Sometimes a Keen Eye & Common Sense is all that is Needed

Recent on the ground news tells me that, just like in prior paper western industries, the “western financial paper empire” is on it’s last last legs.  Any new news there?  No, but in this installment, we will review a critical timing indicator, that has officially reared it’s ugly head.  This news, via the rock solid intel. of a Wolf Pack Associate, who is very active in the financial profession.  An associate who unveiled a timing signal that I have personally witnessed before, a signal that came immediately before the fascist take-down of another paper industry.  More later, after a look at the news, and a counterpoint to the negative Trump campaign views from last week’s installment.

When it comes to news, how could you not stand up, and pay attention to the level of stupidity on display in this next link.  If this is accurate, this guy is as sharp as a sack of hammers.

In this next link, is another signal of how dire the situation is in the retail auto business.

The auto business has always been a “run & gun” sort of business, but the running looks to be over, and the gunning is out of bullets.  I harp on this, not because it was one of my predictions, but because it is one of the few industries we still try to lay claim to in the USSA.  Thus, it’s demise is very telling with respect to an overall western business failure.  Proof positive you can’t paper over “Economic Mother Nature”, with her hard asset, and tangible business industries in tow.

I know this next one is redundant, but it is truly a world wide economic indicator.

I guess ZeroHedge doesn't understand the importance of "hope".  That could answer all the questions to the headline of the above story.  Or manipulation, or better yet a bunch of brain dead traders in their usual attempts to time "buying" at a stock price bottom.

I bet this next one will surprise all of ya?????  Not likely.

I should have tuned into CNBC, actually I go to other stations for comedy, to see how they created a positive spin on this banking tidbit.

This next one is proof positive, that good is bad & bad is good.

"Honey did we get our paper today?"  "You betcha, sugar lips, it is the only paper we have left, and the only game in town!"  Like I said folks they have to monkey around with the stock indices, there is nothing left they can do.  Mentioned before, but ignore the noise out there.  The stock market's movements are pure noise, nothing more.  Though once a leading indicator, the equity markets are now a burned out old hag.

As we all saw last week, the energy markets are on the move up.  And, here is a link to “on the ground” business that proves the equity markets to be so so accurate…….yeah right

Again ignore the noise, and pay attention to the realities.

This next political piece highlights some great points with respect to the financial backdrop, and how a Trump presidency may or may not change anything (not per the author).  Pay close attention to the numerical points at the end of the article. Great points, but without digging deeper they are somewhat “toothless”.  Please note it is my view, that without bringing back the Glass-Steagall Act, repealed in 1999, and without an investigation into the ESF (exchange stabilization fund) & it’s black ops funding history, any investigation of numbers 11-20 will be somewhat ineffective. With particular emphasis on numbers 16-20.

But, the article’s main theme is Trump, and who better to attack the pillars of the establishment, than the anti-establishment candidate?  Unfortunately for Trump, the above author feels nothing will get changed, Trump or no Trump in office.  That is especially true if he is a political "mole", as pointed out in last week’s installment, to falsely gain our confidence.  Which leads to......

Trump 2.0…A Counterpoint:

A general rule handed down by, a man with a genius IQ, Wolf Gray Sr., was if the guy you are speaking with seems to be selling nothing, but is still able to sell it, without logical explanations, move on son.  That axiom has always served me well, as the odds favor it to be a wise decision, but “times they are a changin”.  Might the carpetbagger for once be on a team with, well intentioned, good guys working behind the scenes?  Might he be the only one who could get through to the selfie deluded masses?  Good questions.

No cut to any of the guys who fire out quality information, that accurately dispute the claims of the bought off msm, but I always go back to business logic, and ask does the theory on display make sense?  After all I could be standing outside the frickin’ board room of XYZ corp. with a drinking glass to my ear pressed against the boardroom door, hear everything clearly, and still translate the message incorrectly

First here is the negative view expressed on Mr. Trump from last week’s installment…….

