep @TheRickWilson"

People write the damnedest things to try to wiggle out of an embarrassing error. https://t.co/jb86tziynb

— Kevin D. Williamson (@KevinNR) April 16, 2016

"I know right Kevin? Especially you and your fanboys."

Much Higher Stakes Than Run of the Mill Campaign Trail Smears:

When an Incompetent Establishment Believing Its Own BS Wages 'Hybrid War'

No sir, they're going to go on pretending they didn't lie or support a lie, and double down. While Nichols' support of lies about Lewandowski may seem like a trivial point given the soap opera that is this presidential campaign, the stakes are much higher if we're talking about the legitimacy of stealing hundreds of delegates pledged to Donald Trump by the voters, and instead destroying the Republican Party for a generation at the upcoming Cleveland convention. For that matter, the stakes are much higher, even nuclear, if the woman that Nichols said he would vote for over Trump gets the Democratic nomination -- Hillary Rodham Clinton.

'@RadioFreeTom@dangainor@davidharsanyi best shot at survival is with Trump. if contested convention, Trump goes 3rd Party, GOP goes Whig

— Fed Up American (@bradley_reza) March 17, 2016

In that case, buying into one's own BS and guzzling what retired Army Col. Patrick Lang calls 'the Borg's' koolaid might result in a real war. Or at least, escalated hybrid war, of the type film director Oliver Stone recently warned about in a Huffington Post column explaining why he was supporting Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders over warmongering neocon Hillary Clinton. In his column, Stone said he feared Hillary's election would mean escalated hybrid war, if not an actual shooting war with Russia.

Above: this is how Russia tells the U.S. Navy the USS Donald Cook is a hell of a long way from home, 70 miles from Russian soil, and if this were a shooting war with hypersonic or supersonic missiles...it's not gonna be fun.

In part 2 of our article on deception, neocon hackery, and .mil trolling on the taxpayers' time and dime at the U.S. Naval War College, we'll take a closer look at the lies Tom Nichols and his supporters tell themselves about Ukraine, Russia, and the brittleness of NATO and the European Union. For now though, we'd just like to say, the vile faceless minions of the lizard avatar wearing Trump trolls on Twitter were right about Corey Lewandowski and Michelle Fields. Tom Nichols the once respected PhD scholar of U.S. and Russian nuclear strategery, almost the entire mainstream lügenpresse and the totally cucked 'movement conservatives' were all wrong.

Again, if they lied to you about these small issues and threatened an innocent man's livelihood and freedom, what else are they lying to you about?

Face it Prof. Nichols, if hell's gonna freeze over before the CIA/National Reconaissance Office release their satellite photos of BUK missile launchers in Donbass on July 17, 2014, it's because they were UKRAINIAN manned by UKRAINIAN SOLDIERS.