Heading towards critical mass: AIIB has 30 more countries waiting to join

It is both a natural and economic law that states that when critical mass is reached for a new emergence, then it will inevitably replace the old system.  And with more and more nations divesting themselves of U.S. hegemony and moving Eastward towards China, that nexus point of critical mass is very close to changing the global financial landscape.

This is because China is ready to take over nearly all Western institutions and infrastructures that are currently used to provide command and control for Washington, and the American empire.  And a new report out on March 25 shows that the Far Eastern power is probably now just a few countries away from changing the balance of power, as the next 30 nations who did not initially sign up with the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank (AIIB) are ready to do so giving China 87 economies willing to leave U.S. hegemony.

More than 30 countries are waiting to join the China-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), adding to its 57 founding members, Reuters quoted its president as saying on Friday. Jin Liqun did not identify the prospective members, but said that the Chinese territory of Hong Kong may also be allowed to become a member. The AIIB was first proposed by President Xi Jinping less than two years ago and has become one of China’s biggest foreign policy successes despite the opposition of Washington. Many major US allies, including Australia, Britain, Germany, Italy, the Philippines and South Korea, have joined it.

— Russia Today

In January, foreign nations dumped more dollars than in any month in history, and brings the total of Treasuries shipped back to the U.S. over the past six months to over $600 billion.  And much of this is in part to China providing an alternative to the dollar for many economies, and the growing coalition of Eurasian and Far Eastern infrastructures that are being denominated in currencies other than the global reserve.

All moves done by China since 2013 have been under the auspices of a meticulous program to slowly squeeze the life out of the petro-dollar, and Washington's hold over the global economy.  And despite the fact that for an 18 month period, the world rushed into the dollar as recession began to sprout across most continents, the opposite is now happening, and nations are not only divesting themselves of dollar hegemony, but are putting their bets on China's ability to fill the coming vacuum that begins in earnest once that law of critical mass is finally reached.