Bankster in Training, “Hey boss, are we not going to rig the elections for Hitlery this time around, and keep Mr. Trump out?”  A-1 Bankster,  “Not necessary at this point Junior, the USA tool shed for Trump is empty.  So unless the people wise up, and press his feet to the fire, and that is very unlikely, our agenda moves forward.  In fact a Trump presidency has more business advantages, since he already has the semi-awake people’s trust.  That trust will allow us to further implement Dodd Frank wealth confiscations schemes as the paper walls come tumbling down.  And, thanks to the Trump trust factor, it will be without the higher functioning sheeple protesting. Since the public doesn’t understand these wordy Dodd Frank laws, and is unsuspecting of the dangers they pose to them, we can use Mr. Trump to reassure them it is for their personal account balance safety, and the betterment of their country.  He will have their trust, it will be like taking candy from a baby.”  Bankster in Training, “Good one boss!  First off, he doesn’t have the tools to complete a successful “paper repeal”, and two he is only a piddly debt prone billionaire, and ultimately our employee….!”  

Don’t laugh folks, I suspect a derivative (pun intended) of this conversation has actually happened.  The big question I have, was Trump in attendance to the conversation, or not?

And, now this week; What if Mr. Trump is part of the good guys working behind the scenes, “good guys” that “The Economic Great Ape” has been talking about of late.  Though he may appear fairly arrogant, and bombastic, what else would wake people up today?  Might he be a team player, who truly wants to help the USSA get back to the characteristics typical of the USA? 

After all would he have any electable impact, if he started marketing a Ronald Reagan political persona in today’s selfie driven western world?  I have to admit having the right front man to work with us “SixPacks” to a profitable future, makes good business sense.

Disclosure:  It is my view that Trump is still the best of the worst class of possible candidates to date, which is a mouthful indeed.  At the moment, I am still sitting on my voting fingers though.

That being said, could he actually be part of a team of good guys that have been trying to save the US’s core beliefs, beliefs that were put into text by the founding fathers?  Could he be the front man, even though he has failures in a variety of ventures……, “Trump Vodka”..gone, Trump Airlines…gone, Trump Steaks (hmm yummy)…gone, (travel search)…gone, Trump the Game…gone, Trump Magazine…gone, & Trump Mortgage…gone (note, gone does not mean bankruptcy). But, with all due respect, let’s not forget he has some well know winners to, Trump Tower, Trump Place, The Apprentice, and quite a few others.  

One still has to ask, how connected, and how smart is he, to have gone into the mortgage business in 2006, close to the end of the real estate bubble?  It puked and died a little over a year after it’s “kick-off”.  A clear, apparent, huge blunder for a real estate guy.  But, that being said, how about this for additional evidence supporting his potential ties to the “good guys” working behind the scenes………..

At the the 32 minute mark of the Clif High video in the prior installment, Clif highlighted the chatter that has been going on about a North American renaissance that has been in the cooker for some time now.  I listened again to be sure that this was not an opinion item by Mr. High.  At the 32 minute mark he portrayed it as the “data chatter” among the big dogs that may be good guys, trying to set up an honest economic/business playing field. He didn’t say the “big dogs”, my business logic did, and why?


One has to ask do the average SixPack’s in the US use the word renaissance?  No!  The folks that would parrot this word, would be much bigger players on the world’s stage.  Players that may rub elbows with presidential material.  Possibly honest high ranking players that need a front man to promote the return of an honest form of business based on sound money, and hard work?  But, he would have to be a front man that could get through to the now mentally dumbed down!  Dumbed down may be harsh, but not so harsh is “common sense lacking”.

So for now, let’s forget the Trump success stories & failures, after all we now want a real salesman for a front man, a guy who could sell ice makers to eskimos.  Oh say like a guy who sold somebody on a mortgage business in 2006 prior to the 2007 real state fall out.  Now that is a “Front man!”  I ain’t joking folks, that takes skill.  And, btw someone should make a list of the “Trump” ventures that were based, failures or winners, on needs based products.  

Don’t blow smoke up my arse that you will set China straight at the negotiating table hot shot! You know as well as I do, that you need to operate from a position of strength, if success is the goal.  Strength, in our economy????  Come on man???

Faked strength, when sitting across from an entity that holds the products you need, and your debt to boot. Yeah that will work!  “NOT!”  Get real folks.  Let’s swallow our egos, you too mister front man.  In all fairness to Trump he probably understands that issue (at least I hope he does). And the fact remains, he couldn’t get the attention of the masses, by telling them China actually had him, and all of us by the short hairs?

The Wolf is still sitting on the fence regarding this guy, but “if” I detect a real possibility that he is on the team with the “Rebuilding America Good Guys, then “deal me in!”  IF!!!!! I am still having trouble with a guy that spearheaded a failed “Airline business”, flying around in a jumbo jet with his name still plastered all over it.  I can’t remember an airliner with the word “Reagan” on it, and I sure wish the most popular of world leaders would show us his name sake air travel vehicle …. with this plastered on it…”Putin”.  The last world leader airliner, that I can remember with an attached logo, had a big “0” on it!  Time to puke again.

I could give a flying rat’s ass, that he is anti establishment, that is what GW was by being a governor, thus not a D.C. insider.  That is what Clinton was as well.  It ain’t hard to see, that being anti-establishment is consistently the political marketing technique, or classification, that will gain the most “election traction”.  Especially to the portion of the populous that wants to be productive, and maintain a free lifestyle. It has always been that way, but this time seems different.  How different?  

What I want to know is the next president going to make the real power brokers uncomfortable?  Not the current elected bought off D.C. hacks, but the guys who bought them off as well.  This is beyond my pay grade and falls in the laps of the behind the scenes pros like “W & The Economic Great Ape”.  

Tell me about auditing the front operation of the Federal Reserve!  Then tell me about outing & auditing it, and it’s master the ESF.  So is Trump anti Federal Reserve, and or ESF?…….And for comparison, is he anti D.C political hacks, and their handlers as well?  Just how far up will his anti establishment roots go?   By the way, I get it, as regards the marketing campaign.  I get that he can’t get too complicated, and still get elected, by the economically “no common sense” masses.  Thus crapping on super covert operations like the ESF, is not a good seller, but it will be sooner or later.  So where is he on this most honest of subjects?

Most of this matters not, as the “US western economic beat down” will happen regardless of the election's outcome.  It is still noteworthy that this beat down has every possibility to be healthy, with the passage of time.  Healthy as long as the tool shed for whoever is elected is refilled with productive tools, the type tools to properly assist in a difficult rebuild.  At which point I want the front man to take a seat, and get the hell out of the way, as we should be allowed to come through and out of the tool shed to plow the fields of a renaissance rebuild based on the foundations of “Freedom”.  

We all need to stick that in our pipes and smoke it, and so does the next elected pontificating putz.  For on the surface all I am seeing is still putzes.  But, is it by “a salesman’s design”?

Brief “Guerrilla Report” Observation:

The Guerrilla’s 3/09/16 report, was about the US enforcement of “The Freedom of Navigation”, and it being used as an excuse for sticking their noses into the Chinese maritime business expansions.  As he rightly points out, “It’s all about business, and in this case the restriction of business to a foreign nation, via bankster Inc.”  I have a simple minded observation.  After looking at a map, I notice it is called “THE SOUTH CHINA SEA”, it’s not the “The Bankster Eastern Hemisphere sea”.  Geez would comedian George Carlin have had a field day with this crap.

What I want to know is who the hell drew up an officially recognized map that defined who owns various parts of the WORLD'S SEAS?  Let me repeat that, WORLD'S!! This really reeks of arrogance, and stupidity.  

Common Sense Business Timing Signals:

I know, I know we got NIRP, and ZIRP, and QE, and falling money velocity, and retail sales collapses, and AIIB, and equity market manipulations, and energy market failures, and commodity market manipulations, and they all have one common denominator....paper, and an attempt to save it.  All the above (and I left a bunch out), are preludes to failures to a central business model wrapped up in "paper".  So how about something that aint' a prelude, how about something that is "on the ground' definitive.  Batter up!

I had the privilege, to have a detailed conversation with a Wolf Pack associate from western N.C. A person who is a top notch “financial planning ground pounder”.   Unlike the Wolf Gray who isn’t actively selling in the paper world anymore, this individual still earns his keep trying his best to advise his clients appropriately, while being shackled with bogus paper rules.  This gentleman, has a string of initials after his name, similar to Wolf Gray, which for most means, he takes his profession seriously.   

Last week he delivered on the ground intel., that is typically indicative of big changes to come, with many changes already being enforced.  The Wolf Gray’s sense of smell says the paper maestros appear to be getting rid of any loose ends, and possibly even the very productive ones like my Wolf Pack associate.  He and I both agree the fascist moves are now reaching the ground floor of the securities business.  The last time I witnessed industry changes like the ones he described, we watched something called ZeroCare destroy an entire industry.  An industry now wearing fascist clothing.  Is it time for, the next, batter up!

One thing is for certain, I know the financial sales ropes, if he had been trying to blow a fast one past me, I would have knocked it out of the park.

Everything he described is consistent with the final phases this country witnessed prior to the implementation of ZeroCare, also know as “The Unaffordable Care Act” (aca...affordable care act).  In order to explain his exceptional story, I want to go through something the Wolf witnessed in the 90’s leading up to the ZeroCare farce we have today. 

In mid 90's the Wolf Gray family was sunning themselves in Australia thanks to “convention level winning health insurance sales” by yours truly.  I wasn’t relaxing much, instead I was busy studying on the beach for an upcoming securities exam, and a perturbed Mrs. WG asked, “what the heck are you doing?”  I already had this exam for licensing scheduled prior to winning this trip, and he exam was set up the week after we got home.  Bottom line, I felt like I needed to get my securities license A.S.A.P.  Mrs. WG, WHY, NOW??????  She was slightly ticked off at me.

My simple answer, “You see all the rest of these convention winners out here having fun?”  She nodded.  “If they don’t have something other than health insurance to sell in the next few years, then they may never be able to afford even seeing the beach again!”  Summary: at the state level the authorities had started restricting the freedoms of the insurance companies to deny or rate health insurance coverage, and premiums.  It was a low level fascist push that had started back in the early 90’s.  Meanwhile in the background the Fed’s were also chattering about getting involved in health insurance.  All this back in the mid 90’s.

Readers Digest version.  A lot of quality insurance carriers got out of the healthcare business, and that was the smart move.  Shortly thereafter the Fed’s started an expected move in.  It wasn’t long before the fascists interventions required the carriers that remained, after massive consolidations, to start cutting costs.  As per failing business protocols, the last to suffer prior to the ZeroCare implementation were the lowly sales reps. A clear clear final signal, before the end.

Every piece of intel my Wolf Pack comrade threw at me was indicative of the same final signs that gave us ZeroCare.  Now the same signs appear to be showing up in the securities business, a final sign that could lead to their version of a fascist ZeroCare, with a Dodd Frank cherry on top....!

This brings me to the finer points of my Wolf Pack associate’s rather amazing story, amazing to me anyway.  First, and significant to this story, let me say he is a pro who considers his fiduciary duty to the client’s needs to be first, and foremost.  Anything less than that is contrary to his professional codes of conduct. Again this guy is a pro.

As a consequence of the events that have recently threatened the paper world, and more specifically the “King-dollar”, he had wisely started advising his client to diversify into more liquid products, which also included hard assets like precious metals.  The word got around to his higher-ups, that he had given these "heads-up" notifications to his clients.  Once again, the underlying reasons for his recommendations were, the weakening stance of the paper world, and especially paper tied to the west.  In addition he was brave enough to mention the possible risks to financial institutions, and their reactions which might include restricting the depositor liquidation exits.  

In short, the word came back from his higher-ups, now watch this fascist signal folks; “Cease the advice to your clients, to diversify out of dollar based holdings, with references to banks possibly restricting the exits, or risk being FIRED!"  In addition the PPPTB (his way higher ups) have also restricted his pay options, and not just him, all the guys in this rather large (no names here) brokerage operation.  Hmm, sounds like the fascist ZeroCare story doesn’t it?

Sadly, he had to meet with a compliance officer, an individual who normally comes out of his or her coffin, once a year to do an impromptu office inspection (not all of them are bad btw).  Their lines of authority do not include “sales level proper risk assessments, and advice to clients.”  They deal with things like, selling away, misleading advertisements, not completing suitability forms accurately, money laundering, maintaining current client files, or client complaints against the advisor (the Wolf Packer in question). They are the cya form of legal brokerage house 'bs' to keep the Fed's in the form of FINRA, or the SEC, or who the hell ever off their backs due to advisor misconduct. As long as the advisor is not going way way outside the client’s suitability profile, and is consistent in a broader sense with his other client recommendations, it ain’t none of the higher-ups or the compliance officer’s business.  Typically, with a well trained professional, like my Wolf Pack associate, they are the only ones qualified to assist the client anyway, not some pencil pushers who are field level clueless.  In fact the majority of them couldn’t sell breath to a dying man.  So……..

Let me see here, I think I got this one figured out, “Your client’s needs don’t matter, but the needs of the fascists, who worship paper, in charge, do matter.”  This Wolf Packer is pretty darn sharp, and ironically he came to the same conclusions I did.  Primarily, financial professionals, just like the health insurance salesmen before them, are about to become underpaid, and dispensable. Very dispensable.   And, just like with ZeroCare, who needs advisors anymore, especially with a Dodd Frank detour leading to government bond entrapment, or some other form of fascist “tomfoolery”.

Final note. I told him, “I suspect they are coming after ya partner, what are you going to do?”  His reply, “I will stay low profile, but continue to be sure I can sleep at night, and advise my client’s appropriately based on the real economic conditions, not paper lies.  It’s the only way!” (paraphrasing).  Like I have said before, about my Wolf Pack, ya got a love these guys.  

Wolf Gray Summary & Hard Asset Tip:

The time to achieve your diversification goals are short, indeed.  Especially in the hard asset product arena.  Folks the above paragraphs seem to indicate they are getting ready to save expenses by doing away with the loose ends, just like they did with ZeroCare.  Even productive loose ends, like the quality marketing & sales professionals, that help clients navigate the financial mazes.  Securities sales professionals are far far more valuable than professionals in the health insurance arena. No insult to the health insurance sales pro, but I held both licenses, and that is just the way it is.  Security's products are one complicated 'bitch to get right".

Why do I draw these conclusions?  It is business common sense.  If a business is not willing to logically sell out when the time is right, then at the last minute, they will not only resort to eliminating unnecessary overhead, they will also start eliminating their most productive overhead, the higher trained marketing & sales professionals.  All the while, setting up, and saving their own sorry arses.

I suspect, and the evidence now indicates, the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) is at or near the final handwriting on the “WALL PAPER,” and to those that can read between the lines, it clearly says, “The time to further liquidate your paper ways, before the exit walls burn down, may be coming to a halt.  

And here’s the kicker, for those that don’t get it by now, the “HALT” will be legal to boot!”

The King Dollar's purchasing power will soon be pushed over the cliff into a “free fall”, and I for one would prefer to have a DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) insurance policy, and possibility a parachute before the boarding call.


Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Team RM, Zerohedge, Clif High once again, The Wolf Pack, Mike Adams, Brandon Smith, & Tom Petty